Saturday, March 27, 2010

SKINNY PUPPY (PT.1): ...."TIN OMEN" ....and.... "PRO-TEST" ....

In my last music video posting of "Adam and the Ant's", a blogger, Ms.Winsome Dove and I shared comment's concerning some of the industrial/experimental music of group's such as Coil, who I posted piece's of as well, which alot started to really surface late 1970's thru the early 1980's. This particular experimentation led to a change as well in alot of the contemporary music of today .... especially in Rock. This particular group "Skinny Puppy", are considered as founder's of the Electro/ Industrial/ Cyber-Punk sub-genre. And they are also one of my favourite "live" performer's as well!

This next group has so much credit in this change to the composition, aesthetic's, as well as sound delivery. "Skinny Puppy" formed in 1982 in Vancouver,BC (Canada) .... and the accomplishment's and art of this group is outstanding and an inspiration to many as well in the trade. I had the pleasure of sitting in on an interview with lead vocalist Kevin "Ogre" Ogilvie sometime in the early 1990's around their "Too Dark Park" release and tour, and learning more about the philosophy, composition, theatric's and such of the group. But this is where we find that this industrial experimental music has led to today. I also want to add that Mr.Ogilvie had done quite a bit of work with Mr. Al Jourgensen of the group "Ministry", as well .... I look at all these folk's like familia anywayz .... as far as interaction on each other's project's.

There is so much great piece's to choose from these folk's, that it was difficult to find two (dont we just hate that?) .... so I just had to go on a coin toss of so many that I love. This first piece is called "Tin Omen" from their 1989 "Rabies" album ...... Enjoy!

Skinny Puppy- Tin Omen ... Thanx to AERYN SCHEUERMANN

This next piece is "live" in Montreal, QE and /or Toronto, Ont, from the "Greater Wrong of the Right" (released 2004) album tour in 2004 .... and is called "Pro-Test".

Skinny Puppy- Pro-Test (Live Montreal- Toronto) ... Thanx to ARKASAI


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