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HEALTH CARE SNOWEJOB PART 3: Baucus ...and the Democratic"BITE" ...Step#3 of the "Snowejob" ...

Max Baucus Health Care Bill Saves More Money Than Lives Polls Show Public Wants Public Option ... Thanx to THE VIRTUE ALL LIBERAL SOCIETY ... (I had to replace this video with another)

This of course is the third posting of Baucus' bite and the Snowejob to follow the previous 2 posting's.Snowe's "Trigger Plan" I posted sept.09,09, as well as Baucus' "bite" first posting,then the 2nd Baucus "bite" sept.30,09.

First of all congratulation's to Ed Schultz on his new show on MSNBC ...he is no stranger though to talk radio where he has been known for year's.Ed was also a Quarterback for Minnesota State University Moorhead ... and even led the nation at a time in "passing".

But Ed hit's the nail straight on the head here,this guy is skeptical as I am on this hogwash we are seeing...this is nothing but a smokescreen and a conjob! No ... I have no idea what is the game plan here...but I do know that I have no reason to trust Snowe on this sudden change of heart that she has been working up to for almost a week now.While most democrat's are jumping for joy thinking that they just got a top notched republican(Snowe) to side with Baucus and them...and republican's are acting as though they loathe what she done and it's now doom and gloom for them ...there is still something we are missing here...and this IS NOT what it look's like.

First of all ...Baucus is a scammer to begin with...including his plan.My guess is this is simply a new strategy as a last hope for the insurer's...and their attorney's are actually the one's coaching both Snowe as well as Baucus in this. Because they tried having the right and left through primarily these two, to tell the people's that a plan with public option will not make it through, so might as well just drop it.Then when the corporation's seen the people's response through their representative's...and seen they were still going to go for a public option, they simply got one more strike against them...despite the "billion's" they are throwing into this "future investment"...even their teabagging thing didnt work (thank goodness for computer technologies,and their accessibility to the people) and the people are giving these sob's a run for their money.Remember...the No#1 objective is to STOP "public option" in it's track' I posted earlier time and again ...there is more money in this for them than all the scam no bid contract's that was manufactured in the Iraq War ...pharmaceutical companies alone tossed in $80 billion on it was just a matter of writing a we realize how much money that is?

My guess is...that Snowe started shaping this almost a week ago when she started making public statement's of thinking about the people's need's...then this week she slip's in that her decision is based on doing what's right and history coming along and not wanting to miss opportunity and other rubbish(I dont buy a single word of anything she say's) ... so now she make's it look like she is giving in...but Baucus is in on this too!She wanted to get this through fast as possible I figure...because they see that the longer it is taking...the more folk's are being able to put 2 and 2 together and it's getting more complex and divided.So get her vote...get everybody shook up thinking it was a rush it into a position of the last leg of opposition...then set up the "compromise" ... knowing that the President will buy "compromise" if he see's bipartisan effort,because hardline liberal's are pressuring him to be they need to soften him up...Snowe accomplished that obviously...and I dont know if the President "made" this or not?

Now...this all rushes it to the next that all the revision's or modification's can be done...knowing that there will be so much divide and controversy this early will get all muddled in fine what they are hoping for...all to the corporate advantage...even though republican's and corporation's will put on a face like they are getting the shaft...then if they CANT come up with some kind of twisted public option that isnt truely what public option mean's...they will throw in a compromise...presented by Snowe and associate's... which will be what I wrote about earlier as another scam they will call the "Trigger Plan" ...which basically change's public option into a "threat" to be used against insurer's that if they DONT clean up their act in a few year's(probably 5 year's, because as I posted ...they do most in 3's,5's,and 9's because of term's/election's) they will throw in public option.But as I wrote earlier...and need to repeat here .. a trigger will just be another diversion...and a few year's down the road nothing will get done anywayz...because they will create other diversion's to avoid it buy's time for their attorney's to alter legislation over the time period to create back door's and other loophole's.

We are really going to have to be on our toe's and their asses here and to come...because we now should all know that both parties that control our political representation are dirty...and we the people have to depend on the few that are not bought and paid for...the hardliner's,and the power of our vote. We can just hope for this to have a REAL public option ... and keep on their asses ...because too much money has already been invested by our adversaries...they even control the majority of all prime time commericial space now.I was listening to the NFL football game's last weekend for instance...and everytime a punter went to kick a "field goal" the sportscaster would announce..."Bank of America field goal" or the "Aetna touchdown pass" and so on...geeeez...we cant even watch a goddamn ballgame any more without every point being scored, being sponsored by one of the same corporation's we just gave billion's to or their affiliate's cause they were so called "broke".

We are getting cornholed like red headed step children.

POST NOTE: I have been writing alot about this I know...and it is not about me at all.I am emailing political rep's and writing all this for this country, I didnt get to serve when I tried enlisting in the Naval Seabee's at 17 ... ended up in jail. Never was able to do much for my country but excercise my right to vote .. and if I can write anything that would help one person in any way of this country,it is a small contribution long overdue! ... a country that has gave me more than I expected, and who I gained much from.I am this mean's nothing for me... plus...the present basic's of the bill's I have read WITHOUT the public option as it is...would only make me come out a winner period...because of my age and income status...and I know how to utilize every little thing that is in my grasp and benefit as well.But this is about those like my daughter especially that are young professional's with degree's across our nation ... because it is THEY ... not the poor as much...that will feel the effect's of this...and those like our grandchildren on the way up as well.


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