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KELCEY PERRY: Arlington Police Officer Dylan Eckstrom ... Bodyslam's and pushes teenager's face into pavement, pepper- sprays her, then write's citation to justify it (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.11)

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Ms. Kelcey Perry

Part 11 of the "Police Brutality" series for this journal is a local case here in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex suburb of Arlington, a fairly large suburb with a population of over 373,000, and really known as a pretty cool college suburb at that (University of Texas @ Arlington ,where my daughter graduated from), so the way this poor young lady was treated is not only harsh, but a lil shocking.

First of all, credit to this young lady, her familia, and counsel for pursuing this to the fullest extent as far as legal/ civil action at the Arlington Police Department and Officer Dylan Eckstrom, never back down to this, and never forget is how I see it. Some may say that these kind's of posting's are negative and/ or may enrage folk's in a negative way, anger, violence, etc, etc ... and it's true, it does and is meant to enrage folk's who read it. For myself, any parent/ grandparent (I'm both) that doesnt get angry, enraged etc, is NOT normal ... whenever our children are treated like this, especially using your hard earned tax dollar's to do it, you should get mad, angry and even violent to some extent ... it is in NATURAL ORDER!

This 15 year old young lady was actually the victim of girl bullies who simply wanted to defend herself, and ended up as the one abused by this police officer in the process, just to show how out of touch with the condition/ reality that some of these police officer's are ... I mean ... you wonder, where in the fuck did some of these officer's grow up? Have they ever been a kid or remember their childhood? Do they understand how to communicate with people who are younger? ... or do they even understand them and these condition's at all for that matter? Geeeezz!

For this officer who is also 6'ft for that matter, and about 200/ 220 lb's to treat a 5'4" tall teen girl like this is way out of line and thanx to video cam's and cell phone's, clear excessive use of force of an out of control cop that cant even hold his cool under pressure. I guarantee that just slamming this child's back into pavement like that, especially having her neck bent in a choke hold while doing it, can cause permanent damage to the spine/ back of this child ... then on top of it pushing her face into the pavement, then on top of that, pepper- spraying her at point blank range in the face while he has her pinned down, then citating her later, telling her that he "has to" citate her to justify to his commanding officer the reason for his use of excessive force!? ... can you believe that?! what the fuck was he telling her this for?, to get her sympathy?, or is he just a coward to own up to what he done to this child? He's worried after doing this to her, only what his boss think's?, bottom line ... if this isnt about the lowest cowardly action's/ response I have seen in a grown man, I dont know what else could be.

Pursue this scum and the official's that try to sugar coat this and dont let up until there is some justice made in it!

Word Out ....

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