Friday, April 19, 2013

ENTITLEMENT CUT'S 2013 ... A Special MESSAGE for those Special SESSION'S & The 2014 VOTE ... (TRUTH OR TREASON 2013 PT.21)

Just a few short video's below to show some of the frustration of many who supported the Democrat Party and President in the last election 2012, and what they think about these entitlement cut's, I mean ... after all ... the President and many of these same Democrat's DID VOW to not balance the budget on the back's of the folk's that supported them, so you have to expect this, eh? not to mention, the back's of everyone in the country regardless of party affiliation. Right now there is so much going on in the news, that there really hasnt been much coverage of this, election's are over, and I assume that many mainstream Democrat's may think that this will all burn itself out, who care's, etc, etc However ... when you flare tension's like this and welch on the promises you made ... at some point ... it will come back to bite you in the ass. Many may think it may not have much effect ... and maybe it wont ... but ... you cant continue to get away for long with it and not get a reaction at some point. So regardless of how confident they may be, or how much distraction's they can rustle up to sweep these thing's under the rug by 2014 ... that tension will continue to feed and grow as you continue to pound your supporter's in the same fashion, these folk's below voice their message firmly.

One thing is, dont be snowballed into thinking that any of this will put any budget's in balance, simple math show's you it cant, or create job's, any more than it can drop the gas/ petrol price's at the pump, just more silly ramble bamble {: ) Our political rep's are only doing what they were PAID to do and told, for getting their financial campaign support, basically, it's time to pay for the support they took from the major corporate/ financial entities, which is why so much money was poured into the last election on both side's. Nor is it being done to preserve Social Security at all ... in fact to cut it simple here, just about all the cut's you hear about was corporate drafted/ manufactured because of tight budget's, to allow for a handful of bank's and corporation's worldwide to not have to handle any of the burden of it, or any of even what they created as a fiscal mess ... globally, basically so that they have no "out of pocket" expenses is all ... nothing else. And it's not a conspiracy either, the truth is ... THEY DO want million's to die off of the elderly, sick, disabled veteran's and just anyone they have no more use for, period ... they dont care that you paid into it for year's, or care about fairness or most of what folk's would care about ... you must understand that, I know it may seem hard to believe that one may think that way, but it's "business" to them, nothing more, they have a job to destroy/ discard you when they have no more use for you ... you should have no regard for them, it's not businesslike nor even natural.

Terry O'Neill, National Organization for Women, Pledges to Fight Chained ... Thanx to WEACTRADIODC

Manny Hermann,, We Will Primary Democrats Who Vote for ... Thanx to WEACTRADIODC

Rep. Kirkpatrick's floor speech against Social Security cuts ... Thanx to REPANNKIRKPATRICK






Demeur said...

Well as I see it RC they're going to squeeze us until there's no blood left in this turnip. Eventually there'll be nothing left to steal. They can dig all the oil out of the ground they like but if there's nobody with money left to buy it what's the point?

What puzzles me is why Obama is going along with these corporate whores. He's a lame duck president and has nothing left to lose.

Ranch Chimp said...

You know it Demeur! ... it has just gotten ridiculous as to the extent of this milking ... and of course that's another good point you've made concerning what do you have left to milk? These milking machine entities of course have a vision to eliminate poverty they feel in the longrun, and unfortunately they wouldnt mind eleiminating a certain portion/ element of the population in doing so, or at least ignoring them as "player's" ... but the thing is ... it take's ALL level's of class to truely have a competitive world and free market, or it become's pointless and bland ... I reckon their vision of "Utopia" or whatever ... when they "lose" as you point out ... then "ding- ding- ding" ... that's when they'll realize they missed the boat.

Thanx for your voice here Demeur ....

Ranch Chimp said...

As far as what President Obama is doing or going with this ... I'll let you call that one Demeur {: ) I havent a bloody idea where in Hell is is going with this ....