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PRISON PROSPERITY AMERICA 2013: The "Penal Properties Profiteering" ... REAL Estate BOOM from BUST'S (INCARCERATED AMERICAN PT.19)

This Part 19 of the "Incarcerated American" will be kind of a follow up on part's 11 & 1 on America's growing cash cow of the prison for profit's industry, how the State of New Hampshire want's to ban private prison's and the mixed feeling's on that below in link's, a compelling read linked below of a case and lawsuit locally from an inmate of the CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) ran Dawson State Jail in downtown Dallas and the medical atencion given to her as a pregnant inmate who gave birth to her baby in the toilet of a holding cell and it died, and some link's on this racket in America.

A neighbour a few week's ago came to me with some question's about the fee's/ deduction's, junk food commissary price's and related who's girlfriend is currently in Dawson on some petty dope case that was made "felony" after 3 offenses by the "3 strike's your out law" (which is in Texas and California for sure, I'm not sure what other state's though off hand) ... as well as the outrageously high phone call rate's, etc, etc ... so I had to explain a few thing's to him on wayz to avoid some of the fee's ... the jail/ prison charges a fee, and if you go to Ace Cash Express who is contracted to transfer money to inmate's has their own fee ... amount being roughly if you give an inmate say $20 ... the inmate will receive approximately $13 of that on the book's (book's is prison term for account), as example. These facilities are saturated with some of the most bunk cases of mainly poor and working poor people of all races, who never are even rehabilitated or helped with their addiction efficiently if it's drug's, or done nothing with but used to rush through this system, a few month's here and there, repeat violation offender's, etc, etc ... that's milks our taxes out the ass basically, which I covered in part's 11 & 1 also.

New Hampshire may not seem like much to them (CCA or The GEO Group) or any American, since it dont have a large population ... but it's the point of cracking down on these racketeer's that are basically milking us to financial death and austerity measure's with their affiliate's ... and many more million's of American's will stand up to this in time ... rest assured ... including some of this political puppetry of their's. Each and every state that reclaim's the people's voice and government that they pay for and deserve will get credit here for doing such ... which also will inspire what in Hell need's to be done. You see ... so many American's are not keen/ aware of these hustle's ... unless you have a loved one in one of these facilities or been there and done that themselves ... simply thinking the bullshit their fed ... that these entities such as CCA are keeping crime off our street's and criminal's behind bar's ... Enough from me for now.

The Resident: New Hampshire bans private prisons ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** CORRECTIONSONE.COM: this is newsread about the case and lawsuit of Ms. Autumn Miller who's baby died after it's birth in the toilet of her holding cell at Dawson State Jail in downtown Dallas, ran by Corrections Corporation of America.

***** PROPUBLICA: By the Number: The U.S.'s Growing For- Profit Detention Industry

***** ACLU: Private Prisons


***** NH PRISON WATCH: NH House Bans Private Prisons

***** NH UNION LEADER: Ignorance in action: The foolish private prison ban

***** TEAMSTER NATION: Woot! NH House votes to ban private prisons!


Stuff They Dont Want You to Know- Prisons and Profits ... Thanx to HOWSTUFFWORKS

Private prisons- The most profitable real estate in the US? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA **** NOTE: Even though they didnt mention it here as far as full capacity vs. low capacity and how profit's are made ... understand that there is like a "fixed rate" per prisoner/ per term ... being that say my neighbour's girlfriend who get's say one year time ... she does say 3 month's, okay? ... they (corporate owner) are paid for "that" prisoner and term ... for the time of the intitial sentence, regardless of early release ... in turn, that open's the cell/ bunk for another detainee and an additonal cost ... meaning that one space/ cell can make a few sentence's/ prisoner's for that "one" year, if that make's sense ... but that's how that game worx.




George Jones- Still Doin' Time ... Thanx to THEPOSSUMGEORGEJONES **** an old classic beer drinking favourite of mine that I wanted to add here for this post from the legend George Jones ... coincidentally ... a friend and musician Billy, who is a hardcore punk rock drummer/ percussionist by trade also worked with George doing some session work for him in the early 1980's. This will also be included in the RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society




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