Tuesday, April 30, 2013

HAIL HOUSTON!! ... "RAIN ... RAIN ... RAIN ... RAAAIIN ... Just Dont Mind" ... DONT BE ALARMED PT.10 ... You're in Houston {: 0

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Part 10 of the "Dont Be Alarmed" series will be a looksy at the rain, hail, flooding, this last saturday April 27th 2013 in the Houston area. My daughter just arrived at Houston Hobby Airport saturday for a weekend convention for the job ... I get an email and photo attached via phone that she's stuck for a lengthy time at the airport before she can get out and was tripping out because of the flood water's which seemed to be rising in various part's of the city on her way to her hotel ... my first thought was "So what else is new ... ?". She been in Houston several time's, but never experienced anything like this being originally from Dallas, and the weather up here is a tad different than Houston and more changing than Houston, being we get hard freeze's every year and snow as well up here ... even this week for instance, it's 80 degree's today in Dallas, but in a couple more dayz, well be back into the 30's and 40's. But in Houston ... the Gulf of Mexico rain's are not like that slow steady rain you may find in part's of the country such as the Pacific Northwest or such ... they come hard, fast and furious at time's, faster and harder than the sewer drain's can handle at once, taking a few hour's for the water's to recede ... and Houston isnt very high above sea level either ... the pounding hail for instance is a trip in itself, sometimes golf ball or baseball sized hail at that even.

My first experience of this was in the early to mid 1970's ... I just moved to Houston from the Montreal (QC- Canada) area ... it was springtime like this, a co- worker was driving me home from work one day ... we left the Memorial City mall area over in West Houston via the Katy Frwy and it was sunny, by the time we got to the I- 610 Loop in south Houston, we came to a halt on the 610 elevated over Bellaire Blvd in Bellaire (which is where I lived), I looked down off the freeway unto the street's below and tripped out ... I mean ... like I never seen anything like this, rain's pounding so hard and the noise from the car getting bombarded with hail stone's and rising water's below along Bellaire Blvd, etc. I turned to my co- worker who was driving and said ... "what do we do now?" ... she said ... "we just sit up here and wait ... how about another joint? (marijuana cigarette)" ... to her, it was just another rain, nothing to it ... but yes, we waited and waited and waited and even got to smoke a few more joint's, we waited so long {: ) This posting's title was inspired by the lyric's of the 1966 Beatles classic song "Rain" ... in this case ... just dont mind ... after all ... you're in Houston {: )


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Houston flood by 59 and Beltway April 27th 2013 ... Thanx to MARLONDAVIS


The Beatles-- Rain ... Thanx to 94lberto




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