Friday, August 3, 2012

"GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL" with Sen. Bernie Sanders ... & Nature's "WARNING" for a "NEW REVOLUTION" (GLOBAL WARMING PT.17)

Thanx to Senator Bernie Sanders for compiling these note's and quote's and presenting them, because it is not a very popular topic to discuss during an election year, with so many issue's of concern, but it will have to be addressed whether we like it or not, so the Senator's 40 minute speech here is a must for Part 17 of this series.

Let me be brief and simple here first to explain this to the average person who may not be that informed or taken much interest in science, meteorology and such, because many folk's can get confused on the arguement's in all this, which are mainly political, financial investment's, and energies/ mining corporate influenced etc, etc. But what is happening basically, is since the last ice age the Earth has once again been going through a post warming trend, which of course is natural, this planet has been through these time and again since the start of it, what make's this a tad different and has made this all of the sudden drastic weather condition's we have been experiencing, heat wave's, flood's, massive snow- in's when our part of the planet is in it's winter month's, etc ... is because of the ice cap's that been stable for 1000's of year's, are now melting, which in turn deposit's more fresh water's into the ocean's and such and create's more precipitation, change's in the jet stream's, current's in those large bodies of water's, etc. Since the industrialization  revolution of our species over a hundred year's ago, we have been putting so much emission's and pollutant's into the atmosphere and water's simply because of our need's, that it has actually accelerated the warming probably several hundred times more than what it would normally be and putting it in high gear. With the new emerging economies around the globe and need's for energy, and now over 7 billion people on the planet, we are just going hog wild trying to accomodate our need's, which is even accelerating this more and more, which in turn is putting us on a course of self and planet/ eco destruction basically.

We cant change the damage we already done of course, but we DO HAVE the science, knowledge and technologies to at least stop the acceleration of this and clean up some, which will be a new revolution of green, in turn creating job's, science's, economies and industries that we dont even see now, etc, so changing OUR WAYZ is a win- win for all of us and the planet simply. Everything in nature give's us a warning, same as chest pain's may warn of a heart attack to come, or not watering your lawn will show in a dying lawn, etc. We currently out of extreme greed, desperation, and temporary need's and such, are not doing enough to slow this, and keep covering it up and tossing it on back burner's for later. Our drilling, polluting, mining, and everything else has been accelerating at such an alarming rate, that there can be no outcome but misery in the longhaul if we dont do something for real about this, because despite all the green talk we have, looking at the industrial growth of all currently, show's that not much of a damn thing is being done but talk, and one industry waiting for the other to make the first big step. The extreme weather, drought's, and such are simply nature's way of warning. I explain alot of this throughout the series, in more simple term's to make it alot easier to understand. Enough from me, and onto Bernie in the video ... and Thank You Sir.

Global Warming Is Real ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS




Demeur said...

Given half a chance nature can come back. But then again nature doesn't care if we are here or not.

Scientist calculate that this planet can not hold 10 billion people (not enough resources). We increased the population by 1 billion in just the last 20 years. You do the math. Can't squeeze 10 lbs of manure in a five lb. bag.

Ranch Chimp said...

Oh yeah, I agree there as far as nature adjusting I will say instead of repairing, which I have covered as well in similar wording throughout this series.

Thanx for yur input Demeur ....