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DR. JAMES HANSEN: On "Extreme Weather" ... The RED/ BLUE Obstacle Vs. The RED/ BLUE Reality (GLOBAL WARMING PT.18) & (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.7) ... and "Final Note"

Dr. James Hansen

This posting will be to highlight and honour Dr. James Hansen and will also serve two series for this journal, the "Global Warming" & "Public Patriot's" series both, of course rightfully so, because it is those like Dr. Hansen that are true public patriot's despite some of the criticism him and other colleague's in his field has gotten. Dr. Hansen even uses the lil pie chart's here of "red/ blue" (heat/ cool) to simplify it as well for anyone to figure out. I also wanted to include a recent radio clip in the 2nd video from radio celebrity Michael Savage, the reason why is to show how this issue has became simply a political/ money issue and basically the reason why we are so behind on where we should be, because these "political entertainer's" such as Mr. Savage are being backed along with rent- a- scientist's to call folk's like Dr.Hansen a quack of sort ... the reality though is ... Dr. Hansen is a NASA scientist, these other's are just entertainer's that jump when the master(money) bark's basically ... which in turn like everything else in this power iconic country get's smothered in red/ blue (left/ right) politipop rhetoric. Dont get me wrong, I am also a Michael Savage listener for year's actually and love his show's ... but there's a time for ranting and entertainment, and a time to get serious with fact's and scientific data ... not to be mixed up together. Same as the Holy Bible for instance, which I loved to read, but I dont mix it up with the reality and condition of today, believing in ancient folklore that the Earth is nearly 7000 year's old and/ or the sun rotate's around the Earth and such, being I try to have a more solid grasp on the difference between fantasy and reality. The last video is a must listen from Dr. Hansen on why he does what he does.

We can rant all we want on this corporate sponsored pre- paid politic's nonsense about who's right/ wrong, or keep changing title's and buzz phrases like we did when we changed "global warming" to "climate change" to sugarcoat it and make it sound less scary, etc, etc, but that wont sell those  who witnessed 10's of thousand's of freak lightning episode's recently, or will it save the billion's in crop's lost to this summer's drought in the nation's heartland, the flooding, etc, etc ... ask any farmer what they think about this political nonsense when their crop's are failing? Only the farmer's and the consumer's will feel ANY pinch on this, because the market's will raise the price's and those on Wall Street who bet on these type climatic catastrophes, their stock's will skyrocket. Ask the consumer what they think of the price's at the store, at the pump and everything else. Instead our lives is saturated with bullshit of some guy running for President saying that he can create million's of job's, or tele commercial's on how the Gulf of Mexico is better than ever today because of British Petroleum(BP) or similar related nonsense.

Enough from me .... but also wanted to add a "final note" after Dr. Hansen's last video concerning a key point he made on the economic's end of this.

James Hansen: Extreme Heat Events Connected to Climate Change ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR ... (PBS NEWSREAD HERE)

Michael Savage Disproves "Global Warming" In Under 1 Minute ... Thanx to BLACKSHEEPVISION

James Hansen: Why I must speak out about Climate Change: TED TALKS: documentary, lecture, talk ... Thanx to TALKDOCUMENTARY



***** FINAL NOTE: In the last video here toward's the end Dr. Hansen point's out what seem's to be confusing as far as what subsidize's what that is legislated in Washington, and of course "made law". Although it sound's very twisted, it is solid economic's talk that show's the outright relentless political corruption in our government, which all interconnect's with just about everything related to our economy in this journal since the start of it. These mega corporate entities that are now too big to fail and energy provider's, bank/ investment/ mortgage owner's, etc, all are in bed together, all responsible for making us more and more desperate and more and more in debt and dependent on them. Understand, they DONT WANT "sound economic's" or an economy that is, any more than they want for our government in Washington to actually get anything done of any significance for the "majority".

In the last couple decade's technologies that find mineral's or these asset's of wealth have improved 100 fold, finding unlimited oil, and anything else that can make a buck basically, it encouraged these icon's to beef up their tech's for thing's like drilling, fracking, mining, etc ... instead of beefing up their tech's more on making change's in energies,etc, and now with the melting of also the artic area's, they are going hogwild as well, like a crack- addict that just found pound's of crack buried ... they now will NOT STOP for nothing as far as drilling, mining, fracking, etc ... while we waste year after year with this polarization of red and blue, they have drained all our money through bailout's, our small investment's, businesses, etc to control everything, to where they will drain and mine every last thing they can from the earth, they are actually tearing up mountain range's in our west, just to get the "gold dust" even. We CAN stop this, but this current bought and paid for government that we unfortunately have, cant do a bloody thing without their input, and as long as we keep letting them, they will continue like any addict of anything would.

The whole reason the economic's sound so ill of this, is because the entire deck is rigged, the butt- fucking we will get after this november election will even be harder, which I explain throughout this journal in various posting's, no matter which of these polarizing side's we support, but it would be ideal to get the most left/ liberal's in we can to challenge any of this ASAP at this point, which mark my word, is going to happen sooner or later, I know this, these kind's of action's cant work for any significant period without failing in some way ... I just want to get as much of this on the road asap. This whole red/ blue thing is going to be history in time and hopefully it will start after 2014 or so, when people will just say enough is enough. Understand that these icon's are out of control and beyond reason and dont give a shit about this or that species becoming extinct or whatever, or the mass global population's that will suffer extreme weather condition's, etc, etc ... they are totally intoxicated and caught in a race with each other trying to outdo each other and do not see the destructive path their on any more than an out of control drug addict can see what damage they are doing to themselves.


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