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JACK OFF JILL: ...."My Cat" .... and .... "American Made" ....

Another group that is way past due to honor in this journal is "Jack Off Jill"! As far as their history, I will let this say it. But this 1990's group to me is probably one of the most under- rated group's in alternative or punk music, I frankly dont know how to categorize them, because their sound can be so versatile. The 4 ladies who originally was the foundation of this explosive sound, have long went their seperate way's (1992- 2000), but was a chemistry for a composition that is in a class of it's own.

The toughest part of posting this, was trying to decide which two video's/ song's I should post .... this is one group where I love all they came out with and feel different about every individual piece of their work! But mucho Thanx for what they do have to enjoy, and their work and contribution's! The first piece is called "My Cat" .... and next .... "American Made" ...... Enjoy!

Jack Off Jill- My Cat ... Thanx to THE SOMBER CHILD

Jack Off Jill- American Made ... Thanx to purgatory47



Thursday, April 29, 2010

DETROIT'S "Demolition Derby"? .... or "MOTOR CITY in MOTION"? ....

What inspires this posting is my neighbor's from the City of Detroit(MI), and the countless other Texan's (in Texas your officially "Texan" after 18 month's of residency), mostly in Dallas and Houston that I have met and known that moved here from Detroit. I can remember when Detroit was larger than Dallas or Houston, and was the 5th largest city in the USA, and been there during that time as well.

First of all .... although many think I am "nut's" when I talk like this .... I see Detroit as a great future city, as many of the so called "rust belt" cities that folk's look at as in decline. Many folk's simply dont look at the entire picture, they tend to look at the short vision instead of the long I reckon. I havent been to the Motor City in year's, and last time I was there, it looked absolutely awful in some area's, I seen entire neighborhood's that looked like "ghost town's", plenty of poverty, unemployment, etc. I lived for a short time (8 month's or so) close by in the City of Chicago ( one of my favourite US cities ).

What I see is a city that was a key backbone in America's role of the industrial revolution, a city that has contributed big time to the greatness of this nation, the home of Motown Record's, the city that produced the vehicle's and those infamous gas guzzling muscle car's that not only American's loved .... but are fought over in even some EU and Asian countries, and some great concept's and new vehicle's to come. It is in a great location as far as port's, air as well as land and water. The countryside is absolutely beautiful and right on the Canadian border. What folk's see as a deteriorating town, I see as a future economic goldmine. I simply see what this city is going through as simply a transition, and like I wrote so many time's, these transisition's are NOT EASY, but well worth it in the "long term". Urban Farming/ Gardening, Green Tech's, and even future transport vehicle's for not just the US, but the world, is right here.

While folk's in Detroit are going through the usual political bickering, over who's plan is right or wrong .... I believe that "all" idea's are "positive motion". In other word's as in these video's for instance, I agree with Mayor Bing of Detroit, as well as Professor and Activist Howell, alot with Howell as well, because the "youth" is alway's the "future" and the "fresh" idea's, and I believe that there are probably many properties that can be renewed as well. Of course investor's and developer's like to see everything as "blighted" so they can have a field day. But I think that all side's have the answer's here .... combined. I see Detroit as the future of urban America.

Demolishing houses to save Detroit ... Thanx to CNN

Here (video) Professor Howell speak's of the problem's with the behind closed door's talk's and major corporation's behind so called "industrial farming", and philanthropist's, planner's/ developer's, I agree with her 110%. One of our biggest problem's as I pointed out time and again, is not "letting go". What I mean is .... we have this type of psychological restraint that make's us believe that we "need" MEGA everything to survive, from representation, to corporation's to financial giant's to even our churches. I have some funny idea's let's say .... of the future as well as a new face of capitalism, combined with also some more socialism. I dont mean socialism in a negative sense, I simply mean more control over those entities we feel we cant live without, and some real competition, to where they really compete, not just wait for inventor's,scientist's, and entrepreneur's to come up with idea's then buy them out, which is what we have now. I am talking about a future where folk's will "truely" have more say so, and more choice's as well.

I vision many more countries, even small countries, being major player's, without the "global corporate communism", dictating trade and profit as you see today. Large manufacturing/ production companies that are "employee owned" and ran, without the need for CEO's and their guru staff's and board's. Or the need to have mega government's with only a bunch of corporate hired/ sponsored attorney's(politician's of today), to decide what is "best" for all of the herd/ us, to act on our behalf, and/or represent us. As if were children who need our hand held. Most working people/ families that I have known done a far better job at running their own financial planning without these high dollar financial investor's or government rep's/ attorney's doing it for them. All any of these folk's do is manipulate our lives, and frankly are not creative even in any stretch of the definition, without us frankly, to listen to them .... well ... their basically ...nothing.

No doubt, that whatever the people of Detroit manage to come up with will be a motion in a positive direction, due to "urban decay", than just leaving it sit this way. Neighbor's and other's who have moved here to Dallas, have told me how different it is now in 21st century Detroit, than when I was there last in the late 1980's ... what they describe is far worse than even what I seen. It is incredible that a thriving booming major American city, in just a half century can take this kind of a decline, this is not some impoverished third world country, it is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. And these building's/ location's in this video below, including the abandoned train station "Michigan Central Station" .... were not long ago, thriving and bustling with folk's, merchant's, trade/ business.

Paltalk News Network- Desolate Detroit ... Thanx to REPORTER GARY **** In this video below "Bob" describe's his 72 year's in this North Detroit neighborhood, what it was, and what it can be ......


Monday, April 26, 2010

TASTE OF TEXAS: PART 2 .... "Big Bend National Park and Country" ....

The last posting about the "Texas Bat Cave's" in part inspired this lil series I will start here called "Taste of Texas" .... so the bat cave's is "part one". And all this will be is post's featuring different part's of Texas, a few event's or whatever else pop's up.

This posting feature's "Big Bend National Park" and countryside ...kind of south by southwest, as far as location in the state. The music here was done by the legend composer, singer, guitarist Jose Feliciano, and is called "Malaguena" .... and what a fine guitar piece this is, this guy's guitar work is in a class of it's own!

Texas Big Bend National Park- One Day In the WEST ... Thanx to 522DRWAGON


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ALIEN SEX FIEND: .... "Ain't Got Time to Bleed" .... and ...."Nightmare Zone" ....

Image result for alien sex fiend ranch chimp journal

This posting of music is to honor Mr.& Mrs. Fiend and associate's, of an outstanding UK music group, "Alien Sex Fiend" for all they have done in over a quarter century of work. When I was posting about the "Texas Bat Cave's" .... in an odd way .... it made me think of this group. I attempted at first to try to describe their composition's and style .... then just said ...."fuck it" ... I'll let this do it! :)

But anywayz .... I had seen this group once in the early 1990's in an old warehouse place off of downtown Dallas play a Halloween Party that I attended. They just put on one of the best "live" show's that I ever attended. I chose a couple to post here from a long line of music. Enjoy!

Alien Sex Fiend- Ain't Got Time to Bleed ... Thanx to LUNATASMA

Alien Sex Fiend- Nightmare Zone ... Thanx to AILYNE



TASTE OF TEXAS: Part 1 ....The "BAT CAVES" of TEXAS ....

This posting is about the Bat Cave's that Texan's are so fascinated with .... even some tourist's as well. Even scientist's get a lil "batty" over this as well here .... Oh well .... who know's what discoveries are to come from these critter's?!

Bat Caves of Texas- Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official] ... Thanx to TEXAS PARKS AND WILDLIFE


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ICE T/ BODY COUNT .... "COP KILLER" .... and .... "RICOCHET" ....

This posting for the music sector of this journal is to honour Mr.Tracy Marrow, known in the music and film industries as "Ice T" .... an American songwriter, and actor, rap artist, and US Army Veteran. His career which had somewhat of a rough start really went well for him as far as success is concerned over the last quarter century. I personally consider him also as one of America's top urban contemporary poet's .... along with another favourite of mine which would be Mr. Lou Reed, who I also posted here.

This posting of "Ice T", at this point in the journal was inspired by the previous posting about police brutality in America, concerning the Mr.John McKenna case, and comment's and view's from online writer's/ blogger's .... Mr.Demeur.... Ms.Rita .... Ms.TNlib .... and Mr.Tim, also Ms.Winsome Dove (which came later) And because when "Ice T" came out with this first video with his band "Body Count", called "Cop Killer" .... there was an abundance of controversy, from recording companies, to radio station's who basically banned it from pop commercial airwave's across the nation, with the exception of inde radio station's, publicly funded such as Dallas' 89.3 FM "KNON" .... to outrage from law enforcement agencies across the nation as well as even the NRA (National Rifle Association).

As for me .... it is "art" and freedom of expression, which in my opinion should have no limit's, whether I like it or not, if I dont like it .... I will shut it out/ off. The inspiration of this piece "Cop Killer" was basically from what I posted in the previous posting as a condition in America .... then, 20 year's ago .... which of course still exist's in 2010 America. So it just didnt come out of nowhere, it was "inspired", and show's the flip side of the coin if you will. But anywayz .... the two video clip's below .... start with "Cop Killer" (live), then one of his/ their classic's "Ricochet". But indeed a couple fine piece's of work here, and Thank You Sir, for your contribution's! Enjoy! ....

Body Count feat. Ice- T- Cop Killer (Live @ Pinkpop 2015) ... Thanx to 3VOOR12

ICE- T- RICOCHET ... Thanx to Ice-T - Topic


Image result for ice- t vintage concert poster   Image result for ice- t body album art


Thursday, April 15, 2010

JOHN McKENNA: "Police Brutality PT.1" ... The Lawsuit .... and my own Experience and Thought's ....

John McKenna

This posting has to do with the University of Maryland student who was recently the victim of "police brutality" (newsread), or at least a serious case of "excessive force" ... 21 year old Mr. John McKenna. This kind of thing is fairly common all across the nation as well ... it's just most of the time, you dont get video and/ or audio of it ... in this case .... there is actually both. This also goes to show that anyone can be a victim of this ... this victim is a white male college student .... young men of color have been target's for year's, until advocate's of organization's like the NAACP .... started to fight back and crack down on this, but it's still widespread and growing ... many young party- goer's even across the nation of all colors are victim's of this, many get busted on one charge or another, then if they beat him/ her too bad ... they usually work out a closed deal with the victim behind closed door's, and you never hear nothing of it ... in other word's ... the most common is ... the authorities will agree to drop your so called "criminal charges" if you let it go, get my drift? Of course they pulled the same thing/ line on Mr.McKenna ... but ONLY dropped his charge because too much heat was coming down on the department. They even settled an out of court case recently ... same department ... on a Mr.Rodriquez here.

I have looked at the video several time's on this ... and something dont add up, being that at the start of this .... Prince George, MD County Police have been just fabricating one story after another. At first they came out with this "appalled" response ... all officer's were in a "state of shock". You're shocked? BS ... this kind of shit has been a constant complaint even in their department ... what ya'll are "shocked" about is ya'll got caught in such a clear video of it. Actually these kinds of force are even much more frequent in the prison and jail system's across the country to be frank. First they said that they will give more detail's as to who the officer's involved were, and the case when they are able to identify the officer's, and this was two or more day's after the incident. What do you mean "identify the officer's"? Every officer coast to coast are required to keep a log of what they do, especially on arrest's ... you have to have all that on record for the book's in less than 24 hour's ... if the suspect is charged and arraigned, which he was I assume (not sure of court arraignment/ bail hearing's there, Dallas Court's go 24/ 7/ 365) ... unless your telling us that you charged and arraigned the suspect on a report of anonymous police officer's, where no one signed the report's or paperwork ... you cant charge and arraign a suspect with fictional or anonymous officer's on the paperwork. That would even make your court in violation of federal law's. You need IAD (Internal Affairs Division) to investigate that? ... in the meantime you'll agree to suspend with pay the officer's ... the one's who you said you dont know who they are? (yes, their "first" response the next day, were they didnt know who the officer's were, then they later changed the story slowly) ... and forget and drop the charges against Mr.McKenna, if he just walk's away with that? Thankfully this young man has half a brain and didnt fall for such ridiculous nonsense. Because department's across America pull this shit all the time, usually with poor folk's, and get away with it, because the person in jail is just happy to get out, so sign's in agreement.

Whatever Mr.McKenna decides to do is his choice and business, and of course the attorney involved in his case which usually get about 33% to 40/45% of the settlement for their representation in the case. I would hope myself that Mr.McKenna hold's through on this ... and not just settle for some pocket change like Mr. Rodriquez did, cause their first move will be a closed door settlement offer, and telling them how it will save County Taxpayer's money ... do it for the community crap, or show how understanding, liberated, and forgiving you are, let bygone's be bygone's type crapolla, let "god" punish them in the next life or other sapling cliches ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I know all their lines. : )

The video I noticed is from some elevated area, surely not ground level, the officer's who attend the rally are specifically tactical unit trained for crowd control, and are not only taught about "race sensitivity" ... but also how to be ready to kick ass at the drop of a hat, and a few hope for that opportunity to arise, even though they're not likely to admit it. Just a first guess after watching several times ... is they were more focused after the assault on the victim took place of making sure they could obstruct the view, by lining and condensing officer's on foot and horseback, so that any cell phone cameras on the ground level in front of them couldnt clearly capture it, because strikes still occured after their line up and move. Not all officer's may agree with this ... but they are a team, and that is how it worx. I dont see any aggressive moves by the victim, if it was verbal ... that isnt good enough. Assaulted the horse? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ), that is so silly. Understand that if you so much twist your own arm/ wrist out of pain when being restrained/ arrested, by law across America ... that is "resistance" ... and many cases ..."assault on an officer". My guess here as far as assaulting the horse is ... he must have "breathed" too hard on the horse, and if that was the case ... animal rights activists should be all over Mr.McKenna (just kidding). If I was an attorney and had a fantasy case so clear, cut and dry to have to work ... this would be it! But this department has dished out one lie after another on this ... and ONLY now (after so much publicity) they are "talking" charges against officer's ... including the officer's they didnt know who they were ... the "anonymous" officer's let's say. There is more BS in these inquiries than given to a Senate Panel from banking CEO's.

I worked as a security officer in a nightclub district in my late 40's to about 50 year's old (2 year's, quit in late 2006) ... there was a good amount of action ... not one of them job's where you sit at some desk and greet people let's say. I am also one who has been in and out of jails myself and had run ins with the law, as a young man. So ... how did I get a position like that? I knew people first of all, and was specifically asked if I want to do it, because of my past, believe it or not. Actually there are many convicted ex- offender's who work private law and security agencies across the nation, you just dont hear much about it. Even many on law enforcement's payroll's specifically paid to gather info/ photo's/ blueprint's, for law enforcement who already have warrant's to serve in high crime areas ... that are a risk to law team's serving the warrant's because of the heavy fortification and fortresses that some of these fences and high traffic dope houses have ... including heavy arms, and other structure fortification's. Many Dallas Police officer's also worked the street's at night in the nightlife district's as "contract" worker's ... just moonlighting on the side ... it is abundant in this town especially (it's a big nightlife outdoor type town, especially summer), as well as many major cities. Most of the cop's were cool, but you have those who look to bust head's ... plain and simple, whether because of stress, family/ divorce problem's or a number of other reason's. I seen a few thing's I didnt like, and wasnt cut out for the job I decided, and getting too old for any physical confrontation's .... I had incident's where I felt compassion (see last paragraph) as well for even those violating laws.

But one short story that comes to mind here was years ago as a young man. I was young and I reckon "vibrant" let's say, and had an incident one night where two police officer's started "taunting" ... in a situation like Mr.McKenna in the above story ... actually I was about his age. Well ... we shot some word's back and forth, then one officer told me (exact word's) ... "C'mon mother fucker" ... I was about 15'ft away from him ... but I charged the officer fast and hard, and gave him a head bunt to between his chest and stomach, he lost balance, fell back and me on top of him, next thing, a baton hit's the back of my neck stunning me, from another officer, then the one I ran into squirm's out and he is hitting me with his stick. Anywayz ... I received head hits and a hit to the face that crushed/ broke my nose, and fractured the bone structure in my cheek under an eye. A series of hit's put me out, and next I woke up in an ambulance. Why did I do what I done? ... I dont have an excuse besides the verbal stuff, and besides it dont matter much, I was young.

I was told by a paramedic in the ambulance that someone called 911 who seen me laying in a puddle of blood under my head, there were NO OFFICER'S at the scene. I felt relieved in a sense since there was no charges or arrest on me, and I was on my way to an emergency room. Then in the hospital ... an officer of the police department came to me, to ask me what happened to me?, I told him ... I dont know?, lying of course. Then told him "I was mugged I think?" ... he said it didnt make sense because I had money in my pocket, and it appear's that I was attacked with a steel pipe, and it wasnt the usual mugging MO. I just then told him ... "I dont know what happened, it was too fast, and cant tell you anything else". Here's the deal ... I was in need of reconstructive surgery, and afraid if my insurance found out what I did to be in need of the surgery, they would challenge paying, I didnt know, and didnt want to take that chance, so ... I said I got mugged. Checked later ... and found out that the officer's who I got into it with ... never filed any report, or there was no record of the incident ... Why? ... I havent the faintest idea, cause technically I could have been charged with assault on an officer. They apparently fled the scene, left me there, and said nothing.

Enough said ....


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ROBIN TROWER: .... "Too Rolling Stoned" .... and .... "Day of the Eagle" ....

My choice for this music post .... has to be Mr.Robin Trower .... for his excellent composition and Blues Guitar work. This man in my opinion is one of the greatest as far as blues legend's. When he first appeared in the scene .... it hadnt been long since Mr. Jimi Hendrix passed away .... and quickly this man was labeled by many as the reincarnation of Hendrix .... so because of this ( and also being associated to "Procol Harum" ).... it took time for him to make his personal mark and sound distinct .... which he has certainly done!

One Hell of a sound remarkably as far as "live" performance on a 1 thru 10, I rate as a 9+ .... and obviously still just as tight and smooth as when I seen him "live" in 1975. I seen him early 1975 in San Antonio(TX) .... then later that year, seen him in Chicago(IL) .... on the same tour .... which was the "Bridge of Sighs" tour.

Choosing a couple favourite's of mine here .... first piece is "live" and called "Too Rolling Stoned" .... the 2nd is called "Day of the Eagle" .... both from the "Bridge of Sighs" album/cd, and both shot on Dec. 10, 2008.


"DAY OF THE EAGLE" ("live" audio) ... Thanx to GOINTOSLEEPBIATCH


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KYL, PALIN, McCONNELL: .... 2010 SHOW, PART 2 .... "Strategies" vs. "Sillyism" ....

This will be Part 2 of this journal's "2010 Show" posting's .... "2010 Show Part 1" showed motive and strategies, and point's out who need's to do what and why?, along with the series of BS pitches we will be fed in 2010. This first video below is of Sen. Jon Kyl(AZ), explaining about the state of American's and unemployment, taxation, then some thought's I will add after.

4/ 10/ 10- Senate GOP Whip Jon Kyl Delivers Weekly GOP Address on jobs ... Thanx to GOPWEEKLYADDRESS

This by Sen. Kyl is pure "sillyism"(definition in title here) in it's purest form, and simply classic BS politic's. This is so silly .... I mean ... we all know the hurt for million's of American's better than any politician in Washington or even CEO, we have to "live" it ... they only have to "sell" it .... as a strategy in hope's that we will slurp it up .... which unfortunately many will. There is nothing that can be done about the taxation and even inflation that will come, especially after this year's election's .... okay? This is coming and we should have seen this a couple year's ago ... I certainly did. You CANT spend the way we are ... and beef up government, be in mega debt to China and folk's like the Arab's, have two bloody war's going on simutaneously, unemployment benefit's in need constantly of extension, a huge privatization of military to independent contractor's who charge 3 times the rate's of a government military, even a health care reform that ended up with NO competition/ public option, to keep cost's down, with million's of new poverty folk's to have to be subsidized, so they can pay these corporate health GIANT'S premium's, and NOT expect taxes to increase. You cant "say" that you would "stop" taxation and larger government .... because you cannot, even if you are republican and as pro- business as they come. Government certainly cant just create job's in a free market abundantly, nor can you hand all this over to the corporate sector to trust to do so, because they are strictly more than ever moved strictly by greed and profit.

NONE of this is the fault of the current administration, it took year's and growth in population, immigration, deregulation of the corporation's, shade tree trade practice's, and risky moves in offshore investment's and endeavor's to get to where we are now .... most was all set up by the last administration who just let all Hell break loose since day one they took office (Bush/ Cheney ... who I also voted for, as well as being a mostly republican voter most of my life). This administration is doing everything humanly possible to make this ride smoother for American's, and doing what they have no choice but to do. If any of this GOP had any answer's ... they would present them, and long ago ... not just talk about what other's need to do. THE GOP HAS NO SOLUTION'S .... and are only looking to regain a majority of power to appease the "God's/ Corporation's". Trust me .... if McCain/ Palin and Crew were running the show now .... riot's would probably be breaking out by now! And unemployment at about 15% instead of just under 10%!

This next video is former Alaskan Gov.Palin, and former GOP VP nominee. Then some word's on her as well.

HLN: War of words between Palin and Obama ... Thanx to HLN

Why where Palin was speaking is called the "Southern Republican Leadership Conference"? ... I mean .... the north and south is not divided like before the "Civil War", this is ONE COUNTRY. President Obama is doing what will eventually have to be done globally, he know's it, and many other's do as well. And not just Russia, China IS A major player in this just like Russia, and have to be dealt with, beside's ... it's in both of our best future interest's as well .... China also hold's alot of our debt's and we owe them....period. I have posted as well about the "new face" that China will show in year's to come. Democracy or Communism aint what they once were, and time's have changed.

If Palin isnt running for a 2012 candidate, their/ she's not doing a good job at saying it. They slapped her with McCain as a last minute grab out of desperation, looking for a female gender candidate, to get Clinton voter's, and women vote's, instead of a candidate of color, because they figured the dem's already had that sealed with Obama, leaving a only small chancey black vote to grab..... number's would be larger with a woman, and because of angry dem's who were Clinton supporter's. They screwed her up (Palin) by two thing's ...."rushing" and "hiding/ programming" her. In her last run with McCain .... in other word's .... too much, too late. We can make joke's about her till were blue in the face from laughter .... but she is no dummy, and VERY manipulative ... trust me ... she is a winner. I would love to sit down over a beer and small chat with her, or see a ballgame .... but I WOULD NEVER IN A MILLION YEAR'S VOTE FOR HER. She play's a deadly game that can only bring misery to the living. She is a WINNER. Those who talk about how dumb she is .... maybe so .... however .... she can "sell" ... she's a "hustler", and she is a great communicator with common folk. They say her and McCain lost big time in the election's .... NO, by the election's electorial vote system .... YES ... by popular vote .... it was as tight as an armadillo's ass! Their getting her in the arena now .... to give her two year's to play and see if she can do anything, this way ANY dirt can come out soon enough to be forgot about by 2012, and long enough to see if she can cut it as a front runner .... if she cant ... they will let her know early and she will simply disappear, until time to show the lead choice support in their run. This is all the strategy here. She actually has nothing to offer but a great line to the million's that love her, which is all they want .... but a disaster she would be as a President. They are simply giving her time on this one, which they neglected to do the last time as I pointed out above and it hurt them in the longrun.

This next video is Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky .... with more BS, that I will add to after.

No More Bailouts ... Thanx to DR. MARION THORPE

Here of course McConnell is playing the "bailout" hand. Let me just point out that this whole bailout deal this time was orchestrated, designed, and pushed initially by the GOP and the last administration, who gave the corporate sector a "fair chance" with deregulation in 2000 to show just how good the corporate private sector can do for America when government stay's out of their business, especially on "job creation" ... and even trade and investment policies .... and look what happened to America between 2000 and 2008 ... I shouldnt need to explain much here. This is a losing team period, and like misery, it need's "company" .... avoid them and the company.

In all three of these video's .... not one idea or solution was presented actually. This is what they are selling you.

Enough said ...........

POST NOTE: This posting is not to suggest who is right or wrong, or to endorse one over the other. It is to point out what is offered on the table. I personally feel the dem's would be the best choice as far as a smoother ride for what's to come over the next couple year's is all. I voted both parties, and mostly rep during my life. But never felt married to a party or a specific agenda or movement. I have alway's been neutral and open to new idea's. But frankly there are none out there that are truely saying much of anything different at this point in history. To vote inde would do nothing, and all that is chosen for us to choose from is done so by big money. I would gladly vote rep if I felt that they had something to offer, I simply dont see that they do, and are more in a time warp basically, or dream state as far as any idea's to deal with what we have and what's to come, is all.


TEXAS STADIUM IMPLOSION .... the END of an ERA .... 1971-2010 ....

For those NFL fan's .... one of the most popular sight's throughout the 1970's, 80's, 90's up through 2008 has been Texas Stadium , so many do or die play- off, championship game's have been at this ole place. Yesterday was the implosion of it, only a hand full of folk's turned out (only about 20,000) to view it, which was a suprise to me, considering almost 7 million I hear now in the Metro area, a neighbor who moved here from Seattle told me when Seattle blew up the "Kingdome", former home of the Seattle Seahawks ,a half a million folk's showed in Seattle, which was almost the entire cities population. But some of those real die- hard fan's I reckon wouldnt miss this for nothing. I live in Northwest Dallas, about 5 miles from it, and you could feel the vibration of it in the ground here in our neighborhood it was so powerful. Developer's been anxiously waiting for this, and one of the new rail line's is going straight through here as well (I believe the Orange Line), and a whole small city of sort is already planned for the site, complete with even a town park to memorialize the site of sort, a half a dozen new freeway expansion's, etc. For most fan's, they just forgot it, after the game's started in the new nearby Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. The original starting home of the Dallas Cowboys still stand's after million's in renovation's, the Cotton Bowl, in Central Dallas, which Cowboys played in during the 1960's, as well as the then NFC's "Dallas Texans" (early 1950's for "Texans")Dallas had two NFL team's, the Texans later moved to Kansas City to become the "Kansas City Chiefs".

Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium Demolition ... Thanx to SLYFOX2510 CHANNEL 


Sunday, April 11, 2010

MR.BERNIE MAC (PT.1): .... the "MAN", the "LEGEND", and some "SEX EDUCATION" from the real "BIG MAC" ....

First of all this posting is to first honor the man and legend who has not long passed away .... "Mr.Bernie Mac", who when it come's to just downhome basic stand up American comedy at it's "best", is at the top of my list .... I mean this guy just made my stomach hurt from laughter .... I didnt know whether to "thank" or "sue" this "mother fucker"! :)

But anywayz .... all this sex talk in the media's and blog's from Tiger "Woody" Wood's, to ass bustin catholic priest's, to closet fag's like Rev.Ted Haggard, to the now bitchin over sex education, couldnt help me think of the one expert on sex education that I could recommend ... "Mr.Big Mac" .... I mean fuck McDonald's and all that Ronald McDonald shit! This is the "MAN" .... I love ya GUY!! Enjoy ....

I Ain't Scared Of You Mutha****! ... Thanx to WILLIE D. WASHINGTON

Bernie Mac- Def Comedy Jam ... Thanx to ALRUCARDS


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WILLIE NELSON: .... "Whiskey River" .... and .... "Stay All Night" ....

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For some down home Texas music in this journal's music selection, it's past due that I honor Mr.Texas himself .... Mr.Willie Nelson. This guy has put out so much music in his career .... and still is to this day .... the list is just too long.

Mr.Nelson has had an annual "Fourth of July" picnic for year's .... since around 1973,(still does) and believe me .... no one has a better picnic in Texas than a Willie Nelson picnic! When I first came to Texas back in them day's .... I found Texas as a real treat .... coming from recently Northeastern area .... the joints of pot (marijuana) were so big here .... I mean, in NYC for example, folks were rolling skinny pencil width joints .... but down here they rolled them the size of cuban cigars .... and handed them out and around like charity hand out's! Good Mexicano tequila and the works .... but what an event Willie's picnics are .... and if you didnt get laid and stoned .... well .... you werent tryin! His music is as much part of Texas culture as Chili covered Tex/Mex Enchiladas, and ice cold "Lone Star Beer" .... and Thanx for the great show's Sir! Below a live performance at Billy Bob's Texas ... Enjoy!

Willie Nelson- Whisky River/ Stay All Night (Stay A Little Longer) (Live at Farm Aid 1999) ... Thanx to Farm Aid


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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NEW "OXFORD CIRCUS/ CROSSING" .... It's about time .... heh?

This was a big event( and long awaited! ) for the great City of London's .... "Oxford Circus" ... so I wanted to post it in this journal. Now to a Texan .... one may wonder ....Why such a big event over a new/ or intersection overhaul? .... because new intersection's and entire complex's go up in town's like Dallas like the season's change. But understand that this particular circus (as other's in London) has a long history ... I mean .... these place's just didnt spring up in the last 50 year's in the middle of some prarie, like here. It's like this town and these historical marker's/ point's were around back when Texas was a State of Mexico, and when Texas was an independent country as well. Alot of history in this town (London).

I am familiar with this area in particular ... which frankly has some really nice part's, and is well kept, and is kind of an international type crossroad's of sort. But this was one of the town's busiest circus' .... and I remember when bobbies/ cop's had to direct pedestrian crossing during peak hour's, just from folk's recklessly trying to dodge traffic, and ignoring electronic sign's .... bullhorn's and all! And it can be a lil bit of a pain in the ass driving around these as well .... especially if your an American. In big sprawling freeway town's for instance like Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, we are spoiled to a degree .... in this town traffic is really tight, very limited as far as density, even NYC is a treat .... I have drove in all ... on a daily basis too. But in London you can alway's go the "Tube" (subway) and it's the best way around town, once you get to know them.So for many folk's in London .... this is a real treat ... and it look's great too!

Oxford Circus Crossing Opening ... Thanx to BENDY623

The new look of London's Oxford Circus ... Thanx to THE GUARDIAN


Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Believe NOTHING you HEAR .... and HALF of what you SEE" PART 2 .... "Something is missing here" ....

"Believe nothing you hear, and half of what you see" (PART 1 here) .... is one of the most sound piece's of advice my Dad gave me .... probably around 12 year's old .... I grew up fast and was very independent as a young man and left home at close to 14. I will also state that my parent's were absolutely fine parent's any kid wouldnt mind to have .... so my leaving at such a young age had nothing to do with them or my familia being any problemo, I simply was a lil ahead of my time, restless, and very ambitious, locked up a couple time's as well .... and felt it was time to adventure .... heh,heh,heh,heh,heh .... and what a ride it's been! :) This title also applies to anything that is in this journal, if you DONT know me personally, you should have NO reason to simply "believe" what I say here, think for yourself and do the math/ research if it's something that catches your attencion. Of course those who know me on a personal level, know my "integrity" is like "stainless steel".

Earlier I was talking about the "2010 Show" that we will be seeing, which is all about the political arena (this is a journal, not to be meant as a blog, although by pop-tech definition a blog, being that everything in this will interconnect over time .... similar to a book, or perhap's a diary). We will be fed mega BS this year in particular, because thing's are not as "peachy" or as "horrible" as the political folk's and the media's, or the "puppet's" of those will make you think. Alway's "free" your mind when you look at any picture, and look with "open eye's" and "mind". It is also a "survival" tool, the most important thing is to "learn" to think for yourself .... it will be most beneficial in the longrun to you.

Shields and Brooks Assess Political Cost of High Unemployment ... Thanx to PBS

Job figure's this week .... have shown to create job's ... not anything significant .... but at least not any decline, and mainly because we have tightened "our" belt's as well on spending, which may sound somewhat odd, but true. But you still cant just bank on these short term figure's, you will be fed figure's left and right in this election year to try to manipulate your thinking for support/ vote's. Most of what you hear/ see will be manufactured by those who dish it out, and very partisan especially. We are going to have more difficult time's as far as middle/ working class American's are concerned .... we are on a very delicate ground right now .... so delicate that we could relapse into another recession so quick. It is true that the "have- not's" have less .... and that the "have's" have more, and this was likely to come and will continue as I have posted .... you can say it's part of our "conditioning", to get you prepared for the "new normal", which mean's if you think the "American Dream" is what it used to be, or it can be what it was, your fooling yourself, it CANT, and it WONT be, period ( also SEE HERE "The New Normal" ) .... and HERE is a piece from ABC News to looking at our latest pop- term. It's NOT some conspiracy .... these folk's dont need a conspiracy to do a damn thing .... they and their flunkies control most of your lives and how you think. Disconnect yourself from the programme, and it will free your thought process and reasoning.

We are fed these thing's like a meal .... portion's here and there. After these election's like any election's .... the reality of what happened or will set's in .... only after. Something is missing here .... that we are NOT seeing though. I say this because .... we all know how business and trade work's as an example, free market, etc. I have posted before about how "excessive" greed, can be a problemo, excessive anything for that matter, anything that loses "balance" has a ripple effect as well. What we have been seeing is the controlling entities becoming over excessive, and it doesnt make sense. They are even at each other's throat's more than ever .... which is a sign of "desperation", meaning they are expecting something big to happen, or else they wouldnt be so gung- ho to make mega merger's so quickly, also doing thing's like trying to buy up all the gold in the market's and personal, using single companies that have many different company name's, but still controlled by one or two prime figure's behind the scene's .... they have to do it this way for legal purposes, or they would get accused of trying to "corner" market's or commodities or such, like Dallas' "Hunt" familia was year's back for trying to corner the silver market. Your major insurer's and financial institution's have also been in a rush mode for these bailout's too. And the surplus that say our country had for instance before this manufactured war in Iraq/ Afghanistan, was used up quickly, much of what also went to privatization of military .... such as folk's like "Blackwater" . I could even go on .... however, this is enough to make you at least see .... that something is here that we are missing. This is NOT normal, and DONT believe it's simply a sign of the time's .... there is more to it, to make these already powerful entities act in such a desperate fashion.

There are greener pasture's as well soon ahead .... but dont let that cloud your thinking, especially on issue's such as voting. The same reason I told folk's when they were bitchin about the $4.00 a gallon gas, that in time, you will see $3.00 a gallon gas as a treat, after being used to paying under $2.00 a gallon steady for a length of time, it's part of a process/ game to readjust what "normal" is or what to "expect". Example: You have a person/ worker/ consumer, for instance in a deal with $100, you then take back $80 in fee's and service's .... give the person a so called "rebate" of $30 .... which then make's them think that they got something, but mathematically .... you still lost half of what you had. This is just basic sales and con work, nothing fancy .... but thing's are made complex for a reason .... and that's to make you think you are getting something when you are being taken for a ride. Same applies with the political arena's and controlling entities that I speak of throughout this journal, being the mega church/ religious, financial, and corporate entities .... these 3 entities are responsible for much of what we think, and what our children are programmed to think. All these fact's and figure's of how good or bad thing's are is just manufactured to feed us for political reason's, your rep's are mostly in the same boat we are .... they have to answer to the hand that feed's them .... the same reason they shouldnt have taken the pay- out's given to them by mega insurer/ med/ pharma giant's, as I posted in the "Health Care SnoweJOB" series.... once you accept .... you owe. "IF" our rep's wouldnt have "accepted" the money, only then ... they could have truely done what the voter's wanted .... and it would be very likely that we would have had a bill/ package a fraction of the size, half as complex, and probably a public option.

That's the REALITY!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

BIG BLACK: .... "Bad Penny" .... and .... "Passing Complexion" ....

In this piece for this journal's music selection I chose "BIG BLACK", (also later formed into the group "RAPEMAN")from the far north Chicago suburb of Evanston, Illinois. In my opinion one of the finest Punk Rock group's to come out of America .... nothing special as far as stage show/ theatrics, visual art's effect's, or similar ... but just a raw, explosive sound that drive's hard .... very intense live performance's, and just a truly awesome composition crew for this category of music .... on a scale of 1 thru 10 as far as "live" performance .... I have to rate them 9+.

However ... at the same time in the mid to late 1980's .... this group also raised alot of criticism .... some saying their lyric's were somewhat racist ... and some called them homophobic, or lyric's with controversial subject's such as rape, molestation, etc. I dont feel that this group or their art is either .... and wouldnt post them if they were. The thing folk's may not have understood about this group .... was there were no taboo's .... as far as lyric's were concerned. Most of the politically correct society cant accept that .... and are quick to take lyric's of art, and dissect them and re-arrange them to make them out to something that they are not.

However ..... much THANX to these fine gent's for their contribution's to Punk Music and the influence they spawned .... what an explosive group they were in the day! I chose of course a couple favourite's I have in my own collection ....this first piece is called "Bad Penny" ... Enjoy ....

Big Black- Bad Penny ... Thanx to DEADGUY138

This next piece is called "Passing Complexion" .... Thanx to NICOLE McMAHON




Not far back I was BMB (bitching, moaning, and bellyaching) about the President being too soft as far as pushing for a public option in health care reform, but only because I am such a socialist SOB on certain issue's, and actually for nationalized health care for that matter .... and wanted to have to see these mega insurer's, who I previously worked for at a time ... have to actually "compete" .... but I knew what he and our whole House and Senate was up against .... I sure as Hell wrote enough in this journal about it as far as the "Health Care SnoweJOB" series in this journal.

So in this posting I want to point out some significant item's and move's that this President is making that will really get thing's rolling in a direction that will over time show to pay-off to a degree. First off hand that I can think of ....was this business about funding for stem cell research that former President Bush was uptight about as far as government funding of any kind, even though recently because of wording in this new health reform some thing's of that reform are concern with folk's, which is too complex for me to understand right now, until some of this new law get's ironed out. Another just recently the other day .... where the President decided to take the student loan business away from the big bank's and let the government control the loan's .... which I was jumping for joy over .... these same bank's been milking the system for year's on this .... not just student's, then even supplying the same student's they control their loan's, with more credit card's putting them in endless debt to these institution's for year's to come!

Now a huge political controversy has risen since yesterday over this plan of the President to research and drill around the USA coast line's for oil. I mean ... the enviromentalist's and even many democrat's are in an uproar over this. I am actually very enviromentally supportive of the need to clean up the filth we produce in our air and water's .... as anyone could see reading my posting's in this journal on "Global Warming" ... I am also for the eventual elimination of all nuclear usage as well. But on this one .... I am behind the President 110%! .... some of which I will comment on after these video's. Rest assured Mr.President .... you will get my vote to run for a 2nd term, even though I dont like repetitive terming ... I will also elaborate some on after, as to "why" I feel this is important. However .... I also posted in the earliest part's of this journal that if this man is elected .... both side's will be at odd's with him .... because they will not understand his thinking ... my thinking is more in alignment with his, which is why I supported this guy before he was even a candidate .... since most folk's only see thing's "party" wise or "left/ right". I am not against folk's that think like that .... I understand .... the system was "created" that way .... and that's all most of us ever knew .... and this will change generation's to come as well.

President Obama drilling flip- flop? ... Thanx to CNN

But the reason I support this move as far as the drilling .... is because we are so dependent tremendously on foreign oil, and the fact of the matter is .... even if we all drove electric car's ... you still need petro .... the list of the product's that come from petro is long! Actually our military last I read was the largest consumer of petro in our nation. And the business and exploration isnt gonna cease any time soon .... too complex .... and the auto business is exploding in India and China as well... many speculator's are banking on that. In the meantime .... we will be doing everything we can to tighten enviromental regulatory bill's and carbon output. This is a plus as well especially economically, and the technologies today for research and drilling is far different than 30 year's back. But yes .... alot of folk's will be really pissed at this! Understand that other's are going to continue to drill all over the world whether we do or not .... period. This will all cease in generation's to come as well. But now .... this is the best move.

I dont like much repeat term after term in politic's .... one reason is because we have folk's still on the Hill and payroll that have been there for decade's ... and frankly dont seem to do much of nothing but run their mouth. It is easy to get frustrated in the short term .... this President and his crew been in office about 14 month's, the damage and beating that we have taken took year's to get to this point, and even more hard time's are to come as I mentioned before. It take's time to undo what has been done .... this is why I feel we should give this administration enough time to actually get "change" rolling .... we cant do this shit overnight. There is no "pill" or "quick fix", or the idea that we can wake up the next morning and it's all gone .... this isnt the big screen .... this is reality. I say give the man and his crew time to work thing's out ... we have many issue's .... changing the crew in the middle of the job will only make the job/ task that much more difficult to reach completion is all.

POST NOTE: I want to point out that I realize what a spill can do, and dont like the idea of new drilling, I know how much untouched land/ water area that these petro giant's have had to explore and done nothing. During the Obama/ McCain campaign run, I was against McCain/ Palin's plan to give "more" area .... in particular to an area in Alaska that I knew they wanted.... and I knew damn well that McCain/ Palin would have signed it into play quicker than Obama reversed funding for stem cell research. Because they were all about corporate pleasing. This is NOT about corporate pleasing here. The fact is .... we know we are going to be still using oil through this energy transition, any way you slice it, we also know the economy is still shakey regardless of what the official word is, and is borderline on many thing's still especially middle America, which has been the engine for year's and the foreclosure's of home's. Local budget's are tight coast to coast, and it will be very easy at this time to fall back into another recession .... if you take a clear look at the economic's math. I feel that considering the fact's .... that this IS a GREAT move .... we are so dependent on strictly foreign import's, the revenue this can generate in time domestically should be of significance, even though it wont show for several year's down the road .... it's a start.

Enough said ....