Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Texas Bored (Board) of Education" (PART 1) ... debates Evolution/Creationism Curriculum ...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... and fellow Texan's asked me a year and more ago ... how did I see this coming ... and that it's ridiculous. Now I say to them ... "It is?". I'll tell you why I seen it coming ... because a couple year's back I seen the building of this new "Intelligent Design" smokescreen being used nationwide ... and Texan's act a little slowly on some thing's ... and I knew there was a Board curriculum review and vote to come ... because this is done every decade. I also been looking at the power shift in the last few year's in Texas ... and watch out republican's ... because Texas is on the verge of becoming a "democrat" state (a few more year's) ... like it was back in the day's of President Johnson and before! All the urban area's ... especially Dallas are now all democrat majority. So the right ... who cling's to the republican party ... feel's the pressure ... and this is their last hope of making their creationist stand ... they feel they finally got an arguement as well. No ... I'm not a goddamn psychic ... I just do what many fail to do ... which is step out of my box for a moment and look at the "entire" picture.

This is supposedly proposed to debate whether to require that weaknesses as well as strength's, be taught in the theory of evolution in high school biology class under new state curriculum standard's for science. Evolution supporter's argue that this is simply trying to open a "back door" to undermine Darwin's Theory and foster teaching thing's like "Creationism/ Intelligent Design" ... I must agree. A board member who is a creationist, dont want creationism taught in class, but say's now ... to drop a "strength and weaknesses" rule ... smack's of censorship ... Hmmmm ... really? I wonder if they were a civil law attorney before a board member?(forgive me ... just a theory) Some on the creationist side also argue ... what's wrong with questioning theories, and telling the truth? ... Okay ... I'll buy that. I have a theory in that case for the creationist's ... which is ... why is there so much controversy over women being priest's and preacher's? In other word's ... I remember a bible story I ran across once ... that when the Nazarene figure Jesus arose from the dead and stood to be witnessed outside his tomb ... he appeared first to women ... and told them to bear witness to what they saw ... and spread the "word" ... sound's to me that Jesus himself ... just appointed women to be preacher's ... does it not? Forgive me ... it's just a theory. :)

C'mon!! Let's cut the crap ... since everyone is looking to tell the truth! Were not the bloody Taliban ... and this isnt a bankrupt Pakistani school district! This is all crapolla! And nothing but a goddamn smokescreen to confuse our children and keep them in a life of doubt and fear! There is no damn reason to start teaching ghost stories in goddamn science class! Kid's learn plenty about that at church function's and at home ... after all ... you right wing parent's are doing your responsibility and teaching the right value's at home ... are you not? You wouldnt want stranger's of the state doing it ... would you?

The "money angle" to this is quite obvious ... and Dr.Eugenie Scott, Anthropologist and Executive Director of the "National Center for Science Education" sum's it up perfectly saying that ... if the Board were to adopt such a requirement, this can lead to textbook's containing pseudoscience and inaccuracies, with publisher's trying to appease the state to get their book's sold in Texas! Would it not? Dont fool yourselves ... of course it would ... do we realize what publisher's would do to sell book's to a school system in a state with 25 million people?

Would this send a message to the nation ... that Texas let's science take a back seat in Texas to politic's? And encourage these right wing control freak's to try similar attempt's in school's nationwide? Dont give us that BS about this is about questioning theories ... you should be questioning some theories in your own bible. I mean ... do you also want to teach your children that the earth is flat? Does it not speak in the bible of the "4 corner's" of the earth? So ... you see my point ... heh?

My point here is not to downplay the bible ... I have enjoyed many bible stories myself over the year's ... and certainly never was against folk's that are of christian faith ... I even think the 10 commandment's have some positive point's ... such as "not coveting your neighbor's wife or good's" why? because it's a point, to keep you from getting your goddamn head blown off! BUT ... teaching this creation theory ... hasnt a damn thing to do with the science world ... period.

What ever the vote turn's out to be ... this will put in place the outcome for the next 10 year's till the next vote. Vote wisely!



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