Saturday, January 3, 2009

DAY 2 of 2009: ...and our Federal Milker's already want Another Nipple! ....

We were only our 2nd day into the New Year ... and a federal commission is already putting the "bite" on American's for another tax rate hike on gas of 50% ... to work on road's and bridges.

First of all ... alot of American's are getting a little sick and tired of this crap. Every time we get to save a dollar or two ... some other SOB has their hand in front of us needing it! What would the bloody world do without us hard working American's to feed their monetary need's? They say we work more hour's and are more productive than any other nation ... Hell ... we probably shell out more damn money than any other nation as well! We spend/ borrow like there is no tomorrow ... work till were all tuckered out ... drink high priced energy drink's to make us work harder or other "good drug's" ... add another 5"inches to our waistline from cramming more food in our mouth when we have the time ... add 10 year's to our age from too much work and not enough leisure ... and add thousand's of more in debt to our account's.

Then to top it off ... we alway's get presented with some NEW package of crap that is supposed to be for our own benefit, by folk's who claim that they have values for our families ... yet lack any value of our families.

2nd of all ... we have gave enough! And this low gas price we have is no reason to ask for the saving's we been getting the last few month's! We have gave 100's of billion's already to "not" enter a recession and lose 100's of 1000's of more job's, and less than a month after we give it ... we are in a recession and lost 100's of 1000's of more job's ... hour cutback's ... wage cutback's ... and on and on. We bail out the investment banker's ... who leave our small banker's we use in the dust. We bail out the auto industry ... who want's us also to buy more of their car's yet take deeper pay and benefit cut's. We spend an arm instead of an arm and a leg for Christmas, and the retailer's decide they will lay off a million or so in the next year for doing so ... where does this crap end? Now this federal commission want's a 50% gas tax increase ... GO TO HELL! (nor are our current gas prices guaranteed in America!)

The new administration will present a stimulus package to work on creating job's in infrastructure ... which will include road's and bridges! And a package that if it is true and approved is way past due in my opinion! This is the United States of America, not bloody New York City ... who just raped it's citizen's with new taxes that will tax every damn thing you do ... whether it's a luxury or a necessity, even a cup of coffee or a soda drink. I still have family in New York and my heart goes out to them.

American's are fed up with this garbage ... period ... and if your whining that we have cut back on our spending ... you aint seen nothing yet! Because we dont really need your goddamn leadership, nor your mass import's of discount crap to buy ... we will learn more and more that we can do more for ourselves than ya'll think we can ... or try to make us think we can do. Ya'll want more money? Go to a damn faith based group and ask them or pray ... like you tell us to do when we are in need!


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