Monday, March 1, 2010

VETERAN'S .... The CHALLENGE'S and REALITY .... that many American Veteran's still face ....

Although I have done several posting's talking about the treatment of America's Veteran's, it is one of them subject's that I dont feel I can post enough about until we take more action to clear up some of the challenge's they have to deal with when they get back from their duties and/ or tour's. And because a couple posting's back ... a Veteran who is also a blogger of the blogsite called "Western Hero" who goes by the name "Silverfiddle", had commented about what some Vet's have to deal with in the VA medical sector.

I have familia in active duty currently as well as a niece that will be deployed when she graduate's high school this year, who just enlisted, my dad was a Vet (WW2), 2 uncle's that were Vet's (WW2 and Korea), two cousin's Vet's (both Nam) nephew (Iraq) ... and several that I knew over the year's and met. I tried to enlist in the Navy myself around 1972 or so ... failed my written, by the time it was time to retest ... I was in jail and couldnt ... and that was at a time when they had a draft when I tried to enlist.

But many of my posting's on this subject has been concerning the amount of homeless Vet's in our American cities on the street's. One instance and posting was about 2 homeless Vet's I knew when I worked street security in a nightclub/ entertainment district in Dallas, who I used to get some cash job's for from a few business owner's I knew and done security service's for ... but both these guy's were turned down for bunk's for the night by the Salvation Army on Hines Blvd in Central Dallas at individual time's, simply because they didnt have the $7 to $10 charge for the night. After that ... I never would even piss on the Salvation Army organization if it was on fire! I am sure that Salvation Army provide's many service's for many people .... but you DONT reject a Veteran who need's a roof and bunk for the night! What the fuck is wrong with ya'll?!! NO VETERAN WHO SERVED THIS COUNTRY SHOULD EVER BE WITHOUT A ROOF OVER THEIR HEAD .... period!! I dont give a flying fuck what obstacle's or red tape shit you have to deal with. This need's to change! Do we realize we treat these fucken terror suspect's in custody better than many of our own Veteran's in this country? .... we should be ashamed. We alway's grandstand for the camera's about how we honor our heroes .... well act the fuck like it! Fuck goddamn Fannie and Freddie, Chase, and these other loser's who made bad choice's on investment's and are paying the price .... you take care of those who defend first, THEN you deal with the weak failure's after.

But this BS also has a trickle down effect on familia's of Vet's as far as our neglect for their need's. I even talked to Vet's who came back home, right here in Dallas to find their families damn near in bankruptcy from over inflated interest rate's lender's gave their familia's when they were on duty abroad, facing bankruptcy, foreclosure's, repo's of car's, furniture, credit black list's, and the list goes on. This is not the way you deal with folk's that defend us. This video below is about some of challenge's that Vet's and their familia's still face right now.

But I also want to thank President Obama for at least getting billion's out to get some action on this .... something the Bush/ Cheney Administration ignored to a pathetic degree .... sadly and shamefully.... I voted for Bush/ Cheney too!

Improving Our Veterans' Health Care ... Thanx to THE WHITE HOUSE



Anonymous said...

It is indeed a sad day when veterans are living on the street. The VA is government health care. They do the best they can, but they are underfunded.

Also, it is unfortunate, but there are homeless who have never served but claim they did (we call them perps). Regardless, the first step is to get them off the streets and cleaned up. Many have drug and alcohol problems.

I am fortunate. I was able to get a college degree before I got out (it only took me 20 years. Like Johnny Cash, I got it one piece at a time)

Also, I was not a combat troop, so I bear none of the physical and emotional scars those true heroes do, other than some tinnitus and back and neck injuries from an accident.

We should all thank God for whatever we've got. Life is fragile and there are no free rides.

Good post sir!

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning(or evening) Mr.Silverfiddle!

My hour's of work/ play are kind of weird, but just like anyone else, I do get adequate sleep.

You hit the nail on the head as far as "funding", for me, our funding priorities are really fucked up. We have so many in this country getting a free f'n ride, not just wealthy people, but folk's who are supposedly "poor", who are milking government funding .... oh yes ... this is going on more than folk's think. Yet those who really "need" assistance and trying to do what is supposedly called the "right" thing, are being ignored .... that's the reality!

The two gent's I mentioned about being turned down for a bunk for the night are actually vet's ( yes, they both have had drug/ alcohol problem's at time's, they also had wives at a time too, and lost them too, and other problem's that led to alcohol) the guy's that I got them day work with for instance who had small businesses were also Vet's like you, one done over 20 year's Army, the other over 8 year's Marine Corp. I know as well another fella like you .... no combat, over 20 year's, got his college in there, spent several year's in Germany I know (Stewart Frost) get's his lil ole retirement benefit's, has a job in management, etc .... so he is doing fine. My family member's done fine .... however my whole problem is that there are thousand's that line the street's of our nation that dont. My thing Mr.SF is this .... there should be shelter resources specifically for those in emergency need of them in every major city across the nation. With the money this country spend's and generate's, I see no reason for not funding this, period. Whether they done combat or not ... the bottom line is they "served" the nation and put themselves in a position to where "if" they were needed to pull such duties as combat, they were available. These should be just basic institution's, just like school's, specifically for them. I alway's hear the whining about cost .... some of the cost's this country shell's out to some is ridiculous! We just blew million's to crash a goddamn rocket into the goddamn mooon to find 25/ 50 gallon's of frozen water, what the fuck good is that going to do? They say to see if we can have people stationed on the moon! Why the fuck would we?! By the time we are ready to station folk's on the moon if we do, and I dont see any reason to, it can be done all with robotic's as Mr. Infidel pointed out once as far as space or planetary research .... but by that time our tech's will be far more advanced than what we have now ... it's a dumb "milking" project is what I am saying. The list of the "dumb" project's in this nation is ridiculous, and we fund them like there is no tomorrow. That's my opinion, I'll shut the Hell up now.

Thank You for your input Sir!

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Mr. Silverfiddle, I love Johnny "Man in Black" Cash too! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, RC. I think the root problem is these guys slide downhill and just can't climb back up.

The best programs for these guys are ran by former homeless. There is a shelter like that in Denver. The manager a former homeless man, is a real "tough love" kinda person. No drugs, no booze, dress right and go out job hunting. He has a high success rate.

That is what these people really need. A true second chance at life and someone who believes in them.

Tim said...

Just a thought, I wonder what would happen if our displaced Vets ran the country. For the better I think!

Tim said...

I should have also said"the meek shall inherit the earth"
Perhaps those that Govern would at last either know or remember what it is to have a heart. Empathy for the down trodden.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr.Tim!

Well .... I dont know about "meek" inheriting earth .... well at least they never did yet. But I do know that many of us are sick and tired of supporting the undeserving "weak". Something I pointe dout time and again in posting's concerning who we look at as "elite", or folk's that are worthy of leading anything more than a rat cesspool. It is those toward's the bottom of the food chain what I am saying that are the "doer's" and "achiever's", the one's who make this great machine "happen" and "function", I never considered someone that simply manipulate's another's money as being "elite", such as that soldier in battle, or that assembly line foreman that does his all to make sure that car come's off the line as goos as it get's, or those engineer's that bust ass to make sure we have the best technologies, science and quality of living .... I could go on and on .... about these so called "elite" or "cream of the crop" who dont contribute a goddamn thing to earth of humanity but manipulation and lies. What the fuck do they do? Maybe our military would do better than them running the show...heh?

Later Tim .........