Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DENA SCHLOSSER/ "MOTHER MURDER" PT.2: ... There is NO "REASON" in "Not Guilty" by "Reason of Insanity"!! & "Riding the Gravy Train" (KILLER PARENT'S PT.10)

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Dena Schlosser

Part 10 of the "Killer Parent's" series will highlight another local Texas murder case that I first posted on back in November 2008 in Part One ... and reason for these in particular is because case after case after case in Texas, of mother's who have brutally killed their children have been basically "forgiven" for their crime's, and basically rode a gravy train as far as doing even any serious time too. When you look at these cases such as the Schlosser case where a jury find's them not guilty by "reason of insanity", you have to wonder where is the "reason" or "sanity" even in such a decision/ verdict? Ms. Schlosser for instance while incarcerated in a hospital at that ... done nothing but BMB (bitch, moan, and bellyache) writing to her judge over and over (which by my standard's is harassment) about her "condition's" during her lock- down, which are paradise compared to actually being on a prison unit ... a couple of girl's I know for instance done REAL hard time (who DIDNT even commit offenses against anyone, but they were from low income urban area's and latina) like down in Gatesville/ Mountain View Unit, working the "hoe squad" in the field's 5 dayz a week in 95+ degree heat, living on unit's where there wasnt even air- conditioning, having to fight other's without no protection, etc, etc ... so dont fucken whine about the pussy ass gravy train time that you have to do! Frankly another spoiled brat suburbanite you are by my standard's ... you havent seen hard condition's! I have to wonder what the juror's were personally like?

Now Ms. Schlosser was reported to be working at a Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex WalMart, and NO I dont blame WalMart for hiring her, and she has NO felonies either ... lord know's if they didnt, they would have been subject to a fucken lawsuit saying that they refused to hire a female that had mental challenge's or other related neo politipop nonsense, Ms. Schlosser is "insane" of course when it come's to being responsible for the crime's she committed, but SANE when it come's to bitching about her condition's apparently (clearly more bullshit). She actually worked at a day care center as well when she committed this murder (no joke). This is not a case like the popular "Casey Anthony Murder Trial", which looked clearly to me like a bloody "witch hunt", where no bloody evidence was even solid, yet the nation wanted to convict and execute her even. This case was clear murder reported at the time of it by the defendant, who waited for police to show up rocking in a chair singing gospel hymn's, and claiming that God told her to do it ... YES ... this was also her defense arguement! ... along with these other excuses that these type's use, such as postpartum psychosis, bipolar, bad hair day, an email from God, etc, etc. I understand that some folk's have challenge's mentally, but that shouldnt be an "excuse" to let them have a free ride pass, they are not being held accountable for their action's is what I am saying. Again, in Texas murder by itself doesnt qualify for the death penalty, you must have one or more other serious aggravated felony charge's to accompany it ... BUT ... being excused from actually doing physical time is insanity! This was not a murder where she shot the child or similar, but a gruesome slow murder of dismemberment using a kitchen knife. The only decent thing that the judge done was ordering her to take birth control as a condition of release! I wonder if someone was to murder Ms. Schlosser, if they would get the same consideration from a jury? More below ... Word Out ....

***** D MAGAZINE: Plano Mom Who Cut Her Baby's Arms Off is Fired by Terrell Wal- Mart ... (article)





Demeur said...

I can't really comment about this situation or case. On the face of it you are probably right and she's just using the system. But here's the scary fact in the U.S. right now. With many states facing budget shortfalls a lot of truly mentally ill people are being let out on the streets. Along with that are the cuts to drug treatment programs. I'm sure you're seeing that down there in Texas when Perry turned down any federal help. I don't see good times ahead for any of us.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes of course Demeur, I understand your point as far as budget cut's and so forth, and Texas was stingy as it was before any cut's to begin with, they alwayz been stingy here. Yes, Perry has again turned down fed help, which is nothing more than politipop revenge crap from the right wing again, and of course when the master's bark, Perry jump's like a trained dog, without consideration of how it hurt's fellow Texan's.

Back to the Schlosser issue, I ceratinly understand that she may have serious mental issue's, and apparently religious as well (which I reckon is the same) ... the thing about this woman along with Yates of Houston just to name a couple, is they are not from poverty stricken neighbourhood's, etc ... in fact, the majority of these so called nut cases come from middle class background's, live in suburbia in decent home's, etc. such as even the Dallas area mayor Jayne Peters that is also in this series. Many people demeur have issue's, many folk's will get depressed from one thing or another some time in their life, we all face these obstacle's, it's natural, adnd these kind's of action's any way you cut it should be actually punishable, but that's just my opinion here.

Thanx for your input here Demeur ....