Wednesday, November 17, 2010

JERRY JONES/ DALLAS COWBOYS: Entrepreneur to Hero ... "A MAN who get's the JOB DONE, and DELIVER'S ... PIZZA?" ... {: )

Jerry Jones

This posting will be to take a look at Mr.Jerry Jones ... a man locally in Dallas who has received more than his fair share of criticism ... but to me has been one of my heroes since he stepped into Dallas 20 year's ago and bought the used up worn out Dallas Cowboys ... one of the NFL's greatest team's ever, who were just in decline in the late 1980's. When Jerry came to town ... he fired first, only, and long time Head Coach Tom Landry, and Dallasite's were just furious (Jerry admit's later he may have not took the proper approach to letting go the legendary coach, and made up for it now) .. I mean Landry took the Cowboys to 5 Super Bowl's as head coach, and was one of the NFL's greatest ... but all his move's were well known, and he still used his old strategies for gameplan's ... which the opponent's keyed in on and capitalized from. This last week, many criticized Jerry for firing Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips (son of the legendary Houston Oilers Coach Bum Phillips back in the 1970's), but here we had a Cowboys team that won the division last year with a 13 win/ 3 loss season, one of the top passing team's, and some of the most prime cream of the crop player's ... yet they start the first half of this (2010) season with a record of 1 win/ 6 losses? Last being up in Green Bay against the Packers ... in a slaughter of Dallas 7, Green Bay 45 (worst season since he bought them in 1989). And Jerry has done this before, having even been now with over a half dozen coaches. But when Jerry see's thing's dont work ... he get's rid of what doesnt ... doesnt spend year's pondering on this and that and wasting time ... he take's action and get's result's, plain and simple, and strive's to get the job done.

Why do I love this Guy? ... Because I admire those who have vision, think's out of the box, work's hard and get's the job done, and deliver's ... to me ... those are worthy of the title "elite". This man has not only bought the team ... but got rid of all the old woodwork, and paid top dollar out of his own pocket to hire the best, even top brass of the NFL didnt like him spending so much and wanted him capped! He was no cheapskate ... he know's that "you get what you pay for". Then the former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller even bitched about him when he tried to square up an offer with her to put the new Cowboys Stadium in Central Dallas ... she was opposed to all business it seemed like, and I despised her as Mayor of this city, she done nothing as Mayor in 5 bloody year's of office, period ... but then Jerry set it up in suburban Arlington. He built the largest Dome Stadium in the world (with the world's largest HD screen's in it that are inside 60 yard's in length ... to give you an idea of the size of that ... it's length would be equivalent to an 18 story building, and outside it as well) ... he has brought the Super Bowl to Dallas, he has brought some of the NFL's greatest player's to the Cowboys ... including all time leading NFL rusher Emmitt Smith and other's. He seen to it, that Cowboys fan's and the organization got the best of the best! When corporation's were scrambling to put their name's on the new stadium (as they do all over bloody America and succeed in) he said "NO!!" ... and named it simply and appropriately "Cowboys Stadium" (Unfortunately that changed in the summer of 2013 and AT&T are willing to spend million's per year to get their name on it) . Some say he spend's too much time on the sideline's and telling coaches what to do ... he has stepped back some ... understand that Jerry is a bust ass hustling type man, who loves being in the trenches ... was a player in college with a good record as well himself ... he lives and breathes football since he was a kid playing ... and in my opinion ... Jerry himself is the best of the best! We even won 3 more Super Bowl's after he took over the organization as owner/ president/ manager! Folk's dont sometime's realize a good thing when they have it, until they lose it. He saved what would fail after enough age and time and revitalized it!

So this posting is to honour the man who has done so much for this franchise and city as far as business as well ... Jerry is an original ... and THANK YOU SIR!

This first video is for a lil humor ... of Jerry busting a move on the dance floor in this .30 second commercial (actually a stunt man) , damn Jerry ... this make's me hungry! :)


Cowboys' Jerry Jones dancing Papa John's pizza commercial ... Thanx to DOUGTERFEHR

This next video of 5 minute's with the man, talking about his vision and work's ... show's off his prize piece of art ... Cowboys Stadium which broke an attendance record in the opening game of the stadium against the New York Giants with over 105,000.

The Greatest Stadium Ever Built? ... Thanx to ASSOCIATED PRESS


COWBOYS SEASON UPDATE: This addition is inspired because over the last month or so, one of the most frequent question's I been asked around town is "What is up with the Cowboys?" (I was asked more about this than the bloody mid term election's, as a matter of fact, several neighbor's didnt even know there was a bloody election .... geeeezzz ... no wonder were screwed in politic's!). Here's what's up bottom line, Okay? ... after Jerry gave the boot to Coach Phillips ... as interim coach for replacement he brought to position Asst Coach Jason Garrett , he had to make this move, because never in franchise history has there been a change of head coaches in mid season (It's not logical or safe to shop around in mid season, you bring in back up's like you do with player's) ... Jason is great ... he been there for several year's now, he's young, ambitious, and a "winner" (I may even consider keeping him head coach, Jerry(?) ...). We seen what Jason done on his first game against New York's Giants ... and WOW! ... that was impressive ... went into Giants Stadium in New York City, and just about slaughtered the New York Giants at home ... and the Giants remind you are one of the best in the league currently, and top of the NFC EAST Division too (2nd in NFC EAST, tied with Philly Eagles with 6 wins/ 3 losses)! Forget Quarterback Tony Romo for the season ... broken collar bone, and I wouldnt even put him back in at the end of the season when he's able ... I want him to heal totally. The fill in back up Quarterback Jon Kitna done an excellent job in New York and had well over 300 yard's passing that day . But also what we seen, is more Quarterback protection ... this was essential, after Romo's injury ... since we have such a high powered passing game/ offense ... there has been a relentless attack by opponent's to blitz our Quarterback, to shut that down.

As far as Cowboys losses this season ... look ... the losses are bad news ... but also look at the actual loss score's and other game factor's. For instance ... beside's the Packers game in Green Bay, which was a blowout, only because Quarterback Romo was just eliminated due to the previous game and broken collar bone in a blitz sack attack on him ... other than that ... Cowboys barely lost the game's, in a few were actually up top the entire game, and lost due to turnover's/ penalties. One game for instance ... their up the entire game ... I mean ... Romo had over 400 passing yard's, Miles Austin had nearly as many yard's receiving ... but also remind ya'll ... they also in the same game had about 9 penalties for over 100 yard's ... geeezzz ... you cant do those type thing's, especially the roughing part's/ illegal contact, we have seen way too much of from our top defensive player's.

I dont expect Cowboys to even go as a wild card this year in the play- off's, if they did, it would be rare. And I dont believe we are in organization correctly to that challenge ... Yes ... the personel is excellent, but you need organization. Understand that the strong team's now are very tight, with no changing in staff's, such as the excellent consistency of Indianapolis Colts, or even New England's Patriots. But Cowboys this year has been the "Talk of the NFL ... as well as the Shock" ... after all ... a few expert's including ex NFL Colts coach icon Tony Dungy even predicted early in preseason that Cowboys would be in the Super Bowl this year, Boy oh Boy ... what a ill prediction that was! Sure ... the Super Bowl will be in Dallas .... but dont expect Dallas to be in the Super Bowl! :)



Tim said...

An ardent fan for sure.;)

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... Hey Tim .... Jerry has got to be the biggest Cowboys fan in town. And when he first arrived ... folk's just despised all his sudden move's and firing of folk's, but I was as "tickled as a sissy with a bag full of dick's" (a term I got from fav comedian Bernie Mac), I knew change was not wasy ... but at least required actually "moving", and Jerry moved! ... mind ya'll, I loved Tom Landry as well ... but knew we had to get some new talent too!

How bout dem New York Jets Tim(?)!! they are kicking ass and taking name's, heh? ... Jets are one of them consistency teams too, if you've noticed ... I have always been a big Jets fan too ... I lived in the City(NYC/ Brooklyn) back in the days of Broadway Joe Namath!

Later Tim