Friday, November 12, 2010


Since the start of this journal I have focused so much on the crisis to come if we do NOT address our financial issue's with some balance and solution's that will actually work. One could look throughout this journal and probably think I am some nutcase freak pointing out so much about economic's and how we are basically letting ourselves get screwed inside out. The reason why I had to focus on this, is because our whole sanity and civility of the global species will actually rest on this issue in particular, only because our current society is designed like this. This is why I also pointed out strongly that the whole bailout fiasco we seen should be ignored, we would NOT have seen the world collapse if we declined to bail out these folk's that we did in our banking/ financial sector's, sure there would have been a ripple effect globally (but not as severe as we are facing now if we continue with this failure to act), however ... you cant shut down the system that way, not bailing them out would have simply shut down some major wealth from new investment's ONLY, nothing too much more than what you see now (money does not "disappear", it simply change's hand's), many in our leadership were simply threatened with shady math figure's and conned, even after we gave them the money ... which now you can see was a pointless panic of stupidity. By trying to get back to what we term as "NORMAL" ... is simply a rehash of the same problem's of past, YOU CANNOT "change" the system and move forward without actually "moving" to change. This is the ONE OBSTACLE that keep's us stagnant decade to decade, and repeating the same mistake's over and over, then trying to get back to where we previously were, which is plain stupidity. This system is now "forced" to collapse, it's time is finished, the new global market change CANNOT longer function with the way's of past ... this is why I focus so much on this ... simply because the way we do thing's will get us nowhere of significant progress in any decent time frame, bottom line. The same way you cant put 1970 formulated gasoline/ petro in a 2010 engine and expect it to run without burning out your engine ... due to the formulate's for the newer engineering, to try to simplify here my point.

This video below of Mr. David Stockman is so clear and to the point on the current reality, that I was somewhat shocked to hear a man, especially a "Republican" actually paint a true picture of what we are up against. However as you will find in the link's below ... he is basically pissed how his Republican Party has just totally screwed America's economy ... and now basically took this trash can and dumped it's content's all out on this Administration's desk ... and said to our President ... "Deal with it Bud ... but dont expect a hand from us" ... to put it simple. Now as I have desperately pointed out in several last posting's how importante it is to NOT let Congress or Senate gain a republican majority because the damage it will do, we will have to see a new "game" for the next two bloody year's or progressive stagnation in economic's combined with a GOP run Congress who is going to relentlessly tear apart everything that this President and Administration had established, and frankly ... we cant do a bloody damn thing about it. Sure there may be some political histories of mid term shake up's in election's as far as House and Senate ... but this is one of those time's in 2010 where you better hope that this didnt happen, and get your asses out and vote. So the voter's screwed up this one too, I'm not saying the democrat's are winner's, they will make the ride easier for people only, your choice of who to vote for, is two parties that rule and are supported by special interest's across the board, the Tea Party is nothing but a smokescreen, supported and reinforced by the same special interest's only, so there ARE NO alternative's.

Mr. Stockman is a Republican, sure ... but he speak's the reality here better than any of our pop culture Democrat's and Republican's of current .... YES ... I agree with Mr. Stockman 110%, because I know what to expect. He here will also point out how grave of consequence's we could face IF we go back to all the "Bush Tax Cut's", he also point's out that some of these folk's that are drawing Social Security that are already well off, need's to be capped!, for those who say it's unfair ... the world THEY created is "unfair" ... that's tough! ... an issue that we never hear about I may add. The other point's he mention's is this lunacy of defense spending and nation building, farm and ethanol subsidies (there is importance concerning farming for instance and other subsidies, but what is happening in reality is just lining pocket's for various special agenda's/ interest's), and the multi billion dollar annual business of the "Sick Care Cartel" that America has, along with the rest of the line of special interest's, plain and simple.

The way our representation does business is just out of touch with 2010 global and domestic economic's across the board, it should be no suprise our deficit is what it is, for anyone who has been observing this over the last decade, that's why I was so confident in my earlier posting's this was going to happen, it's been clear for at least a decade, yet most folk's ignore these issue's and dont question till it's late. And frankly ... many Democrat voter's unfortunately were more concerned about gay people being able to say their gay in the military or loving and kissing the asses of fanatic muslim extremist's, looking for racist's under every rock, or should combat troop's be required to wear pink beret's?, than they were about their paycheck's, 401K's, and home mortgage's it seemed , and Republican voter's seemed more concerned on kissing corporation's asses while on their knee's and questioning if our President has a birth certificate, does he wear a flagpin on his lapel?, what church does he attend?, and similar nonsense like wondering if couple thousand year ago Middle Eastern biblical character's approved?, making new science schoolbook's with creationism theories ... this is the mass herd stupidity of American's across the board (stupidity their not born with, but chosen out of laziness to think), a bunch of idiot's on both side's basically who cant even think straight or rational, or for themselves for that matter ... we deserve in a way everything we get. Democrat's hate (Stockman) him simply because he is a Republican ... Republican's hate him simply because he tell's the truth. :) Also what he point's out about China is a major concern that I have relentlessly pointed out over the last 2.5 year's in this journal, concerning trade, currency, etc. In the following link's you will find link's to link's on the current currency and trade battle and American defensive at the G- 20 Summit, which has finally arrived, that trust me ... will be more of an issue in year's to come. We need to stop this political left/ right buy and sell game in it's track's and work this out and stop wasting time (this feft/ right polarization will be history in a generation only, as these old die off and get replaced by the new blossom's of thinking and method's), however ... this new GOP Congress trust me, will NOT let this happen now. So ... the President reaching out with the Olive Branch will frankly do nothing now.

The only way President Obama can expect any balance is to utilize executive power's to it's maximum and stop this "RUNAWAY TRAIN of BORDERLINE LUNACY" in it's track's, because it will only get worse. The job's that will be created now ... job increase figure's that will be manipulated, and only used by pundit's, media's, of both side's to sway thought, but will in actuality be meaningless and worthless to the American people ... you CANNOT as I have pointed out before spur any significant job growth in this new arena, without drastic change, the GOP 2012 will take credit for any of these measley job increase figure's, and the billion dollar backing will promote and fund campaign ad's that will support it totally, as they did on health care, the mid term's, etc. President Obama is doing everything he can, with what advisor's are only giving him to work with, he depend's on them ... my advice to President Obama would be to put this man Stockman close to your side. Nor will it do a damn bit of good for Democrat's to have rallies of peace, love, and sanity with Stewart or other's on the Capitalism Mall and act passive to this renegade group of cut throat's. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... when you deal with wolves, you act as such, or you will be devoured ... THAT'S THE REALITY! The Number #1 sin of humanity is "Stupidity" ... Listen, Read, and Learn.

Also congratulation's and compliment's to Mr. Eliot Spitzer here on his new CNN Show and journalism career, who has been doing a great job and service! What's great about Spitzer ... is he is now in the private sector and cant be politically attacked as before. You see ... this man is a true warrior, who for year's exposed this cesspool of financial corporate thug's before any of this came to light ... he know's all their trick's ... and they despise him wholeheartedly, especially the "too big to fail" crowd of thug's, thieves, and welfare bailout recipient's. It is just so refreshing to me, to be able to see two balanced mind's ... one Democrat and one Republican, actually sit down and instead of pointless bickering, rationally expose the reality and find common ground by using common sense. This will be part of the new thinking and rationality to come soon.

CNN: David Stockman: Heretic or truth- teller? ... Thanx to CNN





***** POST NOTE: When I speak of "mass stupidity" above ... I am NOT EXEMPT from this myself ... this is why I say that we ARE NOT born this way. I havent had exactly the perfect sheltered life as a young man let's say ... I have fell on my face and ass more than a few time's, been tossed into the pit, been ripped off more than once, screwed, blewed, and tattooed. This is why I know these thing's, so ... it took plenty of hardknock's and experience to learn the hard way ... however ... I did learn, and so can anyone else if they just attempt to.



Demeur said...

I have a solution to this and will post on it as soon as I can get some figures.

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Demeur!

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... Well I'll be lookin forward to it Guy. I know you for instance know the score too well ... I read everything you post, even though I dont leave comment's on everything. Funniest thing's about solution's Guy .... is all the solution's and answer's are right there in our face's and not really complicated ... but we dont get shit done because of this constant whining, bickering, and game playing in these parties. We had the "ideal" President (Obama)... a man ahead of his time ... like this gent Stockman in the video, he reached out, bought everyone lunch, offered incentive's, tore done communication border's, pleaded, etc, etc ... but the political highsiding and stubborness who claim's that they are for America's interest and time and again tell us they will reach across the table ... havent budged to shake a hand ... and this isnt just recent ... this has been an ungoing ritual. Here we are even in 2010 having to actually put up fight's, just to let some minority population of gay/ lesbian people get bloody married, still fighting over religious shit, and every other nonsensical issue, that frankly shouldnt even be an issue. It should never have been allowed to be cloaked in so called "familia value's" or other nonsense and be slipped in through back door's, nor should same sex partner's should have ever been looked at as different citizen's and denied right's simply because a guy sleep's with a man instead of a woman ... it's none of the government's or people's bloody business what folk's do in their privacy ... and we have the lunacy to think were "free" or "liberated"? Nor should we cloak "bribery" in the cloth's of donation or contribution ... it is plain outright bribery and pay off's, the same shit that mobster's are indicted for! Corporation's owning us to an extent financially isnt such an awful thing ... yet these corporation's we support and do so much for ... spit in our face's, and dont even no longer do nothing for the country that give's them so much .... it has all became a one way street ... you do for me, but I dont do for you ... it's just endless Guy. Laura Bush as departing 1st Lady tell's American's that we need to be in Afghanistan's business and continue for women's right's? C'mon now ... and sap's in this country believe it. I care FIRST about American's Right's and welfare .... then when I get our shit together, I will help ya'll, not the other way around.

Thanx for your voice here Demeur

Tim said...

RC you touched on a problem. You mentioned that you lived a life and learned. From those experiences you grew and it shaped who you are today.
To me that's perfect.
But that's exactly what's missing in our so called leaders. You and I probably could never be elected anything. You for your background and me the same. These people who have been sheltered and never had the shit kicked out of them just don't understand the American struggle. Yet we seem to want flawless people, saints if you will.
Not me..I want someone who's lived a life. Later

Ranch Chimp said...

Defintely Tim ... our lives shape us. Lot of life I dont even like to think about to be frank .... lot's of thing's I wouldnt want to experience again, then some I would. If your anything like me Tim, I think it's safe to say ... you wouldnt want to be elected for anything ... dude ... I wouldnt even want to run a community group for that matter, I'm not cut out like that, beside's ... I'm more of a social outgoing people type Guy in person, not the leader type. I actually dont have any shame of my past so talk freely about it, I'm 54 year's old, too old for sahme or to give a shit frankly ... I will give advice, tip's, socialize or what have you ... but dont really like to represent or be responsible for anyone else ... I am grateful that I still am alive, and live at least with a certain amount of comfort and in a country that has a substantial amount of freedom. Folk's got to learn for themselves ... I cant lead you or anyone else, one has to take's the knock's in life to learn how to survive, you cant take a class for that, or have someone dictate it to you. That's why I alway's said that .... no matter how free someone tell's you, you are or how much liberties they give to you ... you can NEVER be free if you keep your mind enslaved and dependent on other's to tell you what to do ... you must learn yourself.

Thanx Tim ... have a good un Bro ...

Ranch Chimp said...

Even when I was foreman Tim in the printing/ graphic's industry, I expected everyone to pull their weight in the shop/ plant ... I had to make decision's of course and make sure the fella's on the presses had supplies and organized asignment's etc (and when raise time came ... if they didnt get it yet ... I was first in the owner's office asking what the fuck is up?, and stressing the importance of being right with employee's that produce for us ... we didnt have a union ... it's just good business) but I alway's required employee's that were hired on, to be able to manage without me or anyone else having to tell them, when it come's to the job, I was very strict about who I like to work with ... I like those who can cut it, think, and contribute. I simply ran the operation's, but never considered myself as running individual's/ employee's ... if you cant cut it and work with some team unity ... go find somewhere's else to work, is the way I look at it. I like those who can monkey rig a solution when a piece of equipment break's down and find alternative solution's to meet deadline's under pressure.