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MICHAEL MOORE: HEALTH CARE SNOWEjob Pt.7 .... "Screwing America MOORE" ....

This is Part 7 of the "Health Care Snowejob" series of this journal. There are also several other posting's explaining how these scam's work throughout this journal as well. But I started this particular series as an organized step by step piece that was showing what type of scam's may be tried, and motive/reason, the political/corporate factor's, and possible outcome "if" these entities succeed. I actually thought that they would have tried something more stealth and savvy than the scam I thought up that they could pull. But no .... they just went the basic route and pulled it off like any basic street scam actually. The worst thing about this is what I wrote they "may try" and what "may happen", "if" they pull this route/ scam, is that the result's are even worse than I had expected, basically this so called health care reform is awful to put it simple.

The posting's/ date's of this journal's "Health Care SNOWEjob" ( I named after Sen. Olympia Snowe )series is as below, which are more detailed of what this bill if passed will have in it, why, and what it mean's to the American People, and most importantly to medical/ pharma/ insurance industries. Then two video's I selected of Michael Moore and his assessment .... who I call, "My Man from Flint". Many dont take Moore seriously, some insult him as being a far left radicalist, socialist, communist, etc. or insult other thing's about him .... but to me .... he is one of the most brilliant mind's when it come's to calling scam's of corporation's and how the system work's, an absolute genius to me. I mean .... if I was negotiating a deal with some cut throat corporate icon's .... there is no one who I would rather have by my side as an advisor and to point out coming bite's. And thank you so much Sir for the insight that you give to American's on the reality!

PT 1 posted 09/09/09 show's the "trigger plan" scam and how it work's.

PT 2 posted 09/30/09 show's the Sen. Baucus bite and scam, and explain's "motive's".

PT 3 posted 10/14/09 is the Sen.Baucus bite sequel .... the bonus bite.

Pt 4 posted 11/11/09 show's the amount's paid out to Senate and Congress member's by ( also, all member's took pay-off's on both side's ) pharma/ med/ insurance giant's on first voting, and what/ why it will effect.

PT 5 posted 12/11/09 show's the "demopublican" unification, basically a core set up to make plan's on how to get rid of the public option all together, and dominate over the few far left who tried to hold it.

PT 6 posted 12/20/09 called "The Bad, Bold, and Beautiful" show's just how bold not only these corporation's are, but those who represent us, as to basically do it all in the open.

***** DEMOCRACY NOW: Michael Moore: Healthcare Bill "A Victory for Capitalism" .... (newsvideo)

Michael Moore: The Health Care reform Bill is a Joke ... Thanx to KEITHMSNBCER

But this plan will only have a few bones tossed to us, which arent even worth posting about .... Mr.Moore sum's it up perfectly, and many of which wont even have any effect until a few to several year's down the line. I have been gathering bit's and piece's all along on what this consist's of, and it is a real mess, and a guide twice the size of the Holy Bible! It so far is vague as well on some of what is getting to the people, it is full of loophole's, and also as I suspected, many new law's that will "force" people into risk group's and give many working class and lower middle income class people even more inferior service and care, more like group charity clinic crap. The "special" plan's that will be offered to million's also will be so different state to state, that it will seem like our state's are "un-united". Also .... unless they change how to provide subsidies, this will be another "milking" nightmare for working poor American's. Because frankly speaking, to just say you will give them a tax write off, will cost them .... because you pay upfront, mandatory by law ... not to government, but to corporation's, then you have to go to government a year later during tax time to file what will probably be form's with a little more complexity, that many will not understand and will be forced to go to tax preparer service's to do for them, which will charge a percentage of the reimbursement that you are to get back .... creating another "milking" division .... I could even go on and on, as far as how they will all make a killing off this, and this is also so complex, that there are more loophole's than probably pages in the plan that have been already put in place. I can only imagine some of the world's countries such as in Europe must be laughing at what we think is reform, or crying in sympathy for us .... and grateful their not ill in America.

Forget the public option .... it is NOT going to happen ....period ... I know I wrote already that it wasnt likely .... but I reckon I was just "hoping" some odd twist would take place, and just maybe a few who said they would stay defiant ...well ... would actually do so. But they were just all drowned out of this anyway's, it's like showing up to a "gun fight" with a "pocket knife". And DONT blame this on the President or any of those who truely TRY to change and represent our interest's more or even our government structure/ system. This cesspool is not the fault of this country's system at ALL .... it is all the fault of those we let dictate and refuse to let go of .... kind of like holding onto a relationship you know deep inside will never be of benefit. Until these who manipulate die off or just completely fall, not much of anything will get done .... that's the simple non- BS reality, that hardly no one will say, because most folk's are more interested with their parties or agenda's or a number of other factor's. This will all "change" in time, as I have posted time and again, I wish I could write here .... when that may happen, but I just dont know .... but I DO know it will .... nor do I know how, it just will. Another thing is that I cant stress enough, and anyone with half a brain know's this .... you really cant possibly expect much of anything like "change" in any reasonable amount of time, when you just keep giving vote's and support to the same folk's year after year, term after term, and decade after decade, unless you feel once their old and grey maybe then you will get some actual result's that dont take a half a century to accomplish .... there's no logic to that simply, no matter how fond you may be of any of them .... you must simply learn to "let go" of those who cant possibly do anything that really is meaningful, or beneficial is all. I'm not "down" on most of these folk's .... they simply dont know nothing else and their vision and ambition is somewhat limited, so it has nothing to do with their experience or knowledge .... if you cant stand and lead and make head way/ progress .... you simply cant cut it, that's all.

In the meantime .... of course as usual ... we will all need to figure out this new system they will weasel in ... and learn how we can find our own loophole's as best we can to get through this storm, it's a matter of survival man, dont feel too patriotic or cling to value's that will get you nowhere's .... do what you must do and network to survive and bite them all you can ... because rest assured .... they will eat your ass alive!

POST NOTE: The sad thing about this is the "bad timing" aspect .... which is all connected to what I was writing about last year of the show that will "need" to come .... strictly because of the 2010 mid-term election's, how some politician's would resign or flip- flop or whatever else (actually less though than I expected, however were still early in 2010 .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... so I better shut up) and the posting a few back called "The 2010 Show ....political/election strategies ... and ....special interest's strategies". Being that everyone's back was against the wall due to simply timing. Let me explain as plain as I can here .... You see .... for the last year of this administration (1st yr.)there has been so much on the table, that NO administration could possibly fix what is .... only try to make the "ride" smoother .... which is why I started posting all that early in 2008 before a new President was decided, because you knew whoever got elected .... the hole was just too deep with too many obstacle's, which would make you foresee the crisis to come and why thing's must get worse before they can get better basically. This administration has done a remarkable job I will say at smoothing thing's out .... trust me.... it could all be much harder than what it has been. This is also why I stated back then as well .... that what we are seeing materialize will be different this time, because of the "global" economic effect this will have .... and this is also why I said that even when thing's do get at least halfway stable ....expect inflation and taxes to skyrocket, or like several year's back when I told all those I know who were bellyaching over $2 buck's a gallon gas .... that in a few year's .... we will all be cheering just to pay $3 buck's a gallon ....of course what you see now. So .... why dont many folk's see this? Simply because folk's dont look .... that's it. You see ... you must look at those who run the show, and see how they think, and "what" motivate's them .... from the petro speculator's to those on Wall St. in commodities, to the CEO's of the major corporate player's .... you cannot see a clear picture of anything if you just look at the action's of your friend's, neighbor's, co- worker's, familia, etc. Or think the way we think .... understand that practically all the way we think, has been a programme since childhood. Also why I will say that this IS NOT the fault of any one politician, or because there is anything sour about the constitution or it isnt about taking away our freedom (most people are not "free" to begin with .... why? .... because until you break the chain's psychologically in yourself .... you can never truely experience freedom .... it isnt something given to you .... it's something that evolve's over time within you) .... or is the problem of the type of governmental structure, it is strictly because of special interest's, parties and partisanship, corporate political maneuvering and investment's, basically the same way they manipulate your small investment's in the stock market's in mass.

Corporation's are not "evil" .... there is no such thing as evil .... what is evil to one is good to another simply. These folk's just go on their nature .... and greed is part of our nature .... all of us, what causes a problem is excessiveness, and compulsion .... just like any drug that is abused. A certain amount of greed is a survival tool as well .... it's when you lose control is when thing's go south (not to slander southern folk's in that statement .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh). The timing was critical here because the poll's were showing more American's getting restless .... the GOP was in complete collapse and hadnt a thing to offer ... and had to start an alternate movement just to keep their ideal's at least in a coma, this was the creation of teabag's (not sure of the official name). The democrat's had to get something in motion .... a lil late .... but this is all because there were too many issue's to directly and immediately have to address the day this new administration got in the door .... they didnt even have time to hang their coat's yet. Then the stalling when it did get to the floor .... all orchestrated by big business to stall any change, and their puppet's inside on the Hill they could wet the beak's of to get a lil sugar coating going. And the dem's were put in a tough position as a majority .... simple because a scenario was forming that .... they were fucked if they do or fucked if they dont .... people/ voter's were getting frustrated, much due to propaganda spread by the entities of special interest's through the right, poll's were looking unfavourable to many more, which the right was pushing for since they had nothing to sell .... and if they could stall it long enough to not get anything passed .... the right would use that in the election's to say the dem's were incompetent .... if the bill does get passed .... the right will say that the bill was not good enough .... so the back to the wall part was, were running out of time and the election is getting closer and if we dont get something through were all going to get pink slip's. So what can they do? You are fucked either way you go simply due to the timing and closeness of critical election's. This is also why I stated in 2008 ... whoever get's elected ... dont expect anything too soon .... it must get worse before it can get any better. They were "forced" into a time frame to where they had to act quick or suffer the consequence's at the poll's. This administration can make thing's better across the board .... but we cant expect anyone to just fix thing's .... it's not that were acting too slow .... it's that we have "acted" too slow in the past .... and are now put in a position to rush. These same folk's on the Hill DIDNT act for decade's is what the problem is .... and are all of the sudden have to act quickly because of time line's and political factor's .... along with being pressured by the corporate icon's, another problem is .... no one should have accepted the initial $400,000 to almost $1.5 million dollar pay out's from the corporate supporter's, they then "owe". Next we will have to look for a fast move on a financial regulatory reform package .... Why? Because nothing been done about those we gave billion's to, to bail out, and folk's are pissed about that too ... and according to Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee Sen. Chris Dodd .... he will not run for re-election this year, so he has to try to rush something through, because nothing "solid" has been put in place yet to reform or regulate any of those we bailed out. Basically what we got is a mess .... and I congratulate the President, if he can even get 5 solid hour's of sleep at night .... because frankly I couldnt.


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