Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Problem Solving in America ..... can start with representation and actual action ....

Looking at the array of problem's across the board in our country as well as the globe,can get not much better the way we handle thing's...this all boil's down to representation and leadership.Everything is so complex because we make thing's more complex...and whatever we can make...we can unmake.We are a country on the verge of total bankruptcy. Now you may say...that isnt so...that we have many with much capital right here. It is so....none of these wealthy group's can do a thing for the people...but shell out more misery. We cant even get respect or transparency after we support the financial sector with our hard earned tax dollar's...why in the world would you think they would respect us under any condition's, unless we held a gun to their head's?

We have escalating problem's in the war region's for instance. Right now...violence is escalating in Iraq...we spent 6 or 7 year's there and almost one trillion dollar's and nothing is done hardly...and withdrawal is scheduled for June of this year....and Iraqi's are already blaming the recent violence on our occupation. Now I have trust that this is a failure, also because when this war first started...I said it would cost a would be an endless commitment,and those who we help would eventually turn on us...and that contractor's would milk money out of this...every single thing I said...came about...everything.It was so clear to see...but people ignored what was clear...and decided to delude themselves with this fad mentality.

Now we have 2 new marriage's with Afghanistan and Pakistan... and a schlew of troop casualties will come out of assured...the terrain we are less familiar is much more rugged...and the combat once in action will be difficult the way we do thing's. We use a western mentality against an underground enemy that is inspired strictly by religion first...then culture...and are not territorial.There is no end to none of this...the Taliban as well as al-Qaeda have cell's all over the is a "network" not a country... it is a religion ...not a system of law's designed by the US or the UN. This can cripple the group's....not defeat them. Our non-transparency and torture only done as I said it would do in my earliest posting's...created a whole new generation of new terrorist's. Again.... you find terrorist' hold them in the are charge them when you have evidence...and sentence them and or execute tape the execution's and televise it globally...that way there is no question about being 2 faced or secretive.

President Obama's wanting to sit down and deal with countries like on one...I have supported since the beginning of this journal...which he will do, at least is willing to do...and I thank him for such. However...Iran is still playing hardball, and rightfully so. We have lied to Iran constantly and switched our "happy" and "angry" mask's too much... proving to be deceptive and why should they not hesitate? We tell them uranium enrichment is out of the question...but tell so many other's that are allies that they can have nukes...and judge it on what we find as rational other word's....liar's like us. President Obama plan's to sit down and talk and let enrichment continue through the talk's...but how long will that last? Sooner or later...we and our allies will have a new set of rules for them to live by if they do negotiate with were again back to square one. I wont even get into Pakistan and Afghanistan...because that will also milk us for year's to come and drain us in every way. The enemy know's exactly what they are I posted earlier...their strategy is to wear us down,spread us numerous small battles. And the objective is because they see the only way to hurt capitalist's and money lending Jew organizer' to destroy their pocketbook's and capital, making their life support collapse.

I care about America... not being the saviour of the world...or super power... or Salvation Army....or a nanny or babysitter. The major controlling entities who represent us into all these messes...they capitalize only off all this...with their global allies. And refuse to really act on just about anything. They refuse to get their hand's dirty, get in the trenches,engage in real battle, or even defend our homeland properly. They make us all look like liar's and hypocrite's through their inactive and disregard for nature,peoples,and territories.And we wonder why other's dont trust us? Because were full of crap is why...can you blame them?

First of all...I would let these countries duke out their own battles...including Israel...they chose to establish in the middle of a pit bull arena, and we all knew this would create a cultural conflict. We are all culture and religion's...dont fool ourselves...we have not evolved that far yet...and our action's are taking us one step forward and two step's backward's. This is all constructed by the 3 leading entities that I mention time again throughout this achieve their personal goal's of power,domination,and capital.The same with these financial institution's we breastfeed ... out of fear that if we dont we will cease to exist.If your truely into free will let them fail, if they cant stand their own ground...period...other than that...if you proven to be weak and a liar, no different than the failures.

We are told during election's and TARP funding session's that we will have air fueled car's,less foreign oil...ton's of new infrastructure...this and that. In 10 year's from now...we will be lucky to even see a small fraction of any of that...nothing you are told is any more truthful than anything else....period. A high speed rail to criss cross the country? Do you really believe any of that? Do you realize how much that would cost? We will be less dependent on foreign oil? How...when you keep taking it? We bailout car manufacturer's who eliminate production of smaller more fuel efficient vehicles as a Pontiac's...yet continue to manufacture gas guzzling vehicles like Hummer's,Caddi's,SUV's,and extended cab pick-up's? And continue to mass produce these same huge vehicle's now in our plant's we set up in China...who are going through the roof in sales and production of these gas guzzler's...the American based car manufacturer that we are funding here... is the same company that is booming in the Chinese anybody seeing what is happening? Some of the bank's we bailed that are showing profit's and not even lending yet based on "not enough capital" are already asking for billion's more...already! As I also posted earlier they would do...I didnt think they would have the nerve to ask so soon. But who can blame them...we have proven to be the biggest bunch of sucker's on the globe. Cut your spending...and soft living...dont borrow from them and vote to not give them anything.Shop the black market like many are doing.

These countries just ask that we not interfere in their affair's and culture and land's... is that asking too much? If they want to live like they did hundred's of year's ago...should we that fair? Buckle up our border's...get out of their land's...let them choose their own destiny and culture and political system's...stay out of their war's and their business. Tell them we will be straight and honest...and actually move out. As well as stop all immigration of their peoples to this work's both way's. Improve out satellite technologies for defense...and our weaponry...have target's designated for immediate deployment of our ballistic missile' far as defense... ready to eliminate any threat that comes our way. If one of their missiles get's launched toward's us...dont ask them to refrain...or for table talk's through third parties....eliminate them with extreme prejudice...and relentlessly ... every major population area they have. Simple, to the point and problem resolved.

Our representatives are too dishonest,soft,lazy,and good for nothing but speeches with fancy talk,pipedream's, and BS. Over paid, highly educated incompetent weakling's ..... that are shameful pansies.

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