Monday, March 15, 2010

LADY GAGA (PT.1): .... "TELEPHONE" video .... featuring BEYONCE ....

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I am not one to make a habit of posting Top 40 type piece's in this journal's music selection, after all ... they certainly dont "lack" publicity. However .... I do make exception's in certain cases, so I will here, because of the mass controversy. Actually I noticed a few people on YouTube posted this video, but when you click it .... it's the person posting just talking about the video without showing the video, what the fuck is ya'll's point? .... to get someone else to hear you talk and rant about it, by using the artist's name? Geeeeez ... just show the damn video! Despite all the talk of how "offensive" it may be or whatever, the only thing that I could find for any issue of complaint, would have been when Beyonce threw the "Honey Bun" plastic wrapper on the ground and being plastic litter : )

This one video seem's to have many folk's panties in a bind (certainly not the performer's/ artist's panties though, I may add).... and of course since this is a Texan's journal .... I have to give credit to native Texan Beyonce here, for her input in this production. But this has been all over the news, and the fact that MTV actually banned this (that I dont understand .... perhap's some publicity stunt(?)). So basically from coast to coast in America folk's have some kind of problemo with this .... even obviously the liberal side .... I mean .... you would expect it out of perhap's church going conservative type's .... but the liberal media's as well?

Other than that .... I must admit, it is a first class piece of production and not bad sound either .... since many big production's get a lil too watered down composition wise, or let's just say "over-orchestrated" .... which can sound too homogenized on final product. But the theme and visual art's of it in my opinion should be Grammy material .... it's that kind of piece that doesnt get reckonized as a classic until 10 year's later let's say. But a damn good piece of work actually. And congratulation's to Ms.GaGa and Ms.Beyonce! This video is called "Telephone",

Lady Gaga- Telephone ft. Beyonce ... Thanx to LADYGAGAVEVO


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