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BOOTY BUDGET USA 2013: 3 Wayz to TRIM & Reform America's PIRATED BOOTY ... "BUTT-- Will It Work?" (MO OF YO MONEY PT.11) **** & RC POST NOTE

Part 11 of "Mo Of Yo Money" will look at a few recent video's and short read below as far as all this crucial talk we been hearing of this do or die budget cut's and reduced spending, entitlement reform's and everything else the bankster's and Wall Street CEO's been drafting and working so hard on to reach that common ground compromise between the leftee's and the rightee's {: ) Which basically ALL the money being worked on in this again ... is YO MONEY ... the American people. So this isnt the good news you may want to hear looking at the title if your booty (buttocks) is a little ... let's say "pleasantly plump" ... with some wayz to trim it down a tad ... but to look at the "booty" that has basically been pirated from us of our wealth and ratholed, and how now, they want to trim our standard's of living and income's even more to cover their reckless spending, excessive and unbalanced greed, gambling addiction's, etc, etc. These piece's below show wayz and mean's of how their working on our budget issue's.

This posting is not to try to slam or cut down the President ... I know exactly what he is caught in and have wrote plenty about it throughout these related series (1st paragraph here as just one example). But the fact is ... that with all the growing exposure and media, finding's, etc, etc that will be coming SOON ... he and his party will have to answer to alot of question's that American's will start to ask, eh? You may look at all these negotiation's and wonder ... "But will it work, and save our budget?" ... well one thing is for sure either way you slice it, working or not working ... our "butt's" are going to get "worked" good in this Washington/ Wall Street manufactured buttfuck ... so it's something you will have to look at sooner or later. I mean ... if the Repubican Party would have won office and a majority in both the Senate and House ... it would have all been a done deal already and passed ... but as I posted in prior posting's pre- 2012 election's ... we will get a lil lube at least from the Democrat's to make it a lil less painful ... but also understand that, that lube will dry out sooner or later.

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The Resident: US Spent $95 Billion on Duplicate Programs ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** RT/ USA: US spent $95 billion on duplicate projects in 2012 (newsread)

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Obama Cuts Social Security ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

***** POST NOTE: Here's the bottom line, and Lord know's an old familiar tune that I myself been pointing out for the last 5 year's in this journal at that, and million's of other's, so it's not like you can say ... you were blindsided, didnt know, or wasnt informed, etc, etc ... this has been in our face's for year's, including this push for austerity measure's, okay? ... we have some of the best media accessibility in the world here in America (including some of the best bullshit as well let me add {: ), some like myself see America as the most media saturated place on earth, so you cant miss much, unless you live in the mountain's/ forest, dont listen to a radio, dont access internet, dont read paper's, etc ... then I could understand if you said you were unaware, okay? We knew for FACT the minute the US Supreme Court granted Citizens United to be a person as far as political funding where it was going to go, plain and simple ... you know bloody well that mega entities such as the affiliate's of the half dozen or so major world investment banker's, petrol, medical/ insurance/ pharma corporation's, etc ... are NOT going to spend million's or billion's on any jerk- off political campaign of the same ole same deadwood at that, without a reason for doing so, eh? ... anymore than you would go out and buy a car that dont run.

They on both the right and left been trying to get their hand's on everything that is government owned/ ran, and been at it for year's, when these entities buy/ fund both political parties, they basically force them to for investment's/ privatization purposes, part of the requirement's for support, because without $$million's$$  these dayz ... you wont get a bit of support or anywhere's the way the system is set up and rigged ... that should tell you something right there, and you should ask Why? ... not say Wow! Many of us have our favourite political folk's and parties that we love ... I myself am no different ... I liked this President for instance and still do, as well as warrior's like Sen. Sanders, Sen. Warren, Congressman Grayson and other's I have highlighted throughout this journal. Despite how much I may like a party or person or how much support I give them ... if I/ we dont act to change this, nothing will change, at least in any significant timeframe unfortunately, you simply just rehash the same ole same over and over ... no different than a love couple who break up over and over then keep running back to each other, feeling some need to still commit to that person, yet it still is a relationship that simply cant work as is.

That is the simple reason why this show's that all this will fail in time, period ... because it cant work as is. The President's choice is this, but also understand that everything is custom drafted for the President and suggested by "expert's" okay ... it isnt like he sit's down with a pen and paper writing up all this shit ... he has to count on many to do so much as far as helping him draft thing's to propose from his idea's and he's on a timeclock, those people behind the scene's are to credit for alot of it. Maybe the President actually thinx that the simple chained CPI thing will work out, and it's not that big of a cut, however, it will have an impact on so many low income folk's, veteran's, elderly and such to some extent. You can judge inflation or such with stat's and chart's ... but not the real inflation that is in the most common of neighbourhood businesses on a daily basis, it's impossible in the type of market enviroment that we have and how it worx ... anymore than you can predict/ speculate the street price of an illegal drug to what it will be in a year from now, and that's where the mass of this is. You can estimate where a mega giant such as Sam's/ WalMart and where they may be and move, yet still not even get that accurate due to fluxuation's in market's, gas/ petrol, health service's, etc ... but you cant do the same at Joe's Supermarket in your neighbourhood, or Dr.Nancy's Dental Clinic, or Artero's Discount Gas & Beer down the street ... is what I'm sayin for example.

The President's and key Democrat's choice is plain and simple ... they can go through with this proposal and hope that the Republican's dont chop it up before a final count/ vote on it, because of all the regulatory factor's it has in it for mega industries, tax increases, and accountability, which they fervently hate like a plague, they simply see it conservatively as bad for business is all. This will of course hurt the worker, retiree, veteran, etc, and frankly without real strict oversight (stricter than anything we have displayed in our recent history), trying to get these entities to be responsible/ accountable and pay significant taxes will be a challenge in itself with the world market's of today and all their influence on the legislative branches of governing bodies of significance worldwide. Or The President and allies can stick to their initial stand and NOT let in one bit to this, and not put entitlement's in the picture, and they will be attacked for that as well, in the next election's when million's are spent to blame everything that happen's with the economy over the next couple year's and before on them, and THEN NOTHING will get passed or through and were back in deadlock, blaming each other's side and back to square one, of the quarter to quarter/ semi annual sequester shit and related, automatic cut's to this and that, etc, etc. So either way the President and his fellow Democrat's pull this ... they are going to get heat, the way it's set up ... it's almost like pissing in the wind right now ... and I sure as Hell wouldnt want to be in that man's shoe's (President Obama) right now.

Myself ... I have my own wayz ... but I'm a sort of stubborn type SOB too ... I will accept pain and loss just to make my stand in other word's and wont quit on some thing's (bad habit I had since a kid), and fight it every step of the way ... and if the Republican's dont play ball ... I would shut their asses off as quick as a light switch and NOT give them a red cent, and NOT a goddamn thing would get done, however, on the flip side of that, if they played hardball with me and I were in the President's position, to where I would actually have to do this, in return for pulling this stunt, I would use my executive power's and veto pen to cut down every single thing they try to get through at the same time, unlike President Obama does, I'm tri/ bipartisan too, but NOT on a one way street at a game like this, in other word's, they too wont get a goddam thing done if I have ANY way to veto it or any of these sequester measure's. Play hardball ... I wont give in ... which is not alwayz the best thing to do, and has it's consequence's. But no ... I WOULD NOT put up with this shit out of the right wing on this, nor would I put entitlement's on the table, especially when you play hardball with me, I like the challenge and battle ... I wont give you shit, whether I hurt, suffer or fail, and NOT a thing would get done, period ... if I/ we go down ... I'm gonna take you down as well ... in time ... and on my time of choice at that. But I'm sure as Hell not gonna turn on the President for whatever move he make's on this one ... I know his ball's are in a sling. However, it will have an impact on the way I will vote in future election's (and I feel maybe even million's of other's) ... unfortuantely I have no choice in the matter. I am just hoping for good choice's and advice from folk's like Sanders, Warren and Grayson to count on for help in determining what to do.






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