Thursday, October 1, 2009

TEXTING and CELL use ...Menace or Necessity to society? ....

I am the last person ... who want's to create more evil's to legislate new law's to soak people for more money. So I wonder ... how can this be addressed? I dont think there is a town in this country today ... large or small that isnt effected by this problem. I posted in an earlier post that I was against trying to demonize cell phone usage (on driver's), and the reason why ... is because we demonize these day's damn near everything beside's farting ... and that is probably next considering all the whiner's for every imaginable cause these day's.

I cant drive a single day in the Dalas/ Fort Worth Metroplex ... without running into a traffic problem with a cell phone user ... and I mean ... this is constant ... some day's multiple instances. Just the other day ... while on the LBJ Frwy just merged onto it off Stemmons Frwy, right here by my home ... I was probably doing about 75mph or so ... it was what the majority traffic flow was at that time ... traffic was light ... so I zipped into the 5th lane to be in the fast lane, which I alway's do for just basic safety,heading to the North Dallas Tollway and North Central Expressway interchange's ... there is a SUV to my right in the 4th lane staying at my speed, that all of the sudden merge's into my lane and me. I applied my brake's quickly and barely avoided a collision with the SUV. I couldnt believe this person didnt see me ... I beeped my horn ... no response ... I then pulled up alongside it ... and this lady is yapping away on her cell ... again beeped my horn ... she didnt even recognize anything that just went down ... or even realize that I was alongside her for that matter. Going at 75mph would have been a mess to both vehicle's. The same freeway this happened to me down by the Central Expwy High Five interchange a couple year's ago ... where a lady drove into my lane while yapping on the phone ... I couldnt avoid her that time because she was too sudden ... she sideswiped my car damaging half of the right side ... and refused to come to a stop ... I chased her down and basically forced her off the road ... and got necessary insurance info ... cause Dallas Police wont stop unless there are injuries or fatalities. She apologized ... and said she didnt see any car in the lane. I could go on and on here ... but my point is made.

The other problem is the text messaging deal. Almost everyday I'm driving in town ... I have someone in front of me at the stop light waiting for it to turn ... texting away ... that dont even see the light turn green ... then I have to lay on the horn to get them to see the light is green ... and this is constant ... and many of them are on a street for instance ... where the speed limit may be 30/ 40mph ... yet they are so consumed in their chat or texting that they dont even realize their driving 20mph ... even with angry driver's zipping around them and tooting their horn's ... they dont seem to notice ... or have much regard for other's around them. I was pulling into a gas station the other day up the street ... pulling into the pump bay ... a young lady texting away almost collided with me ... when she didnt even notice me ... and drove straight into the pump from an angle in front of me ... she paused and smiled for a moment ... I wonder if she realizes how distracted she was?

Both in Washington (DC) as well as NYC cell's are outlawed as far as usage in trafic ... yet all around both town's everyone's on them ... so how do you enforce law's like that? Dallas dont have such law's ... but I know damn well in a town like Dallas they couldnt enforce it either. I would hope ... that people would just try to be more responsible ... because I dont know what the Hell to do ... but know it is a really big problem. No ... I dont text ... Yes ... I do use my cell while driving ... but all my conversation's are short, to the point and alway's business ... I sure as hell dont talk about ball game's or other crap ... I am brief ... and get to my point ... and I'm a very good driver.


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