Friday, January 9, 2009

BART cop kill's man in Oakland PART 1: .... Oak Cliff man kill's cop in Dallas... (OSCAR GRANT PT.1)

As they say..."It's a jungle out there"...and as everyone coast to coast know's...riot's have broken out in Oakland(CA). I use the word "kill" in both these instances...because from what I simply just look's like murder to me. You have a man handcuffed behind his back forced face down and totally subdued to where the officer's are in NO DANGER ... this is clear EXECUTION/ MURDER ... the victim here is a kid named Oscar Grant.



New Year's Day in the City of Oakland...a BART Transit Officer shot and killed a 22 year old Hayward man...while the man was face down on the pavement in a subway station and handcuffed...subdued by at least 2 other officer's..a 3rd officer Johannes Mehserle pull's his gun and shoot's the man killing him..several video's were shot of it to be observed.

A few day's later in Dallas'Oak Cliff (a section of Dallas just south of downtown)
Gang Unit Sr.Cpl.Norm Smith(DPD)is serving a warrant on a felony assault suspect and is greeted at the door by a man who shoot's Officer Smith in the face...killing him. In Dallas...shooting cop's certainly is not rare. The man who killed Officer Smith is 26 year old Charles Patrick custody and charged with capital murder.

The video's of DPD officer shot, show then Asst Chief David Brown .... who is now Chief David Brown .... a year later (this update is posted July 13, 2010) and his son, also a police officer was just killed himself a couple week's ago in a Dallas suburb .

Working the street's in a large city can be a little rough at times...on officer's or on banger's(gang's)...just like working an inner city subway station. I worked security at night on the street in a nightclub see a few violent break out's and get confronted from time to time...having to deal with it, and many times the person inciting the violence is intoxicated. I also worked as a doorman part time when I was younger at a punk/hardcore club...that was pretty smooth...and you alway's had girl's flirting with you...because they wanted free entry, but there were a couple times where a "skin"(skinhead)would get a little loud or rough from one too many drinx or similar....most were all tuckered out after slam dancing all night in the mosh pit.

Riot's broke out in Oakland...while in Dallas...DPD officer's broke out in tear's..
especially Officer Smith's wife...who is also a DPD officer.Why did riot's break out in Oakland? Because the city did not respond quick enough or adequately in an area that has had far too much unfair relation's with the city and police...many of these folk's live around violence..and so it is common to act violent...but busting up businesses and property of your own community get's you no damn where. Why did so many DPD have tear's of Officer Smith's killing...because murdered/and shot cop's in Dallas has become fairly frequent in this city...just the officer's dont riot.

The man who shot Officer Smith in Dallas clearly committed murder..without doubt. The BART Officer in Oakland clearly commited murder looking at the video..and this Officer in Oakland should be charged with such. Expert's viewing the video in Oakland say they may speculate that the officer was reaching for his taser. I've held a taser and a gun...I personally feel the difference.The man in the subway handcuffed and held face down by officer's was clearly no life or death threat to the officer's.You are well trained how to handle a suspect that has been subdued and in custody...shooting the suspect is not in the matter how high your adrenaline is pumping.

PS: Thursday night 08january2009...a candlelight vigil was held for Officer Norm Smith. Never had this many who were just from the community showed at a vigil for a fallen officer. But Officer Smith made a huge impact in the especially South Dallas. The most emotional testimony came from former gang member's that he not only collared/busted...but helped to change their lives. It was gang member's who gave him his nickname that everyone called him... the "White Russian". Ex-offender's and gang member's lined the street wearing gang designed t-shirt's with his name and memory on them.Officer Smith was an 18 year veteran...serving 14 year's on DPD Gang Unit.


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