Thursday, February 7, 2013


Image result for pastor alvin fuller opposes lifting gay ban on boy scouts

Pastor Alvin Fuller of Gods Final Warning Ministries speaks to oppose lifting gay ban at Boy Scouts headquarters in Irving Texas

Part 15 of the "Human Morality" series and Part 22 of the "Sexploitation Nation" series will look at a national controversy over the lifting of the gay ban from the Boy Scouts organization, which is a national issue, but for us here in Dallas it's a local issue too, in this exclusion movement on GLBT's that has been going on forever here ... yet ... Dallas has these folk's working in every level of society, from openly gay City Council member's, an openly lesbian Sheriff of Dallas County, school teacher's, police officer's, and just about every other field of importance ... all who have strongly contributed to the success of this great city, and for year's on top of that. Even publicly open gay/ lesbian wedding's have been going on for year's in this town, and in recent year's just to suppress that from growing any further toward's state recognized marriages ... Texas started a movement to make a state amendment to ban gay marriage ... which is also now being petitioned for Texan's to take a "vote" on overturning that amendment, because frankly ... million's of Texan's as well are sick and tired of the bullshit oppression business, which get's us nowhere's. Some newsread and video's below, then some input from myself on this.


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Boy Scouts of America is now walking a very fine line and playing this out by dragging it out and kicking the can some more down the road, letting their puppet's do the talking, but they themselves not being clear on a thing ... so it's all about religion's and politic's and hasnt a THING TO DO with protecting children at all, as some of these mouth piece's say. This is just another blues scenario of trapping good kid's and scout's in our political bitch fight's that we love to engage in, and nothing to even do with scouting at that, basically banning folk's that love scouting from enjoying scouting and just being scout's.

Sexuality hasnt even a thing to do with scouting, so you have to wonder, how does this even play into any of it? As far as this inviting pedophile's into scouting or the related trash and fear card talk ... how is this inviting pedophile's? Not unless you assume that every gay/ lesbian/ bisexual or whatever are pedophile's, and if so ... what history or statistic's of pedophile abuse do ya'll have to back that claim? Even the priest's that have alleged to have abused altar boys claim that their not even gay ... perhap's that's why the church went to great length's to cover up their practice's and protect them for so long, eh? ... so that mean's as long as it's a heterosexual pedophile, that's not too bad, eh?

Nor is being openly gay, advocating for anyone else to be ... would you rather they "lie" when someone ask's them and stay in a closet? None of these gay/ lesbian scout's/ leader's are even talking about sexuality ... this is about one thing only ... simply enjoying scouting and the related ... it hasnt a thing to do with sex, so there is no logical reason to even ban these folk's any more than there would be a reason to based on skin colour, or ethnicity, church or political party affiliation, or similar non scouting talk. There are strong and clear laws in place already to protect children from pedophile's and punish those who engage in such, so this isnt even protecting children anymore at that. This sort of so called morality does nothing for morality but break the morale of good scout's and scouting.

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Infidel753 said...

Hell, as soon as I heard about this I knew it was going to mean the ultimate shitstorm from the God-hates-fags crowd. The Boy Scouts! It evokes all the worst fears and stereotypes.

How much support does that push to reject the anti-gay-marriage amendment have? If it succeeded in Texas, that would really make people sit up and take notice.

Ranch Chimp said...

Oh yeah, you alwayz get the "god hates fag" crowd's at these event's, make's it more colourful I reckon, give's it a flare of theatric's Infidel. I have no idea yet how the support is going for overturning that amendment, but I am going to stay on top of it. I feel most of the opposition for SS marriage of course would come from the more rural area's too of Texas, even though it shouldnt, I mean, how would it affect rural town's? Aint like folk's are lined up to move to them and get married.

Thanx for your voice here Infidel .... I hear the northeast coast is getting hammered with another big storm, pretty mild here right now, bout 40 this morning and low 60's this afternoon and sunny.