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SCOPES MONKEY TRIAL (Inherit the Wind) ... A Look at America's BIBLICAL DEBATE'S and Politically Manufactured BLIND FAITH ... HUMAN MORALITY PT.11 (Inspired by Lilia)

Part 11 of the "Human Morality" series will highlight a fictional movie clip from the 1960 "Inherit the Wind" film, which was based/ inspired off of an actual story in mid 1920's America of a school teacher Mr. John Thomas Scopes that was charged and tried for teaching evolution in a Tennessee school, being he violated the law's of the state ... more well known as the "Scopes Monkey Trial". I chose this classic movie clip just to give an example of the endless debate, that even today over 85 year's later, is still hotter than ever in this nation, and increasingly with more fanaticism behind much of it. I also wanted to dedicate this posting to my mother- in- law Lilia Vinas (RIP), who I loved and inspired this posting. I hear alot of talk about guy's not getting along with their mother- in- law's of course ... but my case was a whole different story, we got along great, she lived with us and also helped raise my daughter's and stepson, Lilia had also a great sense of humour, really : ) jokingly referring to my wife (her daughter) as Mother Superior, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... because trying to argue or debate with my wife, is pissing in the wind ... it's her way or the highway on alot of stuff : ) But Lilia is the one that hipped me to this movie classic. Lilia was a firm believer in God and Jesus ... however, when I quoted a bible passage to her one day, she laughed ... I asked her ... "You dont believe in what the Bible sayz?" ... she smiled and said ... "The Bible was wrote by man Tommy ... not by God ..." ... well, needless to say, I couldnt argue with that : )

The thing is, that the Holy Bible is one of the earliest and greatest book's of stories ever compiled, which basically what you read today, whether it be the Catholic version or the King James version (which came later), was inspired by the Roman Emperor Constantine and a council of his (early 4th century A.D.), which is why I alwayz referred to it as "Constantine's Bible" ... it was compiled basically for political reason's, banking, and military reason's in a large part, by then commercializing Christianity as a mega institutional religion basically ... much was also not allowed to be compiled in it, such as Gospel's of women for instance ... so it was all hand selected by a group of, well ... males/ men in the upper echelon's of politic's/ society basically. Even the teaching's of the Christ figure Nazarene Jesus in the Gospel's would clearly show that he was against the commercialization of religion's and spoke of the danger's of such as well. After all ... according to the story ... he was convicted and executed (crucified) not by Pilot, but by a bunch of governing influenced church fanatic's that ran thing's the way they see fit only ... and persecuted everyone like Jesus who spoke against them or disrupted their lil operation's ... very similar to today still, but with a tad less brutality than then. This politically motivated and manufactured "blind faith" without any "question", has motivated and inspired more hatred, conflict, murder, war's, and bloodshed than just about anything in human civilised history ... not the Bible itself, but the men who manipulated and wrote it for their gain's and evil's, the same evil by definition that they speak against. Who they say they wrote for the oppressed, yet later used the same writing's to be the oppressor's. Enough said .... Word Out ....

Inherit the Wind- The Age of Rocks ... Thanx to THENIKKIVEE


***** I wanted to close out this posting with this gentleman below, who is a Christian, yet know's well the political hypocrisies, and the danger's of mega institutionalized religion's ... this was his response to Texas Governor Rick Perry's Prayer Rally *****

Rick Perry Prayer Rally stirs controversy in Texas My Response/ Christian Living in America ... Thanx to GODSCOUNTRYNETWORK


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