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JODI ARIAS MURDER TRIAL(PT.1): When "Fun & Fantasy" lead's to "Nightmare & Tragedy" ... "Sweet Dreams" & The DEATH GAME ....

Ms. Jodi Arias

***** ABC NEWS: "The Jodi Arias Murder Trial" **** there was much to link to of course in this widely publicized case, but I wanted to go with a straight up news source and one only here, at least while this trial is in session ... and this is sort of an event's timeline link up that ABC News been doing.

I wanted to post at least something on this, because I sware, that this case has been brought up to me probably more than any other in recent year's, a couple folk's also asked me if I was going to cover this ... and I AM ... however .... again .... understand that this trial is in session, and this case is a very open case as far as opinion's, understanding, interpretation's, etc, etc. And I WILL NOT in a case as delicate and open as this ... post incriminating photo's, and/ or related type opinion's from various news source's etc ... or too much speculation on an issue like this especially ... this case has been saturated with negative opinion's because of the nature of the offense. This is a hot and mouth- watering topic that million's love to hear and talk about (male as well as female both, even though many are shy to even openly), and I have been asked of more about this by women than guy's actually in small chat, and the only reason I get asked about thing's like this, because folk's that know me, know I am sort of sexually liberated and open when it come's to issue's of sexuality ... I have alwayz been like that, and frankly had the opportunity throughout life to meet many folk's who were very open and liberated sexually as well, and I had a fairly full sex life over the year's ... and felt comfortable talking about these issue's with me, opening up etc, etc.

I also want to state here that there isnt a damn thing wrong or illegal with fantasy role play, sexting, online or phone sex chat, etc, etc and NO MATTER what that "talk" is about, as long as it's consentual with all parties, it doesnt matter. And most of this is actually sexually and psychologically healthy, even with married couple's, swinger's, gay/ straight/ bi, etc ... sexuality play's also an importante role in our lives, whether most of us admit to it or not, some folk's are just a lil uptight talking about these thing's openly, which is understandable in a sexually repressed "tease and tempt, but DONT taste" society especially like our's here in America. It is the suppression of sexuality and societal/ social pressure's that is more dangerous than anything. On the other hand, some folk's dont even get enough time in our hectic society to spend indulging and enjoying sex, as well as getting enough down time, or vacation time, because we are too busy with so many other thing's and challenge's in our lives and career's, so it is importante to explore sex and leisure as much as possible, people need their "recreation" ... it's healthy for balance as well psychologically ... some as well care less about it than other's ... some get too strung up on it to where it become's an addiction or such even. In a way ... America is really sexually fucked up and backward's across the board ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) I mean like ... sexual fantasy and such are common as apple pie and baseball, yet swept under the rug for some reason or another ... even the most puritan and psychologically balanced folk's are fantasizing, to the most perverse type's, and most sex is "role play" period ... plain and simple ... and most of those who act like they dont get into it, are mostly full of shit, okay? ... or have no understanding. Even element's of the most basic sexual act's consist of dominance and submission during the act as example.

At the same time, it is rare that any such activity result's in death or a horrible situation like this case even. My opinion hasnt a thing to do with the abuse factor that so many are playing this case as, or if a murder is justified or such in a case like this ... the fact is, that you had a couple, that equally engaged in alot of fantasy play, and something went wrong somewhere's, plain and simple. Even some folk's have less control than other's, and each case is as different as a person's individual personality and/ or fingerprint. But NO, regardless of how gruesome this look's ... I DO NOT think that this case justifies the "death penalty" AT ALL ... even if Ms. Arias just all of the sudden admitted to this and made a complete turn- around ... and no ... I also dont buy that she was strictly an abused woman, or this case is simply a case of self- defense, post domestic violence strictly ... I think it is a tad more complicated than simply that ... or other related pop culture talk. I seen and personally known women who were victim's of domestic violence, and it IS something that there is a Hell of alot of too let me add, but this case has it's own unique element's, is why I say this ... and domestic violence dont have a bloody thing to do with sexual role play, rest assured. But Yes, you can also find some "abuse" factor's here if you look, but you can also find how and what feed's what ... so it simply isnt typical abuse for example to where a man let's say ... has a habit of beating the shit out of the girl or similar ... and understand as well, that women are also abusive and violent too, it's just more likely for men to be aggressive in these area's. I also believe that this couple were a very happy couple and really loved each other at a time, in particular, because they had the element's to have such a great and fulfilling sexual relationship, and found each other to be able to do so. Also understand that the submissive is many time's in more control during a session than the dominant one, as twisted as that may sound, but the dom is alwayz trying to please the sub as well, is what I am trying to say. It is clear that both of these lover's have played both role's too ... which I wont elaborate on here though.

First place you have to understand that there are relationship's that are let's say ... sexually cutting edge ... and also understand as well, that many like this, NEVER intend the fantasies they indulge in to go to a tragic length, despite any sexual chat and role play ... no one want's to end up on trial for some shit like this, period. And you never are guaranteed on how much your partner(s) can handle? ... what may make them snap?, what's their limit's?, tolerance level's?, etc, etc ... this all take's time and getting to know your partner(s) ... some of this can get confusing ... and I have covered some of this for example here in the Susan Wright case down in Houston year's back. But whenever your indulging in game's like this also ... you can be playing a game with death as well, and/ or severe injuries physically and/ or psychologically ... this you must understand.

But I will and do plan on doing another part to this case, but just wanted to get some of the smoke clear before doing such, let this trial take it's course ... and Ms. Arias sure as Hell deserve's a "fair" trial in a case this complex, because so much still has not come out in this, rest assured.

Word Out for now ....

**** Below a couple other series of this journal related to those incarcerated and issue's concerning sexuality



Marilyn Manson- Sweet Dreams (are made of this) (alt version) ... Thanx to MARILYNMANSONVEVO **** I wanted to add this Annie Lennox/ Eurythmics classic here, so well covered by Marilyn Manson and crew  ... this also included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"




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