Wednesday, April 10, 2013

OCCUPY VICTORY & $360K SETTLEMENT 2013: New York Courts ... DEEP- FRY the NYPD Pork (Pig's) ... (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.1) & (The AWAKENING PT.30)


Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with wife Rosalie Recto Vinas (March 2013 photo)

This Part 30 of "The Awakening" series, will also be to start off a new series for this journal called "Corporatcommunazica" as Part 1 ... the name I made up from simply combining the word's corporate, communism, nazism, and America ... which I figured was fitting, and this is exactly what this book destruction show was about as well ... Nazi's did the same thing basically.

But first of all to commend these Occupy folk's on their persistence, determination, strength, leadership qualities, integrity, and related, many of even our iron clad youth and leader's of the future, that truely represent liberty/ freedom ... that inspire and preserve the base values of America and democracy, etc., which is rather bright and sunny news for me on this cold, wet, gloomy, and miserable Dallas morning/ day. Of course not all cop's are "pig's", there are more good cop's than bad cop's actually ... but you have a certain circle of such that are over their authority and encouraged to be, through folk's like these nanny type neo dictator's who suck the asses of this corporate communisn like Mayor Bloomberg. Some of these cop's that are grown men, beating and mistreating women even that are half their size, while wearing protective gear at that ... doubt that they would have the same success with a real man their own size, eh? These are our wives, girlfriend's, daughter's, children, and even our elderly that they abuse ... so in my opinion ... not much different than a child abuser as well ... and to actually think of some of this scum as "elite" or having any real leadership qualities is a gross and misleading definition of the word.

This may seem like a small victory ... but it will be one of many to come as this movement inspire's more splinter's on both the left and the right to preserve as much as we can that is OUR'S, especially with some of the latest fiscal fist fucking's that we will be hearing about over the next few dayz, when even some of our liberated Democrat's propose to throw in the towel, kiss the right wing's ass, bend over and cut the very entitlement's that they stood by and created for year's, the one's that WE SOLELY PAY FOR. This is why I called this year 2013 an awakening time after the 2012 election's to come, where we will see the reality more clearly of our collective representation and learn of course ... and was reason that inspired series like this and the "Truth or Treason" series ... building over the last 5 or so year's to this point in this journal ... it's a step by step deal, that you have to take one step at a time ... yet again ... alwayz stay one step up on them, because they are alwayz 2 step's up on us.

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***** RT/ USA: New York ordered to pay up over NYPD's destruction of Occupy property

***** NYSD.USCOURTS.GOV: Full Settlement Read

***** VILLAGE VOICE: City Settles Lawsuit Over The Destruction of the Occupy Wall Street Library




Skinny Puppy- Tin Omen ... Thanx to AERYNSCHEUERMANN **** an oldie but goodie to close out this posting with from the "Pup's" ... it is NOT OUR NATURE to just "forget and forgive" in some cases ....




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