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COCA- COLA Does NOT KILL ... Our CONVICTION to ADDICTION Does KILL ... "Breaking the Chain's that MAIM" (WHOLE GRAIN'S/ FOOD'S & HALF TRUTH'S PT.6) ... For Charles

Part 6 of "Whole Grain's/ Food's & Half Truth's" will look at a recent case, where a pathologist partly linked the death of a woman to her consumption of Coca- Cola. I dont see anything hard about soft drink manufacturer's putting warning label's on anything either ... I mean ... we got warning label's on alot of shit, it doesnt seem to work too well though ... you would figure many major manufacturer's would be first in line to suggest putting warning label's on their own product's ... it kind of secure's their stand if anything, if facing litigation or whatever, eh? This posting also inspired locally by a fella named Charles, that I will talk about after the news link's and video's below ....

Coca Cola Kills- Coca Cola Tue ... Thanx to WKETDZ

***** CBS NEWS: Drinking gallons of Coca- Cola daily cited in 30- year old New Zealand mom's death

***** NY DAILY NEWS: New Zealand rejects health warnings on soda labels after woman dies from possible Coca- Cola overdose




First of all ... this woman was drinking over a couple gallon's of Coke a day, which is way out of control, but not just for Coca- Cola product's ... but any soft drink product ... this is insane ... but it is also a reality that we see too much of today. Mayor Bloomberg of New York City as well recently put a ban limit on the quantity/ size you can buy of a soft drink, I'm sure the man thought he was doing some good ... but will that work? I mean ... if you love the drink ... wont you do what you need to get and consume it in the quantities that you prefer? It wouldnt work for a fella like me for instance ... when I slammed soft drinx daily a couple year's back ... they were bottled in 20 ounce bottle's ... I consumed at least 3 of those bottle's per day ... cause that's what it took to satisfy my need, period ... the fact that the bottle's were only sold in 20 ounce size's didnt mean squat ... in fact, it was better to consume 3- 20 ounce bottle's to me throughout the day, than to just buy 50+ ounce's at once in some cup and carry it around, eh? In Dallas for instance, I see many folk's in the morning before work lining up at the soda fountain's at place's like Quick- Trip (mega gas station chain) to get their morning fountain drinx ... where they have a fixed rate as well, so you can bring your own cup/ container to fill ... some folk's bring in cup's, like many of the construction worker's and contractor's, that damn near look like a half gallon in size. Other worker's slam down on "energy drinx" like "Monster" or whatever. This is common for folk's to make it through their day ... and with the whip that's cracked these dayz on worker's ... it make's that conviction to their addiction's grow ... coffee ... the same bloody thing. Coca- Cola or Dr. Pepper was my thing, never cared much about coffee or tea (could take it or leave it basically) ... and never wanted to even touch them energy drinx or those 5 or 6 hour energy doses that sell like dope on the street. Many people do this to make it through their day and to perform at their best to please the bossman or whatever ... when in actuality you are just destroying and maiming yourself ... THIS IS the "chain" that you need to break, okay? Supply alwayz meet's demand ... the mindset of consumption of the individual need's to change. People sit at these computer screen's for hour's these dayz, drinking thing's like this in large consumption even ... so caught up in the computer, that they dont even realize what they are consuming ... and it become's simply "habit".

I know a fella named Charles who recently came to me and asked me how I managed to lose weight, but he was more interested in how I was able to keep it off for any length ... thinking I had some special remedy or system like a South Beach diet or some shit ... I told him ... "naw man ... but you can call it the North Ranch diet though dude" {: ) ... he laughed ... but I told him ... I just changed what I consume is all ... and after so much time, like a year or so ... like any dope or anything else ... you lose the desire or taste simply, to where you dont want it anymore, the longer you avoid it is all. Charles is mid 30's and work's for the V.A. working for helping veteran's getting help, benefit's due and such ... he is also a veteran of the Iraq war where he served as a US Marine (one tour only, after he was injured) and was a radio dispatcher there, he was just diagnosed with diabetes recently and gained over 50 pound's since he been back from Iraq, he's tried to diet time and again, but kept gaining back the weight that he lost. So I told Charles ... first of all dude ... let's look at what you consume during the day ... which included ... yep ... massive quantities of soft drink's while he is sitting on his ass all day in front of the computer screen at work (he dont smoke either, or ever did) ... as far as eating? ... the usual lunches that you gather up in your hour break at the local neighbouring fast food or buffet joint's ... telling him as well ... that all that is stuffed with sodium too ... and the drinx dude, have more goddamn sugar than a bloody sugar cane! He even tried joining a health spa and the after hour's work- out deal, thinking it would help ... it didnt though ... then telling Charles the story about my daughter and the "cupcake girl's"  and what bloody good that does. Charles biggest challenge is his craven for these soft drinx though ... he told me it's what get's him going in the morning and throughout the day, and his need for that "fix", which is the problemo with million's ... needing just one fix more to make it. Like I told Charles ... the addiction is to these sugary thing's ... and these cheap sweetener's ... high fructose corn syrup or whatever the fuck these thing's are that are cheap, addictive, destructive, etc, that are peddled off on the masses of consumer's. And once you stop them ... you will lose that craven after month's actually. Diet and exercise are importante too ... but you cant do everything at once or you'll drive yourself nut's and worry that every damn thing is killing you and other paranoia shit ... just keep some balance is all, beside's ... nothing hardly is too bad in moderation, as my dad alwayz told me as a kid.

You see ... while we only look at our addiction's as far as maybe alcohol, drug's, smoking, or whatever ... we have so many other addiction's that we may not see off hand so easy, and it slip's us is all. The food's and product's we consume and love is an enemy to a degree ... I mean ... we saturate ourselves with sodium, sugar's, processed shit, caffeine, fat's, etc ... the list goes on ... what become's habit and lead's to addiction's. No company want's their product to kill people ... their in business to make fucken money ... they are supplying what we demand ... and when our demand change's, so will they "change" as well. Charles asked what I do to please my sweet tooth for instance? ... well ... instead of that candy bar or sweetroll or whatever ... I eat an apple, orange, banana, berries, etc ... I mean ... they taste great as well. As far as drinx ... well ... I dont even like the after taste much of some of that diet shit to begin with ... and I also hear that diet drinx are not as great for you as you may think ... I drink alot of water though, and once in awhile some of the naturally flavoured water's. And I still have an occasional beer (and no, I dont like goddamn light beer either ... nor thinking that 20/ 30 calories less mean a damn thing, when I only drink a couple at the most, give me the full flavour) a gin and tonic, shot of brandy or whatever ... so it aint like I carry around chart's with me and calculate my calories or other shit ... I just avoid certain thing's and eat and drink moderately is all, get some moderate excercise, etc, etc ... simple shit ... and frankly feel fine, not feeling like I'm depriving myself of a damn thing. But also make sure you see your doctor at least every year, if you dont have one, find one or whatever you can do to see one (I see mine every 6 month's) and get the full deal of bloodwork, xray's, etc ... excercise at my age (57) is also very importante, because as my doctor told me ... at my age, you start losing muscle mass, so he recommend's even moderate and basic weight lifting ... sexual activity is also healthy and such cardio-wise, lot's of walking, etc ... just simple shit. And everyone is different too, so it's importante as to what worx for YOU ... the trick is ... "letting go" of old acquaintance's, once you LET GO of certain thing's, you will not crave what you may have before. And Charles is working on that right now as I write this ... so this posting is for you brother!

Ministry- Just One Fix ... Thanx to THEINCREDIBLETROY **** one of my favourite Ministry song's here, but so much truth here in Al's song, it's straight from the heart, wrote in a self therapeutic sort of way as he battled his own addiction's at the time .... this video will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"




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