Friday, March 5, 2010

THE KID'S: .... "THINKING OF" one of America's LARGEST COMMODITIES and ASSET'S .... (THINKING of the KID'S? PT.1)

***** CNN/ U.S.: CNN Student News Transcript: March 5, 2010 (newsread/ video)

Throughout this journal time and again I have posted how the "kid's" or youth are probably one of the most abused segment of our society, from how they are used as commodities, asset's, sky high interest loan's, political and religious, as well as corporate interest's .... the list is just endless of what so many fail to see ... or just simply choose to ignore ... at least until their asses are in a sling .... like anything else we fail to address or deal with. Some may look at these protest's and say ... it's not the right way to do thing's ... many of those will also fail to address or suggest what IS the "right" way to handle some of these and other social issue's that we will see more of. Or suggest to use the legislative process and fight for decade's for what should be basic fairness, and maybe .... just maybe by the time your old and grey ... you will get a couple bone's thrown your way as a reward. This is why I have stated in previous posting's during these bailout proceeding's as well .... that some of this money should go directly to the Great State of California ($20 billion, see post note) .... because .... after all .... it is the people and taxpayer's that will pay everything in the longrun .... rest assured. California is a very IMPORTANT state and economical engine to this nation .... you can say .... as these so called elite say .... it is REALLY .... "too BIG to FAIL".

Ya'll have created a system and let it just run wild and out of control for decade's, allowing your own to regulate themselves, take a large portion of the money, investing most of it in foreign interest's, and your interest, and failed to think of the domestic interest's .... you have alway's used the youngest of the people as your most important commodity whether it's in your court system's through lengthy and costly court battle's whether it's for custody or other reason's, you have used these kid's also for your psycho- therapeutic research to prescribe enormous amount's of drug's to children, primarily in lower income categories, because what you do to America's youth, ya'll would never do to your own ... to make them more what you want them to be like, then you tell them to say no to drug use as you cram more of your drug's down their throat's. To steal their idea's and contractually lock them out of any real gain beside's a few buck's and pat on the back, so you can market it in mass to sell back to them. You legislate a couple million immigrant's for you a year to bring to this country from abroad to take the job's that our young go ten's of thousand's in debt to obtain degree's from your institution's, while blaming job decline on some peasant migrant worker's from south of the border. I can go on and on .... but have already posted so much on this.

I have posted so much on this because of what can and will come about if we continue to do business as usual .... and for those "Master's" that create this .... rest assured that ya'll are simply digging your own grave's and looking at the short sight instead of the long sight .... the same reason why you found yourself in the economical mess you whine about today .... it's a "product" of your own creation and action's. It is true .... although in a different sense than ya'll may see it .... that these young are the asset's and commodities ....and the future. However to continue to abuse these young .... like any animal by nature .... they will eventually get keen to the reality and rebel or retaliate. Respect your asset's my friend's .... and when your old and washed up .... perhap's they will show you some. Or ya'll can continue your little well calculated game's .... and see what you get.

That's the REALITY!

POST NOTE: At the time I was writing about California should be helped, was when last year, they found out that their state was $20 billion in the red, and knew they were going to have to make drastic cut's, even holding off on income tax return's and issueing IOU's, closing park's and other service's around the cities, which they did all, because I have talked with folk's in Los Angeles as well as Oakland since then, who have told me first hand what has been going on around town. You see .... just for instance, we gave shortly before that approximately I think $180 billion or so to AIG, that's just one company, last week they announced selling off some of it in Asia, which we will get supposedly $25 billion from the deal (our government), well then what? It's now, what was an asset or collateral, in Asia, they get about say $50 billion give us half. I am sure there are much more detail's that we are not even aware of yet. But the State of California should have been a priority, infrastructure shovel ready job's, military/ Vet's and such .... then you worry and hand out to those who basically lost billion's in nothing more than like a bad bet on a craps table, because that is exactly what they basically done. Our President I will give credit to .... because he has at least made effort's and some progress, considering the type of crowd that he has to deal with. Bottom line is .... these folk's like AIG which I have also posted during the bail- out proceeding's, should have been forced to downsize, liquidate, sell- off part's, file bankruptcy and the like's .... "FIRST", then dealt with after. So one may say .... oh well it's all over and done with .... but that's exactly the type of minsdset that get's us in these rut's, it never was over with or is a done deal, unless we keep that same lame ass way of thinking. I knew they were pushing for this bailout, as I posted relentlessly month's before they were official on it, why? Because as I said .... the administration (Bush/ Cheney) was going out, and they have to move fast to get whatever money is left .... so if I knew this .... you can bet that all of your rep's in Washington knew it! These event's like such just dont materialize overnight, it's just that most "ignore" what these folk's are doing.

And $20 billion to California for instance was small, compared to what they are in now. It would have leveled them out, and because of their mistake, they would have learned a lesson, and utilized that $20 billion far better than a company who after we give almost 10 time's that amount .... hand's that much out just for annual bonuses .... because that is exactly what happened .... then turned our collateral over to Asia, and say they will give us a percentage of that deal, yet we no longer have that Asian part .... that's brilliant, heh? Actually it is brilliant .... because we got screwed again ... and it's our children that will have to carry the burden .... you can say that they were "thinking of the kid's".



Rita said...

History is always our legacy.
I can only hope my own kids love & respect me when all is said & done.

TRUTH 101 said...

Hadn't thought about this before RC. Well said Brother.

But as I think you know, republicans love the rich and hate government so it was no surprise big corporations would get taxpayer money while governments don't.

I wouldn't have a problem with a bailout for any state if they were forced to adjust the tax and budget structures so all new spending would come with an eqaul tax hike or spending cut somewhere else.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You much for your input here Ms.Rita. I think you know well what the deal is .... sadly many dont realize what you do.

Take Care Dear ........

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You Mr.Truth on your comment's here. You mentioned about tax and budget structure's .... this is what I meant actually when I said, "if they learned their lesson", and we at the same time could give them encouragement. I can only "hope" that some of these corpoartion's have learned something.

Have a good un Sir! ......