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SKINNY PUPPY/ KEVIN "OGRE" OGILVIE (PT.2): "Worlock", "Hexonexxon"

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Kevin Ogilvie aka "Nivek Ogre"

Another posting here to honour the Pup's and Mr. Kevin Ogilvie of course, a lil history here in Part One as well. But the Pup's early roots I wanted to highlight here as far as aesthetic's are concerned, being that for one, "video" is what drove alot of the starting success to this crew as far as concept's ... which they were most noted for incorporating horror/ gore type theme's. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with about the music Ogre/ Kevin Ogilvie, vocalist/ musician, who was also working on the same label at the same time with a buddy Mark (aka MC900FT JESUS), which was truly a treat to me, since I kept up with much of his work with the pups and others, because I rank this man in the top's with folk's like Al Jourgensen (Ministry) as far as their work, etc ... and has worked with a whole buffet board list of artist's to this day! This era of post modern industrial sound's that came out in the late 1980's to early 1990's has finally made it's mark in the all time classic's in this genre. Below I wanted to highlight a couple of those classic piece's with the 2nd being some "live" work off of their "Rabies" project/ LP from back then, which would be a treat for any of those old school industrialist's! ... Enjoy!



Skinny Puppy- Worlock (The Greater Wrong Of The Right Live) ... Thanx to suizadeamerica

Skinny Puppy- "Hexonexxon" SPV Records ... Thanx to BLANKTV


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SCOPES MONKEY TRIAL (Inherit the Wind) ... A Look at America's BIBLICAL DEBATE'S and Politically Manufactured BLIND FAITH ... HUMAN MORALITY PT.11 (Inspired by Lilia)

Part 11 of the "Human Morality" series will highlight a fictional movie clip from the 1960 "Inherit the Wind" film, which was based/ inspired off of an actual story in mid 1920's America of a school teacher Mr. John Thomas Scopes that was charged and tried for teaching evolution in a Tennessee school, being he violated the law's of the state ... more well known as the "Scopes Monkey Trial". I chose this classic movie clip just to give an example of the endless debate, that even today over 85 year's later, is still hotter than ever in this nation, and increasingly with more fanaticism behind much of it. I also wanted to dedicate this posting to my mother- in- law Lilia Vinas (RIP), who I loved and inspired this posting. I hear alot of talk about guy's not getting along with their mother- in- law's of course ... but my case was a whole different story, we got along great, she lived with us and also helped raise my daughter's and stepson, Lilia had also a great sense of humour, really : ) jokingly referring to my wife (her daughter) as Mother Superior, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... because trying to argue or debate with my wife, is pissing in the wind ... it's her way or the highway on alot of stuff : ) But Lilia is the one that hipped me to this movie classic. Lilia was a firm believer in God and Jesus ... however, when I quoted a bible passage to her one day, she laughed ... I asked her ... "You dont believe in what the Bible sayz?" ... she smiled and said ... "The Bible was wrote by man Tommy ... not by God ..." ... well, needless to say, I couldnt argue with that : )

The thing is, that the Holy Bible is one of the earliest and greatest book's of stories ever compiled, which basically what you read today, whether it be the Catholic version or the King James version (which came later), was inspired by the Roman Emperor Constantine and a council of his (early 4th century A.D.), which is why I alwayz referred to it as "Constantine's Bible" ... it was compiled basically for political reason's, banking, and military reason's in a large part, by then commercializing Christianity as a mega institutional religion basically ... much was also not allowed to be compiled in it, such as Gospel's of women for instance ... so it was all hand selected by a group of, well ... males/ men in the upper echelon's of politic's/ society basically. Even the teaching's of the Christ figure Nazarene Jesus in the Gospel's would clearly show that he was against the commercialization of religion's and spoke of the danger's of such as well. After all ... according to the story ... he was convicted and executed (crucified) not by Pilot, but by a bunch of governing influenced church fanatic's that ran thing's the way they see fit only ... and persecuted everyone like Jesus who spoke against them or disrupted their lil operation's ... very similar to today still, but with a tad less brutality than then. This politically motivated and manufactured "blind faith" without any "question", has motivated and inspired more hatred, conflict, murder, war's, and bloodshed than just about anything in human civilised history ... not the Bible itself, but the men who manipulated and wrote it for their gain's and evil's, the same evil by definition that they speak against. Who they say they wrote for the oppressed, yet later used the same writing's to be the oppressor's. Enough said .... Word Out ....

Inherit the Wind- The Age of Rocks ... Thanx to THENIKKIVEE


***** I wanted to close out this posting with this gentleman below, who is a Christian, yet know's well the political hypocrisies, and the danger's of mega institutionalized religion's ... this was his response to Texas Governor Rick Perry's Prayer Rally *****

Rick Perry Prayer Rally stirs controversy in Texas My Response/ Christian Living in America ... Thanx to GODSCOUNTRYNETWORK


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IMMIGRATION REFORM & POLICY: Parent's "WANTED" & Children "LEFT BEHIND" ... Victim's of Political Rhetoric & Banter (HISPANIC/ LATINO STIMULUS PACKAGE PT.2) For Pedro (STIMULUS PACKAGE PT.5)

Thank You again to RT America for slamming these issue's, especially when such is so unpopular in these election's time's ... I try to avoid politic's when I can, but it's difficult to do with the reckless rage of rhetoric, banter, and pure bullshit that they make out of issue's in this nation. And NO, I dont blame this on President Obama, as much as I blame it on our overall representation, similar to the Health Care Reform, or what they call ObamaCare ... it isnt of President Obama, as much as it's of those politician's who buck, destroy, and oppose every idea and initiative that this President has tried to address, propose, and present, where they twisted it into something else ... what they "blame" on the President is what they damn near all draft/ engineer and vote for themselves, it was ALL the GOP and key Democrat's who stopped the President's proposed/ designed Public Option in Health Care Reform as well. And also Thanx here to Alex Caballero and Ron Gochez for their getting to the point on what take's some term after term, decade after decade to get to say and work on ... who also inspired this posting's title in part. This is an issue that I promised several folk's locally that I would hammer, and in particular for this posting, Pedro ... and for all the kid's that I personally know and seen experience this reality of worry and trouble's. A couple video's and link below, then my input here to cut through some of this mind blowing bullshit from our political representation.

***** NBC4/NEWYORK: Thousands Seek Work Permits as New Immigration Rule Takes Effect **** I want to add this to at least give some credit to the President and Administration on this ... although it isnt the complete answer, it's at least a start, and a start that so many didnt even want to address in Washington at that ... there is still alot of work to be done.

***** PD/ RCJ: HISPANIC/ LATINO STIMULUS PACKAGE (PT.1): Preserving what "AMERICAN DREAM" that is Left & "VALORES NORTE AMERICANOS" (American Values) For Joe

Deportations leave record number of children with no parents ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Illegal immigrants' children stay orphans in the US? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

The reason this goes into the "Hispanic/ Latino Stimulus Package" part of this journal, is because again ... it is latino's that played such a large role in this nation not suffering the economic crisis that it should be experiencing for the action's of our politician's and Wall Street, action's leading to failure from those who are mostly dictated by corporate interest's/ communism. We hear the buzz phrases like 'no child left behind', but with our hypocrisy leadership/ representation ... leave children behind 24/ 7/ 365 in an effort to rape, please, rathole wealth etc, etc. The parent's or so called illegal immigrant's are frankly a "most wanted" commodity by many of American's, from the top on down, while at the same time feel like they have their picture on a "Wanted" crime poster because of their status ... being on one hand they use them as a scapegoat for political leverage, while on the other hand, they are more than willing to hire them for reason's of excessive greed and profit only ... even middle class American's you will see every goddamn morning as early as 5am at the labour meat market's around town's like Dallas daily, looking for cheap labour to do everything from cleaning their yard's, garage's, home's ... to taking care of their own children, who so many dont even have time for their own children, instead just spending money on them without giving them anything of substance for life to carry and guide them. Many of these most wanted worker's embrace and preserve familia value's, patriotism, and the idea of the American Dream more than even many American's born and raised here, constantly also teaching their children the importance of learning english and being bilingual. They dont bitch about hardly anything until recently, because of the attack's on them and their children ... for year's, they have worked hard for less than competitive wage's, even many paying their income taxes, medicare, social security out of their payroll, knowing that they will most likely not even see a dime of it back in any way, constantly spending their money in our local economies and keeping our head's a tad above water in so many communties economically across the nation, while much of our representation frankly isnt doing or addressing shit concerning this. Tonight's highlight on ABC World News for instance ... is the GOP Convention and how this guy Christie of Jersey will use humour to downplay the President and his Administration ... to of course entertain us with more bullshit.

Pedro came here about a decade ago from Honduras ... unitentionally at that, because it was actually his brother that was supposed to come here who their familia paid $5000 just for him to get here, when the time came, his brother got injured in some social political conflict in Honduras, making it impossible to come, and your money in these market's DONT get refunded/ reimbersed like some travel agency or something ... Pedro took his place. Pedro is early 30's with a wife the same age also from Honduras and has two young children who were born and raised in Dallas. Pedro (who I also call Pete by the way, because Pedro translated to English is Peter) is one of the hardest working guy's that I ever met, and truely elite in his category/ trade's, even though not yet liscensed by the State of Texas (of course because of his immigration status) is like a master at electrical, air conditioning/ heating, plumbing, carpentry, etc ... he been a contractor for several year's, advertising on his pick up truck and in local small businesses with ad's/ flyer's, word of mouth etc, etc ... a real hustler and go- getter. About a year ago when Pedro was working a neighbourhood contract, I asked him how much he was making, which was a part time couple month contract, he told me, which was astonishing to me as far as his wage's due to his qualification's and work history/ resume ... I calculated that he was getting at least 40% to 50% below what he should be getting in this region of the country pay- wise, considering cost of living, etc. I talked to a woman that I know that manage's a large properties complex here in Dallas to make this short, who was in need for someone with his skill's ... needless to say ... I highly recommended him to her ... she hired him on full time at a fair payscale for the first 6 month's for probationary evaluation, she and the property owner's have been more than pleased with his work and frankly blown away at that! He still has his lil contract side business as well, now able to help his familia in Honduras who have suffered much from a flood that destroyed their home and damn near their town.

Whether or not these politician's highlight and discuss any of this or not before this election probably doesnt matter, but they will have to address it sooner or later. I realize the issue's on the border, and border resident's who are angry because of how border crosser's used their property to stay/ layover and even in some cases trashed the property. I also realize that there is a price to pay when you break law's, etc ... too bad that our own law- maker's cant even abide by the law's that they themselves even write, legislate and pass, or even hold major corporate interest's accountable for their racketeering action's. The thing is, we have been going in circle's on this and it just keep's getting tossed on the back burner, and when American's are under economic pressure's, it flare's anger's, which in turn affect's those who are the victim's of all this and make's them retaliate and at least want to be heard out for a change. The existing law's do not work that we have, and are in need of changing and more protection's/ right's for these new American's, even though, many who are behind influencing the law's and enforcement are part of the same hypocrisy that feed's the problemo. And breaking up these familia's is all parties fault, whether it's blaming the parent's for breaking law's, or blaming those who enforce law's, because it's the children and familia's that suffer the most, it is enough to break your heart when you sit down and talk to some of these kid's who even go to school with all our kid's on the fear that they live in not knowing what will happen if they lose their parent's, it certainly was very emotional for me.

Word Out ....



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Part 12 of the "Truth or Treason" series & Part 5 of the "From The Foxhole With Bernie" series, will simply be to give a non mainstream media preview of what to expect at this coming week's Republican National Convention, because Bernie here unintentionally sum's it all up as far as the agenda that will be showcased at it. Despite all the issue's that are in grave need of atencion in this country, rest assured that this convention will only highlight a whole buffet of reason's why they need to take away the existing Social Security and let Wall Street handle and take it over, trade in your Medicare for insurance company voucher's for you to shop around state to state in different law's and jurisdiction's trying to not get burned on another fine print bunk fly- by- night underwritten insurance policy, that can leave you dead or in endless twisted litigation or such, and of course more fear card's than you can shake a stick at, over everything from our Post Office to our School System's are going to fail and fall, boogeymen and terrorist's that will come out of the woodwork, if we dont give all what we have left to Corporate Communist dictator's and massive defense contracting initiative's/ programme's, etc, etc.

***** GOP "PLEDGE TO AMERICA": ... and the KNOW to say NO to "Fuzzy Math" ... **** I wanted to add this piece here that I wrote back in September 2010, when we were going through this same hustle, and yet got screwed again because of our sloth in the 2010 election's, there is also a link in it to another posting I done in the late part of 2008 concerning the hustle that was going to be pulled on us in the last dayz of the Bush/ Cheney Administration, before we got our final milking. The reason for this, is because I dont think American's really know what their up against as far as our domestic economy ... and how dangerous Congressman Ryan is ... again, dont even worry about Romney ... he's a lightweight in this race, a nice fella I'm sure, but hasnt a clue what to do without someone else telling him. Ryan is a natural born hustler, about as sharp and good as they come, this guy can give you that all American sad puppy dog look, and have you in tearjerker patriotic heaven, and you WILL NOT see him coming! Ryan has an "agenda", and NO ONE tell's him what in Hell to do ... he just does it, and WILL call the shot's, rest assured! Basically bottom line, Romney is a follower ... Ryan is a leader! Again, I'm sure Ryan as well as Romney would love to see all American's prosper, be in financially stable Utopia, etc, etc, etc ... I mean ... we ALL would for that matter, but it's NOT the reality. I admire some of his vision and hard ass busting work, but he IS NOT on the side of the majority of the American people's interest's, his trickle down method would only lead quickly to a state of economic depression for million's of American's that would be so deep, it would take another couple decade's just to get our head's above water. And you know Ryan is dedicated strongly ... because he could personally do much better in place's like Wall Street or a place like Dallas' financial district ... but he "chose" to do his work in government, because he truely believe's that he can save America with these method's of economic engineering.

We seem to have such a short memory, while Congressman Ryan last week was ranting up and down about the financial mess from bailout's to war's to deficit and everything else in between that the Obama Administration has gotten us into, if you just look back a couple year's before the Obama Administration ... who actually constructed the massive bailout and both war's and milked every dime of surplus during their last few month's in office of 2008? at who's hand's did over $12 billion in cash US currency get lost and never recovered in Iraq during the first couple year's of it's invasion? Under which administration did hundred's of our troop's in these war's get killed or dismembered from road- side bomb's while they were ordered to travel road's in the newly occupied territory of Iraq, in Humvee's that had not one bit of armour protection on them? And which administration after 2009 saved lives of our troop's giving them the proper updated/ modified vehicle's to use, and reduced casualties by downsizing our force's and detail? Which administration has been most successful at targeting terror cell's and leader/ organizer's around the globe? Which Administration recently has started a job's for veteran's spouses/ familia programme that hired ten's of thousand's of military spouses? which Administration recently tried to clean up some of the health care in this nation? and which administration recently has done more for our veteran's across the board than any other in history? Which administration had positive job growth number's starting 2009 to 2012?, and which administration was losing 100's of thousand's of job's monthly previously to 2009?

Luckily for Presidential candidate Romney, they actually have a REAL salesman that should get a standing ovation during this insane con game that will be crammed down drunk conventioner's throat's, because frankly without Ryan (VP candidate) ... Romney wouldnt know whether to laugh, cry, take a shit, or wind his watch to try to capture some atencion and enthusiasm from such a large crowd. For me, the choice is clear as far as which of these two choice's/ side's we have to vote for if we dont want sudden economic destruction any more of our smaller businesses/ companies/ bank's/ credit union's, working and middle class population's, that are the engine of this great democracy and example of what true capitalism and fiscal responsibility should be, and remind you here, I am a man that has voted Republican most of my voting life ... so this is for real!

Below, a rare breed in todayz frail Capitalism Hill posse that will explain the true reality of the current condition ...  Bernie ....

Republican Deficit Hawk Hypocrites ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Bernie on the Bill Press Show ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS




KELCEY PERRY: Arlington Police Officer Dylan Eckstrom ... Bodyslam's and pushes teenager's face into pavement, pepper- sprays her, then write's citation to justify it (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.11)

Image result for KELCEY PERRY

Ms. Kelcey Perry

Part 11 of the "Police Brutality" series for this journal is a local case here in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex suburb of Arlington, a fairly large suburb with a population of over 373,000, and really known as a pretty cool college suburb at that (University of Texas @ Arlington ,where my daughter graduated from), so the way this poor young lady was treated is not only harsh, but a lil shocking.

First of all, credit to this young lady, her familia, and counsel for pursuing this to the fullest extent as far as legal/ civil action at the Arlington Police Department and Officer Dylan Eckstrom, never back down to this, and never forget is how I see it. Some may say that these kind's of posting's are negative and/ or may enrage folk's in a negative way, anger, violence, etc, etc ... and it's true, it does and is meant to enrage folk's who read it. For myself, any parent/ grandparent (I'm both) that doesnt get angry, enraged etc, is NOT normal ... whenever our children are treated like this, especially using your hard earned tax dollar's to do it, you should get mad, angry and even violent to some extent ... it is in NATURAL ORDER!

This 15 year old young lady was actually the victim of girl bullies who simply wanted to defend herself, and ended up as the one abused by this police officer in the process, just to show how out of touch with the condition/ reality that some of these police officer's are ... I mean ... you wonder, where in the fuck did some of these officer's grow up? Have they ever been a kid or remember their childhood? Do they understand how to communicate with people who are younger? ... or do they even understand them and these condition's at all for that matter? Geeeezz!

For this officer who is also 6'ft for that matter, and about 200/ 220 lb's to treat a 5'4" tall teen girl like this is way out of line and thanx to video cam's and cell phone's, clear excessive use of force of an out of control cop that cant even hold his cool under pressure. I guarantee that just slamming this child's back into pavement like that, especially having her neck bent in a choke hold while doing it, can cause permanent damage to the spine/ back of this child ... then on top of it pushing her face into the pavement, then on top of that, pepper- spraying her at point blank range in the face while he has her pinned down, then citating her later, telling her that he "has to" citate her to justify to his commanding officer the reason for his use of excessive force!? ... can you believe that?! what the fuck was he telling her this for?, to get her sympathy?, or is he just a coward to own up to what he done to this child? He's worried after doing this to her, only what his boss think's?, bottom line ... if this isnt about the lowest cowardly action's/ response I have seen in a grown man, I dont know what else could be.

Pursue this scum and the official's that try to sugar coat this and dont let up until there is some justice made in it!

Word Out ....

Video shows officer slam teen girl into ground, police investigating ... Thanx to WATCHMANNOYES2

***** NBC 5 Dallas- Fort Worth: Video Shows Teen Girl Thrown to Ground During Arrest ... (newsread)

***** ZINDA LAW GROUP: Body Slammed Teen Prepares to Sue Police Department .... (newsread)



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HEART ATTACK GRILL- DALLAS: Grub to DIE 4 ... Nacho TYPICAL Jumbo Jack or Big Mac joint ... "DONT BE ALARMED PT.5- You're in DALLAS {: 0

Part 5 of the "Dont Be Alarmed" series of this journal will be to highlight a restaraunte that was located in downtown Dallas' West End sector, this is one of those posting's that been on my list for long, but just hadnt got around to it, and it came up in some conversation here in the neighbourhood the other day ... being that, I'm not sure if they actually closed for good, or relocated to another location or whatever, but when this place opened it got a fair amount of protest's locally ... I mean, this place actually cooked stuff in pure lard, and actually let folk's over 350 lbs eat for free and other related marketing/ ad gimmick's. But the fact of the matter is, Dallas has probably more restaraunte's per capita than most US cities and buffet's like Las Vegas does, in fact from what I read, the original location in Vegas is still open. I didnt protest this place of course, but I wouldnt let this be part of my diet either, even before I went on my diet that I live by, this is how hardcore this place is/ was ... I found it to be hilarious when I first heard of it opening through my daughter. Looking at the photo in the heading, there is plenty that make's my "mouth" water and heart rate jump, and it sure as Hell isnt the burger's their holding either! : ) But dont just pick on these folk's, their at least honest about what they do sell/ promote ... there are a whole buffet of place's in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex that are just as unhealthy, believe me! ... which is no reason for alarm, after all ... this is Dallas : )

Heart Attack Grill Dallas ... Thanx to ALLDAYLONG


***** DALLAS OBSERVER/ CITY OF ATE: Heart Attack Grill Continues Death Spasms

***** HEART ATTACK GRILL DALLAS **** CLOSED ... just some comment's from customer's on this joint and location, price's etc.



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CHAVIS CARTER: A Case of Suicide, Murder ... or just Plain Ole Police Incompetence? (INCARCERATED AMERICAN PT.13)

Chavis Carter

Part 13 of the "Incarcerated American" series will be to look at the case of Mr. Chavis Carter, who is said to have killed himself in the back of a Jonesboro (AR) squad cruiser, while handcuffed. I didnt put this posting in the "Police Brutality" series because so far I see no evidence of any kind of police misconduct after going over this and over it ... I been following this for 2 bloody week's now, and this has to be one of the most strange cases I have heard of. I'm still looking forward to at least something from forensic's to give some light on what in Hell happened. I included this in this series, because even though Mr. Carter was not incarcerated when this happened, he WAS being detained in police custody under arrest, in transport detention of the police vehicle. These cases can never get enough coverage as far as I'm concerned. My heart goes out to his parent's here, as a parent I know this must be rough. Some news and video below, then I will put my two cent's in on this.

***** ABC NEWS: Chavis Carter Case: Police Release Dashcam Video Night of Shooting ... (newsread/ video)

***** NEWSONE: Police: Chavis Carter, while handcuffed, shot himself in the head

Chavis Carter- Jonesboro Police dash cam video ... Thanx to BLACKTALKMEDIA

Chavis Carter: 'Suicide' Reenactment Video ... Thanx to The Young Turks

Some of the reporting I been reading on this sound's even shady ... I mean, without the police making something official get's speculation's really going as well as attitude's on this. I have read so far suspicion's reported by "anonymous"? to police of a vehicle travelling up and down a road (which is common for police to say as far as what was reported to them, only to establish ground's for questioning, search and/ or detainment), this vehicle was spotted not driving, but parked off the side of the road, the call/ report gave "probable cause" for/ to question occupant's, 3 young men in the cab ... rumor of scale's (weight scale's) small baggies (distribution) and pot under the vehicle seat, a suspicious white powder, another story that after Mr. Carter was taken out of the vehicle, it wasnt till then, during/ post search, a small bag of pot/ weed/ marijuana dropped to the ground. The two other passenger's, one supposedly the driver were released, supposedly Mr. Carter was only held/ detained and cuffed, because of a floating FTA hold ("Failure To Appear" warrant in neighbouring Mississippi, supposedly on a drug/ substance related case, for deferment into a drug diversion cop out programme of sort), which most of the media's are not even covering, but I cant confirm a bloody thing without an arrest report, or the log of the unit officer's, etc ... something! How long does it bloody take to at least release some kind of forensic's in a case like this? I mean ... was there or NOT residue on Mr. Carter's hand(s) from discharge of the weapon? I dont know, they say fed, local are both crossing each other on their investigation's, so I reckon it take's alot more time, and you know they want to dot all the "I's" and cross all the "T's" before they release ... but two goddamn week's now, and this is all that is being covered over and over? Give us something we can f'n use, eh? Carter was driving in one story and not in another ... which the fuck is it?, Carter was NOT I take it though. The two other guy's didnt even hardly know Carter from the answer's they gave officer's, Carter originally gave a phoney call in name, etc, etc.

What it look's like is typical ... one or more occupant's were scoring some dope for another, and/ or they were divi- ing up some, and/ or fixin to blow a joint or something, and just pulled over ... but I dont know, that's just what it look's like, Lord know's I have done this myself more time's than I can remember.

But what I do know in all this, is something seem's strange and odd about the whole thing, and NOT typical ... this common drug related talk or scenario dont no way connect to the death of a young man from a point blank range gunshot to the head. The cop's really dont look out of order, or doing anything out of the ordinary, but if this was not Mr. Carter's vehicle and there was supposedly an illegal drug found in this vehicle and/ or paraphernalia ... was the two men released citated? What did these other two men tell the officer's when they were seperated for individual questioning? Especially to warrant their sudden release? The Police Chief that is overlooking this case and media for it, sayz it's common for a young person who has not been around inmate's or jail to commit suicide ... I have seen that, but very, very rare ... I mean, this is Arkansas and Mississippi, not Rikers up in the Bronx or such, and usually not until after their incarcerated in lockdown, after being assaulted physically or sexually, etc ... which almost never even happen's when in a preliminary lockdown such as county or holdover ... so you can dismiss that 99%, not unless he was truely horrified about going to jail (?) ... to go from a positive mindset to that in a matter of minute's, and become suicidal is almost unheard of. Not unless Mr. Carter was facing some really hard long time back in Mississippi, had previously a hard time or whatever, but this wasnt the case due to the type of warrant/ hold he had ... it was a petty case, or else it wouldnt have been deferred to a programme/ deferred adjudication or whatever. He called his girlfriend to say he will call from jail, yet minute's later decided to kill himself?

There is also alot of talk that this may have been just a racist cop or rogue cop of sort, chip on shoulder type, etc ... But I have a hard time buying that too ... it's possible, and there were other cop's that showed up NOT in the video, but usually they just show up when there's a bust, or in some cities, they are transport unit's who take the suspect to the detention facility, the arresting officer just log's the bust on his computer and submit's the work later, but I dont know if Jonesboro would have that, being it is a smaller city. The thing is ... look and listen to the video ... it is such a cakewalk type collar/ bust, so routine, not even one word displaying friction or any tension from suspect's or officer's ... Mr. Carter wasnt even handcuffed after the first pat down, but seperated and asked to wait outside the cruiser, he didnt get cuffed until the make/ check on him came back confirming a simple FTA hold, basically a court bench warrant, so he wasnt even being detained for the pot/ weed, and it was such a insignificant amount anywayz ... a dime bag. Mr. Carter as well as the other two guy's he was with were very relaxed and "yes sir, no sir" responding to the officer's, and the cop's were so laid back as well ... just cruisin out the shift with a basic routine nothing case. But how in Hell do you pat down/ search a suspect and miss a piece/ firearm?, not once, but even twice after you got a hold notice especially on him? and you know a cop is gonna take it, not just out of fear of danger, but it's an automatic 3rd/ 4th class felony collar as well (without a concealed carry permit, and if you "have" a permit, your obligated to tell the officer prior to the pat- down). The weapon was in the backseat of the police cruiser some suspect? ... how in Hell do you go out on your shift and not look in your backseat, and many officer's after any bust alwayz run their hand's along the crack in the back seat to see if any suspect's left something they tried to dump.

Something is really screwed up about this, and I sure as Hell cannot pinpoint what I'm missing, but one thing for sure is, the officer's even if found to not have been in any foul play, have fucked up big time, period. And IF this is the case, and Mr. Carter accidentally or intentionally killed himself ... I would encourage the familia of Mr. Carter to pursue a civil case on the department ... the bottom line anyway you slice it, is that it happened on their watch in their custody after using even routine search procedures. Not going after this case and just accepting it as a suicide regardless of investigative finding's ... only let's this go un- noticed and allow's for cop's to slack even more on the job, which lead's to more incompetence.

Word Out ....



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DRESDEN DOLLS: "Girl Anachronism", "War Pigs", "Missed Me (w/ Vau De Vire Society)"

This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" will be to highlight an American classic duo, out of Boston ... Ms. Amanda Palmer & Mr. Brian Viglione of "Dresden Dolls" and their crew's who incorporate their aesthetic's and such into their show's. This crew/ duet is known for their show's and audience participation, I reckon kind of a following in the tradition of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" following from year's back in a sense. But this crew is alot more than just stage show and/ or theatric's when it come's to composition and music, both musician's being very well rounded music wise and versatile as far as genre's ... although they fall into what is called "dark cabaret" and self described as "Brechtian Punk Cabaret" ... their flavour is unique in it's own. They worked with some large crew's such as "Nine Inch Nails" as far as bill's (and I'm a long time fan of Trent Reznor's work as well), but this crew is more of a theatre type crew that should be in a particular type venue specifically for the type of theatric's and setting/ mood.

I managed to decide on a few favourite's which was hard to decide because of how much I like of their music, but wanted to add 2 piece's of "live" work as well, to show some of the intense performance of this crew ... and what an excellent cover done of the Black Sabbath piece War Pigs, unlike any other version I have heard of it. Great work from ya'll and Thank You! ... Enjoy! ....

***** THE DRESDEN DOLLS (Official Website)



The Dresden Dolls- 'Girl Anachronism' ... Thanx to DRESDENDOLLS

Dresden Dolls- War Pigs (live) ... Thanx to JOED1517

The Dresden Dolls: "Missed Me" w/ Vau De Vire Society ... Thanx to PORTALBLUE


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PAUL RYAN- GOP VP CANDIDATE (PT.2): "Honesty Vs. Bullshit" A Fact of the JACK & Singing PRAISES of Sacrificial AUSTERITY (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.11)

Part 11 of "Truth or Treason 2012" will also be Part 2 of Paul Ryan. This thing hasnt even been going on for a bloody week yet, and already it is getting showcased and twisted into the most complex horse shit that one can imagine ... why did I know this was going to happen? ... because I been following and writing about this shit for over 4 year's ... Geeeez! And as usual the complex smoke screen's are being thrown in our face to get us frightened, angry, twisted and everything else, because they actually view the majority of American's as downright fucken stupid, okay? ... and you cant blame them ... we act at times like a bunch of frightened little wimpy jackasses. Again ... BOTH side's like it or not are going to bring up more sacrificial shit starting 2013 than you can keep up with ... BANK ON IT! Reason's that we need to sacrifice more and more, this shit never end's, and it's all being funded in large by this so called United Citizens (Citizens United) posse that just formed ... I mean ... you dont actually believe that Mitt Romney sat down one day and chose/ decided on Paul Ryan to be his running mate, eh? Of course he didnt, Paul was chose by the money, period! Paul is an architect of this kind of thing, he also bring's libertarian folk's and some questionable republican's back home, he's a winner and a hustler who you wont catch coming, get my drift? This is the kind of engineered plan that the entities who took all of our wealth want to sell the people, and the democrat's they DO BUY on the other avenue, plead and push the austerity sacrifice hymn book after the hard sell from the GOP, it's their strategy. okay? And it's like religion basically ... promising you that if you waste your whole fucken life sucking their asses, you'll get a reward when you die : )

Of course again, Paul really believes in what he is doing, and Romney really believe's in his plan as well, because Romney couldnt sell a lemmon car at half price to begin with, he's a lightweight, his money hustles for him, not the other way around. And believe me, Paul will be the star in a Romney administration and call alot of the shot's/ moves, just like Cheney did for Bush, who was equally almost as worthless as Romney on these sort of thing's. Again, we DONT have a crisis that they are showcasing, we have a crisis, but it isnt any of the above, we are being hustled ... our Social Security is already sound, just like our Medicare/ Medicaid, Post Office, etc etc ... kind of like how they push to eliminate an earmark, then devise some other avenue to milk the money under a different title. Paul's vision of a wealthy Utopian future society as far as economical prosperity is nice thinking ... and we will of course naturally prosper ... but this approach doesnt do a goddamn thing here and now for the issues that American's actually have, and only fuck's us out of more that we already own and have secured for ourselves ... not these financial dictator's, we dont need to worry about them, they need us a Hell of alot more than we need them.

While FOX below in their article put's their clever twist on this, and every other media is now pulling out their calculator's, pie chart's, pencil's and paper to round up fact's and figure's to present to us ... there is only one fact that we need here to see, and that's that were getting jacked (screwed). Anyway you slice it, we will give more and get less, so it's a matter for us to see through this shit and be what they want us to be as they say ... "independent" and "sharp" buyer's/ consumer's ... I mean ... that's what they alwayz say they're about, eh  ? ... freedom/ liberty, less government input, smart consumer's, shop around, etc, etc? Well, that's what we will be doing which is truly liberated and American, by rejecting this bullshit. And NO ... this isnt about our children and saving their future, they dont give a shit about that, or else they wouldnt be fucking our children the way they do as it is, they have an "agenda" period. Supporting this shit doesnt only make us more of passive jackasses than what we already are, but as VP Joe Biden said the other day in a campaign speech that he was criticized for being politically incorrect toward's people of colour ... "putting ya'll back in chain's", because that's all the Hell this is about. Bernie Sanders and other's below show the real impact fact's of what the reality is on this, in the video's who oppose this.

Word Out ....

***** FOXNEWS.COM: Fact Check: Ryan Budget Plan doesn't actually slash the budget **** this is a piece from FOX, that admit's that Ryan's Plan doesnt even slash the budget to begin with.

***** LOSANGELESTIMES/ NATION: A Closer Look At Paul Ryan's Budget Plan (CBS video and newsread)


The Paul Ryan Plan ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Paul Ryan Budget Plan Explained ... Thanx to THEYOUNGTURKS

Paul Ryan Budget Proposal With Giveaways to the Rich and Corporations on Morning Joe.flv ... Thanx to MRLESPUNK


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PAUL RYAN- GOP VP CANDIDATE (PT.1): Road to REDUCED Reckless Spending (?) ... A Look at "Corporate Communism" & The "Gateway to Hell" (TRUTH or TREASON 2012 PT.10)

Congressman Paul Ryan

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult- Gateway To Hell ... Thanx to EDPETERSON1 **** All in a lil light humour for a truely dark situation, I wanted to open this posting with a song, the lyric's, especially the opening are fitting to describe what GOP VP candidate Ryan's blueprint for prosperity proposal's would amount to for over 95% of American's ... "What am I talking about?, What am I talking about?" ... G-G-G- Gateway to Hell : )  And credit as well to the Kult for this classic, that was wrote in part by an old buddy Thomas Thorn aka Buck Ryder. ... this will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"

***** DONNA BRAZILE/ CNN- OPINION: Paul Ryan's Dangerous Vision **** Ms. Brazile sum's this up here, short, simple and straight ....

***** CNN/ MONEY: Paul Ryan Economics: 5 things to know


Part 10 of this "Truth or Treason" series will be to highlight the Vice Presidential pick for the Republican Party, Congressman Paul Ryan. I first want to say that I admire the man truely, the reason why I didnt do any kind of posting on Presidential candidate Mitt Romney for instance, is because there wasnt nothing I could find to like or dislike about him, I mean, he is so easy to read, so plastic as far as persona, etc, etc ... who in my opinion basically doesnt do much of anything ... but understand, these are only my opinion's/ assessment's. Rep. Ryan is a whole nother story, beside's, like him ... I'm also pro- business, love archery, and am a big Green Bay Packers fan. If like me, you admire folk's that are achiever's, who bust ass, optimistic and motivational speech and vision's, etc, etc ... you could see my point, there isnt nothing much about this man I cant like pesonally, and he truely believe's in what he is doing, he is also straight up like Rick Santorum, another man that I admire (not Rick's pop religious fundamoralism though, which is his downfall, being he cant leave his religion at home and out of the workplace). Paul is a sharp man and hustler, who know's the American Dream and truely want's to make everyone prosper.

But even thinking conservatively, I couldnt vote for this man in this era of condition's here and now. He place's alot of faith in "trickle down economic's", but the deadliest part of that is lack of regulation, despite his rep as a policy man. Traditionally, trickle down worked and has been proven, however, in 2012 the market's and new global economy, financial power entities, etc, etc do not have nearly the same integrity that they had over a half century ago ... we lost it and the true spirit of free market/ enterprise in the largest controlling sector's of such, because how the market's have drastically changed over the last 20 year's and especially recently in the last decade with many of those major entities being bailed out and encouraged to even get larger, and not wanting to downsize or divi up a thing, yet simutaneously wanting each other to fail or break so that one can buy out the other only, like waiting for a fire sale or liquidation ... again ... look at it as not a free market of the world, but more of a bitch fight for power between folk's like the Walton familia vs. the Koch Brother's, Exxon/ Mobil vs. British Petrol, Bank of America vs. JP Morgan/ Chase, etc The people (us) that make all this work through our smaller businesses/ companies, bank's, labourer's, manufacturer's, innovative thinking, entrepreneurial venture's etc, etc ... are being ignored in this battle of the giant's and/ or being bought out, crushed, etc ... due to our desperation from our own wealth being drained and placed in one sector ... and THIS is bad for business overall in the longhaul. They have not only gotten too big to fail, but have gotten too pampered by us to even go bankrupt for their mistake's/ failure's even. Paul Ryan place's too much faith in them, and is willing to let them take even more control in the hope's that it will trickle down the way he may conduct his own business/ investment's.

The lack of regulation's which Paul also support's strongly is making these folk's carry on like drug or gambling addict's ... in turn, these entities are not only draining and ratholing all the wealth of the free world (and even place's like China especially) but trying to buy out all the government's of these most importante nation's ... because they believe that they can all make society work a Hell of alot better than any government as far as business and competition, which would be true to an extent, if we were dealing with more honesty, but this excessive greed/ addiction and lack of oversight and regulation across the board has led to basically these power entities engaging now in what any law book in a democracy like our's would define as organized crime, racketeering, etc ... when you "buy" politician's, superior justice's, and muscle (military/ laws/ enforcement), manipulating those major investment's/ interest's (market's) through thing's also like speed trading , that's all you have bottom line ... you cant sugar coat it regardless of what you label it as. On top of that, Paul want's to let these entities go scott free without any kind of taxation whatsoever ... I am also for giving tax incentive's to an extent, and big one's, BUT ... being a policy man and as tight on economics that he is, he should know that you MUST have contractual and legislative bind's to lock it in, if you even want to remotely/ minimally try to create job's here domestically.

We have a serious issue on job's also, because mathematically and frankly speaking here, I figure you would have to be able to create at least 100+ thousand job's per month ... JUST to meet the demand of the younger grad's and such entering the workforce alone annually. Considering what President Obama had to work with and the million's of existing job's that were lost shortly before his election, and the rejection of so many republican's and some democrat's to work with him, acting like toddler's and such ... the President and this Administration has done a remarkable job in this field, because frankly the economy (wealth) is actually stronger than it has been in year's during his administration considering all, and even unemployment isnt as bad as it could be. I say this because on Paul's first day of running, he attacked the President on job's big time, and because Romney has been putting out corporate communism sponsored ad's ... I'm sorry, they are called United Citizen's ... been saying that President Obama is relaxing requirement's to get "welfare" check's by not requiring folk's to look for work, re- train, etc .... more political bullshit basically. The President want's to relax some of the requirement's to avoid chaos, because he actually know's the reality ... being there is no damn job's, and when you drop all social safety net's, that can only lead to increased despair, poverty, etc and result in flared tension's, okay? So cut the bullshit.

Rep. Ryan, has been very crucial in advocating in these tougher time's uncoventional solution's to tightening the budget and spending, yet again ... refusing to even let corporate entities who have gained and done so well off of us in past to even pay any tax, and continuing to let all the wealth be ratholed in offshore investment's/ outsourced employment and tax shelter's, etc. and allowed to go responsibility free. All of our rep's in Washington/ Capitalism Hill arent even beginning to talk about what is on their agenda soon as this election is over, and the republican's are the organizer's/ architect's of it ... and that's to cut American's even alot more ... what they would sugar coat I reckon as "entitlement reform", which is basically cutting us down even more, while giving more of these break's to the power entities, even cutting capital gain's, dividend's, corporate/ estate, and interest taxes. Paul also had plenty of hustle even during the Bush Administration, suggesting new cutting edge type reform's to even give more money to these entities by using voucher's to replace Medicare, and giving that money in turn to more under- regulated gambler's along with privatizing a large portion of Social Security to be also on the gambling table of these entities , basically taking all of what's left and trusting it to the very people responsible for this financial crisis to begin with. This is basically a gateway to Hell economically, considering who is managing the investment's and their track record. On the other hand Paul is also supporting drastic ridiculous requirement's to the USPS to put up front fund's for year's down the road of retirement/ benefit's which are already sound, and legislatively making it so that the USPS CANNOT expand, to try to make that entity as I posted about as well fail, so that it can also be bought out by the highest bidder. ... even our social security right now is sound ... which I have covered plenty of in this journal ... because privatizing every damn thing is not going private even, but being bought and controlled by those with the most money, money that was taken and made off our back's basically. They even bought our bloody election's now ... and of course as I pointed out time and again in here ... they will MAKE SURE President Obama doesnt raise more than they can spend, they will outspend him no matter what, Hell, they have most of the money!

It is also thought that a VP is just for show, and they dont really do much in any Administration, but this guy Ryan is sharp and a real hustler, and think's he is doing the right thing, reducing spending and putting us on a road to recovery, but he is so sharp that he could run circle's around a guy like Romney ... put it this way ... he could and would influence alot that Romney may not be that up and up on, and he has really unique and different idea's for real change, but change that this nation in this era with over 300 million people would be too harsh on America's working and middle classes, our smaller domestic investment sector's and even on down the line to enviromental concern's ... Romney would put alot of trust in this guy, as Paul would put too much trust in these mega entities, because Paul is an economical architect in this. Paul would have as much input in the economic's of a Romney Administration as say former VP Cheney had with President GW Bush, and even moreso and openly, because that is Paul's specialty, and that is really a harsh economic gamble in trying time's like this.

Word Out ....


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This posting will also serve both the "Veteran's Spotlight" and "Self Defense" series of this journal, to highlight a couple video clip's of Mr. Montel Williams on the issue of gun's. Montel is probably most known for his tele show year's back, but for year's before that he was a career military officer as well as a motivational speaker too. He also has always been pro- 2nd Amendment and a gun owner to this day. The reason to also choose these clip's for this journal, is it just bring's the issue light that so many dont like talking about ... I mean ... most of what you hear in this country is either folk's fanatically loving gun's or fanatically hating them, I almost never hear anything else, and hardly any constructive dialogue, yet at the same time, everyone seem's to agree on the violence end, although getting to talk solution's dont get much of anywhere's because of course the usual left/ right, good/ evil battle's, highsiding, etc, etc

Also let me first state that I have been pro- gun/ 2nd Amendment/ NRA supporter for most of my life to this day, and a former hunter as well. Of course you will alwayz have the arguement and chance that even if gun's were outlawed 110%, the criminal's would still have them, which is 110% true, I myself know first hand how easy it is to buy damn near any kind of weapon I want 24/ 7/ 365 without going anywhere's near a gun store. But also if you look at some of these recent high profile cases/ shooting's in recent year's, such as the Batman movie shooting, or this religious Temple shooting's this last week, the Congresswoman and associate's that were gunned down, etc, the firearm's/ ammo/ gear that were used, were bought all legally, none off the street, so I have to wonder wassup? Well ... Mr. Williams sum's up perfectly wassup and also for several year's been one of those bringing these tough question's to light in public. First clip below from back in 2009, and the last video, just this week.

**** Also I want to add for those who constantly blame President Obama, saying that he want's to take away folk's gun's ... President Obama is pro- 2nd Amendment and never advocated on taking away folk's gun's ... however, if you want to give credit to this recent awareness of this issue, you can credit exclusively ... Mr. Wade William Page, Mr. James Holmes, and Mr. Jared Lee Loughner.

***** MILITARY.COM: Famous Veterans: Montel Williams

Montel: You want an AK? Buy it! But ...   ... Thanx to AIRAMERICAMEDIA

Williams: "I'm a gun owner" ... Thanx to CNN




MARVIN FREDERICK HAMLISCH: "The Entertainer", "Famous Song Medley", "Bananas"

This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" will be to honour and highlight the pianist/ composer/ conductor Mr. Marvin Frederick Hamlisch , who gained most of his credits from movie score's actually, and strongly was connected to that industry and receiving so many award's in such ... Mr. Hamlisch considered his music as an accomplishment, not by the listener/ fan noting his music, but when they walked away from a film and remembered the film more. He was also more concerned than most with what critic's said about his composition's, also had alot of influence from the worx of Mr. Scott Joplin for sure. More of let's say an "entertainer" who unintentionally ended up an iconic composer/ conductor, one of the most demanded score writer's, and symphony conductor in so many U.S. cities as well from Buffalo to Seattle to San Diego and Dallas to name a few. A kid who's dad was a bandleader and accordianist influencing as well the big band era style's, who Marvin at 5 was covering radio song's around the house, and before age 7 already accepted into the now well known Juilliard School Pre College Division, I doubt even knowing what in Hell he was getting into : ) And Thanx for your contribution's to the Art's Sir ... Enjoy!



Marvin Hamlisch- The Entertainer (composed by Scott Joplin, conducted by Marvin Hamlisch) ... Thanx to GREEKCALLAS CHANNEL

Marvin Hamlisch plays a Medley of his Famous Songs ... Thanx to GRUMPYOLDMENWICHITA

RIP Marvin Hamlisch- Music From Bananas (1971) ... Thanx to STEVETHEMOVIEGUY1


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KITTY IN A CASKET: "Don't Get Me Wrong", "Run Run", "Space Invaders", "Bride Of The Monster"

Image result for KITTY IN A CASKET


This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" will be to highlight an outstanding crew out of Vienna, Austria originally ... "Kitty In A Casket". As far as the genre category they fall into ... let me just say "damn fucken good!" ... No ... I frankly cant pinpoint a genre for this versatile crew, but, they are kind of self labeled as a type of horror psychobilly pop punk of sort ... just dont ask me to explain it : ) This has been a crew that I been keeping a close eye on since first noticing them, they formed this project in 2008, and I would bet that they are going to be moving up really well from their sound, they absolutely blew me away on first listen of them.

Everything about this crew is in the first class express category ... the aesthetic's, theme, composition, engineering, visual concept's, direction as being fixed and structured well, excellent guitar work especially covering so much as far as rhythm pattern's and lead, an outstanding upright bass which is also a unique touch in this, really smooth flowing percussion/ drum's, harmonizing to a tee, and a front girl Kitty, who know's how to throw out that vocal work with a nice range and keep it smooth and sharp simutaneously, and really a fun upbeat crew as well, despite the darker theme's/ undertone in some of their work. Job well done, but not finished of course : ) ... you just started : ) ... and wishing ya'll the best! Enjoy!



Kitty In A Casket- "Don't Get Me Wrong" Wolverine Records ... Thanx to BLANKTV

Kitty In A Casket- Run Run ... Thanx to DIEAPOREITER

Kitty In A Casket- Space Invaders ... Thanx to ERICAJUNDELYON

Kitty In A Casket- Bride Of The Monster ... Thanx to OERASERHEADO


Image result for kitty in a casket concert poster    Image result for kitty in a casket concert poster


GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN & COUNTDOWN: "Stand- Off & Outta Town by Sundown" (PT.3) The SILLY SEASON SUMMER Edition with Brad Friedman {: 0

Part 3 here of  "Government Shutdown & Countdown" will feature what Brad Friedman here call's "The Silly Season", and big Thanx to RT America for covering these hidden news piece's that so many media's are frightened to talk too much about, because of the pressure their all under on especially election's coverage. Of course as usual, their off on Capitalism Hill for the summer break for over a month once again, while in that time they will figure out more bullshit they can talk about to present us with, allowing them more time while in next session to stall, bullshit, and blame all the "non- progress" and "gridlock" of course on Washington's No#1 scapegoat ... President Barack Obama, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... as if any of these other worthless lazy ass do nothing mouth piece's could actually even think or do anything without him to blame everything on. In fact, they are speechless and even lost without a new phrase from the President to give them something to run their mouth's about their so pathetic, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

Yet many of them,  plan on fucking us all start 2013, which they would do by doing nothing once again if the President was re- elected, or if they got to get a republican majority and President like this opponent character who's running against the President, they would then act and work quicker than a mass lightning strike, de- regulating every goddamn thing they could, throwing out any health care benefit's we did get, destroying union's, mining and drilling even downtown area's of major cities, selling all our oil/ petro to China, and feeding all America's poor children mind altering drug's calling them ADD patient's, while they get the government subsidies of health care to pay for it, and milk the rest locking them up in youth detention's to draw another $40K a year per child of our taxes to do so,creating new boogeymen terrorist's to get mega billion's more in defense spending for building enough bomb's to blow up the solar system, while bankrupting the Post Office, making them guarantee and pre- pay their retirement and benefit's package for the next 500 year's ahead of time, then take your social security and give it to offshore investor's to gamble, make, and lose money off of, while they have you go to Gospel Mission's for food ration's ... and of course dont forget Obama's opponent who will create million's of part- time job's flipping burger's for each other at minimal wage's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

I had to post this one, because Brad here really sum's this up great, and I recommend visiting him and giving him a listen at BRADBLOG.COM : )

Broken Congress Goes On Vacation ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** PD/ RCJ: GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN & COUNTDOWN ... "Stand- Off & Outta Town by Sundown" PART'S 2 & 1


GHOST PEPPER SALSA/ MRS. RENFRO'S ... Hot and Spicy with a Hell of a Bite (TASTE OF TEXAS PT.15)


This Part 15 of "Taste of Texas" will be to highlight another salsa as I did in Part 14 of this series of a great tasting salsa, yet uniquely different in taste/ flavour called Mrs. Renfro's Ghost Pepper Salsa ... and the bottom line is ... some have it, and frankly as I stated before, some DONT. This is one that meet's the Ranch Chimp's stamp of approval for personal choice's. When I tried this recently, I tried it with an organic yellow corn tortilla chip, and the taste was absolutely delicious! Anyone who know's me know's how I love my salsa's, and am asked for suggestion's as well ... as I have alwayz said in the past ... "I like my salsa like I like my women ... hot and spicy with a Hell of a bite! ... " ... this meet's all of such with a fantastic flavouring too! So this is for ya'll that love similar! A couple YouTube video's below.

Meet The Boss-- Mrs. Renfro's Salsa ... Thanx to MRSRENFROS

Mrs. Renfro's Ghost Pepper Salsa ... Thanx to JOSIEMATOS **** I just had to add this video, it had me laughing good : )



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DENA SCHLOSSER/ "MOTHER MURDER" PT.2: ... There is NO "REASON" in "Not Guilty" by "Reason of Insanity"!! & "Riding the Gravy Train" (KILLER PARENT'S PT.10)

Related image

Dena Schlosser

Part 10 of the "Killer Parent's" series will highlight another local Texas murder case that I first posted on back in November 2008 in Part One ... and reason for these in particular is because case after case after case in Texas, of mother's who have brutally killed their children have been basically "forgiven" for their crime's, and basically rode a gravy train as far as doing even any serious time too. When you look at these cases such as the Schlosser case where a jury find's them not guilty by "reason of insanity", you have to wonder where is the "reason" or "sanity" even in such a decision/ verdict? Ms. Schlosser for instance while incarcerated in a hospital at that ... done nothing but BMB (bitch, moan, and bellyache) writing to her judge over and over (which by my standard's is harassment) about her "condition's" during her lock- down, which are paradise compared to actually being on a prison unit ... a couple of girl's I know for instance done REAL hard time (who DIDNT even commit offenses against anyone, but they were from low income urban area's and latina) like down in Gatesville/ Mountain View Unit, working the "hoe squad" in the field's 5 dayz a week in 95+ degree heat, living on unit's where there wasnt even air- conditioning, having to fight other's without no protection, etc, etc ... so dont fucken whine about the pussy ass gravy train time that you have to do! Frankly another spoiled brat suburbanite you are by my standard's ... you havent seen hard condition's! I have to wonder what the juror's were personally like?

Now Ms. Schlosser was reported to be working at a Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex WalMart, and NO I dont blame WalMart for hiring her, and she has NO felonies either ... lord know's if they didnt, they would have been subject to a fucken lawsuit saying that they refused to hire a female that had mental challenge's or other related neo politipop nonsense, Ms. Schlosser is "insane" of course when it come's to being responsible for the crime's she committed, but SANE when it come's to bitching about her condition's apparently (clearly more bullshit). She actually worked at a day care center as well when she committed this murder (no joke). This is not a case like the popular "Casey Anthony Murder Trial", which looked clearly to me like a bloody "witch hunt", where no bloody evidence was even solid, yet the nation wanted to convict and execute her even. This case was clear murder reported at the time of it by the defendant, who waited for police to show up rocking in a chair singing gospel hymn's, and claiming that God told her to do it ... YES ... this was also her defense arguement! ... along with these other excuses that these type's use, such as postpartum psychosis, bipolar, bad hair day, an email from God, etc, etc. I understand that some folk's have challenge's mentally, but that shouldnt be an "excuse" to let them have a free ride pass, they are not being held accountable for their action's is what I am saying. Again, in Texas murder by itself doesnt qualify for the death penalty, you must have one or more other serious aggravated felony charge's to accompany it ... BUT ... being excused from actually doing physical time is insanity! This was not a murder where she shot the child or similar, but a gruesome slow murder of dismemberment using a kitchen knife. The only decent thing that the judge done was ordering her to take birth control as a condition of release! I wonder if someone was to murder Ms. Schlosser, if they would get the same consideration from a jury? More below ... Word Out ....

***** D MAGAZINE: Plano Mom Who Cut Her Baby's Arms Off is Fired by Terrell Wal- Mart ... (article)




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MARS ROVER "CURIOSITY" PT.2: "We're Here!!" ... Post Card's from the RED PLANET ... & Where in Hell is BP when we need a Deep Drill most? (ABOVE & BELOW PT.11)

NASA's Curiosity rover landed on Mars Sunday. An image from Curiosity,  through a wide-angle lens on the left-rear side of the rover.

A Post Card from the "Red Planet"

This will be a follow up of Part One of the "Curiosity Mission" on Mars, and Part 11 of the "Above & Below" series. This was a thrill for those at NASA/ JPL for sure, they been pounding this for month's, and some worry was if there was not a successful landing, they may be on the budget chopping block too ... so a victory for all those hard working folk's on this too ... and Congratulation's ... job well done! Now ... where in Hell is British Petroleum (BP) when we need a deep drill the most? (just kiddin : )

***** CNN/ TECH: Images of Mars landing show "exciting ride," NASA says **** newsread/ video's/ photo's



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DR. JAMES HANSEN: On "Extreme Weather" ... The RED/ BLUE Obstacle Vs. The RED/ BLUE Reality (GLOBAL WARMING PT.18) & (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.7) ... and "Final Note"

Dr. James Hansen

This posting will be to highlight and honour Dr. James Hansen and will also serve two series for this journal, the "Global Warming" & "Public Patriot's" series both, of course rightfully so, because it is those like Dr. Hansen that are true public patriot's despite some of the criticism him and other colleague's in his field has gotten. Dr. Hansen even uses the lil pie chart's here of "red/ blue" (heat/ cool) to simplify it as well for anyone to figure out. I also wanted to include a recent radio clip in the 2nd video from radio celebrity Michael Savage, the reason why is to show how this issue has became simply a political/ money issue and basically the reason why we are so behind on where we should be, because these "political entertainer's" such as Mr. Savage are being backed along with rent- a- scientist's to call folk's like Dr.Hansen a quack of sort ... the reality though is ... Dr. Hansen is a NASA scientist, these other's are just entertainer's that jump when the master(money) bark's basically ... which in turn like everything else in this power iconic country get's smothered in red/ blue (left/ right) politipop rhetoric. Dont get me wrong, I am also a Michael Savage listener for year's actually and love his show's ... but there's a time for ranting and entertainment, and a time to get serious with fact's and scientific data ... not to be mixed up together. Same as the Holy Bible for instance, which I loved to read, but I dont mix it up with the reality and condition of today, believing in ancient folklore that the Earth is nearly 7000 year's old and/ or the sun rotate's around the Earth and such, being I try to have a more solid grasp on the difference between fantasy and reality. The last video is a must listen from Dr. Hansen on why he does what he does.

We can rant all we want on this corporate sponsored pre- paid politic's nonsense about who's right/ wrong, or keep changing title's and buzz phrases like we did when we changed "global warming" to "climate change" to sugarcoat it and make it sound less scary, etc, etc, but that wont sell those  who witnessed 10's of thousand's of freak lightning episode's recently, or will it save the billion's in crop's lost to this summer's drought in the nation's heartland, the flooding, etc, etc ... ask any farmer what they think about this political nonsense when their crop's are failing? Only the farmer's and the consumer's will feel ANY pinch on this, because the market's will raise the price's and those on Wall Street who bet on these type climatic catastrophes, their stock's will skyrocket. Ask the consumer what they think of the price's at the store, at the pump and everything else. Instead our lives is saturated with bullshit of some guy running for President saying that he can create million's of job's, or tele commercial's on how the Gulf of Mexico is better than ever today because of British Petroleum(BP) or similar related nonsense.

Enough from me .... but also wanted to add a "final note" after Dr. Hansen's last video concerning a key point he made on the economic's end of this.

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***** FINAL NOTE: In the last video here toward's the end Dr. Hansen point's out what seem's to be confusing as far as what subsidize's what that is legislated in Washington, and of course "made law". Although it sound's very twisted, it is solid economic's talk that show's the outright relentless political corruption in our government, which all interconnect's with just about everything related to our economy in this journal since the start of it. These mega corporate entities that are now too big to fail and energy provider's, bank/ investment/ mortgage owner's, etc, all are in bed together, all responsible for making us more and more desperate and more and more in debt and dependent on them. Understand, they DONT WANT "sound economic's" or an economy that is, any more than they want for our government in Washington to actually get anything done of any significance for the "majority".

In the last couple decade's technologies that find mineral's or these asset's of wealth have improved 100 fold, finding unlimited oil, and anything else that can make a buck basically, it encouraged these icon's to beef up their tech's for thing's like drilling, fracking, mining, etc ... instead of beefing up their tech's more on making change's in energies,etc, and now with the melting of also the artic area's, they are going hogwild as well, like a crack- addict that just found pound's of crack buried ... they now will NOT STOP for nothing as far as drilling, mining, fracking, etc ... while we waste year after year with this polarization of red and blue, they have drained all our money through bailout's, our small investment's, businesses, etc to control everything, to where they will drain and mine every last thing they can from the earth, they are actually tearing up mountain range's in our west, just to get the "gold dust" even. We CAN stop this, but this current bought and paid for government that we unfortunately have, cant do a bloody thing without their input, and as long as we keep letting them, they will continue like any addict of anything would.

The whole reason the economic's sound so ill of this, is because the entire deck is rigged, the butt- fucking we will get after this november election will even be harder, which I explain throughout this journal in various posting's, no matter which of these polarizing side's we support, but it would be ideal to get the most left/ liberal's in we can to challenge any of this ASAP at this point, which mark my word, is going to happen sooner or later, I know this, these kind's of action's cant work for any significant period without failing in some way ... I just want to get as much of this on the road asap. This whole red/ blue thing is going to be history in time and hopefully it will start after 2014 or so, when people will just say enough is enough. Understand that these icon's are out of control and beyond reason and dont give a shit about this or that species becoming extinct or whatever, or the mass global population's that will suffer extreme weather condition's, etc, etc ... they are totally intoxicated and caught in a race with each other trying to outdo each other and do not see the destructive path their on any more than an out of control drug addict can see what damage they are doing to themselves.