Friday, February 1, 2013

BUTT SNUFF & SMUGGLE SNUGGLES ... "Coke In Da Crack" & Those "Dirty DAWG'S sniffing Those "Dirty BUTT'S" ... DONT BE ALARMED PT.8- You're in New York {: 0


Coke in da Crack ....

**** NOTE: The 2 women talked about here, Michelle Blassingale and Priscilla Pena are innocent until found guilty, and there has been no statement's released of either. I am basing what I write here on the information from the media's concerning the alleged charge's. I put my own twist on this story in humour only, any act's or intention's I write here are not those of the individual's mentioned in the posting, but created by me for this purpose.


Part 8 of the "Dont Be Alarmed" series will be another out of the great City of New York (Queens/ JFK)! You may have heard of "snuff" snorted through the nostril's, you may have heard of "Snuggles" diaper's too, this take's it all to new dimension's of course .. and this would also be any cocaine and/ or crack addict's fantasy find ... this not being though so much of the cocaine that is in crack ... but the coke that is really in the crack (ass- crack)! But 6.5 key's is a nice lil amount (2.2 pound's to a kilo) ... which would break down well for crack manufacturing and street distribution in the Bronx too (which could break at least into a good 25/ 30 lbs of crack when finished) ... not too shabby! But this is kind of dumb these dayz ... so that tell's me to pull this off ... they must have been comfortable with it, meaning they done it time and again somehow, okay? Dumb being that a major hub of course like JFK in Queens these dayz, especially post 9/11 are very sensitive with canine unit's ... and you can bet these dog's got a nose unlike any human. As far as the 2 young ladies Michelle and Priscilla ... these galz got "ball's" ... and my sympathy goes to you both on your cases, because you know ya'll are in knee deep shit too, not the main man (or lady), unless someone roll's over ... you know the score, so enough on that.

But to the reader of this post here ... the next time ya'll are in New York, just passing through even for a layover or whatever ... and those dirty dawg's come around getting a good sniff of your dirty asscrack or whatever ... dont be offended or alarmed ... understand ... your in New York, eh? {: )

***** TORONTO SUN: 'Diapers' used to smuggle drugs at JFK airport ... (newsread)

Video- 2 Women In Crack Cocaine Diapers Made Of Duct Tape Arrested At JFK Airport ... Thanx to Frost Blizzard





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