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SUSAN WRIGHT: Fantasy SEX ROLE Play gone Foul?, Premeditated Murder?, or Self Defense? ...

Mrs. Susan Wright

This posting will be to examine the murder trial/ case and appeal hearing of the Houston murder trial of Mrs. Susan Wright. This is one of the toughest cases I have tried to get a clear picture of I must say ... and I still cant conclude in my mind if this woman is guilty or not and/ or of what? ... frankly if I was a juror ... I would be so hung on this, as far as trying to determine what in Hell happened here! But first below is a short video that I replaced, since the original YouTube video I posted was deleted from YouTube. Then of course a few cent's from the ole Chimp off the Ranch.

News/ Text on the recent appeal of sentencing hearing and sentence reduction of 5 year's that resulted


48 Hours Betting Her Life ... Thanx to Hillary Lucy

I have heard about this case also from a couple inmate's at this facility is one reason for taking interest in it, beside's also that this case was such a confusing case trying to determine what in Hell happened. A friend of mine had to do a few year's in this particular correction's facility in Marlin, Texas (Minerva, who was sort of like a daughter to me that I mentored in some troubled times) ... that I had been there so many time's visiting her, I even picked her up the day she was released, brought her back to Dallas and took her for a big steak dinner, which was the first thing she wanted to have when getting back to Dallas, after 3 year's of prison meat, that I am not sure is actually meat(?)! But this was a women's unit, and I was able to learn more about several women's cases first hand in this particular unit ( one of the unit's Mrs. Wright was on ), and followed Susan's case.

But what I see here is so inconsistent as far as evidence, testimonies, record's, etc. The initial prosecutor was Kelly Siegler (now retired) in the above video, who was widely known for her theatric's in Harris County/ Houston courtroom's during cases, as you can see above in the video ... the erotica role play scene she carried out in the court of playing the murderess with her victim bound to a bed in the court as she butcher's him (the video was removed from YouTube, so any other would be in the linked "CBS/ 48 Hours" piece above). But are these theatric's accurate? I have too many question's here. I feel that there is truth to much of this, as well as the abusive husband bit. But look at fact's here ... the victim ... Mr. Jeffrey Wright was at least almost a foot taller than the accused (wife), he was in great physical shape, probably pumped up on drug's/ alcohol, he weighed almost 100 lb's more than her. I find it hard to believe as the forensic's examiner said in the above video, that Susan just got lucky with a kick in the groin to be able to do what she done to him, after she got the knife from him ... especially the specific's on stab entries and location's. Another "ex" of his (victim) also testified how he loved to manhandle gal's ... which I actually "buy" ... despite them trying to say she is just a topless dancer with no credibility. Her profession should be of no issue here ... if so ... why not question why the victim frequented these type venue's, and why he even married another woman who was a ex dancer, along with the other's he dated? And as far as Susan's dancing career ... geeez ... it was only for 2 month's ... I would hardly call that a career. The reality of why alot of guy's "choose" these gal's ... is because they are more liberated when it come's to playing out role play's and sex act's that many so called straight laced naive women would be more slow to get into. And their easier to push around, blackmail, or a number of other thing's to take advantage of.

Susan's stories and even some of the abuse cases dont jive either ... YET ... I believe she WAS actually repeatedly abused on the other hand. But as far as documentation of it ... it was somewhat lacking, as well as the credibility and/ or the flip flopping on stories. Also ... the wound's on the victim's penis ... are NOT consistent of "stabbing" at all, especially in a rage of anger, and more of a type of slow castration method. The accuracy of stabbing the eyeball's in socket, as well as accuracy stabbing ear socket's, all the front stab's in the torso area, etc ... also DO NOT look at all like rage in self defense ... however ... I see a different type of self defense in an odd way. Even the story/ testimony of Susan as far as laying him on the bed after, tucking her little boy into bed after a knock on the bedroom door and coming back to indulge in more stabbing and bloodletting, as well as the method of moving the body and burying the body. Even the fact that after the killing over the next few day's where she removed her husband's name from the answering machine, emptied the bank account and filed an assault report against him after he was dead ... I feel was spontaneous, but not even premeditated. Why? ... Because it dont make sense to file a report after ... only a nervous confused person would do that, not one who planned anything, as well as the immediate bank account closure/ withdrawal's ... not "planned" ... if it was planned ... nothing would have been spontaneous, and especially thing's that stupid ... I actually "buy" the fact that her brain was "clouded" and feel she acted out of fear and desperation after the fact, and after finally realizing what she done. So I also feel very strongly that this was a case of self defense also as odd as that may sound, where Susan simply was in a no choice situation, I feel if he would have got away at this point, he would have killed her.

Let me present a scenario ONLY ... this is totally of my making and fictional to paint a picture I had ... and has no validity to being any evidence in this case at all, or to try to accuse Mrs. Wright of anything. But I thought ... what if this was calculated revenge and ended up a manslaughter that can be justified later as premeditated ... but NOT out of fantasy or sadism ... but actual fear? And say she knew he would come in the door intoxicated as usual, get a little rough with her, etc ... as routine. He was a big boy too. What if she decided to tell him ... let's play out a sex role thing ... and she wanted to bound and gag him or whatever and be in charge this time, just for kick's, and maybe they have played this game before, even exchanging role's, it is quite common with couple's ... also the candle wax on the victim's body is very consistent with common roleplay amongst so many couple's, even pop culture magazine's like Cosmopolitain or other's give instruction's on this sort of thing it's so mainstream. And say he went along with it ... I mean ... she is one Hell of a great looking gal too ... she sure as Hell wouldnt have to try too hard to get me to submit and do any damn thing as far as role play. He's game ... she ties him ... then ... decide's to really give it to him for all he's done to her ... get's carried away ... and give's him even more than she expected, just out of all the abuse she recall's. And before you know it ... the scene look's like that of a well calculated psychotic murderess, yet also know's that she went so far that if she did stop and release him ... from her experience, know's he would for sure kill her. Being maybe she planned to hurt him some ... but just lost it in the heat of the moment because of all the abuse she received and couldnt control herself in anger.

I also believe she was abused ... but just didnt document alot of it. Why? because I have seen too many women that dont document most of it, and usually when they start too, it's a tad too late. I have known too many girl's that have just blown it off as far as a hit here and there. And many time's when you do that ... he may not stop without incentive to. I have also seen gal's who will blow off abuse as just a fight, and think they were the fault of him getting angry ... but still love the guy ... or feel attached to him for some reason, the number of reason's for so many get back together's even is endless. You have to understand that in these abuse cases ... there is also sometime's alot of "love" and "emotion" as well ... even sometime's a feeling of dependency and/ or security, or home to live, kid's, obligation's of any kind, etc. Some gal's also like the man to be aggressive/ assertive to some degree ... thinking it mean's he must really love her (pimp's/ mack's used these method's alot) and is giving her his ultimate atencion ... yet ... sometime's it goes too far before she realizes ... it has went totally foul and became a nightmare instead of what she thought it was.

Do I think she is guilty of murder one? I cant convince myself looking at all the evidence at all ... I simply cant ... if I was a juror ... NO. Premeditated ... and manslaughter ... YES, but to a degree only, being very unclear and suspicious of premeditation and to what degree, too much was spontaneous here. Life in prison or execution ... absolutely NOT ... I just dont buy it as far as the well calculated murder sado explanation ... something is missing here, she dont even have a thing in her past that would support such aggression on her part, and no ... I dont think she just turned into a psychotic killer of such violence overnight. Despite those angry that she will be released in a few year's(3) ... I think the punishmnent was fitting. I can only imagine how tough it must be on the victim's father here interviewed ... but I wonder ... did he really know his son's private life and sex life?

And YES ... I have alway's supported the death penalty, even though I dont think it work's, but for the familia of the victim's only ... and I never had any problem with it being applied to either gender, or life sentence's, however I feel that the death penalty especially in Texas should be suspended indefinitely , because I believe that too many innocent's have been executed here, but that's just my opinion. But in this particular case .... NO ... I could not even give Mrs. Wright more than a few year's top's in prison at most maybe 3 to 5, and good time early release, counseling and probation if anything ... but not life or even 25. Also I dont see her as even a threat to her children even if released, and would support her in regaining custody of them, if they and her both agreed. I just see this case as quite a bit different than what it's been painted as ... that's just my opinion. Enough said ....



Beach Bum said...

Let me present a scenario ONLY ...

For the most part I was raised on the "wrong side of the tracks" and knew a lot about spousal abuse from an early age. But after I married an upper middle class lady and start knowing some of those people I quickly learned suburbia has far more kinky skeltons hiding the closets than us rednecks could ever dream.

So I can see your scenario really happening. Great post by the way.

tim said...

I have not a I'll chime in with Beach....

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your input on this Beach Bum, because I dont think alot of folk's at time's see what you just said here. I may add ... even a few of those redneck's can have some uncoventional way's. This is alway's why I couldnt understand too much all the BMB (bitchin, moanin, and bellyachin) in this country over "sex" in general ... such as with gay's/ lesbian's ... which I feel is more of a culture/ religious fad that goes generation to generation. The fact is ... all kind's of folk's practice sex act's that are not just basic reproduction or what's termed as "love making". But as I said ... this was a fictional scenario I created here ... so I have no proof that any of what I said happened, only being one of a few idea's that popped up in my head. I just dont view this woman Susan in the way the court portray's her. And not because I am naive ... I have reason's on this.

Ranch Chimp said...

Looking at the stories and detail's Tim ... it can get a lil puzzling ... and this is why I kept up reading on this particular case ... because it was not as cut and dry to me as it look's or is presented. Thanx for you input Tim.