Friday, January 30, 2009

"Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act" Signing ... and other Needed Measures ....

It's been so long since I seen actual action at this speed in Washington ... I didnt know if there was such a thing. I had confidence that this new President would act, but I sure as hell didnt expect him to kick over this many stones in the first couple week's ... and the fury over him engulf's the Hill ... behind the BS smiles for the camera's. And I must say ... I love every minute of it! : )

The signing of the "Lilly Ledbetter Fair Trade Act" was another needed action. Now the trick is ... trying to actually enforce it ... but ... it's a start. This is something that I have seen so much of in the workplace. Seeing co- worker's who bust ass ... and not only women ... and dont get nearly the fair pay for their effort's. Just one instance to recall off hand was when I was a head of a "graphic art's film dept" years back ... lot's of satellite photo plotting, and architectual/ engineering photo layout drafting. I had to screen new hires one on one ... I usually was told to pick from a lot that just graduated from the trade school's with the 2 year associates degree ... to keep down expense ... and it gives them that "first break" as well. No ... I didnt have a degree ... or even much formal education ... I just was one of them eager quick learner's ... who got good at it ... and hustled my way into it ... within 2 year's I ran the department.

But this one gal I got to hire who was a single mom with 2 boy's and no support coming in, was probably the most reliable employee and asset we had. She agreed to start at a entry level payscale and position ... she busted ass ... was reliable ... and straight up. When it came time for a review and a raise ... her raise was not good enough ... in my opinion. Then the second review ... was delayed ... and delayed again, yet ... business was booming ... and bonuses/ profit's sharing etc. I finally sat down with the 2 owner's of the company one day ... and told them how valuable of an employee this was ... and frankly ... if we dont pay her right ... we will loose her in a heartbeat. I had to really hound these guy's to get through to them ... and when they did give it ... they joked around on the sly with me ... and said they knew why I was pounding for her raise ... because she's cute ... and she probably "takes care" of me on the side. I assured these boy's ... that wasnt the case ... it's just a matter of being fair ... that's all. This gal took on the challenging job's with no whining about it! But this is just one of many instances I could talk about ... the bottom line is, I have seen alot of drastically non- competitive wages shelled out to female employee's.

But all these action's in the last week or so by this new President was really needed. All I could say was ... it's about goddamn time ... over and over ... from the stem cell thing to the contraceptive funding ... to the remark's to Wall St., that bonuses are fine ... but this is not the "time" for bonuses ... and what the President has seen he said was "shameful"... it's the bloody truth! I see also all these young folk's coming out of college ... in debt ... 10's of thousand's of dollar's in college loan's ... with their degree's and having to settle for $10 buck an hour office clerk job's...believing that with these degree's..they will at least get a decent paying job. I see folk's bust ass and spend,spend,spend ... doing the so called "right thing" trying their damdest ... yet getting no where. These folk's are the main active cylinder's of the engine ... they're keeping it all going.

A gal named Rita who has a blog called "Around Town with Rita" summed it up perfectly the other day when she commented on one of my posting's when she said that the consumer's have become basically the "consumed". That's the reality in a nutshell!

PS: You see ... I think one of the thing's that we have lost sight of in our society is the importance of fair pay, trade, business. I been pro- business all my life. Nothing wrong with a little greed ... it's natural. But what we are seeing now, is extreme greed...and it's simply bad all the way around for business. When all component's in business are working balanced and just right ... everyone is a winner.The workforce will be happier psychologically ... more productive ... and most importantly ... spend more. Hell man ... that's what capitalism is all about ... were not bloody communist's.

Also ... voting conservative most of my life ... I realize that the arguement would be that government cant intervene and make it right. And if a person is paid unfair ... it should be their responsibility to go find something better ... true. But what we have now ... is all this extreme greed in the top crust of the financial sector, with no one watching them ... and a population of around 300,000,000 or so. In a marketplace that is global interdependent more than ever ... and thrives off of cheap third world labour ... so ... it's a new challenge.This aint 1970 folk's!


Friday, January 23, 2009

The "People" pay for an Angus Steak ... and get a plate of Barbecue Wings ....

As I was pointing out in several older posting's ... we will continue getting screwed, because as I write this ... we are still getting screwed big time. And there is much more to come now. What will come about in the next couple years or so, will be nothing like this nation ever seen. Because this is much deeper then any of us are looking at ... except those behind the scenes running these investigations. And Obama knew this was going on ... long ago ... he simply couldnt comment on it ... nor could any other politician in Washington ... as I stated ... these investigations are still ongoing.

I actually started pointing this out to friend's probably about 5 year's ago ... a few didnt believe what I was saying ... because there was no previous headline new's about any of this. Again...this wasnt no psychic type prediction ... which it may sound like (I dont believe in psychic crap anyways ... it's all hogwash) ... but many folk's again simply do not look at the entire picture. Growing up on the street's and getting screwed many times myself ... gave me an advantage in this kind of thing. To see thing's coming before they actually hit home ... on the "game" side. But when I first seen all this crap was right after this Iraq invasion and occupation. Knowing how the "contracting" game works ... especially on government contract's ... and especially from alot of Texas based companies ... the first thing I said was ... "watch out"! I knew we were fixin to get the "bite".

And as I wrote in earlier post's ... that probably after a couple years of this new administration ... give or take ... we are going to get alot of new info on what's been going on ... with all our tax dollars ... investment bankers, contractors, etc. Why will it take that long? Because while the old administration was still in power those investigating ran into snags ... and this will simply take time. Understand that these hustler's are the best of the best! They have the same basic goals as the street hustler ... but their "take" is enormous and their game is so tight ... it involves heavy international laundering, investing, etc. Much of this money is diverted into so many sectors ... and transferred so many times ... it will be so hard to even get the full amount of what is being played ... and just with whom and how. These boy's and gal's really do their homework ... NEVER ... listen to their whining ... or under estimate them ... you will lose your ass in a New York second! So ... this is why I said this will take a couple years into the new administration.

This is also why I been saying to NOT listen to this whining from Wall St., Paulson, or any of them ... this was all a smoke screened diversion simply to grab the mother lode before the old administration leaves office ... why? Because they didnt feel secure with a new administration ... no matter who would have won the election ... they knew folks and the people were starting to ask alot of questions ... and they had to take what they can and run for the hills ... and try covering their track's because what they fear to come. As I pointed out earlier ... the hundred's of billion's that we gave ... done not a damn thing. Not one working American household is feeling any better off ... and we are still grinding down more and more ... in job's, in income, quality of life, and everything else. This is why I said that it MUST get worse before it can get better ... and helping them ... will NOT do jack for us, or even those foreclosing on their homes. Basic math and common sense ... shows you that what they proposed CANNOT work ... and these bastard's knew it! You see ... all these folk's in government even suspected this ... but elections were on ... and they kept us focused on the usual crap ... you know ... like homosexuals marrying or such (which should be a legal right long ago). None of these people give a rats ass about our silly petty hang- ups ... nor do they give a crap about these idiot titles they pawn off on us ... like Joe Six Pack or other crap ... we are fed these things to entertain us and direct our atencion elsewhere ... just like the same sex thing. They will tell us whatever we want to hear. If most American's were "for" SS marriage ... they would have drag queens in photo ops.

John Thain ... former CEO of Merrill Lynch was just fired. Why? because the new merge with Bank of America ... knows what is coming down. They are getting rid of anything and anyone that can be connected in any way with them ... when these folks need folk's to disappear ... they make it happen. Thain was giving out billions in last minute bonuses to associates (employees) just before the merger ... to make the funds disappear ... because they were lining up for a multi billion dollar bite from the taxpayers ... all of this was well calculated ... they all know what is about to come. And everyone is looking to cover their tracks. The only legit people of this crowd was the car makers ... they actually needed the money they were drilled and nit- picked to get.Why do you think they were drilled so hard (auto- makers)?

I could go on and on ... on this ... but for this posting I'll put a lid on it. Basically what we done was pay for a goddamn Angus Steak ... and were served a plate of Barbecue Wings!

PS: The investment banking thing was a clear "make" too ... from at least a few year's back ... How and why? Because American's were being sold loans on every avenue they couldnt afford ... even many American's knew they couldnt ... but we are programmed to think ... that buy now pay later is the American way. You see ... those who put us in these loans knew the law was set up so that even if you lose ... they cant ... in other words ... if you cant pay ... you lose your home for instance ... but they lose nothing cause they're backed and covered ... you're not.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Texas Bored (Board) of Education" (PART 1) ... debates Evolution/Creationism Curriculum ...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... and fellow Texan's asked me a year and more ago ... how did I see this coming ... and that it's ridiculous. Now I say to them ... "It is?". I'll tell you why I seen it coming ... because a couple year's back I seen the building of this new "Intelligent Design" smokescreen being used nationwide ... and Texan's act a little slowly on some thing's ... and I knew there was a Board curriculum review and vote to come ... because this is done every decade. I also been looking at the power shift in the last few year's in Texas ... and watch out republican's ... because Texas is on the verge of becoming a "democrat" state (a few more year's) ... like it was back in the day's of President Johnson and before! All the urban area's ... especially Dallas are now all democrat majority. So the right ... who cling's to the republican party ... feel's the pressure ... and this is their last hope of making their creationist stand ... they feel they finally got an arguement as well. No ... I'm not a goddamn psychic ... I just do what many fail to do ... which is step out of my box for a moment and look at the "entire" picture.

This is supposedly proposed to debate whether to require that weaknesses as well as strength's, be taught in the theory of evolution in high school biology class under new state curriculum standard's for science. Evolution supporter's argue that this is simply trying to open a "back door" to undermine Darwin's Theory and foster teaching thing's like "Creationism/ Intelligent Design" ... I must agree. A board member who is a creationist, dont want creationism taught in class, but say's now ... to drop a "strength and weaknesses" rule ... smack's of censorship ... Hmmmm ... really? I wonder if they were a civil law attorney before a board member?(forgive me ... just a theory) Some on the creationist side also argue ... what's wrong with questioning theories, and telling the truth? ... Okay ... I'll buy that. I have a theory in that case for the creationist's ... which is ... why is there so much controversy over women being priest's and preacher's? In other word's ... I remember a bible story I ran across once ... that when the Nazarene figure Jesus arose from the dead and stood to be witnessed outside his tomb ... he appeared first to women ... and told them to bear witness to what they saw ... and spread the "word" ... sound's to me that Jesus himself ... just appointed women to be preacher's ... does it not? Forgive me ... it's just a theory. :)

C'mon!! Let's cut the crap ... since everyone is looking to tell the truth! Were not the bloody Taliban ... and this isnt a bankrupt Pakistani school district! This is all crapolla! And nothing but a goddamn smokescreen to confuse our children and keep them in a life of doubt and fear! There is no damn reason to start teaching ghost stories in goddamn science class! Kid's learn plenty about that at church function's and at home ... after all ... you right wing parent's are doing your responsibility and teaching the right value's at home ... are you not? You wouldnt want stranger's of the state doing it ... would you?

The "money angle" to this is quite obvious ... and Dr.Eugenie Scott, Anthropologist and Executive Director of the "National Center for Science Education" sum's it up perfectly saying that ... if the Board were to adopt such a requirement, this can lead to textbook's containing pseudoscience and inaccuracies, with publisher's trying to appease the state to get their book's sold in Texas! Would it not? Dont fool yourselves ... of course it would ... do we realize what publisher's would do to sell book's to a school system in a state with 25 million people?

Would this send a message to the nation ... that Texas let's science take a back seat in Texas to politic's? And encourage these right wing control freak's to try similar attempt's in school's nationwide? Dont give us that BS about this is about questioning theories ... you should be questioning some theories in your own bible. I mean ... do you also want to teach your children that the earth is flat? Does it not speak in the bible of the "4 corner's" of the earth? So ... you see my point ... heh?

My point here is not to downplay the bible ... I have enjoyed many bible stories myself over the year's ... and certainly never was against folk's that are of christian faith ... I even think the 10 commandment's have some positive point's ... such as "not coveting your neighbor's wife or good's" why? because it's a point, to keep you from getting your goddamn head blown off! BUT ... teaching this creation theory ... hasnt a damn thing to do with the science world ... period.

What ever the vote turn's out to be ... this will put in place the outcome for the next 10 year's till the next vote. Vote wisely!



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DRIVING/ CELL PHONE USE PROHIBITION: ... Milking that extra Buck you Save on Gas ....

A week or so ago ... the Federal Government was proposing to raise the gas tax by 50%. Yesterday in Washington (monday 12 january 2009), the National Safety Council called for a nationwide ban on cell phone use while driving ... of course ... the cell phone industry opposes it ... but not to stand up for our rights ... but their opposition is to get the money that the government would otherwise get ... let me explain.

First of all ... some of the ban's/ prohibition's should be of no suprise to any of us if you understand how our system work's. Hell ... my Dad was telling me about all these thing's almost 40 year's ago ... and everything he has told me ... well ... came about, or is being worked on at present . And we all know of the traffic distraction's of that person in front of you at the red light ... who doesnt see the light turn green because they are ... well ... yapping away on the phone. Or that person who is in front of you driving across the lines and doing 25mph at the same time in a 45mph zone. But what the bottom line is ... that alot of folk's just have a difficult time doing 2 thing's at once ... and many are not that good of driver's to begin with. I am a very good driver, mucho experience, dont have wreck's, can stop on a dime, and probably drove enough miles to go back and forth to the moon a couple times and some.

Look ... there hasnt been a day ... where I dont have to toot my horn to get that person yapping at the light to get the lead out of their ass ... or to wake up the person driving too slow and slowing down the flow. But ... I must stand strong against the ban of cell phone use while driving ... a couple sub- division's in the Dallas area already do this. We get more and more regulated ... while those who govern and dictate to us ... get less and less regulated ... is that it? I use my cell as well ... when I am driving ... most of my call's are only a minute or so ... because I dont"chat" ... and dont like talking on the phone to begin with for long length's, unless absolutely necessary. If I have a call that will take some time ... I will pull over somewhere. I do this on my own ... not because I am programmed to do so, or fear the mighty government. It's called "disciplinary consideration".

We are alwayz told that all of this that is imposed on us is for our own good, and it's the "safe, sensible, and responsible" thing to do. As for me ... dont feed me your damn weak stupidity about what is for my own good ... when you cant even control your own bowel's! Or it's the crap of ... "think of the children" ... screw all that crap ... they dont give a damn about your children either ... if they did ... they wouldnt take this country down a destructive path for our children to inherit!

This is all about milking another buck out of folk's. They say that cell phone related accident's have an annual cost of $43 billion ... Good!!! ... because their probably drawing 5x times that amount in premium's! Were saving that extra buck on gas ... and public transport ridership is up ... and they all know it ... so they can fine the crap out of you for these "new evil's" they created ... and the opposition ... in this case the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunication's/ Internet Association) can oppose it and ask for "education" over "legislation" to sell class room hour's to you where they get the biggest chunk of the revenue to have you take classes on the wrong's of using a cell while driving.

What in Hell are we? Adult's or babies? What in Hell do we need next? Someone to hug us when we cry? ... Geeeeezzz! There are a whole list of other thing's that can distract us when we are driving as well ... should we prohibit all of them too? Give me a break Mate!


Friday, January 9, 2009

BART cop kill's man in Oakland PART 1: .... Oak Cliff man kill's cop in Dallas... (OSCAR GRANT PT.1)

As they say..."It's a jungle out there"...and as everyone coast to coast know's...riot's have broken out in Oakland(CA). I use the word "kill" in both these instances...because from what I simply just look's like murder to me. You have a man handcuffed behind his back forced face down and totally subdued to where the officer's are in NO DANGER ... this is clear EXECUTION/ MURDER ... the victim here is a kid named Oscar Grant.



New Year's Day in the City of Oakland...a BART Transit Officer shot and killed a 22 year old Hayward man...while the man was face down on the pavement in a subway station and handcuffed...subdued by at least 2 other officer's..a 3rd officer Johannes Mehserle pull's his gun and shoot's the man killing him..several video's were shot of it to be observed.

A few day's later in Dallas'Oak Cliff (a section of Dallas just south of downtown)
Gang Unit Sr.Cpl.Norm Smith(DPD)is serving a warrant on a felony assault suspect and is greeted at the door by a man who shoot's Officer Smith in the face...killing him. In Dallas...shooting cop's certainly is not rare. The man who killed Officer Smith is 26 year old Charles Patrick custody and charged with capital murder.

The video's of DPD officer shot, show then Asst Chief David Brown .... who is now Chief David Brown .... a year later (this update is posted July 13, 2010) and his son, also a police officer was just killed himself a couple week's ago in a Dallas suburb .

Working the street's in a large city can be a little rough at times...on officer's or on banger's(gang's)...just like working an inner city subway station. I worked security at night on the street in a nightclub see a few violent break out's and get confronted from time to time...having to deal with it, and many times the person inciting the violence is intoxicated. I also worked as a doorman part time when I was younger at a punk/hardcore club...that was pretty smooth...and you alway's had girl's flirting with you...because they wanted free entry, but there were a couple times where a "skin"(skinhead)would get a little loud or rough from one too many drinx or similar....most were all tuckered out after slam dancing all night in the mosh pit.

Riot's broke out in Oakland...while in Dallas...DPD officer's broke out in tear's..
especially Officer Smith's wife...who is also a DPD officer.Why did riot's break out in Oakland? Because the city did not respond quick enough or adequately in an area that has had far too much unfair relation's with the city and police...many of these folk's live around violence..and so it is common to act violent...but busting up businesses and property of your own community get's you no damn where. Why did so many DPD have tear's of Officer Smith's killing...because murdered/and shot cop's in Dallas has become fairly frequent in this city...just the officer's dont riot.

The man who shot Officer Smith in Dallas clearly committed murder..without doubt. The BART Officer in Oakland clearly commited murder looking at the video..and this Officer in Oakland should be charged with such. Expert's viewing the video in Oakland say they may speculate that the officer was reaching for his taser. I've held a taser and a gun...I personally feel the difference.The man in the subway handcuffed and held face down by officer's was clearly no life or death threat to the officer's.You are well trained how to handle a suspect that has been subdued and in custody...shooting the suspect is not in the matter how high your adrenaline is pumping.

PS: Thursday night 08january2009...a candlelight vigil was held for Officer Norm Smith. Never had this many who were just from the community showed at a vigil for a fallen officer. But Officer Smith made a huge impact in the especially South Dallas. The most emotional testimony came from former gang member's that he not only collared/busted...but helped to change their lives. It was gang member's who gave him his nickname that everyone called him... the "White Russian". Ex-offender's and gang member's lined the street wearing gang designed t-shirt's with his name and memory on them.Officer Smith was an 18 year veteran...serving 14 year's on DPD Gang Unit.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Mortgaging of USA: ... And the "Global Economic Transition" to come ...

Even though the important mainstream news of the day is "Evil Israeli's attack kiddies in Gaza school's" ... or "Oprah Winfrey's new diet without staying quiet". I wanted to write about the "transition" that is to come as far as global economic's, what we may expect in the next few year's ... and the unfortunate action's of mortgaging America right now. And I barely know where the Hell to start ... because I could write pages on this crap. But the bottom line is what I have posted about this before ... that this MUST come about. Do most of us like it? Hell no! But there are many thing's in life that we will not like ... that we MUST do to continue to change and adjust as we evolve.

I have wrote on more than one occasion of the hardship's that will come over the next few year's ... but yet I say that also thing's are going to get much brighter as well. It sound's like I am speaking out of both sides of my mouth ... I know. But the bottom line is ... the failure of some economies and crashes of market's is what will transcend into a new economic boom ... look at the long term ... instead of the short to see what is going on here. So it is important to not let the downturn discourage you, look at what will come of it in the longrun.

We dont want to mortgage America ... but understand we already had ... period. And if we didnt do it now ... we would have eventually had to ... as I posted earlier ... the sooner we get these thing's to pass ... the better off we will be. Understand ... that tradition alway's changes as well ... and America has been a cornerstone of modern change. No nation is an island anymore ... today's market/ economic's are too interdependent on each other ... and America is a "key" player in the new global market ... Hell ... we damn near wrote the book on today's capitalism and free market! National security is more important than ever now as well ... this is all protected by keeping the constitution alive and strong and democracy ... and even democracy itself as we know it will have to have modification's in an increasing delicate global interdependent society. New technologies to come may make some of feel like our privacy is being violated, but we will learn how to change and adjust to needed reform's as well ... and also enjoy new benefit's that will come as well.

We need not worry because the communist Chinese have so much vested here ... they wont try to impose communism any more here then they did when they got back Hong Kong from the Brit's. Besides ... China is going to have domestic problem's of their own that will be detrimental socially because of this transition in their homeland amongst themselves ... to where ... communism will also not work for them in the longrun ... they will also have to look out for us ... because they will have so much vested interest's here. Other new third world player's will even invest here ... this will create job's domestically and production and export. The new green energies will be also a big market to come ... and alot will be done right here in America!

All we are seeing now is the new economic transition taking place ... and all this will stabilize soon ... once we figure out how to adjust to it ... then we will be on our way. In the meantime ... these new alliances financially will have so much at stake and invested ... it will help us all on the new battles we will have to come from these radical religious movement's and their act's of terror ... because together ... we will shut them all down once and for all ... all ... in time. They will grow and look strong in the next few year's ... but dont be fooled like them ... they will dissolve. Besides ... we will have to face new opposition's in the future ... because of another transition that will come as we evolve to the next level of being. Stay alert ... and defensive ... and we will be fine.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

DAY 2 of 2009: ...and our Federal Milker's already want Another Nipple! ....

We were only our 2nd day into the New Year ... and a federal commission is already putting the "bite" on American's for another tax rate hike on gas of 50% ... to work on road's and bridges.

First of all ... alot of American's are getting a little sick and tired of this crap. Every time we get to save a dollar or two ... some other SOB has their hand in front of us needing it! What would the bloody world do without us hard working American's to feed their monetary need's? They say we work more hour's and are more productive than any other nation ... Hell ... we probably shell out more damn money than any other nation as well! We spend/ borrow like there is no tomorrow ... work till were all tuckered out ... drink high priced energy drink's to make us work harder or other "good drug's" ... add another 5"inches to our waistline from cramming more food in our mouth when we have the time ... add 10 year's to our age from too much work and not enough leisure ... and add thousand's of more in debt to our account's.

Then to top it off ... we alway's get presented with some NEW package of crap that is supposed to be for our own benefit, by folk's who claim that they have values for our families ... yet lack any value of our families.

2nd of all ... we have gave enough! And this low gas price we have is no reason to ask for the saving's we been getting the last few month's! We have gave 100's of billion's already to "not" enter a recession and lose 100's of 1000's of more job's, and less than a month after we give it ... we are in a recession and lost 100's of 1000's of more job's ... hour cutback's ... wage cutback's ... and on and on. We bail out the investment banker's ... who leave our small banker's we use in the dust. We bail out the auto industry ... who want's us also to buy more of their car's yet take deeper pay and benefit cut's. We spend an arm instead of an arm and a leg for Christmas, and the retailer's decide they will lay off a million or so in the next year for doing so ... where does this crap end? Now this federal commission want's a 50% gas tax increase ... GO TO HELL! (nor are our current gas prices guaranteed in America!)

The new administration will present a stimulus package to work on creating job's in infrastructure ... which will include road's and bridges! And a package that if it is true and approved is way past due in my opinion! This is the United States of America, not bloody New York City ... who just raped it's citizen's with new taxes that will tax every damn thing you do ... whether it's a luxury or a necessity, even a cup of coffee or a soda drink. I still have family in New York and my heart goes out to them.

American's are fed up with this garbage ... period ... and if your whining that we have cut back on our spending ... you aint seen nothing yet! Because we dont really need your goddamn leadership, nor your mass import's of discount crap to buy ... we will learn more and more that we can do more for ourselves than ya'll think we can ... or try to make us think we can do. Ya'll want more money? Go to a damn faith based group and ask them or pray ... like you tell us to do when we are in need!


New Years Resolution's.....Do they work?.....

Seem's like I hear alot of folk's around me every New Year that alway's have a list of thing's that they will get done for the New Year. I knew alot of folk's that have went on diet's, quit smoking, quit drugs/ drinking, what have you, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) I wonder if folk's sometimes like pedophiles tell themselves they are going to quit molesting kiddies for the New Year? {: )

But all crap aside ... personally speaking ... I never made a New Year's resolution once in my entire life ... never quit a damn thing that I recall or made plan's to, never was born again ... or sought out spiritual guidance, say I wouldnt do this or that on a certain date or next year, be a new person, or nothing I can recall. So I dont know if any of this would work for me or not. Not that I dont have goal's or challenges ... Hell ... I have as many challenges as the next person. I guess I just deal with them as they come up. I do know if I set out to do something ... I never BS myself No#1 ... I actually do whatever I say I am going to do ... which sometimes were thing's that were not in my best interest ... but ... what the Hell ... you live and learn ... heh?

But just folk's that I see daily in life ... most have these resolution's that they take on the beginning of every New Year ... so if it work's for you ... DO IT! I reckon I'm one of them spontaneous type fella's ... that just jump's up and does thing's at the moment ... just for the Hell of it.

I know one thing ... I wish some of those that we pay on Capitalism Hill (Capitol Hill) would make some damn New Year's resolution's on the crap they dish out to us over and over ... and get a little more action ... especially on domestic issue's.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

NEW YEARS DAY 2009 ... and all I can think is ... "The END must be NEAR" : ) (THE END MUST BE NEAR PT.1)

Jack Van Impe: Time Bomb 2000 Ad ... Thanx to MELISH99

New Years Greeting's to anyone sober enough to read this.

NO THIS IS NOT A DREAM ... we are actually in 2009ce/ ad ... Thank God we made it for another year of lying, cheating, financial and political misery, getting cornholed by the church, the state, and the corporation's ... for those of us who are die-hard masochist's ... it dont get any better! :)

It's also a day every year that I cant help to think of a couple of my favorite spiritual messenger's ... Rev. Jerry Falwell (RIP) and Rev. Jack Van Impe the master of "Thou shall not bear false witness". (ole Jack is in trouble). I mean ... I recall back in 1999 when ole Rev. Jack "FlapJack" Van Impe was telling us he was supposed to give us a message from the Almighty ... that 2000 was going to be the end of the world and the computer's were going to shut us down as well ... and other crap that slip's my mind as I write this. What made me wonder about ole brother Jack at the time and his sincerity was he was selling a video pack of this apocalypse along with some easy read ... and he had a layaway/ payment plan to pay it off on your credit card ... you know ..."4 or 5 easy installment's" crapolla. I wanted to buy ... but then I thought to myself ... "Well Hell ... according to brother Jack ... if I bought these on the payment plan he has drawn out ... he wont be able to collect his money ... because the last couple payment's would be scheduled for 2000 ... and it will be all over?!" Jerry Falwell ... and some other's had similar crap to sell.

I am expecting to hear alot more in the next few year's ... since the Mayan calendar stop's 2012 CE/ AD ... why it stop's? Hell ... I dont know! ... maybe they ran out of ballpoint pen's and recycled paper! Maybe they just wanted to have a little fun ... and thinking ... they will end it ... so we all who read it in the future will get scared and crap on ourselves thinking the end of the world was here. But no doubt ... this should sell some copies in the next few year's ... no telling what it will get twisted into when the paranoia expert's get done with it!

But ...... what the Hell ... it's all in good fun ...heh?