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CHRIS KYLE/ AMERICAN SNIPER: The Heroes HERO ... Honouring The BEST of the BEST as he's Laid to Rest ... The MOURNING After (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.30)


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Locally around town (Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex) ... Chris was just known as Chris or Dad ... his mission it seemed was to help folk's basically ... whether it was instructing local law enforcement on techniques, safety, being a good dad and husband, helping a neighbour ... and especially his dedication to helping so many veteran's that came home, whether it be physical or psychological therapy, simply finding a job and/ or helping with that transition from military life to private sector life and trying to re- adjust, etc, etc.

This is something that I wouldnt think Chris had even remotely thought when helping a fellow vet who served, and Chris took under his wing to help when he came back home at the request of the mother of the veteran, asking Chris to please help her son, but to even think that the veteran he was helping with PTSD, would be the one to kill him and his friend Chad Littlefield. I mean ... this guy had to live day by day in the trenches with a bounty on his head ... being known and nicknamed the "Devil of Ramadi" by insurgent's ... probably the most sought after and targeted Navy SEAL marksman sniper in recent year's. He was an expert marksman, with a confirmed target termination of 160, one case for instance ... hitting his target at a whopping 2100 yard's ... THAT is some marksmanship! Although Chris just credit's it to luck, and consider's Carlos Hathcock (Viet Nam era) as the best of the best when it come's to this field. No doubt though in anyone's mind ... Chris fell into the best of the best category and in so many wayz ... which probably the least, would not have been for only marksmanship ... but just being what he was to so many in his division/ circle, familia, neighbour's, veteran's and ALL that he done so much for.

Some newsread and video below ... but I wanted to open it with a statement yesterday from his wife Taya at the Cowboys Stadium service for him ... because I think that this would have meant so much to Chris ... and Thank You for your service Sir!

Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle's Wife Gives Emotional Speech at Funeral _ Navy SEAL Sniper Chris RIP ... Thanx to Gurpreet Saini

***** NY DAILY NEWS/ ASSOCIATED PRESS: Nearly 7,000 people attend memorial service for ex- Navy SEAL Chris Kyle at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas

***** DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Final Salute: Thousands pay respects to Chris Kyle at Cowboys Stadium ... (newsread)

Sniper Chris Kyle Interview- CONAN on TBS ... Thanx to TEAMCOCO




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