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JODI ARIAS MURDER TRIAL PT.3: "Used ... NOT Abused" ... Desperation and the DOUBLE DOWN Defense (INCARCERATED AMERICAN PT.18)

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Ms. Jodi Arias

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Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter

This Part 3 will be now included in the "Incarcerated American" series of this journal as Part 18. And this also will be in some support here for Ms. Arias ... who could really use it at this time ... and especially with the double down defense in desperation basically just pulling everything out of the hat that they have left to play, there's not much left. Prosecutor Martinez of course is now even a celebrity hero, Jodi of course a ruthless psycho murderer, who in my opinion must be all mixed up by now with the length of testimony that she engaged in, a jury that in my mind would be about too pooped to shoot at this point and probably cant wait to get this bloody thing over ... and it all appear's to get dragged into April ... which both the defense and the prosecution actually want ... even folk's like Dr. Drew of HLN has a hit tele series now daily with mock court, juror's, prosecution, defense and groupies lined to try and conclude a verdict for this case ... so ... I may as well do a Part 3 too and look at this from my perspective. Even a couple buddies of mine thought I was just plum nut's to support this evil killer. But, I still feel that this trial has become a distraction freak show of sort (the Casey Anthony trial was another flim- flam kangaroo court type recent case) ... too many irregularities and all screwed up any way you slice it, and cant really say that I'm thrilled over her defense, or even think the trial is fair ... but what else does she have at this point? You may think that I am "forgetting" the victim Mr. Alexander here ... but actually ... I never forgot the victim, and even have plenty of my own opinion on him, he's not a child, he's a grown man, and every sign was there as to how this relationship was going ... despite his so called virginity, perfection, high standard's, etc, etc.

I knew I was missing something here ... but just couldnt pinpoint what it was ... my instinct's let's say ... told me this from the start, so this is why I couldnt see this as it is portrayed as far as the actual offense, despite how brutal and bloody it look's ... this kind of physical damage in a homicide can just take a matter of second's, and end up a real awful sight to the eye after, especially in this postmortem stage with every drop of the victim's blood everywhere but in the victim's body. But no ... I dont even think that Mr. Alexander at this point was the physically abusive type that the defense has been painting him as over this last week ... or the sexual deviant that they have pushed as well, regardless of his actual voice recorded saying that he would tie her to a tree and do sexual thing's to her, anal or otherwise ... I mean ... it was clear to me, it was just foreplay talk, and even Jodi was indulging and playing along with it eagerly as well ... again ... one feed's the other and it take's two to tango, eh? Even my daughter in the above photo (who is 27 year's old) feel's like I do about this case, before she even knew anything about me writing about this or my assessment and opinion, which I asked her for her straight opinion without any input from me, since she has also looked at this trial ... and seen clearly what I am pointing out here.

However, I do feel that Jodi was used big time ... and because of her past, upbringing, and psychological strain's was geared to come to a point of retaliation at some point ... though it is clear as well, that this type of offense was way out of whack and far too brutal of a reaction to do if so ... when she should have just walked away and dropped this guy long ago ... believe me ... he was not worth your time Jodi. But I really dont see Jodi as a type that just wanted to go butcher this man, robbery or home invasive type, serial killer type mindset, or any of the related ... just a person that could not take it anymore, madly in love with this young gent and wanting to do anything and everything to please him only, and frankly Mr. Alexander should have not been so supportive of this long ago, and know when to keep his fly/ zipper up ... which he didnt ... I mean ... so many of us had a partner/ date who was like this at some point, and we knew by instinct that it may be time to walk, turn down the sex ... or lessen the intensity of our relationship. All the sexual stuff that has been highlighted throughout this trial has also been ALL consentual ... and the defense painting him as a pedophile just because he told her she sound's like a 12 year old girl that had her first orgasm, was also rather cheap and not really good defense ... however, what did this defense have to go on too? ... maybe ya'll (defense) jumped a lil too quick, eh?

One of the most puzzling part's of this also was the night/ day of this murder ... I mean ... they broke up, Travis was scared because he was being stalked of her, yet he had no defense and was calmly showering?, they were not going together at the time, why did he have her there at his home? Was he in a hypnotic state of mind, or under her spell or something? Could he have had her there to indulge in sex with no string's attached? I'm not saying being the devout man of God that he is, that he would indulge in such, however ... is this anal thing considered as sex as far as religion, if it isnt for pro- creation and vaginal? (I'm not a religious man, so forgive me for the question's) I mean he did admit without her saying a thing, that he absolutely loved the anal part, eh? I mean ... what in Hell put him in that position and why was she there that day? Surely I wouldnt want to speculate that he just had her there because she was the type who would jump and bend over in a heartbeat, indulge in some anal play on her, perhap's a lil bondage which he said he also enjoyed, then simply and calmly just take a shower after to clean his genital's up, perhap's take another shot or two (orgasm's) before he showed her the door and would tell her he is busy, eh? I mean ... he was scared of this stalker, eh? then how could she be in a position and him so physically vulnerable, unarmed ? (perhap's he was anti- gun, eh?), etc for this to happen? ... she didnt use forced entry. They werent seeing each other (going steady) and he sure as Hell didnt want to see her if he was so scared of her stalking, etc ... he wouldnt even let someone like that within a decent radius of his home I would figure, perhap's even reported it prior and have some type of restraint order against such ... I mean ... I would only conclude, if I myself was being stalked or anyone thinking at all straight, eh?

But here as far as for my final defense arguement to present at this point is what I see here. Ms. Arias was head over heel's about Mr. Alexander, and absolutely loved this guy more than anything, including herself at this point. She had done everything that she could think of to please the man, sexually and otherwise ... she would even crawl through one of them dog door's if she had to and sleep on his floor if she had to while he had another woman he was dating. She was about as devoted as they come .... to the point where she became psychologically obsessed and imbalanced just trying to win his love for her only. A couple ladies that I do some work with part time and I a couple week's back got into some conversation over this (Angela and Sharron), and this one gal Angela summed it up perfect I thought when she said something like ... Travis was one of these type guy's that thought he was all "this and that" and had her as a 2nd hand backup piece of ass basically on call, whenever he wanted to get laid or kinky, etc ... she wasnt trying even to justify the killing of him and looked at Jodi as a killer ... but she did point out a reality that has been overlooked in this as far as inspiring and motive, and coming to that psychological breaking point. Let's face it ... Travis couldnt do most of what he wanted to do with say one of his prime ladies as he could with Jodi and get away with it ... Jodi was his "side dish" entertainment. Jodi wasnt good enough to take on that cruise with him ... another girl was ... Jodi in turn trying to win Travis totally despite her competition actually even dyed her hair blonde, not because she wanted to be the blonde bombshell that she has been painted as ... but to only try to win that much more of Travis and not lose him ... she had a complex psychologically that she was 2nd place only because of her ethnicity, being half Mexicana ... how could she compete with these other anglo girl's, and perhap's be the one taken out the same way? ... she had alot of competition, and she knew that no one else would love Travis the way she could ... she wanted to give him everything she had. I mean Travis ... I dont see any issue with a single man playing around, shopping around or whatever either ... but the fact is ... that she wasnt good enough for those special time's or event's for you ... yet good enough behind closed door's when you had an erection, eh? (forgive me ... since Travis was a virgin they say) ... I'm a man who had several date's myself in my  past ... never one was not good enough for me to not have in public the way I would with any other, nor not the right hair colour or whatever ... if they werent what I wanted ... I wouldnt have dated them or had sex with them to start with.

No doubt that the offense Ms. Arias acted on is wrong and tragic ... she has spent the last 5 year's in a cell (jail, which is harder and longer than any prison life, because of the isolation of such with lack of mobility) where she is on a trial for her life now, and also without the one that she loved more than anyone in the world, that she has not just murdered but lost forever ... her mind as it is, is being traumatized daily with the vision's of that night over and over as she lay's in her bunk/ bed ... I know despite her appearance and show of strength, that this is eating her up as it is daily when no one is around and she lies alone in that bunk at night. No matter what, it's done and over ... and I couldnt be a juror and go with the want's of the prosecution on a case this sensitive and come back with a guilty verdict of being a capital pre- meditated murder one deserving of the death penalty without reasonable doubt ... I would have to be fair here, regardless of whatever my personal feeling's may be of the accused ... if I were not, I wouldnt being acting in the spirit of democracy or doing my job fairly. I would look at this as a 2nd degree murder in all fairness and feel okay with a punishment that suit's the offense as such. I also look at the jail time factor as going toward's her served time (in Texas for instance it get's 3 dayz served for everyday, meaning 5 year's come's out to 15 served) and not sure of how they do time in Arizona ... but also require that Ms. Arias get's psychiatric therapy when released after serving her sentence.

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