Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gun Right's ... Judge Sotomayor ... and THINKING for YOURSELF ....

What inspire's this post is a conversation I had with a fella I know in a rural area west of Dallas yesterday, over American's right's being trampled, etc. Along with some other folk's that I have talked with about this. First ... let me say ... RELAX some. Yes ... I realize that right's are sometime's in question to folk's ... Hell ... my dad told me all this crap some 4 decades ago. The fact is ... that we are American's ... we have had more freedom than most for year's ... it is genetic you can say ... heh, heh, heh ... by now. And the reason only for all this sudden concern ... is only because of a sour economy, lay-off's, a few higher urban crime stat's and a few oddball shooting's/ killing's ... which are all connected in a remote way, simply a reaction to the time's is all. Nothing to get bent out of shape over. But so much for the sweet talk ... and let me get onto my goddamn job here! :)

This fella is warning me that I dont know Sotomayor from what I posted a couple post's ago ... and the threat she may be to gun right's, etc. Look ... I have been reading up on the gal ... and also I read about much of the controversy over her view on gun right's before I even posted that... okay? I appreciate the concern... No, I havent lost my mind ... and sometime's I wonder if some of ya'll may be too!? :) I am not going to get into every little detail I read about the Judicial nominee, but YES ... I DO know of thing's like her 2004 opinion that she joined that the "The right to possess a gun is clearly not a fundamental right". Look ... we can pick apart these nominee's all we want ... on this ruling or that ruling or what have you till your biting your damn nail's! Look ... you know what the goddamn 2nd amendment say's ... it is clear! I dont care how a bunch of bureaucrat's dissect it, bottom line is ... it say's what it say's. That's all that concern's me.

And I know the arguement's of folk's like Rush Limbaugh ... "Rush say's this ... Rush say's that ... etc ... " Heh, heh, heh ... Rush is entertaining ... but that's as far as it goes ... worry like him ... and you'll end up like him! I mean ... I seen Rush confront a public audience for instance year's ago ... face to face ... he was confronted by a fella face to face who was some geek looking guy ... half his size ... yelling in his face over some crap ... Rush backed down like a coward ... and took off for the stage ... I mean ... most folk's with any damn self respect would give that punk a tongue lashing at least ... or if he was any bigger and more threatening ... a slug! I like Rush's insulting humor for a laugh ... but he's not the kind of fella I would want making decision's for me if we were walking down a dark alley in a bad part of town ... or sharing a cell in the house of correction's or in a foxhole if you get my drift ... Geeez ... the guy is an entertainer for Pete's sake! And he get's a great deal of atencion and many listener's, and a great sale's pitch, but that's it.

Look ... your an American ... you know your damn right's ... are you all of the sudden going to let some stuffed suit tell you what in Hell you can do? Especially something you've done all your damn life? And something that harm's no one ... and is only if anything a service to your communities of protecting your neighbor's and families and country? It's not just your right ... if you love your peoples, family and country ... it's a goddamn obligation! As much or even more than fighting for some disrespectful middle eastern countries freedom on foreign soil ... that have no regard for us or our families, culture, or our flag! Wake up man!!

I thank the government for all their concern and effort's ... but dont worry about us ... we KNOW how to think for ourselve's, at least it's our nature despite ya'll's passive rhetoric and what have you. And if ya'll cant truely lead ... and focus on the need's of us who elect you and pay you these inflated salaries ... then step to the side ... we have plenty of our own who can lead! So dont worry about us ... just do ya'll's job ... and take one of them 3 hour lunch break's and discuss what color tie's ya'll are gonna wear next session or whatever. Or what insurgency group you will pay off next to be our friend's, if they stop picking on our troop's or other weasel crap ya'll do in the name of defense ... half of ya'll are a pathetic excuse for a strong American in my opinion! Hell ... some of ya'll couldnt lead a group of underage Girl Scout troop's without feeding them too a pack of lies to succeed.

I met a young man not long ago ... who is 22 year's old ... a part time student and full time worker ... a very independent and strong young man I may add. He told me of a new automatic assault rifle he just bought online that took .22LR ammo (smart and cheap too!) for only $200 buck's for his collection. He knew what the 2nd amendment say's ... he know's how to think for himself ... he didnt need to contact some bureaucrat to get a "rule book" ... or get a liscense ... or check with his church or anyone else ... he just simply bought it. Now whether someone in Washington think's he should have it ... or think's he should modify it in some way to not function as it was constructed to ... I frankly dont think he give's a rat's ass. He can think fine for himself.

Enough said ....

Friday, May 29, 2009

"Global Warming" or "Humanity" .... which will work quicker ... and more efficiently? .... is this a "Silent Crisis"? ...

What inspire's this posting is a report I was reading this morning out of CNN London. The report was about a "Silent Crisis" ... and much was contributed by "Global Humanitarian Forum" President,former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan". Now I know this is not as important to many as say.... wondering what other's are doing in their sex lives, or what the reality tele familia "Jon and Kate" are argueing over at the dinner table ... or how much more money does our banking god's need from us the next quarter to feel comfortable with their "capital worth", and what year they will be able to start once again robbing us with inflated loan's and interest rate's or whatever other scheme's they have planned for us.However ... if these scientist's are even remotely close to what they predict, we all better be concerned with what is to come... you can find out plenty of info on this at the click of a few key's on the internet, with the help of a "true" blessing.."Google".

Let me start with some finding's and studies of scientist's and expert's here. Some of these folk's see what they term as a "Silent Crisis". They estimate that 300,000 live's are lost each year to malnutrition,diarrhea,and malaria... and that 99% of the countries that are impacted are developing countries that are estimated to have contributed less than 1% of the world's total carbon emission's. Those developing countries of coarse will suffer the worst of this storm. A storm....where it is estimated 300 million are vulnerable to, and a figure that will most likely double at that by 2030. Annan say's that ..."Climate Change is the greatest emerging humanitarian challenge". Of these 300,000 lives a year that are victim to this... 9 out of 10 death's are related to "Gradual Enviromental Degradation", also these death's outnumber direct fatalities from weather-related disaster's. The report also conclude's that "The suffering documented in this report is only the beginning" and a rise of only 2 degree's it say's "would be catastrophic". Now some may say this is simply "doom and gloom" talk... and for all I know, since I am not a scientist, it certainly could be. However...I must wonder.... what would be the "motive" for such? I dont buy the idea that the enviromentalist's either just want to shut down industry and see the economic repercussion's of chaos from the masses, I believe personally that much of this is a warning that we should feel blessed to have... and wake up to the possibilities of what may result from our greed and action's and failure's to not give the needed attention to a possible crisis that will effect the human species and every other species of the earth much more than anything we have experienced, or our science fiction stories can entertain us with.

Many of humanity feel no problem with raping and destroying nature, since nature has not been able to directly confront us yet with the penalties of such lack of concern. After all.... many folk's believe that they are "special",the pinnacle of universal knowledge and intelligence, and that something greater than us is watching out for us... no matter what we do...because we are so loved, so we are forgiven for any damn thing we do anyway's... the universe evolve's around us in other word's is more or less the mentality of many. I have to disagree ... I dont think the earth would suffer at all with out any of our species left... actually... I think from what we displayed of ourselve's by "choice"... it would do far better than with us.

I can also not wonder if any of this even remotely materialize's as these expert's and scientist's think may... what will be the reaction of the masses, especially the poorer number's which greatly outnumber the rest, when they are hit stronger with these problem's... and economic effect's of falling food production... and the inflation as well because of such of food price's? Will folk's just sit back and pray? Or just do what their told? Wait in line to die? I dont feel that is likely myself ... I feel that because of their nature... they will retaliate, fight, and possibly come for the throat's of other's who rule and dictate to some fashion... perhap's even if it became necessary, feast off of the flesh of those. Ask yourself ... is it our nature to just roll over and line up to die without a fight?

Enough said..........

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day... a moment of thought and respect....

This space and post is in memory of those who laid their live's on the line to defend us and our democracy ... and unfortunately paid the price that is the ultimate price to any human.

I reckon it's important to never forget... without these folk's... we sure as hell wouldnt be as far as we are... and able to sit on our soft asses, stuff our face's,relentlessly whine,and enjoy a life that many around the globe envy us for.

Ya'll who served are heroes ... that's for sure......

Saturday, May 23, 2009

German Brothel's create their own ....."Economical Stimulus Package" (STIMULUS PACKAGE PT.2)

What inspire's this posting actually was all the whining I heard month's ago out of folk's like Joe Francis who is the CEO of "Girl's Gone Wild" ... a pop culture type of adult DVD serie's, which basically consist's of drunk coed's acting silly and posing in various erotic position's and such, actually quite lame ... but if that's your cup of tea ... to each their own. Then you have Larry Flynt's "Hustler" production's also whining to the Federal Government with GGW for $5 billion dollar's of our tax money to bail them all out... as I posted about Thursday January 09,2009.

As I have mentioned before on this ..."everybody feel's the pinch, in this economy .." and any branch of the entertainment industry is no exception! But to bail any of these overpaid pansies out is stupid!

I was reading about the sex/brothel industry for instance in Germany... a business that generate's $18 billion annually, that pay quite a hefty fee in taxes to Germany. Instead of whining to the German Government ... the brothel's decided to be innovative and see what they can do for their country,instead of what their country will do for them(as JFK said).

Karin Ahrens ... manager of the "Yes,Sir" brothel in Hanover for instance say's that client's are tighter than ever right now in this economy ... and even though her business has seen about a 30% drop in business... many brothel's are seeing up to a 50% drop. She said it's so tight ...that you simply cant charge no more for the "extra's", alot of pressure to cut price's, and "special promotion's" are needed.

Some of their economic stimulus includes .... price cut's,free shuttle buses, discount's for senior's and taxi driver's,and day passes,fetish and group special's, and just whatever need's to be done to be more creative in their marketing strategies. But not whining to the German taxpayer's like some of these clown's I mentioned above, who do nothing but dictate for lame, boring film's to be cut, then whine to the tax payer's that they need money! These folk's in Germany really work their asses off in the trenches!You dont hear them whining!And their getting result's... the old fashioned way ... by doing something.

Congratulation's to folk's like Karin Ahrens and associates on their innovative marketing and patriotism!



Friday, May 22, 2009

MATTHEW SEGAL ... American Patriot and Hero ... and the "Millennial Generation" ...

What inspire's this posting is the year's of disgust/ contempt that I have had for these pop- culture phrases that constantly are used every time some special interest want's to propose legislation to tax us more or tighten our right's ... and using the now classic phrase that they are doing it for the kid's ... the over-selfishness and hypocrisy of our politic's and society is shameful! We should be grateful the young just dont flush us all down the goddamn toilet! The fact is ... we do not a damn thing for the kid's ... but create more misery for them in most of our action's, so save the BS for some gullible sap who buy's it.

It is this reason why I see Matthew Segal ... as a patriot and American hero. Mr.Segal is the Co- Chair of "80 Million Strong" and involved with other organization's such as "Student's Association of Voter Empowerment" ... the same young American's that I was cheering on to vote for this current President ... the "unsung heroes" in many cases, who protested in the trenches and put their neck's on the line, clashing with police at place's like the Republican National Convention in 2008.

The name "80 Million Strong" is appropriate as well. These are those American's born between 1980 and 2000 ... many in this age group are also those who have their asses in the trenches of these manufactured corporate and religious political war's, that we have to play game's with. Mr.Segal and his associate's will summit this July to propose/ create legislation on the Hill to strengthen building momentum for young American's to build and establish a more secure future with better economic's.

The fact's are ... according to folk's like the "US Bureau of Labor Statistics" at least ... is that 15.5% of American's between the ages of 16- 24 are unemployed and have an uninsured rate of 30%, which is the highest of any age group.And of those who are employed ... many are paid wage's that are not a fair living wage with no insurance ... and no retirement. Understand that also ... 87% of these have a High School Diploma ... 30% of those have Bachelor's Degree's or better. This "millennial generation" is the most widely educated and technologically adept demographic in our history. And the "value" of this education has been in decline since 2000. I cant begin to count how many times I have listened to folk's with these credential's in this age group say that they are barely earning a living wage ... and the 10's of thousand's they are in debt on credit from while earning their degree's ... having to pay for rent, food, book's, etc., all on credit card's .... card's which are pushed to them at an early age ... that leave's them also vulnerable to the schlew of predatory lender's out there that breed in this country like rabbit's! The average debt for an undergrad in this nation is $27K. This is also a national embarrassment to be frank.

As I have said time again in previous post's ... we need not worry much about the petro industry or the sales of SUV's and extended cab pick- up's or the other industries that have been sure money maker's for us for decade's ... because our biggest industries to come ... and really big money maker's will be thing's like these green technologies. You dont see folk's like Texas oil tycoon T.Boone Pickens standing in line to buy GMAC stock, or buying in the investment banker's bundle of bunk mortgages and such, or investing in China's one per week new coal plant's. He's no dummy is why, he's throwing alot into wind farm's though, and any ground drilling is for natural gas ... which even current vehicle's in operation can be EASILY converted over to ... the oil companies certainly wont tell you that though, or even folk's like General Motors!, or half these politician's ... because they want us to depend on foreign oil ... including "drill baby drill" herself ... Sarah Palin!

These of this 1980- 2000 generation are the one's who need more support than the rest of us on finding them good paying job's ... these are the people who will be protecting the old ... and the right's of American's and assuring worker's stability and fairness when it will be needed to keep our nation in the top categories of progress. They are the bold and innovative solution's of the future for all of us. The new entrepreneur's, diplomat's, and leader's that will take us to higher horizon's. They have been equally ignored by our media and politician's as well as even many of us for too long. This is the reality.

Congratulation's to Mr.Segal and Associates ....


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lt.Col.Yvonne Bradley .... an American Patriot .....

What inspire's this posting is the attention recently around U.S.Air Force Reservist and Counselor at Law Lt.Col.Yvonne Bradley, who is currently assigned to counsel former terror suspect and Guantanamo detainee Binyam(Ben)Mohamed ...the Ethiopian native who sought asylum in 1994 in the U.K. Mr.Mohamed was taken into U.S. custody in Pakistan April 2002 as a terror suspect... and claim's that he was tortured in custody...not in the USA...although by U.S. military and CIA...but in Guantanamo,Cuba...Pakistan and Morocco.

When Bradley was first assigned to defend Mohamed and went to meet with him... she said there was a little hesitation or fear on her part... since she was briefed before hand... that what she was to meet was the worst of the worst as far as terror suspect's are concerned ... and Bradley had previously defended folk's that included a serial killer and also death row inmate's at that.When her and Mohamed met... she was suprised to find out he was more frightened of her...than her of him ... and who can blame Mohamed if you believe his story? I myself do believe Mohamed.

Some of the treatment that Mr.Mohamed said he received in these foreign detainment area's... were being strung up hand's above head with feet barely touching the floor, being deprived of food and the use of the toilet, being drugged,small slash/incision's from razor type instrument's on his genital's... including being told that he should be castrated... so he cant reproduce more terrorist's,etc. Now understand..that these and other technique's... are called ... not torture these day's in our pop culture ... but "enhanced interrogation technique's". The only thing we have enhanced in this country is our two-faced hypocrisy and addiction to lie's ... which is something ... America is number one for. We also have a habit of speaking out of both side's of our mouth... and flip-flopping as much as the season's change ... we have became a nation full of crap basically.This isnt about national security as much as it's about national embarrassment,as Bradley say's.

Bradley believe's her client. Now some may say Bradley is a liberal who is of coarse going to side with any of her client's ...for the record...Bradley is a lifelong republican/conservative. How does Bradley feel saying all this and wearing a U.S. military uniform? How should she feel? She took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States ... she is apparently doing her job ... something that would be great if the representative's of our country would do the same.

Now Bradley is having a difficult time trying to not only access needed record's of her client from during the incarceration period...but even any of her client's medical record's.Why? Well .... heh,heh,heh ... Why do you think? We have all these folk's that were detained, interrogated/tortured, right's violated,we have no solid evidence against them... are finally being forced after several year's of this abusive nonsense to release them... and were now in a spot to where we have to try to trump up some kind of phoney charge's or loose files to cover our asses from what's to come.... that's why? And try to create new lie's to cover up the old lie's. We say we DONT torture...then we say we do but now only 3 ... and now we have to make up more lie's because we are finding out that there were even more than 3.

Mr.Mohamed simply went to Pakistan because he converted to islam ... then to Afghanistan...because he heard that it was a place that practiced true islam, is this a crime? I have a friend ... who was born and raised in Afghanistan, who is also a muslim, he now live's in Dallas... and love's the living here, he also wear's his Dallas Cowboys jersey every day that they are playing a game.Mr.Mohamed is said to have tried to join a suspected militant group that are labeled as "terrorist's" and to learn how to combat enemies. Uhhhh there something wrong with that? And what is exactly a "terrorist" these day's? ... anyone that dont want to agree with our hypocritical way's? If an American want's to exercise their 2nd amendment right's these day's and organize a militia to defend this country in case of tyranny, they are called "extremist's"... even though our Constitution clearly grant's this, we do this to our own... and you know we do this to those abroad.

And we wonder how come folk's in these land's have a problem with our representation?
I sure as hell dont ... I have sat down for many hour's with some of these folk's from these countries and talked in depth to them...about how they see our representative's... man to man...face to face, and I must say ... I agree with them.

I see Lt.Col.Bradley as a true American Patriot as well... until PROVEN otherwise.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Being a "Snitch" .... Can be a "Bitch" ....

Looking out the tall glass window door's to my back patio this morning at these huge thunderstorm's, dark skies, and wind's ... while enjoying a good ole fashioned Tex/ Mex breakfast I rustled up, I was browsing some CNN video and some article's from local Baltimore paper's about the "Stop the Snitching" campaign that has not only plagued Baltimore ... but to be frank here ... every damn urban area across America for that matter. This is now getting atencion ... thanx to Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD). Rep. Cummings say's that over 90% of all witnesses to alot of gang related crime in Baltimore are victim's in retaliation from the ones they are witnessing against. Many of them are shot down in the street's, burned, tortured, stare down intimidation while on the stand by gang member's that are in the court, etc. The juror's are even victim's and threatened as well in most cases. Even though this "stop the snitching" campaign is relatively new, over the last few year's ... this has been embedded in American culture for decade's ... it IS NOT nothing new. Not just in freeworld society ... but every prison coast to coast as well, and cross cultural as well.

I myself was raised in those environment's that alway's said ... snitching is a terrible thing. I really never had to snitch anyone in my life, nor did I ever like it. However ... if a loved one is gunned down in front of you and you testify to it ... are you wrong? A murder I witnessed ... would have been around the age of 11/ 12 (?) ... it was a gruesome murder ... one that I can recall to this day in detail ... but I wont detail it here. It was in a northeastern city, where one man beat the skull of another man over a sewer drain with a hammer ... I was about 10/ 15'ft or so from it ... and was just in a daze I reckon ... not reacting much ... I guess shock ... I dont know ... I didnt know what to think ... I never saw nothing like that before. I was told by a older fella to walk ... and forget what I saw. I was young and scared ... I done what I was told. Word on the street later, was the victim was a snitch, and owed money to what was called in those day's ... the "mob". I learned I reckon at an early age the reality of humanity.

Rep. Cummings is pushing for legislation to provide grant's to local witness protection programme's ... something that common working class and low income communities dont have here. Sure the Federal Government has programme's to relocate and protect it's witnesses in their bigger fish cases ... but for the average American taxpayer in urban America ... your on your own ... bottom line ... and your too damn poor to relocate on your own ... and a criminal if you change your identity unofficially ... so your ass can be grass ... any way you slice it. The only time if your low income you will get any attention/ protection ... is when they are putting your remain's in a bag to transport you to forensic's and the morgue. Even folk's like the Taliban use these method's abroad ... not much different ... except the Taliban is more brutal ... and deal's with larger quantities. Intimidation has alway's been a successful tool ... it work's.

Since even these lower income folk's are tax payer's as well ... they should also get equal protection ... which they dont. Hell ... in these high profile federal cases ... they not only get relocated ... but set up in career's, cash payment's, new home's, name's, you name it ... they get the work's, and some of that money comes from every working and spending American ... regardless of what their social status is. We alway's hear how bad crime is in lower income urban area's, but we never hear much about why that is. Because it is able to breed in them area's because of fear ... and lack of confidence of the citizen's that they will be protected, or even remotely thought of ... put yourself in their shoe's for a day.

Congressman Cummings ..... Thank You Sir!

PS: A little additional note here ... many cities such as the DC/ B-more area are also under pressure from anti-gun folk's about possessing firearm's in their homes to protect themselves. Recently in the City of DC (Washington) folk's were granted by the court to finally be able to have a gun in their home ... but some of the stipulation's I read were insane ... like having only a revolver ... and with no bullet's in it and some kind of trigger lock ... wow ... what a treat! Some poor gal I seen in an interview who's family member was gunned down in a drive- by, was outraged about how she is restricted to protect herself ... her neighborhood is owned by gang's and short of police protection and lengthy police response times ... and she work's, but is too damn poor to move to any place better! She pay's her damn taxes, and has a right to bear arm's and protect her ass. Screw your bloody stipulation's! Talk that crap in Texas ... you'll be laughed at.

Another note ... is that the incident I witnessed above ... the man was so confident no one would snitch ... that he done this in daylight ... not only where I could see it but at least 20+ more people, in a densely populated brownstone neighborhood. Plus I heard that he didnt even go to trial, because he plea bargained for a manslaughter beef instead of murder and only got about 5 to 10, this is a state that was liberated ... no death penalty, and even the max on a murder one charge only carries 25 yr's to life with parole review in about 7 to 8 yr's.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stress Test to Impress .... and the state of the "WELFARE 19" ....

Even though I have stated over and over that the milking by these financial institution's will continue ... I never did know how or what bite they were going to pull ... and have been waiting in anticipation to see how this would be scammed. But after these "stress test" result's ... it's plain to see now. And technically, since these bank's ... many that are labeled as "Fortune 500" giant's are able to play the "victim card" because they are left holding worthless asset's/ capital, because of the action's of other's in the financial sector ... I could go on and on, on this ... but the bottom line is ... everybody has a victim card to play in this hand. I refer to them as not "Fortune 500" but "Welfare 19". Reason's why this milking will continue ... is because ... we have a government who refuses to let them fail at what ever cost's ... all orchestrated by the ruling global entities, and once you give in, the biting will not stop ... period. This is also why I say that we will struggle more and more from here on ... until this whole system is restructured. If we do let them fail ... we lost everything as far as financial backing ... and those at the top walk away to wherever they choose on the globe ... extremely wealthy off our capital.

No capital is needed for Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan/ Chase, American Express, or Bank of New York Mellon. But that is nothing but hype talk, next quarterly report could make a complete turn ... this is all orchestrated to make us go up and down like yo- yo's, chasing our tail's over these hustler's, and losing our asses in the process. And I sure as Hell dont blame any of this on President Obama ... or Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner ... not one sliver of it ... these guy's have busted ass with their crew's to try to do what they can to try to make this a softer ride and transition, this is deep and widepread and has been building for several year's.... this is why I posted in my earlier post's that this would get worse....because many expert's over the last 5 year's or so ... been suspecting this ... but most American's were paying no attention to it ... after all ... how many American's that are working class ... read thing's like the Wall Street Journal? (Well ... yes ... I do)

Bottom line ... 10 out of these 19 bank's being funded by us need capital ... actually a total to date of $74.6 billion. Bank of America needing the largest of $33.9 billion. So what do we do? Heh,heh,heh ... what can we do? ... is how our government see's it. I mean ... in the worst case scenario ... according to regulator's ...  the estimated losses to these institution's could climb $600 billion for this group if they cant cut the mustard and get the capital on the book's they need. And you know because of our pressure on Congress that Congress is going to push for private sector investment's ... but think of that ... I mean ... how many in the private sector will want to invest in this? The only good clout this investment would be ... is your almost guaranteed it wont collapse ... simply because it has the backing of the US Government and taxpayer's ... but do not most invest in the hopes for the best return? The majority of this loss is due to bulk residential mortgages, consumer loan's ... being mostly credit card's/ account's ... and this is also why I said in the past....many American's are to blame to...our extensive greed across the board is the blame. I mean...we whine that were the victim's of the lender's through inticement's, yet we turned a blind eye to alot ... when we sign these contract's ... and say ... oh well ... maybe I cant afford it now ... but that's what credit is for ... I'll get that raise or such and such will come through and it will work out. Then the big bank's are stuck with all these toxic asset's ... that the middle player's/ lender's set up ... and no one was watching the hen house, so those who get the least misery are the middle player's. The taxpayer's and big bank's get stuck holding the toxic's and penalties.

In the meantime...thousand's of US military are arriving in Afghanistan ... only to find that their equipment hasnt even arrived ... and they are short of everything down to communication's equipment ... hmmm ... imagine that ... why aint I suprised? And GMAC financing say's they need another $13.7 billion but will settle for $11.5 billion ... while sales and production in their China Division is skyrocketing, uhhhh, couldnt the Chinese Division help out? Oh ... I'm sorry forgive me ... it may not be acceptable to the 75 million communist party member's ... who also own over 80% of all business in China ... sound familiar? : ) And the CEO's are outraged over these stress test's and all the watch dog's that are watching them like a fox watches a hen house. Hell ... what the hell do ya'll expect? Ya'll are the ones drawing welfare ... and when ya'll draw welfare ... you have to report! Just be grateful you reside and do business primarily in 2009 USA, after all ... it could be worse ... imagine what it would be like if the peoples just got sick and tired of your whining and milking and decided one day to do to ya'll like folk's done in April 1945 Italy to dictator Benito Mussolini and his lovely mistress ... Clara Petacci. : ) So, count ya'll's blessing's. Beside's ... all ya'll have to do is come up with a plan as to how ya'll are going to raise the capital within 30 day's ... then you get 6 month's to try to make it work ... Hell! ...ya'll are getting spoon fed ... Now put up, or shut up!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Problem Solving in America ..... can start with representation and actual action ....

Looking at the array of problem's across the board in our country as well as the globe,can get not much better the way we handle thing's...this all boil's down to representation and leadership.Everything is so complex because we make thing's more complex...and whatever we can make...we can unmake.We are a country on the verge of total bankruptcy. Now you may say...that isnt so...that we have many with much capital right here. It is so....none of these wealthy group's can do a thing for the people...but shell out more misery. We cant even get respect or transparency after we support the financial sector with our hard earned tax dollar's...why in the world would you think they would respect us under any condition's, unless we held a gun to their head's?

We have escalating problem's in the war region's for instance. Right now...violence is escalating in Iraq...we spent 6 or 7 year's there and almost one trillion dollar's and nothing is done hardly...and withdrawal is scheduled for June of this year....and Iraqi's are already blaming the recent violence on our occupation. Now I have trust that this is a failure, also because when this war first started...I said it would cost a would be an endless commitment,and those who we help would eventually turn on us...and that contractor's would milk money out of this...every single thing I said...came about...everything.It was so clear to see...but people ignored what was clear...and decided to delude themselves with this fad mentality.

Now we have 2 new marriage's with Afghanistan and Pakistan... and a schlew of troop casualties will come out of assured...the terrain we are less familiar is much more rugged...and the combat once in action will be difficult the way we do thing's. We use a western mentality against an underground enemy that is inspired strictly by religion first...then culture...and are not territorial.There is no end to none of this...the Taliban as well as al-Qaeda have cell's all over the is a "network" not a country... it is a religion ...not a system of law's designed by the US or the UN. This can cripple the group's....not defeat them. Our non-transparency and torture only done as I said it would do in my earliest posting's...created a whole new generation of new terrorist's. Again.... you find terrorist' hold them in the are charge them when you have evidence...and sentence them and or execute tape the execution's and televise it globally...that way there is no question about being 2 faced or secretive.

President Obama's wanting to sit down and deal with countries like on one...I have supported since the beginning of this journal...which he will do, at least is willing to do...and I thank him for such. However...Iran is still playing hardball, and rightfully so. We have lied to Iran constantly and switched our "happy" and "angry" mask's too much... proving to be deceptive and why should they not hesitate? We tell them uranium enrichment is out of the question...but tell so many other's that are allies that they can have nukes...and judge it on what we find as rational other word's....liar's like us. President Obama plan's to sit down and talk and let enrichment continue through the talk's...but how long will that last? Sooner or later...we and our allies will have a new set of rules for them to live by if they do negotiate with were again back to square one. I wont even get into Pakistan and Afghanistan...because that will also milk us for year's to come and drain us in every way. The enemy know's exactly what they are I posted earlier...their strategy is to wear us down,spread us numerous small battles. And the objective is because they see the only way to hurt capitalist's and money lending Jew organizer' to destroy their pocketbook's and capital, making their life support collapse.

I care about America... not being the saviour of the world...or super power... or Salvation Army....or a nanny or babysitter. The major controlling entities who represent us into all these messes...they capitalize only off all this...with their global allies. And refuse to really act on just about anything. They refuse to get their hand's dirty, get in the trenches,engage in real battle, or even defend our homeland properly. They make us all look like liar's and hypocrite's through their inactive and disregard for nature,peoples,and territories.And we wonder why other's dont trust us? Because were full of crap is why...can you blame them?

First of all...I would let these countries duke out their own battles...including Israel...they chose to establish in the middle of a pit bull arena, and we all knew this would create a cultural conflict. We are all culture and religion's...dont fool ourselves...we have not evolved that far yet...and our action's are taking us one step forward and two step's backward's. This is all constructed by the 3 leading entities that I mention time again throughout this achieve their personal goal's of power,domination,and capital.The same with these financial institution's we breastfeed ... out of fear that if we dont we will cease to exist.If your truely into free will let them fail, if they cant stand their own ground...period...other than that...if you proven to be weak and a liar, no different than the failures.

We are told during election's and TARP funding session's that we will have air fueled car's,less foreign oil...ton's of new infrastructure...this and that. In 10 year's from now...we will be lucky to even see a small fraction of any of that...nothing you are told is any more truthful than anything else....period. A high speed rail to criss cross the country? Do you really believe any of that? Do you realize how much that would cost? We will be less dependent on foreign oil? How...when you keep taking it? We bailout car manufacturer's who eliminate production of smaller more fuel efficient vehicles as a Pontiac's...yet continue to manufacture gas guzzling vehicles like Hummer's,Caddi's,SUV's,and extended cab pick-up's? And continue to mass produce these same huge vehicle's now in our plant's we set up in China...who are going through the roof in sales and production of these gas guzzler's...the American based car manufacturer that we are funding here... is the same company that is booming in the Chinese anybody seeing what is happening? Some of the bank's we bailed that are showing profit's and not even lending yet based on "not enough capital" are already asking for billion's more...already! As I also posted earlier they would do...I didnt think they would have the nerve to ask so soon. But who can blame them...we have proven to be the biggest bunch of sucker's on the globe. Cut your spending...and soft living...dont borrow from them and vote to not give them anything.Shop the black market like many are doing.

These countries just ask that we not interfere in their affair's and culture and land's... is that asking too much? If they want to live like they did hundred's of year's ago...should we that fair? Buckle up our border's...get out of their land's...let them choose their own destiny and culture and political system's...stay out of their war's and their business. Tell them we will be straight and honest...and actually move out. As well as stop all immigration of their peoples to this work's both way's. Improve out satellite technologies for defense...and our weaponry...have target's designated for immediate deployment of our ballistic missile' far as defense... ready to eliminate any threat that comes our way. If one of their missiles get's launched toward's us...dont ask them to refrain...or for table talk's through third parties....eliminate them with extreme prejudice...and relentlessly ... every major population area they have. Simple, to the point and problem resolved.

Our representatives are too dishonest,soft,lazy,and good for nothing but speeches with fancy talk,pipedream's, and BS. Over paid, highly educated incompetent weakling's ..... that are shameful pansies.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

War Strategies ... and Defiant Opponent's....

What inspires this posting is the new war's about to take place in the Afghanistan and Pakistan region's. Of course ... anyone that know's me personally know's this has been a concern of mine for over 5 year's now ... I expected this sooner actually ... but at least it's finally here ... and we will get to deal with it. My concern was Pakistan originally ... not so much Afghanistan ... but we just got two new brides for the price of one I suppose. And of course ... as we wind down in Iraq ... expect new insurgencies to pick up rousing up more Hell there ... of course our tax dollar's and Iraqi oil revenues combined will pay for added contract security forces needed there. We will still get financially milked ... just not for lives of our troops as much ... even though a much smaller number will alway's have to be there it look's like now ... just like with South Korea ... we never totally left.

I also want to point out ... is this is not to downplay any of our troop's or military personel. I had a few buddies who were career military guy's ... who spent over 20 year's in the Army and Marines, and love the strategies and art of combat ... but basically unofficially forced to retire ... and of course seem bored with civilian life ... so I understand the career soldier, and salute them for their service rendered as well.

I been watching particularly Pakistan for several year's now ... because year's ago I found out that Pakistani School's were bankrupt pretty much and fundamental Islamic separatist's have went in and volunteered to take over much of the school's, educating children only in the Quran ... and not regular academic's. It concerned me ... was because the Pakistani government welcomed them with open arm's at the time, and I knew this may result in a problem ... since Pakistan has a nuclear arsenal, so that's why I was concerned with this so long ago ... unfortunately ... it appear's my thought's are actually materializing ... and that ... I dont like much.

Our military personel and leadership who love the strategies and art of war ... are certainly going to have fun with this piece of cake ... cause that is what this one is! Not no jungle ... or a desert ... but rugged new terrain's, against a defiant martyrdom type opponent who moves territories and region's as often as the season's change ... an underground network if you will (al-Qaeda and Taliban). These opponent's know how to utilize little ... and are much more experienced and knowledgeable than they were 6 or 7 year's ago ... and much more widespread. And no matter what anyone say's ... Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is the jackpot! Neither side want's to admit it ... but no one is dummies either. And since even al- Qaeda screwed up the 9/ 11 attack's and failed their true goal's .... make no mistake ... they will try to succeed on their next project of magnitude.

I was watching a recent interview with a Taliban spokesman in Afghanistan, where he actually wore a bath towel over his head to avoid video identity (talk about a towel- head ... heh, heh, heh,heh, heh   : ) was all laugh's and jokes about America ... say's they are martyr's ... ready to die and fight ... and not to be worried about them, just because we are the most powerful military in the world ... he said to America, to make no mistake ... this will be our next Viet Nam, and assures us we will lose. They know about our weaknesses which they dont talk about. And that is ... how we will not attack, women, children, mosque's, hospital's, civilian's, clergy, etc.They also know we havent made a serious move as far as attack's since Hiroshima/ Nagasaki (Japan), back in 1945 ... time flies when your having fun ... eh? So ... the game has just begun.

I also watched an interview with Husain Haqqani, Pakistani Ambassador to the U.S., who when asked how we can be sure that nukes will not end up in the wrong hand's? ... responded and told American's to not ask them ... but ask our Intelligence and Military. And he was also asked what the Pakistani Government is doing to put down the Taliban in their country? His response was ... What are we doing about our job in putting them down in Afghanistan ... when we are the world's strongest military? Secretary of State Clinton described Pakistan as a "mortal threat to the world" ...and he denies it. I must agree with Secretary Clinton, she is so sick and tired of all the BS that she is actually speaking the truth on several avenue's these day's. But this character Haqqani is putting all the responsibility on the U.S. It was Pakistan who allowed them opponent's to gain more power over there long ago ... not us.

Now you can see why I never rule out the possibility of the use of nuclear weapon's. I realize that no one want's it ... I am no different. Most of us dont want to die either ... but there comes a time where serious decision's may have to be made ... I'll leave it at that.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Gun's vs. Government's ... stockpile up on gun's and ammo America! : )

What inspires this posting in this journal ... is my first major disagreement with President Obama. I certainly am grateful of his addressing all the problem's that our country has ... and staying at hard work at a fairly good pace ... thank you Sir!

But when it comes to American's Right's ... especially to defend oneself ... and to have a necessary militia to guard against too large of government control and possible tyrannical effort's of anyone ... I draw the line ... period. Even President Obama can certainly understand this in his expertise of Constitutional Law. I certainly would NEVER advocate/ suggest that every American arm's themselves, that wouldnt be very American to do so. My wife for instance does not care much for gun's, nor like's to carry one, and is a life long liberal. Which is also why I dont say much about my wife ... is because she "request's" that I dont ... in anything I write because of my past controversial life and opinion's and association's. I do so out of love and respect for her, and the right to her opinion and own choices. Yes ... she has fired gun's.

For me ... this is not a right/ left issue ... but a "Right's" issue of American's. I dont like much the right or the left for that matter. Let's just say ... I'm an American ... and a Nationalist ... if one need's to label me. Now for anyone in Government that want's to debate the issue and may want me to sit and listen? No ... you have it wrong ... YOU LISTEN!! ... You dont jeopardize our right's or constitution in the name of pleasing other nation's who dont have such ... number one! As an American ... what other countries do ... is not my business ... and what we do to defend our land and personal right's is NOT their business. If you cannot control your gun problem's whichever they may be ... that is your problem ... not our's. I dont care if almost 30 other nation's or more have this so called "treaty" to deal with gun control amongst themselves. When I say something ... I mean it ... and stand for it ... no matter the consequences. The day I need to fear what I say ... and not be true to what I write in this journal ... is the day ...that I should voluntarily stop writing ... and/ or terminate my existence, for doing such, that's just me. I dont compromise or change my position unless I have rational reason to, certainly not out of pop culture mentality or ass kissing.

I am not sure where this is going ... and I know President Obama is just trying to do what he feel's is necessary ... but he has a proposal to try to get the US Senate to ratify a treaty for national gun registry, for foreign gvmt's, to identify gun owner's in our country and to have also power to prosecute and extradite under this treaty law ... any American that they find fit to do so with. I understand that the President and supporter's of this ... think this is a solution to the problem with arm's and ammo for instance ending up in the hand's of drug cartel's south of our border. But also understand ... when this so called drug war initially kicked off ... many arm's that we supplied to those south of the border to fight these cartel's ended up in cartel's hand's. These cartel's also have a wide selection of international contact's underground ... Why? ... because they have money is why ... money talk's ... and no matter how many weapon's you take from American's or anyone else, these folk's with money will buy what they want ... they only take advantage of the easy American opportunities they can ... which if they dont have ... will put no hamper on getting gun's elsewhere's ... period.

As far as Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano is concerned with her proposed strategies ... your strategies are weak and un- American ... and if it were up to me ... you would be immediately terminated from your position ... period.

This is not Europe or Canada ... and this insane idea that you can just disarm America in some fashion is silly ... do you really think you can get more than a couple hundred million gun's just turned over? Am I out of order? No ... you all thinking such pipe dream's are out of order! And are proving yourselves to be weak ... and not capable of governing or even coaching a pee- wee football team for that matter ... and weak representatives should be discarded/ eliminated, period!

This kind of action can lead to a possible slippery slope ... period. And every American that chooses to arm themselves couldnt be more patriotic to our economical difficulties then to go out and buy up all the assault weapon's and ammo they can. Case closed.

PS: I also want to make clear ... that NO ... I dont think there is any conspiracy by this President or any of these politician's to masterplan a way to get everyone's gun's ... this is simply how the card's fell, or any conspiracy to lead us into a socialist empire ... prove that rubbish! But yes ... I do think there are people that worry a little too much and would want to have better control. But this conspiratal masterplan stuff? I'll believe it when it's proven ... ONLY.