Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB: "Sunday Bloody Sunday", "Mr. 44", "Incubus" (In Memory of Dr. Luv)


This posting and induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" will be first of all in memory of Shane Lassen aka "Dr. Luv", who was in a dream I had last night, and to honour his group "The Electric Hellfire Club" . Shane was the co- founder of the group with founder Thomas Thorn, back in the early 1990's. I met Thomas first when he was with "My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult" (commonly called the "Thrill Kill Kult"), when he was on the "Confessions of a Knife" tour with them, and what a tour/ show they done, one of the best I've ever seen as far as "live" performance's, theatric's, sound engineering, etc! But shortly after that, Thomas went off to start another project called "Electric Hellfire Club", and those who are TKK fan's ... you seen a big change in sound and direction when Thomas departed the Kult ... which seemed to carry on Thomas' unique inspiration's and sound he gave to the old TKK sound, in the debut EHC album/ CD called "Burn Baby Burn".

But the sound of EHC cover's a wide range of influence's and creation's, as far as genre's in the industry, just really mixing and creating alot of interesting piece's, and especially remake's of classic's of other music icon's too, a very well rounded sound. I had the opportunity also to spend a little time with them, and also done a segment with them for an underground documentary video as well in the early 1990's, and frankly ... when you discuss the music with Shane, he sound's like a Doctor, and was really intensely into his work. But this group also had an element that contributed I think greatly, was also being focused in a similar direction and having a philosophy behind their music ... and Thomas is just frankly one hard working gent ... the kind of Guy that will do whatever it take's to get that sound and show to perfection. BTW Thomas, if you happen to run across this online ... do you remember how many of us it took to screw in a lightbulb? (you busted a gut laughing while on that stage ladder), that afternoon we had to go all up into North Dallas to find a store that carried that specific kind of light bulb  {: )

So this salute is to the EHC ... and particularly Shane/ Dr. Luv, whose flame's burn within us still to this day! The 3 vid's below are of course a few of my favourite's, but also selected to show the versatility of their work. Enjoy!


1) "SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY" ... Thanx to MANDALUYONGBOY (an early 1980's U2 classic)

2) "MR. 44" ... Thanx to AMY5CENTS ... Dr. Luv in this video wearing the priest collar and horned cap

3) "INCUBUS" ... Thanx to AMY5CENTS


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