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U.S. AIR TRAFFUCK CONTROL 2013: How to UNPARALYZE the Parasitic Politic's of America & it's CONGRESSIONAL Professional's ... (Portrait of a DYSFUNCTIONAL GVMNT PT.7)

This Part 7 of this series will be to highlight just how functional our Congress and some of it's parasitic political posse professional's can get when their own ball's are in the sling, and even though we are going through some tough time's (and believe me when I say tough time's to come {: ) how hilarious some of these event's are going to get when they start tripping over their own feet and other careless move's. They dont give a shit if our toilet's are clogged and backed up ... but when they need to take a dump ... they'll care then, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) This has an impact on us all who have to fly frequent too for a living ... I'm fixin to take my daughter to DFW Intl Airport right after this, she has a meeting to attend in Kansas City first thing in the morning and cant afford to be late ... she need's a paycheck like so many of us. So just when they thought they were fucking us with these sequester gesture's and other crap ... it came back and bit them in the ass ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

And also a big WELCOME to this new show "Prime Interest" with producer Bob English and host Perianne Boring, which should also be alot of fun with them pointing out and nailing so many of these financial scam's that these lowlife's have up their sleeves to come ... truely some real awakening news of use, especially during election's, eh? {: )

Congress ends air traffic controller furloughs for own benefit? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA






KEYSTONE XL & TAR SANDS OIL 2013: "Inferior Product's @ Premium Price's" & "Selling CRAP 4 CAVIAR" ... Some FRACKERJACK Fact's Jack (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT. 25)

Part 25 for this series will look at some Frackerjack fact's on this silly ass Tar Sands Oil and what it really is and for ... beside's ... their just selling shit packaged as caviar basically around the world, not to mention the enviromental hazzard's we face just pumping more of this shit through our country than we already are ... all in the name of the usual scam shit of selling inferior product's at premium price's and saturating it on us to the point where we have nothing else to buy, as if there isnt anything else on earth, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) I reckon not much different than the overpriced caviar some of these phoney elitist's eat which basically look's like shit itself {: ) And ya'll must somewhat hate all the thousand's of us that do these miscellaneous posting's and such regardless of how ya'll dominate the propaganda in the mainstream media's ... look at those like me/ us as fucken cockroaches in your home's ... and you will never get rid of us ... take that to the bank! {: ) ... Some video's below and link to read ... Word Out

***** OIL CHANGE INTERNATIONAL: Tar Sands Challenges

Tar Sands Pipelines: the Dirtiest Oil on Earth ... Thanx to NATIONALSIERRACLUB

XL Keystone Pipeline ... Thanx to MRENERGYCZAR

Steam Commentary: Keystone XL, Fracking, and Global warming ... Thanx to DFATVNET






HAIL HOUSTON!! ... "RAIN ... RAIN ... RAIN ... RAAAIIN ... Just Dont Mind" ... DONT BE ALARMED PT.10 ... You're in Houston {: 0

Image result for houston flooding 2013

Part 10 of the "Dont Be Alarmed" series will be a looksy at the rain, hail, flooding, this last saturday April 27th 2013 in the Houston area. My daughter just arrived at Houston Hobby Airport saturday for a weekend convention for the job ... I get an email and photo attached via phone that she's stuck for a lengthy time at the airport before she can get out and was tripping out because of the flood waters which seemed to be rising in various parts of the city on her way to her hotel ... my first thought was "So what else is new ... ?". She been in Houston several times, but never experienced anything like this being originally from Dallas, and the weather up here is a tad different than Houston and more changing than Houston, being we get hard freezes every year and snow as well up here ... even this week for instance, it's 80 degrees today in Dallas, but in a couple more dayz, well be back into the 30's and 40's. But in Houston ... the Gulf of Mexico rains are not like that slow steady rain you may find in parts of the country such as the Pacific Northwest or such ... they come hard, fast and furious at times, faster and harder than the sewer drain's can handle at once, taking a few hours for the waters to recede ... and Houston isnt very high above sea level either ... the pounding hail for instance is a trip in itself, sometimes golf ball or baseball sized hail at that even.

My first experience of this was in the mid 1970's ... I moved to Houston from the Montreal (QC- Canada) area ... it was springtime like this, a co- worker was driving me home from work one day ... we left the Memorial City mall area over in West Houston via the Katy Frwy and it was sunny, by the time we got to the I- 610 Loop in south Houston, we came to a halt on the 610 elevated over Bellaire Blvd in Bellaire (I lived in Southwest Houston close to Bellaire). I looked down off the freeway unto the streets below and tripped out ... I mean ... like I never seen anything like this, rains pounding so hard and the noise from the car getting bombarded with hail stones and rising waters below along Bellaire Blvd, etc. I turned to my co- worker who was driving and said ... "what do we do now?" ... she said ... "we just sit up here and wait ... how about another joint? (marijuana cigarette)" ... to her, it was just another rain, nothing to it ... but yes, we waited and waited and waited and even got to smoke a couple more joint's, we waited so long {: ) This postings title was inspired by the lyric's of the 1966 Beatles classic song "Rain" ... in this case ... just dont mind ... after all ... you're in Houston {: )


***** ABC13/ HOUSTON: Pictures From Saturday's Flooding, Hail

***** HOUSTON CHRONICLE: 150 water rescues, downed power lines follow stormy Saturday


Houston flood by 59 and Beltway April 27th 2013 ... Thanx to MARLONDAVIS


The Beatles-- Rain ... Thanx to 94lberto




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MC 900 FT JESUS (PT.5): "Talking To The Spirits", "Dali's Handgun"

Mark Griffin ... aka "MC 900 Ft Jesus"

Just a couple more piece's from Mark Griffin here that I didnt have the opportunity to post in my last posting's. These two piece's are really some nice work, and they were actually two of my favourite's as I explained to Mark ... rather sentimental oldies I reckon you can say, that are just very nice and I used time and again in special moment type compilation's, in those wee hour's of the night/ morning when gathering with a few choice friend's or even them intimate moment's with my companion in those late evening hour's ... relaxing and soothing to the soul, so I wanted to have them here ... Enjoy!

MC 900 Ft Jesus- Talking To The Spirits ... Thanx to NEEDCARDON

MC 900 Ft Jesus- Dali's Handgun ... Thanx to PABLOPAPPALARDO

***** PD/ RCJ: "MC 900 FT JESUS" PART'S 4 THRU 1






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BOSTON TO HOUSTON: From TANTRUM to TERROR in Two American Cities (PEACE ON EARTH WITHOUT GUN'S PT.3) ... Inspired partly by LONGEVITY'- "TANTRUM" **** NYC Update


Part 3 of the "Peace On Earth Without Gun's" series will simply take a look at two cities and the unexpected terror that they went through within like a week of each other, the Boston incident being by far the worst, yet even the Houston incident will have young victim's psychologically maimed for life ... certain experiences in life are difficult to eradicate from the mind, trust me.

But this series will be to highlight the current condition which I been touching on since the start of this journal as far as expecting the unexpected which will increase due to the push, shove and taunt that we do, in particular those who are in power and control so many of us, which contribute's to feeding and nurturing it. What these people do is not right? ... of course it isnt, but "explain" that to them, not me. Alot start's as simply nothing more than a tantrum or anger that the assailant cant control lacking the discipline necessary to ... it escalate's, become's an obsession and finally a mission. As far as trying to blame the mother of this Boston suspect that got killed ... he done it .... NOT HER ... nor the bomb. They dont find a terror group to connect, so they drag in anyone else they can scapegoat. When it appear's that this guy just made himself out to a wannabe raghead jihadist anywayz and blow up shit, regardless of how good even this country was to him. Oddly on one hand, were good to them ... yet simutaneously on the other hand, inspire them as well.

This series focuses on the fact that even without using gun's ... when a person(s) is determined to do harm, whether it's for revenge/ retaliation or just out of control anger etc ... they will do what they set out to do no matter what, gun's or no gun's ... eh? I recall watching some YouTube vid of a student at the Houston area college who wishes that he would have had a gun when this was going down with the assailant running around slashing women's face's or whatever ... many would disagree that, that is a solution ... even myself being pro- gun, feel that maybe gun's on school campuses are not the brightest idea ... but what do we/ you do? ... wait for some stuffed suit in politic's to tell us when it is right to defend ourselves and those we love?

We have law enforcement who acted efficiently and well in the Boston case for instance ... but "after" the damage is/ was done ... from what I read, one of the suspect's in the Boston bombing was even observed and in question previously by the FBI, yet there wasnt anything to hold him on, and in a case like that in Boston, even armed citizen's wouldnt have done a damn bit of good, and of course the folk's that legislate the law's, dont have to live in the reality that most of us do ... so frankly ... what the fuck do they know about what is best for us, eh?

Some newsread and video below to record in this journal and series as well as the video/ song single from the HipHop artist Longevity below that partly inspired the title and theme of this posting ... Word Out ....

***** CBC NEWS/ WORLD: Boston bombing suspect reportedly unarmed when captured

***** CBS News: Texas slasher suspect Dylan Quick fantasized about stabbing people since elementary school: police

***** CNN/ U.S.: Boston bombing suspects planned Times Square blasts, NYC mayor says ... this just came in today from CNN, not sure how ligit it can be though, since this kid in custody is singing like a bird, and know's his ball's are in a sling and facing a possible death penalty, with his older brother deceased ... I mean ... no tellin what he would say, eh?



***** PD/ RCJ: "SELF DEFENSE" PART'S 20 THRU 1 .... a related series highlighting the importance of self defense and preservation


Longevity 'Tantrum' Official Video ... Thanx to DECONMEDIA ... I wanted to close this posting with the 2011 single from LA's own inde HipHop producer and MC who has worked with many in the underground HipHop scene ... "Longevity" ... a really smooth yet solid piece of work here, especially as a lyricist/ rapper, with an intoxicating subliminally HIPnotic sounding bass in your face, that came to mind when deciding to do a posting on this two city incident and partly inspiring this posting. This cut will also be added to the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society"




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ANARCHY IN THE ARTIC TO AUSTRALIA: Asshole's & Antelope's ... NOT Apple's & Orange's ... "The Rolling Stone Report" (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT. 24)

Part 24 of this series will be to highlight some article's I was going over yesterday in the 25 April 2013 edition of Rolling Stone magazine, and Thanx to RS and it's writer's/ contributor's for this read as well. Looking at the record low's this morning across the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex of freezing temp's and wind chill's throughout last night and this morning in the 20's being only a week away from May, probably the last thing most of us would be thinking is global warming, but again ... let me point out, this is exactly what this does as far as climatic change's, along with jet stream irregularities, drought's, flood's, fire's, heat, etc, etc ... I have been pointing this out for year's actually, because so many folk's just tell me that they think of "heat" only ... it has an impact on everything, just like the distributor cap and rotor under the hood of your car does  ... and especially is detrimental to the economies worldwide, for those who think more about that.

There's actually nothing too complex about this, it's as plain and simple at this point as it get's ... nor at this point can you keep up the lies about this exploration and developement is about creating job's ... after they just financially drained us to the point of austerity measure's and desperation to keep up with their destructive ratrace of total anarchism ... cause that is exactly what this shit amount's to. Nor can they cover up the fact's that we are NOW technologically advanced enough and there is even enough potential investment monies even from these energies giant's with even public support to go to alternative's and renewable energies ... they just want to rape, ravish, and rathole every last thing that they can from the earth to put in their lil treasure chest's is all ... there is a FORTUNE to be made off alternative energies investment's bottom line, and THEY KNOW IT. It's no apple and oranges comparison here ... it is basically asshole's vs. antelope's would be more like it. But there also will be NO SLACK from the growing number of activist's of ALL classes/ level's of societies now that will rise to this battle ... ya'll can bank on that, and put THAT in ya'll's lil treasure chest's as well! Some good read below.

That's the Reality! ... Word Out ....

***** ROLLING STONE/ POLITICS: Q & A: Ezra Miller's Artic Activism

***** ROLLING STONE/ POLITICS: Shell's Artic Drilling Experiment has Been an Epic Failure

***** ROLLING STONE/ POLITICS: The Fossil Fuel Resistance

***** ROLLING STONE/ POLITICS: Climate Change and the End of Australia







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WORLD BANK/ DR. JIM YONG KIM 2013 GOAL: Eliminating Poverty, Pollution, Inequality, & "People(?)" ... The "PROSPERITY PROPHECIES" (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.3)

Dr. Jim Yong Kim

This posting will serve as Part 3 of the "Corporatcommunazica" series, because America play's a key role in the World Bank ... and will be also added to the "Debt Crisis PT.1/ The Paper Doll Show" posting. It is certainly great news to "hear" and you want to be optimistic and have vision, and of course this is what the World Bank and Dr. Kim is doing ... and what a man to do it ... a real humanitarian type as well that has fought for year's against poverty, even at a time ... was one of the World Bank's opponent's ... but now chosen to ... let's say "represent" it as it's new President. First the good and inspiring news below and then of course my follow up response and message on this.

***** CNN/ BUSINESS: World Bank president: We can end extreme poverty by 2030 (newsread/ video)

World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim Opens 2013 Spring Meetings ... Thanx to WORLDBANK

World Bank President on Urgency of Climate Change Issues ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

World Bank Announces Goal to End Extreme Poverty by 2030 ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR


***** PD/ RCJ: "GLOBAL WAR'N'ING" PART'S 23 THRU 1 ... related series on global warming and enviromental issue's

***** PD/ RCJ: "THE AWAKENING" PART'S 30 THRU 1 ... related series centering on the enlightenment that currently is going on as far as being awakened to the reality of the condition

***** PD/ RCJ: "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" ... this posting has a series of link's to other post's to get a view of the various issue's concerning debt across the board, politic's and more



Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter "Bear"

I chose this simple quick video from Mrs. Lori Harfenist aka "The Resident" to open the response and message here, because Lori sum's it up to the point and straight as it get's, even though her message isnt directed at the World Bank ... Hell, she's a New Yorker, so of course she know's the score, eh? {: )

The Resident: How the Economy is a Ponzi Scheme ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

First of all I want to at least congratulate Dr.Kim and also the World Bank for having this vision and setting this goal, at least their trying and have faith and ambition, etc, etc ... Dr.Kim himself has been in the trenches for year's and truely believes in this, and regardless of all the negative talk about the World Bank and it's past, they have also helped many countries, and are alwayz trying to at least "improve" their image like this recent new packaging ... unfortunately many time's that help "$$" of course end's up in the wrong hand's, etc ... so of course there has been obstacle's as well like with anything else ... folk's with ill intention's or whatever.

Frankly speaking here, when Dr.Kim held up a sign with "2030" wrote on it and that sincere look on his face the other day to open the spring talk's on this ... I thought to myself ... "Oh shit ... here we go ..." {: ), not knowing whether to laugh, cry, take a shit, or wind my watch, but chose to chuckle (light laugh). The news has been so big here in America over the last week with wannabe raghead freak's blowing up shit in Boston, fruit loop's in Houston stabbing and disfiguring multiple student's on a college campus (it's a "gun- free" zone of course ... so at least these folks didnt use "gun's" to maim and kill{: ) ... to the fertilizer plant explosion in West Texas that leveled downtown and part's of the community ... so there isnt that much coverage in the mainstream on this ... and I had so many other thing's lined up in my head to post, but this is more importante than you may realize, so chose this.

Let me make this simple here ... you have to first question the math on this, even Dr.Kim's want to see it at least below 10% extreme poverty in only 10 year's, and another key component is looking at who "want's" to get involved on solving this issue ... which is of course all the major corporate, investment banking, petrol/ oil folk's and of course that is the so called top 1%, okay? ... which you have to have those element's, after all, they "hold" the majority of the world wealth, eh? So looking at the good read gospel above you may think ... thank goodness that they all are finally realizing (top 1%) that global warming is an issue, along with inequality, extreme poverty, etc ... so they are sort of born again and going to rescue us all and have us all once again in prosperity mode and only within 17 year's ... so let's party, spend, borrow, get in debt more, etc ... after all ... we now know our children's future is safe and secure.

Of course that's nice and sweet and all that, and I'm sure many like Dr.Kim himself are sincere and truely want to see it, even the top entities would like nothing more than to see us all caught into their Utopian society of everyone being player's in this new mega economic arena ... the more the merrier actually. However, remember these are the same entities that have been ratholing all the wealth, driving country after country into austerity, drafting wayz for our representation to cut our standard's of living and all we made, saved, fought and worked for (even many of our right's), and even behind regulating folk's bank account's and if needed, taking some of their fund's/ saving's as well, who's been fighting every inch of regulatory measure's and accountabilities toward's them, whether it's on the enviroment, taxation of them or any investment's, etc. So you must ask? why this all of the sudden push and generosity and wanting to lead the way of this? So this is more silly willy jumping for joy flash card talk that they have to make us more at ease and let down our guard simply ... so they can just mozy on in and take more, disable people's governing bodies to where they have more governing power's and privatize everything to benefit their own entities only ... not us overall, and frankly, they would be able to create more of even an enviromental mess than we already have. And to push this ... you also have to look at .... how many will lose what they have?, how many more cut's and sacrifice's will we all (beside's them of course) have to take on? ... and how will it impact across the board wage's and importantely worker's right's and union's, etc?, the reverse impact on small investment's and businesses? ... and even how many "people" will die as a direct result of their plan's? So of course there is alot to look at and you should have alot of question.

So this is more prophecy talk than anything, just like all the sudden commercial/ advertisement's over the last couple year's to glorify folk's like British Petroleum for making the Gulf of Mexico better than ever now for example, or the other major entities that have a type of monopoly on so much. Again ... the focus should be more on downsizing and breaking up these entities, not making them more powerful, larger and in more control of our lives ... okay? And this will happen ... in time, because this enlightenment of these shenanigan's is becoming more and more exposed and evident with each day and their recklessness in desperation in this final quarter of their/ the ball game.

That's the Reality ... Word Out for now ....

IMF, World Bank Enslave Humanity {Economic Terrorism} ... Thanx to Noah Neo **** I wanted to close this posting with this alternative view on the World Bank




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ENTITLEMENT CUT'S 2013 ... A Special MESSAGE for those Special SESSION'S & The 2014 VOTE ... (TRUTH OR TREASON 2013 PT.21)

Just a few short video's below to show some of the frustration of many who supported the Democrat Party and President in the last election 2012, and what they think about these entitlement cut's, I mean ... after all ... the President and many of these same Democrat's DID VOW to not balance the budget on the back's of the folk's that supported them, so you have to expect this, eh? not to mention, the back's of everyone in the country regardless of party affiliation. Right now there is so much going on in the news, that there really hasnt been much coverage of this, election's are over, and I assume that many mainstream Democrat's may think that this will all burn itself out, who care's, etc, etc However ... when you flare tension's like this and welch on the promises you made ... at some point ... it will come back to bite you in the ass. Many may think it may not have much effect ... and maybe it wont ... but ... you cant continue to get away for long with it and not get a reaction at some point. So regardless of how confident they may be, or how much distraction's they can rustle up to sweep these thing's under the rug by 2014 ... that tension will continue to feed and grow as you continue to pound your supporter's in the same fashion, these folk's below voice their message firmly.

One thing is, dont be snowballed into thinking that any of this will put any budget's in balance, simple math show's you it cant, or create job's, any more than it can drop the gas/ petrol price's at the pump, just more silly ramble bamble {: ) Our political rep's are only doing what they were PAID to do and told, for getting their financial campaign support, basically, it's time to pay for the support they took from the major corporate/ financial entities, which is why so much money was poured into the last election on both side's. Nor is it being done to preserve Social Security at all ... in fact to cut it simple here, just about all the cut's you hear about was corporate drafted/ manufactured because of tight budget's, to allow for a handful of bank's and corporation's worldwide to not have to handle any of the burden of it, or any of even what they created as a fiscal mess ... globally, basically so that they have no "out of pocket" expenses is all ... nothing else. And it's not a conspiracy either, the truth is ... THEY DO want million's to die off of the elderly, sick, disabled veteran's and just anyone they have no more use for, period ... they dont care that you paid into it for year's, or care about fairness or most of what folk's would care about ... you must understand that, I know it may seem hard to believe that one may think that way, but it's "business" to them, nothing more, they have a job to destroy/ discard you when they have no more use for you ... you should have no regard for them, it's not businesslike nor even natural.

Terry O'Neill, National Organization for Women, Pledges to Fight Chained ... Thanx to WEACTRADIODC

Manny Hermann, MoveOn.org, We Will Primary Democrats Who Vote for ... Thanx to WEACTRADIODC

Rep. Kirkpatrick's floor speech against Social Security cuts ... Thanx to REPANNKIRKPATRICK





BOOTY BUDGET USA 2013: 3 Wayz to TRIM & Reform America's PIRATED BOOTY ... "BUTT-- Will It Work?" (MO OF YO MONEY PT.11) **** & RC POST NOTE

Part 11 of "Mo Of Yo Money" will look at a few recent video's and short read below as far as all this crucial talk we been hearing of this do or die budget cut's and reduced spending, entitlement reform's and everything else the bankster's and Wall Street CEO's been drafting and working so hard on to reach that common ground compromise between the leftee's and the rightee's {: ) Which basically ALL the money being worked on in this again ... is YO MONEY ... the American people. So this isnt the good news you may want to hear looking at the title if your booty (buttocks) is a little ... let's say "pleasantly plump" ... with some wayz to trim it down a tad ... but to look at the "booty" that has basically been pirated from us of our wealth and ratholed, and how now, they want to trim our standard's of living and income's even more to cover their reckless spending, excessive and unbalanced greed, gambling addiction's, etc, etc. These piece's below show wayz and mean's of how their working on our budget issue's.

This posting is not to try to slam or cut down the President ... I know exactly what he is caught in and have wrote plenty about it throughout these related series (1st paragraph here as just one example). But the fact is ... that with all the growing exposure and media, finding's, etc, etc that will be coming SOON ... he and his party will have to answer to alot of question's that American's will start to ask, eh? You may look at all these negotiation's and wonder ... "But will it work, and save our budget?" ... well one thing is for sure either way you slice it, working or not working ... our "butt's" are going to get "worked" good in this Washington/ Wall Street manufactured buttfuck ... so it's something you will have to look at sooner or later. I mean ... if the Repubican Party would have won office and a majority in both the Senate and House ... it would have all been a done deal already and passed ... but as I posted in prior posting's pre- 2012 election's ... we will get a lil lube at least from the Democrat's to make it a lil less painful ... but also understand that, that lube will dry out sooner or later.

Word Out ....

The Resident: US Spent $95 Billion on Duplicate Programs ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** RT/ USA: US spent $95 billion on duplicate projects in 2012 (newsread)

The Resident: Wall St. Defender to Head SEC ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Obama Cuts Social Security ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

***** POST NOTE: Here's the bottom line, and Lord know's an old familiar tune that I myself been pointing out for the last 5 year's in this journal at that, and million's of other's, so it's not like you can say ... you were blindsided, didnt know, or wasnt informed, etc, etc ... this has been in our face's for year's, including this push for austerity measure's, okay? ... we have some of the best media accessibility in the world here in America (including some of the best bullshit as well let me add {: ), some like myself see America as the most media saturated place on earth, so you cant miss much, unless you live in the mountain's/ forest, dont listen to a radio, dont access internet, dont read paper's, etc ... then I could understand if you said you were unaware, okay? We knew for FACT the minute the US Supreme Court granted Citizens United to be a person as far as political funding where it was going to go, plain and simple ... you know bloody well that mega entities such as the affiliate's of the half dozen or so major world investment banker's, petrol, medical/ insurance/ pharma corporation's, etc ... are NOT going to spend million's or billion's on any jerk- off political campaign of the same ole same deadwood at that, without a reason for doing so, eh? ... anymore than you would go out and buy a car that dont run.

They on both the right and left been trying to get their hand's on everything that is government owned/ ran, and been at it for year's, when these entities buy/ fund both political parties, they basically force them to for investment's/ privatization purposes, part of the requirement's for support, because without $$million's$$  these dayz ... you wont get a bit of support or anywhere's the way the system is set up and rigged ... that should tell you something right there, and you should ask Why? ... not say Wow! Many of us have our favourite political folk's and parties that we love ... I myself am no different ... I liked this President for instance and still do, as well as warrior's like Sen. Sanders, Sen. Warren, Congressman Grayson and other's I have highlighted throughout this journal. Despite how much I may like a party or person or how much support I give them ... if I/ we dont act to change this, nothing will change, at least in any significant timeframe unfortunately, you simply just rehash the same ole same over and over ... no different than a love couple who break up over and over then keep running back to each other, feeling some need to still commit to that person, yet it still is a relationship that simply cant work as is.

That is the simple reason why this show's that all this will fail in time, period ... because it cant work as is. The President's choice is this, but also understand that everything is custom drafted for the President and suggested by "expert's" okay ... it isnt like he sit's down with a pen and paper writing up all this shit ... he has to count on many to do so much as far as helping him draft thing's to propose from his idea's and he's on a timeclock, those people behind the scene's are to credit for alot of it. Maybe the President actually thinx that the simple chained CPI thing will work out, and it's not that big of a cut, however, it will have an impact on so many low income folk's, veteran's, elderly and such to some extent. You can judge inflation or such with stat's and chart's ... but not the real inflation that is in the most common of neighbourhood businesses on a daily basis, it's impossible in the type of market enviroment that we have and how it worx ... anymore than you can predict/ speculate the street price of an illegal drug to what it will be in a year from now, and that's where the mass of this is. You can estimate where a mega giant such as Sam's/ WalMart and where they may be and move, yet still not even get that accurate due to fluxuation's in market's, gas/ petrol, health service's, etc ... but you cant do the same at Joe's Supermarket in your neighbourhood, or Dr.Nancy's Dental Clinic, or Artero's Discount Gas & Beer down the street ... is what I'm sayin for example.

The President's and key Democrat's choice is plain and simple ... they can go through with this proposal and hope that the Republican's dont chop it up before a final count/ vote on it, because of all the regulatory factor's it has in it for mega industries, tax increases, and accountability, which they fervently hate like a plague, they simply see it conservatively as bad for business is all. This will of course hurt the worker, retiree, veteran, etc, and frankly without real strict oversight (stricter than anything we have displayed in our recent history), trying to get these entities to be responsible/ accountable and pay significant taxes will be a challenge in itself with the world market's of today and all their influence on the legislative branches of governing bodies of significance worldwide. Or The President and allies can stick to their initial stand and NOT let in one bit to this, and not put entitlement's in the picture, and they will be attacked for that as well, in the next election's when million's are spent to blame everything that happen's with the economy over the next couple year's and before on them, and THEN NOTHING will get passed or through and were back in deadlock, blaming each other's side and back to square one, of the quarter to quarter/ semi annual sequester shit and related, automatic cut's to this and that, etc, etc. So either way the President and his fellow Democrat's pull this ... they are going to get heat, the way it's set up ... it's almost like pissing in the wind right now ... and I sure as Hell wouldnt want to be in that man's shoe's (President Obama) right now.

Myself ... I have my own wayz ... but I'm a sort of stubborn type SOB too ... I will accept pain and loss just to make my stand in other word's and wont quit on some thing's (bad habit I had since a kid), and fight it every step of the way ... and if the Republican's dont play ball ... I would shut their asses off as quick as a light switch and NOT give them a red cent, and NOT a goddamn thing would get done, however, on the flip side of that, if they played hardball with me and I were in the President's position, to where I would actually have to do this, in return for pulling this stunt, I would use my executive power's and veto pen to cut down every single thing they try to get through at the same time, unlike President Obama does, I'm tri/ bipartisan too, but NOT on a one way street at a game like this, in other word's, they too wont get a goddam thing done if I have ANY way to veto it or any of these sequester measure's. Play hardball ... I wont give in ... which is not alwayz the best thing to do, and has it's consequence's. But no ... I WOULD NOT put up with this shit out of the right wing on this, nor would I put entitlement's on the table, especially when you play hardball with me, I like the challenge and battle ... I wont give you shit, whether I hurt, suffer or fail, and NOT a thing would get done, period ... if I/ we go down ... I'm gonna take you down as well ... in time ... and on my time of choice at that. But I'm sure as Hell not gonna turn on the President for whatever move he make's on this one ... I know his ball's are in a sling. However, it will have an impact on the way I will vote in future election's (and I feel maybe even million's of other's) ... unfortuantely I have no choice in the matter. I am just hoping for good choice's and advice from folk's like Sanders, Warren and Grayson to count on for help in determining what to do.






Thursday, April 18, 2013

BEIJING'S CHANGING ... Incorporate's the BEST of the WEST Too: Action's Louder Than WORD'S & Result's Louder Than INSULT'S (CHINA THE SLEEPING GIANT PT.5)

Chaoyangmen Beijing SOHO III

(left to right) Wife Rosalie, Nephew Abel, & Thomas (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") March 2013 photo

***** NEW YORK TIMES/ WORLD: China ... various up to date article's on China

Part 5 of "China The Sleeping Giant" is just an update to look at the changing face of China 21st century and it's quest to be competitive and productive leader's. Of course there are various internal issue's going on there, with the change in government as well, bird flu, having to babysit bully neighbour's North Korea, pollution, human/ worker's right's, etc, etc ... they just have their hand's full, and there is certainly enough negative news out there if you want to get some ... not to mention having to hear these knee- jerking asshole's on Wall Street quiver day to day on what and where China's economy is going and all the speculative paranoia or jumping for joy multiple personality disorder's of the shareholder's, who dont know whether to laugh, cry, take a shit or wind their watch from one day to the next, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) Then of course during election's we get the constant fear card's thrown at us about China, with weakling political mouthpiece's such as Mitt Romney trying to play "tough guy" when in actuality he's a wimp that will do as he's told. But at least China has been taking action which is louder than just the political word's we get fed here or proposal's for "(S)LOW- SPEED rail" in America, or trying to have an internet service here that can at least be half as good as one would expect in a country like South Korea (my neighbour is from SK, and explained to me how slow it is here to there in comparison), with our continuous failing infrastructure across America despite the enormous wealth of this country, etc ... I mean ... all our political mouthpiece's talk about here is "change", well ... what "change" are ya'll talking about? ... uhhhhh ... we do say were No#1, eh? {: ) Of course we hear alot of insult's about China ... but look at some of the result's of their action's over the insult's.

My nephew Abel been living and working in the City of Beijing for awhile and was recently back in Dallas for awhile and for the holidayz, etc. Abel is by trade a martial art's and fitness trainer as well as a guitarist in the black/ death metal genre of music, so he is a busy young man as well. It has been enlightening, and a real treat just sitting down with Abel and him sharing his view as a resident and working man of Beijing, as well as  other town's that he frequent's such as Shanghai, etc. I first asked him if he could sum up in few word's what would be Beijing 2013? ... he simply said ... "Damn Tommy ... it's like the wild west without the gun's!" He described the business scene and atmosphere to highlight that ... which make's Dallas- Fort Worth look over- regulated and tight in comparison ... I shit you not ... and remind you, when it come's to infrastucture, architecture, business, development, mass transit/ rail, etc, etc across the board ... DFW rank's in the top's of the nation, it is absolutely booming by U.S. standard's. By his view, if your an entrepreneur/ business person in a town like Beijing and you cant make money ... the problemo must be you ... just about anything and everything goes ... bottom line!

He did tell me that they slowed down the train's/ rail there though ... which now he sayz run's about 180+ mph only, because of some accident and safety regulation's, but it's still quite fast and very comfortable for travel from city to city there, really nice too from what he describe's the trip's as when it come's to comfort, passenger concern and the way they treat their customer's/ rider's ... like first class ... describing here in our country as lacking of respect and concern for the customer. But that respect for the customer carries over to just about everything in China from the way it sound's, with a hospitality and service that is unmatched. Of course we have a government here that is more concerning for the people (exclude republican's ... and even some democrat's {: ) ... however, you can count on the neo- monopolized corporation's and financial institution's here to shit on you daily and train their employee's to not show much respect to the customer, with the incentive ... if they dont, they'll get fired, etc.

But the business scene there is kind of like, let business take it's course, yet there is alot of downside's to that too. For one thing, Abel described the air pollution in Beijing which just blew me away, saying even that many dayz you see a sort or yellowish tan sky, like an urban cloud, that you cant even see the sun through, descibing it to where it reminded me of Buffalo New York year's back when Bethlehem and Republic Steel were mega plant's there, and I will never forget that look and morning odor. The lack of regulation there is dangerous he think's to the country itself, if something isnt done about it, which has attracted so many smaller western investment's there, so China cracking down on some of that will work to their advantage in the longrun. There are still many rural area's though of China that has a level of poverty that is unmatched the way he descibe's it, with million's trying to flee to the cities to survive (it's huge in land), even many just living and working in some type of business labour type camp's, where they live and work and stay in small quarter's, send the money back to their familia's in the rural area's, etc. Beijing is also swamped with foreigner's (his recent girlfriend is from Germany), as they as well pour into there for opportunities.

The nightclub music scene there is loose as a goose the way he describe's it, and I am not sure from how he descibe's if they have some age for drinking, I would assume they do, but from what I hear ... you have young teen's openly getting shitfaced and served in club's there ... drink special's that make our happy hour's and special's here in America look cheap and stingy (this I would never have expected in a country that is so called communist) ... and liberated girl's who want to buy the guy's drink's instead! who are let's just say ... very open {: ) Membership card's seem to be popular there in club's, with some swanky looking card's, he showed me several membership's he carried, with price's for concert's/ show's a steal of a deal, and basically everything is cheap EXCEPT for electronic's/ computer/ smart gadget's/ phone's type item's ... I have no idea why that is, I mean I would figure that electronic's/ tech's would be cheap there. One thing to look out for there is the enormous amount of counterfeit product's that saturate the street's and market's though there from what he tell's me ... be informed I reckon on what is what that your buying out there. Their inner city rail/ transit system is very good and easy to understand, and the best way around town, very clean too. But overall, he really does enjoy living in Beijing and what it has to offer, at least for him.

Megastructures: Beijing Water Cube ... Thanx to NHNZMEDIA

Copycat Architecture Rises in China's Building Boom ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

Technology pushes Chinese high speed rail dev't ... Thanx to MECHANICALOSCAR


Nuclear Fusion G- Space Exploration ... Thanx to SINOPROD ... a really tight sounding Beijing metal/ industrial crew that I wanted to close this post with and include in the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society"






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JIMMY PAGE/ LED ZEPPELIN (PT.3) The ROCK to BACH Transformation- Pres. Obama Tribute to LZ, Celebration Day & Chord's Creation of Kashmir

President Obama's tribute to Led Zeppelin ... Thanx to PBO2012

Part 3 of this series will be to take a look at the transformation when Rock turn's to Bach, I use Bach here to describe traditional classical music after the legend 17th/ 18th century composer J.S. Bach who is also well known for the piece "Toccata & Fugue" in Dminor . I look at Jimmy Page as well as a great 20th/ 21st century composer and string's master. This posting also partly inspired by Dave, who is a guitarist that play's a more hard edge type of the metal genre music locally, who a couple week's ago gave me a simple 4 track home studio type piece of guitar instrumental he constructed that was probably about 4 minute's in length, but truely a well constructed piece of guitar worx combined on the final product. When I told Dave how impressed I was with it and how I analyzed it, he was kind of shocked ... and said something like "Ahhh Tom ... c'mon ... are you serious? ... " ... but I was serious. What Dave was looking at is simply constructing some power chord type riff's and tossing some lead piece's in to give it simply a whole sound ... what he failed to see in it though ... was the building block potential of the piece ... and that is where another "ear" come's in handy {: ) When I listened to it, my mind went into high gear and was thinking of various percussion, bass and vocal's to toss into it ... simply pointing out to Dave the foundation and what build's from it using his rhythm pattern's and such, and various direction's to take it.

A song that had alot of influence on me as far as rhythm pattern's as a teen was LZ's "Celebration Day" ... it was somewhat confusing to me at first which really sparked my interest, yet very powerful and all seeming to go in different direction's when I listened seperately to each piece/ instrument ... being that when I listened to the bass and percussion's in it ... I heard funk/ R&B, guitar of rock and jazz and Plant's vocal's somewhere else, as odd as that may sound ... yet as a whole one solid piece that worked with the combination of such different personalities and direction it seemed, so this changed some of my thinking as well when putting together stuff of my own, experimentation, and of course how my taste developed for sound as well, at that age, it was just such a uniquely constructed piece, earlier as a child James Brown done similar for me, as far as upbeat. I reckon I've never been much conventional on much of a goddamn thing. I am old enough to remember when so many unconventional musician's were criticized, such as Page being a sloppy guitarist (he also used violin bow's on his guitar) ... Paul McCartney criticized because he didnt read a note of music ... Jimi Hendrix criticized because he played the guitar backward's/ upside down (reversed strings), and incorporated amp feedback and distortion as being part of the actual composition, Lady GaGa criticized as being watered down homogenized commercial pop or whatever, most of the criticism come's from those textbook scholared type's of course in art or literature or whatever who analyze every crossed "T" and dotted "I", etc ... and the list goes on. Again ... try thinking out of the box and go with your natural instinct's.

Led Zeppelin- Celebration Day- Knebworth 08- 04- 1979 Part 2 ... Thanx to Long Live Led Zeppelin

Below you have the simplicity of chord's explained that led to the constructing of Kashmir as Jimmy explain's to The Edge of U2 and Jack White (White Stripes) for a lil shop talk, which led eventually to the great classic piece it became that so many full orchestra's of classical symphonic music on the globe cover as well today, as would be covered of any of the great composer's of the last few hundred year's or so. Enjoy! {: )

KASHMIR chords- Jimmy Page, Jack White, & Edge ... Thanx to DJLIGHTBOLT

Led Zeppelin- Kashmir- Celebration Day ... Thanx to LEDZEPPELIN




Jimmy Page & Aerosmith onstage and backstage at Donington 1990 ... Thanx to BLOCKSVIDEOS **** a lil bonus video I wanted to add to close out this posting here of Jimmy with Aerosmith doing "Train Kept A- Rollin" (a cool song that I alwayz loved covering as well) ... and Jimmy really smoke's here ... really nice work!




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PRESIDENT OBAMA'S 2014 BUDGET PROPOSAL: Embrace Fire NOT Fear ... Chained CPI with guest's ... Bernie & The RUBBA BUBBA'S on the "BUMP PEDDLER'S" & "**** POST NOTE" (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.2)

Part 2 of "Corporatcommunazica" will take a looksy at the President's budget proposal which has been starting fire's all across the nation ... and rightfully so ... BUT (and this IS A big butt {: ) ... there may be a lil more to this than what meet's the eye which I will explain after. Credit of course to my man Bernie of Vermont for staying in the trenches on this and all those Progressive's (cause I signed this petition as well) who been pulling out their flame- thrower's too, and no doubt like I previously said that were fixin to get a fiscal fist fucking come 2013, and because this is all being orchestrated by NOT politician's at the base, but this so called "roundtable roundabout" crew and directed by folk's like Congressman Ryan, trust me {: ) However ... there is many included in this "fisting", many of those special interest's as well, that the President tossed in heartily at that! heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... rest assured ... so no need to fret right now or fear the reaper. Some vid's and read's below I wanted to post, then of course the Chimp's (me) view on this.

A Terrible Disappointment ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

***** OREGONIAN/ ASSOCIATED PRESS: President Obama's 2014 budget would trim Social Security and Medicare, tax wealthy

***** CNN/ MONEY: What's in Obama's Budget?

***** THE WHITE HOUSE: President Obama Sends Congress his Fiscal Year 2014 Budget

How Will Obama's Budget Impact Medicare, Social Security? ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR **** the posting's title was partly inspired by these feller's in the video ... and Joe Antos here is a clever salesman, but any decent hustler can see his "bump" as well ... wait 20 year's before we see a crisis? ... what kind of fear card BS is that? heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... that's cheap and weak Joe {: )

But all shit aside ... liberal's are fired up like crazy on this all over America ... but DONT THINK for a minute that Republican's ARENT fired up too! And it's good and healthy of course to get that anger instilled in you and to get fired up on such a thing, when someone's tryin to jack with your money, cause that's exactly what is being done here ... again ... THIS IS ALL OUR MONEY ... okay(?) and NOT one bit of our Social Security has contributed to any of this recession or crisis, except what they so call "borrow" through back door's to loan to these oversized failure's and gambling Wall Street addict's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... so Social Security been more of an asset and stimulus for this economy than anything {: ) But even the President just making this complete turnaround as far as offering entitlement cut's after he said that he wouldnt balance a budget on such just month's ago (knowing that we would catch this in a heartbeat) and just calmly giving in with this, made me think ... something isnt right here ... I must be missing something ... it's just too easy, obvious, and all of the sudden generous ... so I have to ask ... "Why?"

Looking at this closely, the President has so much goddamn shit thrown into it as far as thing's like elimination of gas/ oil subsidiaries, financial crisis responsibilities fee's for too big to fail bank entities to have to pay, increases on taxes across the board for those who can afford it, including on THEIR social security payment's/ taxes, as well as estate taxes, etc, etc! I couldnt figure out at first why folk's like Speaker Boehner was so depressed, and especially how Ryan was casually and sarcastically saying that the President deserve's credit (even showing despair in his response) ... "BUT ... this and that" Ryan sayz ... that told me right there to take a closer look at this, and something wasnt as it appear's here {: ) Bottom line is ... folk's like Boehner and Ryan know their getting fucked more than us ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I just had to bust out laughing reading this {: ) I dont know if this was/ is intentional by the President or sarcasm, or because he really believe's that modification's to CPI and such will actually save us economically. But if this was a fool's game and stunt by the President ... he played this well actually ... being that he know's damn well that something like this would be very difficult to get through the House and Senate ... which is better than just letting this ride as is with this relentless pushing for austerity by these entities, and it make's him look bipartisan as you can get in the longhaul ... which mean's ... you got it ... if nothing get's done ... he can blame this ALL on the GOP ... saying that he offered the chained CPI bargain, gave out the olive branch, yet they declined to accept {: )

Actually I am very curious now where in Hell this is going after reviewing it closer, and rather excited at what it's starting to look like ... this should be watched closely as well by those european countries where these same entities are pushing their button's as well ... they may learn something in this. But this is all I can add on this right now ... and it doesnt look like the doom and gloom that some of us may jump to think either, cause something is really fishy about this.

Word Out ....


***** POST NOTE: I wanted to add this post note because I have been asked several time's over the last few week's (locally) by folk's ... because of this, and "if" President Obama welched on his promise or whatever ... how will I vote come the 2014 election's? Well ... that's a good question ... because alot of folk's seem to think now that the President is far right or something (odd, being that he was also considered a socialist by many just a couple year's ago {: ) ... but it's too early to tell how the political circle's are gonna go right now to accurately say. No doubt that American's are increasingly seeing that something overall doesnt work in the current batch we have right now between these polarizing side's, and of course, that will lead to a change in voting in time ... rest assured ... and of course I would like to see it sooner than later to at least get it on the road.

But let me address this with some fact and common sense at least without jumping on some bandwagon right away. First of all ... those who seem shocked that the President is doing this obviously havent paid much atencion to this President from the getgo ... I have wrote plenty about this President from the start of this journal actually, and that I would vote for him no matter what for two term's, and I kept to my promise on that. The reason why though I was such a strong supporter of the President IS BECAUSE he think's truely bi/ tri- partisan like myself actually, so I completely understand even his method of trying to use the chained CPI if he thought that the math would come out to an overall advantage to the nation's economy. I personally am against the chained CPI strictly because I know that this is more than just trying to balance a budget and to try to weaken Social Security and it's recipient's as we know it, being that the controlling entities solely want for those who are more weak and vulnerable to just die off one way or another (even though they would never admit that of course) and to transform SS to their vision and likeness and use it for it's value for future mega investment's in the market's. So I have somewhat different view's than the President on this and why it's being attacked, I still think this is a great President, and even the move's of this are fine if those controlling this marketplace werent the one's running thing's ... in other word's ... it would work in a more perfect enviroment. And I also COMMEND the President actually on this budget plan (whether it was an intentional stunt or not), politically speaking, since HE DOES realize what were up against, and I also cant wait for him to write his book after he retire's, to talk about the thing's that he cant now, because it IS FULL of thing's that the corporate entities despise with their right wing Nazi affiliate's ... just look at the loathing of Boehner and Ryan ... like they feel their pissing in the wind {: ) ... more rules, restriction's, law's, fee's, penalties, etc, etc ... than you can shake a stick at ... so it's NOT like the President's plan is giving to them, but asking for a HELL OF ALOT in return, which is rightfully justified as well, considering all these entities have been getting away with, taking, and ratholing. Again ... look at the plan closely.

No ... my voting for 2014 will rely heavily upon folk's like Congressman Grayson, Senator Warren, Senator Sanders, and the like's ... what they "suggest" and "say" ... I trust their judgement at this point ... so I am counting on them for advice you can say, and will go with alot of that any way you slice it.


Pierce The Veil- Don't Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult Cover- with lyric's Espanol/ Ingles) ... to close out this posting I wanted to post this newer cover version of the Blue Oyster Cult classic with a twist of punk, that is an outstanding cover piece from this crew ... that it will also be included in this journal's "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" ... Thanx to MUSIC IS MY LIFE




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OCCUPY VICTORY & $360K SETTLEMENT 2013: New York Courts ... DEEP- FRY the NYPD Pork (Pig's) ... (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.1) & (The AWAKENING PT.30)


Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with wife Rosalie Recto Vinas (March 2013 photo)

This Part 30 of "The Awakening" series, will also be to start off a new series for this journal called "Corporatcommunazica" as Part 1 ... the name I made up from simply combining the word's corporate, communism, nazism, and America ... which I figured was fitting, and this is exactly what this book destruction show was about as well ... Nazi's did the same thing basically.

But first of all to commend these Occupy folk's on their persistence, determination, strength, leadership qualities, integrity, and related, many of even our iron clad youth and leader's of the future, that truely represent liberty/ freedom ... that inspire and preserve the base values of America and democracy, etc., which is rather bright and sunny news for me on this cold, wet, gloomy, and miserable Dallas morning/ day. Of course not all cop's are "pig's", there are more good cop's than bad cop's actually ... but you have a certain circle of such that are over their authority and encouraged to be, through folk's like these nanny type neo dictator's who suck the asses of this corporate communisn like Mayor Bloomberg. Some of these cop's that are grown men, beating and mistreating women even that are half their size, while wearing protective gear at that ... doubt that they would have the same success with a real man their own size, eh? These are our wives, girlfriend's, daughter's, children, and even our elderly that they abuse ... so in my opinion ... not much different than a child abuser as well ... and to actually think of some of this scum as "elite" or having any real leadership qualities is a gross and misleading definition of the word.

This may seem like a small victory ... but it will be one of many to come as this movement inspire's more splinter's on both the left and the right to preserve as much as we can that is OUR'S, especially with some of the latest fiscal fist fucking's that we will be hearing about over the next few dayz, when even some of our liberated Democrat's propose to throw in the towel, kiss the right wing's ass, bend over and cut the very entitlement's that they stood by and created for year's, the one's that WE SOLELY PAY FOR. This is why I called this year 2013 an awakening time after the 2012 election's to come, where we will see the reality more clearly of our collective representation and learn of course ... and was reason that inspired series like this and the "Truth or Treason" series ... building over the last 5 or so year's to this point in this journal ... it's a step by step deal, that you have to take one step at a time ... yet again ... alwayz stay one step up on them, because they are alwayz 2 step's up on us.

Word Out ....


***** RT/ USA: New York ordered to pay up over NYPD's destruction of Occupy property

***** NYSD.USCOURTS.GOV: Full Settlement Read

***** VILLAGE VOICE: City Settles Lawsuit Over The Destruction of the Occupy Wall Street Library




Skinny Puppy- Tin Omen ... Thanx to AERYNSCHEUERMANN **** an oldie but goodie to close out this posting with from the "Pup's" ... it is NOT OUR NATURE to just "forget and forgive" in some cases ....




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KINKY FRIEDMAN: "They Aint Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore", "Asshole From El Paso", "We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To You" ... (TASTE OF TEXAS PT. 20) ... For Thora & Millie

kinky friedman photo: kinky friedman toga kinkyfriedmanintoga.jpg

Kinky Friedman

This posting another past due to honour and highlight the music of Texas' original Jewboy "Kinky Friedman". Kinky has quite a history here in Texas although he was born in Chicago, but has became a Texas love for many with his satire as a lyricist in particular, and he is just the kind of piece that I love to throw in at a familia barbeque or similar, or just over a few drinx at a bar ... also some really nice honky tonk style piano work get's thrown into his music as well, which I am a big fan of, and love Elton John's "Honky Cat" as example. Kinky has also gained some notoriety and controversy here in the Lone Star State in political circles at the same time (he is a Democrat), he is also a writer amongst other thing's and just one busy feller, so I'll let the Wikipedia link to his name cover most of that, he was also a long time favourite of my friend Joe Christ, who also met Kinky as well ... but love ya Kinky! I wanted to dedicate this posting as well to Thora & her sister Millie, Thora is my grandma who died in the 1960's, but knowing grandma and her lively style and humour ... would have loved Kinky! This will also serve as Part 20 of the "Taste of Texas" series, and be included in the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" ... Enjoy!

Kinky Friedman- They Aint Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore (live Dublin, Ireland 2003) ... Thanx to DUBLIN1996

Asshole From El Paso ... Thanx to EXECUTIONERFIVE

Kinky Friedman- We Reserve The Right to Refuse Service to you ... Thanx to KLARISSMUS







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THE MAGIC OF RAHAT ... The Magician Prankster (In Memory of Dad)



This induction into this journal's music/ art's honour roll society will be to highlight some of the work and ... well ... play of Rahat, who is basically a magician of sort, a sharp hustler, and took his play to another level gaining quite alot of view's on YouTube ... alot more than just that person on the street corner though that does the usual card hustle for a living ... he actually made this into an art with his prank's too ... and quite humorous at that! {: ) I chose some variety to highlight his work below, which I have really enjoyed alot! ... and wishing for the best for him as well. I also wanted to dedicate this posting to my Dad who also done what he called "sleight of hand" and alwayz fascinated me as a kid with what he could do with card's and coin's and basically make anything appear out of nowhere or change face it seemed, and card's/ gambling was sort of a hobby of his that he knew well ... Dad would have loved this guy! ... Enjoy!



Floating Dollar Prank in the Hood 3 ... Thanx to MAGICOFRAHAT

Magic Compilation ... Thanx to MAGICOFRAHAT

Think, Touch, Turn Live by Rahat ... Thanx to MAGICOFRAHAT

Best of 2012 Prank Montage ... Thanx to MAGICOFRAHAT




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MAYFLOWER, ARKANSAS 2013? ... "No BIGGIE ... We'll PAY" ... EXXON'S PROPHET'S of PROFIT'S ... Pipeline's & Timeline's (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.23)

Oil Sands: A Resource for Energy Security & Economic Growth ... Thanx to EXXONMOBIL

Part 23 of the "Global War'N'ing" series will be to highlight a recent and very much covered accident in a small American town (Mayflower, AR), which to some see it as no biggie ... Exxon will pay ... and everyone will live happily ever after in financial prosperity, energy independence, cheaper petrol price's at the pump's, etc, etc, etc. So I'll make this as simple and non complex as you can get, that everyone can understand, no matter what level of education, background, career/ trade, class status, even for ExxonMobil engineer Artis Brown in the above video commercial that is pounded relentlessly in prime time tele coast to coast. Some of these tele commercial's I see in the evening are absolutely hilarious too ... I actually laugh my ass off watching their face's telling us what they do, how many they employ, how they love America, how independent and strong we will become, with all the emotional music in the backdrop, happy familia's and smiling face's, children playing in field's of flower's, etc  ... it is enough to make me think ... they must be prophet's sent with the good word {: )

ExxonMobil Operational Excellence ... Thanx to AVR Technocrats

Remind's me of an incident probably a good 15+ year's back or so, when I ran pre- press operation's for a local printing company in suburban Mesquite Texas, who unknowingly was dumping harsh chemical's into the drain's without realizing what they were ... the owner was a local politician too (republican) ... that was really a great guy too, as far as just alot of fun in small chat, etc. One day in his office over small chat with his partner ... I mentioned to him about the chemical's that were in some of these slovent's and so forth ... James (owner's name) rolled his eye's and said something like "Jesus Thomas, dont tell me your one of them enviromentalist's  ... " (similar wording) ... well, the way he said it sounded so funny I laughed ... and I said something like ... "Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I reckon I do sound like some whining ass liberal on some thing's James ... but please hear me out here a second ... " Well, I then pointed out that favourite local lake that he take's his grandson to go fishing (who visit's from James home state of Mississippi), the fish that they catch and eat with the familia, the water that he drink's from even his own company water fountain,etc ... showing him the labels and detail's in writing on the packaging of the risk's of these, which he never bothered to read, which made him sick thinking of it ... which I could understand, I mean, he wouldnt like this any more than me taking a shit in the punch bowl at the next company barbeque {: ) Then to top it off since he like's profit's and money ... I pointed out certain deposit's/ waste that we can sell for recycling which the companies will install free of charge and PAY HIM for the waste product's, recover silver from film fixer's, etc ... James let me handle it and took my advice ... bottom line ... from that day on ... you would think James became a goddamn enviromentalist! True story too. Some rehashed news below and vid's ... some input from my man Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and friend's ... then a few simple and to the point view's of my own concerning this and our future of these pipeline's and the timeline's.

Exxon Pipeline Breaks in Arkansas (oil leak) ... Thanx to VINES & FUNNY VIDS

***** ABC NEWS: Exxon To Pay For Arkansas Oil Spill (newsread/ video)



Reject the Keystone XL Pipeline Part 1 ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Reject the Keystone Pipeline Part 2 ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


The timeline pushes for these pipeline's is not good enough, the fact that Exxon will pay for the damage is not good enough, but your damn straight someone's gonna have to pay for these messes ... these happen more frequently than we imagine, which we only catch these highlighted piece's here and there, what folk's are also not looking at here ... is their vulnerability to terror through sabotage as well ... do we realize how enviromentally dangerous it would be if a terror group of any kind, where to plan a mass sabotage of American pipeline's? does Exxon wonder ... how hard would it be to get access to critical sensitive area's for some of these plotter's in these rural remote area's where law enforcement never see's many crime's above a local store break- in? What happen's if some break accident contaminate's a major metro area nearby ... say Chicago with nearly 10 million ... Dallas- Fort Worth with nearly 7 million, or Houston/ Galveston Bay area with over 6 million? You dont think that some would do this just to strike at American capitalism and imperialism in some way? ... dont kid yourselves. There are boo- koo pipeline's as it is, outdated even to some degree in many area's ... so just rushing to build this Keystone "XL" is just downright reckless thinking, and politician's regardless of how much their paid indirectly are NOT very good representation to get led into thinking that this is an answer to all this independence of energy ... mo job's ... swimming in new wealth, or any of the ridiculous bullshit were fed. We are producing more in America 2013, than they have ever at any time over 80 year's, at an all time high at that! ... when was the last significant drop in petrol price's and how much have you seen in your town just over the last 5 year's, eh? ... how many job's do we need just to catch up to where we were before this mass loss?, not to mention new job's needed for the 100's of thousand's of new folk's entering the workplace ... none of the math worx any way you slice it, never did, as I have pointed out all this over the last 5 year's in this journal ... get my drift? And not a damn thing one will be done for America overall, but make a bunch of wealthy folk's more wealthy ... or for our infrastructure or a damn thing else ... period. This oil all goes simply into the "global" market's and no one give's a shit about us or our enviroment, job's or a damn thing else until it hit's their pocketbook's.

I have to also disagree with some of my fellow enviromentalist's too, as far as cleaning up for the next century or so, and reduce the damage ... it's too goddamn late to fix the mess that we already made, and too goddamn late to even think that we can ... okay? ... I'm just being honest here ... not pessimistic. We have contributed to and accelerated the polar ice cap melting which even a giant like Halliburton/ Brown & Root couldnt fix or reverse ... we done fucked up plain and simple, and are going to have to live or die with it! The only reason the petrol giant's are so happy, is because they now can break up what ice is left and  drill in newer area's they couldnt when it was frozen solid ... that's the cold- icy truth! Why am I optimistic should be the question ... and that's because nature has it's own way of fixing what need's to be fixed, without concern for human's petty need's or emotion's ... and WILL ... in time ... THIS is the ENLIGHTENMENT.

The bottom line is ... we have now the technologies and science and know how as far as what the damage assessment's are, how to resolve some of this, how to divert the wealth we have to more innovative technologies and energies source's ... so we know at least for sure how to clean up our act that we currently engage in ... and clean up our relentless pursuit of filth and pollution for one thing. No one rich or poor would not want to have a clean yard at some point and just get sick of all the trash and rid of it ... not even other animal's, some of which bury their own shit for that matter. The future is going to be newer wayz and technologies any way you slice it ... you can do it with our current population ... or wait and do it with a small fraction of our population after we destroy enough of us in the process and lolligagging ... which will include death and destruction to even the wealthiest of folk's ... nature is blind to class, race/ ethnicity, or social status ... we will have to change ... simply because we will have no choice but to ... nature dictate's, that's for sure. Million's of job's can be created immediately within a decade ... million's of new businesses across the globe, and those who are wise enough to take the gamble and invest on vision will be winner's in the long run. Prolonging this misery is pointless and stupid.

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