Friday, June 10, 2011


This posting is inspired by several folk's here in the neighborhood, that didnt seem to have any idea what was going on here on LBJ Frwy, and of course are frustrated with the back- up's between Stemmons Frwy, Dallas North Tollway, and the North Central Expwy/ High Five Interchange along this stretch of LBJ Frwy. Also that stretch of SH 121 (far north) that is really backed up bad due to what seem's like endless construction. But these are two of the largest project's going on in the northern half of the Dallas Area that need to be paid atencion to, unless you just enjoy sitting in back- up's for the next few year's, I myself dont, so unlike many ... I actually find alternate route's.

What is happening on this stretch of LBJ Frwy is simply double decking it, and anyone who drive's this daily know's how bad that needed to be done, it's fact that nearly 3/4 of a million vehicle's also go through the High Five area daily, so this is past do after 40 bloody year's. The DFW Connector project is also way past due because of all the growth of this area from Grapevine to Frisco. The finished project's will be absolutely great when finished, which I posted below. Find alternate route's and stay updated and you wont have to sit and crawl.


1) DFW CONNECTOR- EASTBOUND ... Thanx to TXDOTPIO (computer visual of completion)

LBJ EXPRESS PROJECT: UPCOMING LANE CLOSURE'S & INFO (our neighborhood is on the right end of the Joe Ratcliff Walkway at 2:03/ 2:04 in this video, and yes, the walkway now is also going to be demolished and replaced)

2) LBJ EXPRESS- EASTBOUND ... Thanx to LBJEXPRESS (computer visual of completion)



Tim said...

RC Like you say, you have to find other ways to navigate.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah Tim ... I'm an excellent urban driver especially, if I am ever good at one thing in life Tim ... it's behind a wheel, I could be a cabbie in a town like New York City (not bragging, but fact). It's really simple Tim ... I see so many folk's get in these jam's/ back- up's, even though there are exit's and other route's and these dayz you even have onboard electronic/ computer navigation system's on the car's, and I dont even use that in the car when I'm driving, I simple just use common sense and find the best alternate it's so easy. Sometime's I look at these folk's and think that, their either not thinking, dont care, or or just glutton's for punishment.

Thanx for your input Guy ....