Friday, August 31, 2012

SKINNY PUPPY/ KEVIN "OGRE" OGILVIE (PT.2): "Worlock", "Hexonexxon"

File:Kevin Ogilvie Headshot.jpg

Kevin Ogilvie aka "Nivek Ogre"

Another posting here to honour the Pup's and Mr. Kevin Ogilvie of course, a lil history here in Part One as well. But the Pup's early roots I wanted to highlight here as far as aesthetic's are concerned, being that for one, "video" is what drove alot of the starting success to this crew as far as concept's ... which they were most noted for incorporating horror/ gore type theme's. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with about the music Ogre/ Kevin Ogilvie, vocalist/ musician, who was also working on the same label at the same time with a buddy Mark (aka MC900FT JESUS), which was truly a treat to me, since I kept up with much of his work with the pups and others, because I rank this man in the top's with folk's like Al Jourgensen (Ministry) as far as their work, etc ... and has worked with a whole buffet board list of artist's to this day! This era of post modern industrial sound's that came out in the late 1980's to early 1990's has finally made it's mark in the all time classic's in this genre. Below I wanted to highlight a couple of those classic piece's with the 2nd being some "live" work off of their "Rabies" project/ LP from back then, which would be a treat for any of those old school industrialist's! ... Enjoy!

***** NOTE: I should note to the viewer here that the first video may be a tad graphic for some, it is a compilation of clip's incorporated from various classic horror film's, but I wanted to have the official video here, not a sugar- coated remake version, because it would miss the art aspect of visual's unfortunately.



Skinny Puppy- Worlock ... Thanx to BLAHSNARTO

Skinny Puppy- "Hexonexxon" SPV Records ... Thanx to BLANKTV


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