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This posting will also serve 2 series of this journal ... "Police Brutality" & "The Awakening" both. And credit here of course to RT America for their pounding of these issue's, because so many of the large mainstream media's cant cover this nearly as much and are limited on certain avenue's of what they are allowed to cover as priorities ... I mean, these other media's do some really great work on what they do cover, but this type of thing is a specialty for folk's like RT America and Thank You. Also credit here and Thanx to Mr. John Knefel of "The Radio Dispatch" in the first video, and Mr. Arun Gupta of "The Indypendent" in the second video ... again, there can never be enough coverage of this sort of growing rehashed issue today. After the video's, my input on this ... and why I capitalized in the title the word's "violence" and "natural" ... and why my thinking is different than Mr. Knefel in the first video where he sayz there isnt balance in the violence, although what Mr. Knefel is pointing out it appear's, is that the violence of the crowd vs. the police was not balanced, being that the police used excessive violence considering the so called violation's from a few of the people ... but with all due respect to the man of course, because violence as well as a peaceful, a legislative/ political approach and other's mean's are all in "natural order" and therefore balanced. Understand, that I see retaliation to abuse as being in order, balance, justified, and self defense if necessary.



Do Police even know where they stand? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Police: armed and dangerous? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

The violence being used by these police forces is more tactical than strategic, so it is just that, and consist's of spontaneous violence, that is against the law's of this great democracy, period. Bottomline, we are being dictated by an entity who has no respect for the law's to begin with, except those that they legislate to their advantage and no longer the interest of the people/ citizenry in alot of cases. It is even common talk amongst folk's that great leader's such as Dr. M.L. King alwayz preached the non violent approach as the answer, but many who talk that didnt really know that much about Dr.King ... even he used common sense, which many of us today dont, we have become so intoxicated with pop culture and political correctness. Dr.King had no bloody choice to move in a non- violent manner ... he was threatened and faced death on a weekly basis, he had his own arsenal of firearm's and even applied in Alabama for a concealed carry permit because of the threat's against his life and familia, but the "law's" of the state turned him down, although he met the requirement's 110+%. Dr. King also knew well of the police controlled state of the condition and the danger that the black people and their white affiliate's faced from these tactical violent forces of the state. Bottom line is ... if Dr. King would have advocated a violent response in 1960's Alabama, the protestor's wouldnt have had a snowball's chance in Hell of anything that remotely can be called a victory, they were despised by a majority of white's, the rich, the poor, the state, the Ku Klux Klan, and everyone else damn near, it would have been an outright open season on African American's then and a legal slaughter of them. I'm not saying that violence is the solution, I am saying that all these move's and even political, legislative, as well as peaceful assembly are all a strategy combined and not tactical, and needed.

Look at any of the video's whether their professional media or some amateur with a phone taking them, the video's are clear, the testimonies of those who were beaten/ violated by these rogue police force's are real as you can get if you have to experience this. When they show these young ladies like in New York City being brutalized, pepper sprayed or what have you by these police, I have to credit these young women for their bravery to begin with, even though they lost in "that" fight ... they are being violated by grown men alot more trained in this and larger, stronger, including all the protective gear and weaponry that they wear with the law alwayz on their side only. Another arguement that is pointless, is that we are not oppressed like in some countries and such talk ... so what are we supposed to do, wait till we are? Look at a country such as Syria and the point to where it is there ... the people take up arm's against this police military response and fight till the death if necessary ... those who dont put up with this are embracing the founding spirit and principle's that this democracy were based on. The return of violence for violence IS IN ORDER and NATURAL LAW, period! It is not natural, sane, or anything else related to sit in peace toward's this type of aggression and violence. In both Anaheim and the San Francisco Bay Area for instance, the only reason why the people protesting get any atencion or positive response in many cases, is only when they act with more force and less peaceful talk. All these folk's in the Occupy movement and their assembly's have been peaceful for the most part and by "law" the right of those to do so, yet they are responded to with these tactical forces and violence, permanent injuries in some cases, and even death, and these are our children that they love so much that they are doing this to for the most part, and even senior citizen's and the most vulnerable in some cases ... these rogue cop's and folk's like this Mayor Bloomberg that support them are basically scum, period.

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