Friday, June 17, 2011

DESHON MARMAN: San Francisco man arrested for wearing "Baggy Pant's" ... (Incarcerated American PT.2)

This posting of "Incarcerated American" PT.2 will be to take a look at the recent case of Mr. Deshon Marman, in the City of San Francisco (CA). And as I promised to so many folk's here in my neighborhood and around Dallas, especially young people, I will hammer on this series, which is long past due for this journal, ya'll can bank on that! Some video and newsread below, then I will add my own comment's on this.

***** Daily Mail Online: Deshon Marman pulled off flight and arrested for wearing baggy pants ...


Baggy Pants Arrest ... Thanx to THEBILLIAM39

This stuff really hit's home with me in particular, being a father and a grandfather, just seeing all the injustice's on our children in this country first hand daily, really get's me going. And this rubbish is endless it seem's. I see how much our children are pushed, pressured, ripped off, overcharged, etc, etc ... just to please us and our sorry ego's ... we are such an abusive society toward's our young in so many wayz, and are so blind to how we are as adult's especially, cloaking every damn thing we do in ... "it's the right thing" ... "it's for the good of all" ... "we do this because we love you", etc, etc. I look at the education system of America, and the lack of regard for it by our government/ society ... the heavier than ever homework assignment's, lack of student teacher communication, teacher lay- off's ... while so many of our interest's go to foreign land's who milk us dry and dont give two shit's about us, only for what they can get out of us, and this endless ass kissing to investment banker's and affiliate's, and the one's in this nation who get shit on the most is our young people. Many of who also enlist to go to combat (such as my niece in Afghanistan) because they cant afford a college education otherwise, without going damn near bankrupt before the age of 30.

Now one may also say that Deshon had outstanding warrant's in Santa Clara County for possession of under an ounce of marijuana ... this is more crap when you arrest these young people for a bloody joint or two so you can milk them in other fine's and fee's. And to allow these injustice's in a town like San Francisco or even a state like California? who on the other hand does everything they can to promote medical marijuana use and make a mega business out of it? The talk about the officer injured after Deshon left the plane as they asked him to do? Let me tell you something as I have posted in other posting's ... if you so much as to twist your wrist in pain when being handcuffed in this country coast to coast, it is considered as "resisting" ... and therefore can legally call for the officer to use more physical force in restraining the subject ... if at any time during that restraining, the subject twist's, turn's, or even verbally cries out from the pain, the subject is resisting, you are basically in a no win situation. If the officer skin's their knee while down on one knee restraining a subject ... it will be charged on the subject/ offender as a form of assault ... this is the truth.

As far as this "saggy pant's" witch- hunt that has plagued the last several year's, this is just old mindset's with new target's, and it seem's every generation has something they come up with that justifies some kind of morality or decency outrage, it's endless. When I was a child, Elvis Presley was indecent to be shown from the waste down while shaking his leg to many, or Tom Jones even ... these insane attack's go on and on and on. This saggy pant's thing is nothing but a fashion statement basically ... and it hurt's no one, especially to call for the evacuation of a major airline flight?, in what's called one of the most liberated cities in this nation? At the same time according to new TSA regulation's ... you cant wear saggy pant's ... but if they want they can strip search you and make you get butt naked? This man is in jail having to have his familia spend all this money to get him out and to contest such nonsensical injustice's? This is downright wrong and an injustice and attack on America's young people. As far as morality and decency ... I'm up to my neck in morality and decency so deep as it is, it's suffocating, not to mention nauseating. Especially just listening to all these self righteous folk's drooling this trash out of their parasite mouth's like vomit.

Enough said ....



Weaseldog said...

Good post RC.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your taking interest in it Jack/ WD

an average patriot said...

I have to admit life is a lot harder for our youth than I thought I had but I don't know maybe I just expected less and enjoyed what I had.

That said, I raised for excellent men and I was one of the ass holes that war very strict on hair cuts, tats, foul language, and yep baggy pants.

My sons and many of our youth have impressed me at how they have stepped up and I do not know if I am happy or not that they carry my values but they are happy with the "burden" and carry it on they are.

I might have been an ass hole but I am happy to say they have all surpassed me as humanitarians and warriors. I did my job!

Ranch Chimp said...

Unlike you Jim, I didnt raise son's but daughter's, all done well as far as degree's, profession's, etc. I am sure from what I heard/ read, that your son's are great young men as well. How you raise your kid's is your business ... what I see daily happening to our youth in my opinion is a crime in it's own way, I really mean that Jim ... I see so much man, and deal with so many ... from the broken home's of parent's to where the kid's dont even know who their dad's are and calling boyfriend's dad's, to the more well off who let their kid's be raised by maid's/ housekeeper's, babysitter's, the ego trip's of parent's at the PTA's to push their kid's to do what they wish they had, to the school's now putting kid's in counseling for any counter thought, and over medicating them with nothing but legalized dope, that they have no idea what they are creating as the future of that child ... the laziness of staff and teacher's and pressure's to meet inde school board criteria's that are legislated by those who dont even have their bloody kid's in public school's, to because of the laziness and other pressure's on teacher's, kid's are bringing home heavy back- pack's with 10X time's the amount of homework you and I had Jim, pressing, pressing, pressing, even having the kid's now starting to teach the other student's in overcrowded classes because we dont have budget fund's to supply our student's need's, and that is only a fraction Jim of what I could point out. Kid's unlike us Jim ... hardly get any free time these dayz ... and athletic kid's like Deshon are pressured many time's even more, because they too are future asset's/ investment's. I appreciate your opinion on this Jim.

Ranch Chimp said...

As far as the clothes fashion's, pants, etc Jim ... you and I are the same age, and you know we were picked at for the way's we dressed at time's or style's, and other thing's we done that may have not been acceptable. many of these young folk's today will look back 20 year's from now at their picture's and laugh at themselves, it's a phase in life is all Jim.