Monday, November 22, 2010


Well ... it's that time of the year again, and there has been so much talk about the new TSA regulation's and how they will make the skies more friendly than United Airlines did ... and they just want to extend their best (and their longest) to America's air traveller's this Holiday travel week and say HAPPY THANKSGIVING YA'LL!! And personal Thanx from the ole Ranch Chimp ... cause when you get my age ... a lil additional genital rub down is alway's welcome.

Also I would like to credit here Mr. Osama bin Laden for all his effort's in making this possible, and his associate's ... THANX YA'LL!! And I also hope best wishes and fun fondling for all Thanksgiving traveller's coast to coast ... and may God continue to bestow all the great blessing's on us he has been giving us as well. I also want to Thank our airline's who have not added an additional charge for the new service, despite these financially trying time's. Below a lil ole message from our friend's at TSA!

T.S.A ... Thanx to SPOPSSS



Infidel753 said...

Funny video. The TSA (Tits & Snatch Assaulters) should use it to recruit their agents. As it is, I can just imagine what kind of people are going to be applying.

The terrorists must be laughing their asses off.

As for me, I've got one word for all this useless and outrageous airport pseudo-security harassment: "Amtrak".

Ranch Chimp said...

Infodel: I dont know if it's useless or not ... I actually would feel more secure with it, or at least something. I havent flown or taken Amtrak in a long time, but Amtrak can be really beautiful. Once I even took it from the northeast coast all the way to the southwest coast (about 4 day's or so) it was awsome, the Great Lakes, the mountain's of New York ,Pennsylvania, the Rockies, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, through the Mojave Desert and Southern California ... what a cool ride ... I flew back to New York on the return in only about 5 hour's or so.

ABC News done a special report on this TSA stuff, other than that, I dont know squat about it, beside's some folk's bitchin that it's "evasive" or such. But according to ABC ... only 3% of those flying have been subject to the pat down's. Also ... according to ABC, several scientist's been asking TSA to check their scanning unit's, TSA declined to let them, and ABC tried contacting TSA about it, but TSA hadnt gotten back with them either. The scientist's want to, because they say they have reason to believe that the scan's have 10 to 15X time's the radiation output than the TSA is saying, and it wouldnt suprise me, we know as it is how shit is checked out in this country and too late at that. If I had to fly right now, I would choose the pat down though, that kind of shit doesnt bother me at all, as far as having part's touched, I really dont care. My daughter has a job that require's flying too, I asked her how she felt ... she really didnt give a shit one way or the other. ABC say's the nation is divided on how they feel about it.

Thanx for your comment's here Guy!

Infidel753 said...

according to ABC, several scientist's been asking TSA to check their scanning unit's,

If they don't want the radiation output checked by anyone independent, I'd say that's a bad sign.

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... that's exactly what I was wondering too ... why so reluctant to let a few scientist's check them out? We seem too late sometime's at checking out shit for safety in this country too, on many different thing's ... look at some of the accident's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... that's why my first thought was ... just pat my ass down! I'll wait the 5/ 10 year's for the "official report", on all these folk's that been repeatedly getting zapped for a few year's! :)