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PAUL RYAN- GOP VP CANDIDATE (PT.1): Road to REDUCED Reckless Spending (?) ... A Look at "Corporate Communism" & The "Gateway to Hell" (TRUTH or TREASON 2012 PT.10)

Congressman Paul Ryan

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult- Gateway To Hell ... Thanx to EDPETERSON1 **** All in a lil light humour for a truely dark situation, I wanted to open this posting with a song, the lyric's, especially the opening are fitting to describe what GOP VP candidate Ryan's blueprint for prosperity proposal's would amount to for over 95% of American's ... "What am I talking about?, What am I talking about?" ... G-G-G- Gateway to Hell : )  And credit as well to the Kult for this classic, that was wrote in part by an old buddy Thomas Thorn aka Buck Ryder. ... this will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"

***** DONNA BRAZILE/ CNN- OPINION: Paul Ryan's Dangerous Vision **** Ms. Brazile sum's this up here, short, simple and straight ....

***** CNN/ MONEY: Paul Ryan Economics: 5 things to know


Part 10 of this "Truth or Treason" series will be to highlight the Vice Presidential pick for the Republican Party, Congressman Paul Ryan. I first want to say that I admire the man truely, the reason why I didnt do any kind of posting on Presidential candidate Mitt Romney for instance, is because there wasnt nothing I could find to like or dislike about him, I mean, he is so easy to read, so plastic as far as persona, etc, etc ... who in my opinion basically doesnt do much of anything ... but understand, these are only my opinion's/ assessment's. Rep. Ryan is a whole nother story, beside's, like him ... I'm also pro- business, love archery, and am a big Green Bay Packers fan. If like me, you admire folk's that are achiever's, who bust ass, optimistic and motivational speech and vision's, etc, etc ... you could see my point, there isnt nothing much about this man I cant like pesonally, and he truely believe's in what he is doing, he is also straight up like Rick Santorum, another man that I admire (not Rick's pop religious fundamoralism though, which is his downfall, being he cant leave his religion at home and out of the workplace). Paul is a sharp man and hustler, who know's the American Dream and truely want's to make everyone prosper.

But even thinking conservatively, I couldnt vote for this man in this era of condition's here and now. He place's alot of faith in "trickle down economic's", but the deadliest part of that is lack of regulation, despite his rep as a policy man. Traditionally, trickle down worked and has been proven, however, in 2012 the market's and new global economy, financial power entities, etc, etc do not have nearly the same integrity that they had over a half century ago ... we lost it and the true spirit of free market/ enterprise in the largest controlling sector's of such, because how the market's have drastically changed over the last 20 year's and especially recently in the last decade with many of those major entities being bailed out and encouraged to even get larger, and not wanting to downsize or divi up a thing, yet simutaneously wanting each other to fail or break so that one can buy out the other only, like waiting for a fire sale or liquidation ... again ... look at it as not a free market of the world, but more of a bitch fight for power between folk's like the Walton familia vs. the Koch Brother's, Exxon/ Mobil vs. British Petrol, Bank of America vs. JP Morgan/ Chase, etc The people (us) that make all this work through our smaller businesses/ companies, bank's, labourer's, manufacturer's, innovative thinking, entrepreneurial venture's etc, etc ... are being ignored in this battle of the giant's and/ or being bought out, crushed, etc ... due to our desperation from our own wealth being drained and placed in one sector ... and THIS is bad for business overall in the longhaul. They have not only gotten too big to fail, but have gotten too pampered by us to even go bankrupt for their mistake's/ failure's even. Paul Ryan place's too much faith in them, and is willing to let them take even more control in the hope's that it will trickle down the way he may conduct his own business/ investment's.

The lack of regulation's which Paul also support's strongly is making these folk's carry on like drug or gambling addict's ... in turn, these entities are not only draining and ratholing all the wealth of the free world (and even place's like China especially) but trying to buy out all the government's of these most importante nation's ... because they believe that they can all make society work a Hell of alot better than any government as far as business and competition, which would be true to an extent, if we were dealing with more honesty, but this excessive greed/ addiction and lack of oversight and regulation across the board has led to basically these power entities engaging now in what any law book in a democracy like our's would define as organized crime, racketeering, etc ... when you "buy" politician's, superior justice's, and muscle (military/ laws/ enforcement), manipulating those major investment's/ interest's (market's) through thing's also like speed trading , that's all you have bottom line ... you cant sugar coat it regardless of what you label it as. On top of that, Paul want's to let these entities go scott free without any kind of taxation whatsoever ... I am also for giving tax incentive's to an extent, and big one's, BUT ... being a policy man and as tight on economics that he is, he should know that you MUST have contractual and legislative bind's to lock it in, if you even want to remotely/ minimally try to create job's here domestically.

We have a serious issue on job's also, because mathematically and frankly speaking here, I figure you would have to be able to create at least 100+ thousand job's per month ... JUST to meet the demand of the younger grad's and such entering the workforce alone annually. Considering what President Obama had to work with and the million's of existing job's that were lost shortly before his election, and the rejection of so many republican's and some democrat's to work with him, acting like toddler's and such ... the President and this Administration has done a remarkable job in this field, because frankly the economy (wealth) is actually stronger than it has been in year's during his administration considering all, and even unemployment isnt as bad as it could be. I say this because on Paul's first day of running, he attacked the President on job's big time, and because Romney has been putting out corporate communism sponsored ad's ... I'm sorry, they are called United Citizen's ... been saying that President Obama is relaxing requirement's to get "welfare" check's by not requiring folk's to look for work, re- train, etc .... more political bullshit basically. The President want's to relax some of the requirement's to avoid chaos, because he actually know's the reality ... being there is no damn job's, and when you drop all social safety net's, that can only lead to increased despair, poverty, etc and result in flared tension's, okay? So cut the bullshit.

Rep. Ryan, has been very crucial in advocating in these tougher time's uncoventional solution's to tightening the budget and spending, yet again ... refusing to even let corporate entities who have gained and done so well off of us in past to even pay any tax, and continuing to let all the wealth be ratholed in offshore investment's/ outsourced employment and tax shelter's, etc. and allowed to go responsibility free. All of our rep's in Washington/ Capitalism Hill arent even beginning to talk about what is on their agenda soon as this election is over, and the republican's are the organizer's/ architect's of it ... and that's to cut American's even alot more ... what they would sugar coat I reckon as "entitlement reform", which is basically cutting us down even more, while giving more of these break's to the power entities, even cutting capital gain's, dividend's, corporate/ estate, and interest taxes. Paul also had plenty of hustle even during the Bush Administration, suggesting new cutting edge type reform's to even give more money to these entities by using voucher's to replace Medicare, and giving that money in turn to more under- regulated gambler's along with privatizing a large portion of Social Security to be also on the gambling table of these entities , basically taking all of what's left and trusting it to the very people responsible for this financial crisis to begin with. This is basically a gateway to Hell economically, considering who is managing the investment's and their track record. On the other hand Paul is also supporting drastic ridiculous requirement's to the USPS to put up front fund's for year's down the road of retirement/ benefit's which are already sound, and legislatively making it so that the USPS CANNOT expand, to try to make that entity as I posted about as well fail, so that it can also be bought out by the highest bidder. ... even our social security right now is sound ... which I have covered plenty of in this journal ... because privatizing every damn thing is not going private even, but being bought and controlled by those with the most money, money that was taken and made off our back's basically. They even bought our bloody election's now ... and of course as I pointed out time and again in here ... they will MAKE SURE President Obama doesnt raise more than they can spend, they will outspend him no matter what, Hell, they have most of the money!

It is also thought that a VP is just for show, and they dont really do much in any Administration, but this guy Ryan is sharp and a real hustler, and think's he is doing the right thing, reducing spending and putting us on a road to recovery, but he is so sharp that he could run circle's around a guy like Romney ... put it this way ... he could and would influence alot that Romney may not be that up and up on, and he has really unique and different idea's for real change, but change that this nation in this era with over 300 million people would be too harsh on America's working and middle classes, our smaller domestic investment sector's and even on down the line to enviromental concern's ... Romney would put alot of trust in this guy, as Paul would put too much trust in these mega entities, because Paul is an economical architect in this. Paul would have as much input in the economic's of a Romney Administration as say former VP Cheney had with President GW Bush, and even moreso and openly, because that is Paul's specialty, and that is really a harsh economic gamble in trying time's like this.

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