Monday, March 1, 2010

THE 2010 SHOW (Part 1): .... Political/ Election Strategies .... and .... Special Interest's Strategies ....

This posting is to take a look at what is happening as far as the obstacle's and/ or gridlock on issue's such as Health Care Reform .... and the political and special interest's strategies and goal's. Because I have commented to a couple blogger's on this, and because throughout 2009, I been talking about the "show" that's to come in 2010 because of mid term election's ... and how it is used as a bargaining chip as well. Also that is why I titled this the "2010 Show". And again .... this IS NOT to favour or talk down one party or another .... it is to present the reality simply.

Okay .... one may say .... what has any of the special interest's have to do with political gridlock and partisanship? Well .... EVERYTHING to be honest, this is all staged to keep thing's the same ole same .... or at least to buy time, and most of this is orchestrated to be played out by special interest's .... mainly again ... the main culprit is corporate America. And it's not a conspiracy, you dont need conspiracies, when you have ownership and masses pre- occupied with worries and fear that you fed them .... it's simply a business decision. The underdog party alway's is the one who will have to do most of the legwork in these show's, because they are the one's with their back's against the wall .... and the special interest's target them first. In this case it would be the Republican Party, so you select them as your mule's and mark's ... no different than a street hustle, just on a grander scale, or like a religion would create opposing entities ... to keep battle and struggle alive when needed by those in control. You may wonder or question why would these special interest's waste so much time and be so gung ho on creating friction, gridlock or partisanship? .... this particular reason is to buy time is all .... for their attorney's and strategist's to redraw and scheme up, what their next move will be. Why do you think last year even though everyone was whining about their capital worth or how bad time's are financially ....big pharma/ insurance giants through millions of dollars on the table like pocket change, to deal with this reform for instance .... and paying Senators millions before they took up the first vote, and Rep's in Congress, almost a half a million dollar's each .... it take's money to make money ... okay?

The biggest fear to any of the big player's was this administration (Obama and Democrat's) .... this is also why I pointed out in 2008 posting's that the Bush Administration was going to push hard and fast through folk's like Treasury Secretary Paulson to create fear and get bailout money .... before a new administration get's in which would delay getting the grab .... so you get while the gettin's good. With a Bush Administration you know it's a done deal .... with a Obama Administration, you know it will be more of a challenge, and at the time they didnt know if McCain or Obama would be the next President .... so you DONT take that chance and push when you got someone to push for you, in that case Bush/ Cheney. The current gridlock and obstacle's you see in health care reform dont have anything to do with what people want .... it has to do everything with what insurance companies want. It has nothing to do with doing favour's for the people by giving them insurance across the board, it's about making law to make 10's of million's purchase insurance and creating low and high risk's group's to maximize profit's, and more pharma drug's to be dispensed to those 10's of million's to try out the drug's for research .... and have to buy them as a requirement of new term's and condition's. Kind of like a new car warranty .... where if you buy a Ford for instance ... and the extended warranty carries bumper to bumper, what you dont see is, it is only honored IF you have all your service and part's work done by their service tech's and center's, and follow all their service recommendation's .... in this case ... you dont buy the prescription's and take what you are told .... you are going against the policies term's and condition's. It lock's in business basically. Right now you have million's across the nation of working, but poor .... that are not covered with insurance, when they get ill or injured .... they go to county hospital's funded by government and taxes pick up the tab. By making them buy insurance from you with no public option or competition .... you get the premium's, get to create risk group's, who get's better treatment or lesser treatment, and through government help to those in funding .... you get to collect the tax dollar's as well.... which is in the billion's ... plus the insured money, taxes still pay a chunk, it's just that the fund's go more to the corporate sector than to the government sector. That money is diverted into offshore high interest investment's and the like's, and not subject to domestic taxation through their legislative package's they create and push through.

Since the Republican's are the underdog right now in politic's, or the weaker half or minority, you use them as the mule's or muscle to create the obstacle's and/ or any gridlock as a diversion to do everything you can to stall or gridlock anything in Washington .... you want change if there is solid proof only that it goes in your favour and get's you the most bang for your buck .... and these interest's have shelled out alot of buck's ... so they dont want to rush anything right now. You get your mule's to create gridlock and opposition by/ and through rejection of bipartisanship for instance ....example .... Obama's crew of Democrat's have bent over backward's to reach out and compromise, even willing to toss out public option .... yet ....the Republican's wont even accept that ... you gave them an inch in other word's and they want a mile or no deal, basically. So .... how would this benefit special interest's? Because it get's voter's frustrated as well in harder time's.... and creates "divide", and is used as a tool in GOP campaigning to tell the people that the current administration cant even get anything done, and are not good for America .... in the hope's that more people go independent or swing, out of anger and frustration.... in the hope's that it also weaken's the Democrat's stronghold, even making a few politician's just walk away or resign. You support indirectly new group's who try to pull in them frustrated masses .... such as your teabag group's, feed them some propaganda to spread and recruit to create more uncertainty and lack of trust in your government, in the hope's again of weakening this administration, because they look at him and his as a liability rather than an asset. Your whole objective is to shake up voter's and get the opposing party of the administration in power more to promote your agenda .... and if they do get it, and you can make it work and get the republican's a majority somehow ... they then owe you a favour in return ... and scratch your back on the floor. This all also create's a road block as well in reform .... the interest's might not gain from a roadblock since they would love them new 4o million insured .... but most importantly .... they dont lose. They just stay the same, which is better than more regulation or competition or whatever else they fear, and buy's them time to create other angle's to serve their interest's. So you have the republican's saying now after 2 month's into the new year and after over a half a year of fiddle faddle... that they want to start over on reform with a blank piece of paper .... the whole point is to delay it as long as you can and as close as you can to election time, to shake the "vote". This is why I posted so much in this journal in late 2008 and 2009 on the Health Care Reform, scam's and plan's that they will twist it into over month's and month's of delay, and how it will end up as something completely different than what was proposed during campaign's of both side's, because whenever people "ask" for anything, you can be sure that whatever you ask for will be redesigned into something that they (interest's) will capitalize off of and you will pay the price ... so that is why I said, be careful what you ask for, because you may actually get it, and it may not be what you thought at first. Understand that "asking" for anything, make's you vulnerable .... you "take". And believe me .... by the time their done with this, if they do get it through, which they will have to get something through, since the masses are steadily losing trust and confidence, you will be the one more regulated than those who control the plan's and designate your status and what you receive as far as treatment's. This is why I am for nationalized health care, and called a "socialist" by some.

So .... this is the show we will be shown over the next few month's stronger by the week .... all to try to delay reform or to get it twisted into something else, and to get voter's and American's more frustrated and to lose faith and confidence in this administration and government in general, and try to paint a picture that all the mess is because of this current admistration. They will also claim that they have answer's and better solution's .... but the truth is they dont, they (republican's) dont even have any idea's currently that arent being manufactured and fed to them by their special interest's. And if any of these people period no matter what side had answer's .... we wouldnt be in the mess were in today, this would have been cleaned up decade's ago.

That pretty much sum's it up ....


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