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Ms. Jodi Arias

I have been following this trial in detail like million's of other's, and the courtroom show is just an entire freakshow of sort, so this posting will be more in defense and support of the defendant here, Ms. Arias. And not to say that she is an innocent abused battered woman or such, but just because this whole trial smell's lousy and in my opinion has mistrial written all over it. We are also smack- dab in the middle of it as I write this, and I will not post any of the video's of this courtroom freakshow either, to me, so much of it is uncalled for and in my opinion some should be inadmissible. It doenst even do justice to the prosecution making this, if he's trying to paint a picture of the defendant and lifestyle, character, etc. Thing's like this lengthy sex tape of her and her boyfriend does nothing in this case, even for her defense, but just entertain those in court that get off listening to this crap, who probably have no sex life themselves beside's this kind of thing, and nauseate's those other's who probably choose not to listen to it, but got stuck with having to. There is nothing to these tape's that is even remotely pertaining to the offense, just these two having sex chat, mutually and consentually masturbating and there is nothing too aggressive about this lady, and her boyfriend is also dictating to her as well ... but just simple exchange, that has nothing to do with a sour relationship, anger, or anything foul or illegal ... simple sext message's that many young love- bird's engage in or what have you. She has went along with this without complaint even though it has been shameful to her, but she shouldnt have any shame, because there is nothing there to be ashamed of dear. Typical chat and sex stuff that so many do, and many of us have been there at some time or another ... kinky? ... everyone has kink's of some sort, some more than other's.

The court of public opinion in this case has been mostly negative, and has already tried and convicted her ... yet, there isnt nothing very clear about what in Hell happened here ... she has been labeled as every foul label that could be given to a woman, even called a witch, seductress, murderess, demonic, bombshell, whore/ slut, etc ... one woman friend of the victim, describing her when she met her as having the most empty, darkest, and deep scary eyes that she ever seen in a person and couldnt wait to just get away from her ... what kind of horror fiction nonsense is that? The way she dresses or poses in photo's? a nymphomaniac? The victim is being painted as a young man that is a virgin, goes to the tabernacle, wear's sacred underwear to bed, and everything related ... it is clear in the tape's though that he was as much into their affair and roleplayz as she, yet she is supposedly the over aggressive one, even as far as her ex- boyfriend may say or other's. My question is ... why do these gent's choose to date gal's if they scare them and are too aggressive? especially for such in depth long relationship's ... then they claim they are under some kind of spell ... this is silly Willie Foo- Foo talk. The fact is, that we choose these relationship's with women that are sexually liberated or whatever and even aggressive, and usually do, because that is what we like at the time, so let's cut all the "Innocent Ike" bullshit. It take's 2 to tango, eh? I mean ... if these women are not your taste, or too aggressive or whatever, go find a fucken nun or something ... stop seeing them.

Her being so cooperative and taking the stand is a plus in the respect that many on a capital case like this dont get to, yet at the same time it can be a negative, since the prosecution will drag this out with your history of lying which you already admitted to, and try to get you to trip up in testimony ... I mean ... they were anticipating on dragging this until April initially. It was bloody?, gruesome?, etc? ... indeed it was ... but it's still not clearly evident what happened. She admit's of course to her first lies and twist's on it back during interrogation's in the start ... but the police also twisted their testimonies and report's as well ... this entire case had twist's and turn's. How could it be self defense? ... maybe something just happened in a moment, anger's flared, she retaliated, etc. I dont know ... but ... if she did try to kill in defense, of course she would and could do alot of damage in less than a minute, and once you start, and if he's a big boy, you dont want to stop, because if he isnt dead for sure ... he will most likely kill you, plain and simple. Why would she run and try to cover it up? ... What if she was just scared and not know what to do? which also make's it NOT very premeditated either if so. I mean ... unless you have been in a situation like that ... it is hard to say what would be the usual way or correct way to act ... it is easy for us after the fact looking at it to assume ... but in the heat of the moment in the middle of it, you wont be thinking the same way.

There are though element's in this trial that if I was Ms. Arias defense, I would be looking at the irregularities and have some thing's to question as far as what's admissible, and frankly I dont even like her defenses approach and the chance's they are taking in this, that is also why when I deal with my attorney(z) in past to date ... I try to have as much input in suggesting how I WANT to approach it, and I am very outspoken and frank with them, I mean ... I'm the client/ customer, eh? I understand what the defense is trying to do as far as strategy here, however, I feel they are pressing it a lil too much, because on the cross, there is too much that she will have to detail and match word for word ... and the prosecution is ruthless here, even intimidating HIS OWN witnesses, such as showing graphic postmortem photo's of their loved one (victim) while on the stand ... geeezzz! The defense want's to get a personal one on one going with the juror's to view her in a more personal way, and the arguement's and so forth of the past, but I would have my limit's on that as a defense, it's getting too complicated, that even without her lying, she could trip up too easy under the prosecution and almost sound as if she is, is what I am saying ... the detailing of some of this is getting too complex is all to keep straight, you dont have to lie to trip up like that. Also understand that what is unique in Arizona court's, is that the juror's are allowed to even question the accused (Jodi) on the stand as well individually, with their own personal question's, this is why it can be walking a thin line in my opinion, to some degree of chance. I mean, you can get crossed from various individual's beside's the prosecution, and lose focus with suprise question's.

If they "found" you guilty Jodi and gave a capital sentence such as death ... I would appeal it, not because the law require's to (at least in Texas they do, and it may be federal at that to do so), but just the kangaroo style this case is being conducted as ... and you have been very cooperative dear and tolerant ... some of it is a mockery to the justice system in my opinion and courtroom travesty, that has turned into a sexual freakshow of sort. The prosecution seem's more fixed on getting a death penalty verdict than anything else, and hopefully this will backfire, because of his tactic's. Why would I say this? ... because I dont feel that this case should be a capital one premeditated murder ... perhap's a 2nd degree at most or even in the manslaughter category, I dont feel it justifies not only a death penalty verdict, but neither a life in prison verdict either ... there are too many loose end's in this, that I feel will never be clear either. And no ... I dont see nothing too aggressive in her, crazy, or abnormal, or think she look's scary at all, or see her as oversexed in none of what folk's are judging this from, nor should her religion's get tossed into this or the religious/ spiritual practice's of other's she dated ... it hasnt a thing to do with her and the victim's relationship or the case. I could bring up alot more inconsistencies I seen in these hearing's too, but I'll just leave this here for now.

Enough from me on this Part Two ....






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