Saturday, November 20, 2010

DEVO: "Whip It" ... and ... "Smart Patrol/ Mr.DNA (live)"

This art/ music posting was inspired yesterday during some small chat online with an old buddy ... but has long been past due for this journal. And is to honour another outstanding music icon's of many out of the great State of Ohio ... DEVO . Outstanding, because they are yet another trendsetter in great American contemporary music ... who strongly inspired much activity in the 1980's New Wave music genre, and capitalized off the electronic's end of the art. Another group that my home collection is saturated with, and an outstanding "live" performance band as well, with a flavour unmatched both "live" and studio/ production wise ... basically ... another work of genius! DEVO is more than just another band .... but part of an American subculture that was originally based out of the Dallas Underground, which I am proud to say I was a cornerstone block of creating this underground movement in this city (roughly 30 year's ago), and contributing to this , called the Church of the SubGenius. But attending a "devival" of this unorganized organization is an unmatched experience ... like a "revival" there were similarities ... great musician's, and socializing, plenty of fetishistic show, a minister/ preacher that was a transvestite, with a mass wedding ceremony to where dozen's of attendee's married whatever and whoever they wanted ... a couple friend's for instance, married their pet's, watches, clothes ... one gal I knew even married the moon, etc. But what fun those dayz were indeed, and all the great unique folk's that I had the opportunity to meet, and some long lasting friendship's as well! Thanx Ya'll!

The first video selection below is a very popular piece of their's ... Special Thanx to the group DEVO ... for the tranquilizing and great art that you guy's have contributed to the industry and influence of a unique genre. This stuff is 1980- ish.

Devo- Whip It (Live On Fridays) ... Thanx to ShoutFactoryMusic

This next piece below is "live" ... just for a "taste" of the experience, of a blend called ... Smart Patrol/ Mr.DNA ... Enjoy! :) ... Thanx to GADGETMAN2000



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