Monday, February 18, 2013


Sgt. Kimberly Munley

Part 31 of the "Veteran's Spotlight" series will focus on the military base victim's and one civilian police officer, Kimberly Munley who actually was one credited for taking down Maj. Nidal Hasan during his jihad attack at the Fort Hood, Texas military base on soldier's who were about to deploy to Afghanistan. And it's now been over 3 year's since this attack and nearly 2 year's now since I wrote the piece on the runaround that this was getting as far as bringing just Hasan to trial ... and still ... the game's continue ... I just dont understand this. But even more nauseating ... is the runaround these veteran's as well as the hero Kimberly Munley, with how they are being taken care of. I can understand that the prosecution does not want to make any mistake's that may jeopardize a mistrial decision or whatever ... but it's been 3 bloody damn year's since this massacre taken place, and they still havent got much of anywhere on this ... this ... I dont understand, as far as the delayz and horseplay. And you can bet your ass, if there was some kind of mistrial or release of this piece of shit ... he would have a target on his back day one anywayz ... and someone in the private sector would take his ass out!

And frankly, I side with the victim's here as well ... this should be labeled as a terror attack ... the shooter was carrying out a jihad duty, made it clear while doing so verbally, and still does at that even, yet no one conducting this investigation and prosecution can properly define any of this it seem's ... like what the fuck are ya'll getting a paycheck for, eh? This trial should also have testimonies of ALL of the victim's that survived as well, since ya'll are for such "detail", eh? It taken over a year of fiddle faddle bullshit just to evaluate this piece of shit (Hasan) to see if he was competent to stand trial even ... WTF is that!!? He (Hasan) certainly had no difficulty taking order's from Allah as he claim's ... which again he verbally proclaimed during the attack to all victim's ... or doing his deed's ... what is it with us? Jihadist's have no problemo at doing their job efficiently ... what is it with us?

The political and religious ass- sucking in America is also beyond imagination and fiction ... if this was a Christian who done this ... the one who committed this offense would probably be executed in a timely manner and it over with, and you can bet your ass, if it was tried in it's home state here, Texas ... it would have been in court ALREADY! ... what make's Muslim's so special to where we feel this need to suck ass relentlessly? I mean ... I dont think I know of another country in the world that claim's to be liberated ... that have such a saturation of politically flaming fucken pussies/ coward's as this one. Even though ABC News broke this story briefly, and as you can see below, FOX News had no problemo taking advantage of it and covered it well at that ... of course because they are more focused to be anti- Obama. But this shouldnt even get political at that, on a serious issue like this ... I draw the political line on certain thing's ... and this is one of those thing's! And I already said that Maj. Hasan is entitled to a fair trial ... my question is now ... when the fuck is he going to get to it? ... and when will the "victim's" of this get the justice they deserve?

Newsread and video below ... enough from me on this for now ....

***** HUFFPOST/ POLITICS: Kimberly Munley: Obama 'Betrayed' Her, Other Fort Hood Victims **** newsread/ video

***** CNN/ JUSTICE: 'Tough woman' cop hailed Fort Hood hero **** 2009 newsread/ video








an average patriot said...

Glad to hear from you RC. was thinking about you yesterday. I read about this last week I think it was and pardon the language I thought it niggardly.

I can't believe they are getting away calling it workplace violence when the scum admitted he did it for Allah.

They are avoiding their responsibilities all around and cheating those wounded and killed of their military dues.

I also refuse to believe they laid that girl off when she should have been rewarded and promoted.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah Jim ... aint this a crock of shit? ... and your right ... it's neglected responsibilities all around this runaround, plain and simple ... and you know damn well this lay- off or whatever had a lil more to it too, it's all crapolla! It "lacked" workplace violence in my opinion, in the sense that this SOB Hasan didnt get a good enough ass whipping that he deserves ... put him in a REAL prison, like here in Texas ... and let some of the homeboyz down there and prison gang's enlighten his ass. Thanx for your view and opinion here Joim ... ya'll have a good un.