Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Head-O-State" and "Stimulus Package" ... and the good ole fashioned free market ....

What bring's me to this posting on this beautiful Dallas sunrise, is a couple funny piece's I veiwed on the Infidel753 website that I frequent ... on sex/politic's. So I just wanted to post a little something myself about the 2, and to show ... that not all business is suffering from this recession.

I was in a neighborhood adult dvd and sex shoppe the other day up the street looking for a birthday card for a buddy. They have some pretty cool and hilarious gift's and card's...and of coarse a wide variety of dvd rental/sales, sex play equipment/devices and private dvd viewing booth's for partner's to watch dvd's together or whatever, and their open 24/7/365.

They alway's showcase the hottest new item's for sale in the front on display. One of the popular item's was called "Head-O-State" ... which was a phallus (also called in modern America, a "dildo") which is a replica of a male penis, with a strap-on attachment used in sexual play for adult's. This one had a tip of the head of President Obama, and I think it swiveled or had some kind of special feature's to the head of him,maybe it vibrated or something. The other was a package with lubricant...and some battery operated electro stimulation devices,that you can clamp on to the genital's and electro stimulate your partner during role play or whatever, they called it the "Stimulus Package". Both are reasonably priced and come with a limited time warranty as well.The gal working the counter told me that they were the last, and they had the 10% off day in effect if I want to purchase them,while I was checking them out. She said that the next shipment wont be in for a week...and they sell both so fast, that they can barely keep them in stock!

It's obviously a bipartisan store I reckon...since one of the popular displayed dvd's was called...."Who's Nailin Palin?" ... and a gal was on the front cover that looked very much like the former Alaska Governor. The good sales tell me the recession is winding down ...regardless if some retailer's are reporting slumping sales ... that's just that good ole fashioned free market I reckon!

God Bless America ... and our Head-O-State! :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dallas City Council new Attendance Rules: ... You get a paycheck if you work ....

Well ... since everyone loves honesty ... I am one who loves presenting it when I can. If it isnt bad enough that some of our former city government was on trial in Federal Court in the last couple week's for probably the largest corruption trial in our history, on allegation's of no bid contract's, pay- off's, illicit contract's and such ... now we have to deal with the slacker's who dont even attend work in City Hall!

And congratulation's to Mayor Tom Leppert for having the courage to speak up about this and propose a vote to make attendance rules for Council Member's ... if they want to continue to get a paycheck. Former Mayor Laura Miller done nothing to clean up this cesspool in Dallas City Hall.

First of all ... Council member's get a salary of $37,500 a year, to show up 2nd and 4th wednesday's of the month for "agenda meeting's" ... and 1st and 3rd wednesday's of the month for "city council briefing's". Now ... considering the modest cost of living in Dallas compared to the other top 10 US cities ... that is not something to whine about. But whining is all we are getting these day's out of some of our representatives!

The Mayor proposed this week to take a vote to require that a council member must show for at least half a meeting to get their paycheck. Why? Because several member's just show ... sign in ... and leave within the first hour ... you know the BS routine ... where you have someone ring your cell phone ... and politely say "excuse me" ... and you never come back that day. And this is an old familiar story in City Hall. If you recall ... several year's back ... dozen's of city worker's that were on the clock were found in strip joint's, pool/ game hall's (gambling), movies, and other recreational places ... even using the city vehicle's to take them around. Some were even using city charge account's to charge their recreation's! The vote passed in favour of the new attendance rule ... with 10 of the 14 council member's in favour, and 4 opposed ... voting against it.

The strongest opposition came from councilwoman Carolyn Davis ... followed by councilwoman Vonciel Jones Hill, Ann Margolin, and councilman Steve Salazar. Davis just said it is unfair ... and she feel's like she is being dictated to by a "strong Mayor" government (unlike many US big cities... Dallas does not have the strong Mayor city government ... where the Mayor has supreme voice ... even Texas Governor's dont have power here like most state's ... it is all the "body" of "all" here ... and not "one"). Other councilmember's who wish to remain anonymous told reporter's that Davis had reason to oppose because she is late most of the time ... and alway's leaving. Davis also said it can conflict with her schedule having to pick up her daughter from school. Really? ... if you come in at 9:00am ... and have to only stay 3 hour's minimum? Your daughter get's off school at noon? Stop the BS! You can get another family member to pick her up ... or pay someone a small amount to do so ... or like the majority of kid's do ... ride the goddamn school bus! Councilwoman Hill say's it's just "not fair" (no reason) ... councilman Salazar say's the vote is causing more friction ... "friction?". Councilwoman Margolin say's ... we need more time to figure out a workable solution ... "workable?" ... I'll tell ya'll what need's to be "workable" ... and that's ya'll!

Here's the bottom line ... you get voted in by the people of your district to do a job. And part of that job is attending agenda's and meeting's ... to ... well ... work. Everyone has schedule's to keep up with ... kid's to tend to, lover's to tend to, and families ... and other responsibilties. I realize how hard ya'll feel you may have it ... and how unfair and awful it may be ... for the Mayor to propose you come to work at least 3 hour's a week to get that $37,500 paycheck per year. But life is "tough" heh? Stop ya'll's goddamn whining! Especially you councilwoman Davis ... your alway's whining! If you cant handle the heat ... get out of the goddamn kitchen!!

Post Note: To those who oppose these "harsh" rules on the City Council ... do ya'll realize the work and effort and responsiblity it is for our tax paying citizen's to register to come before ya'll on a wednesday ... to voice their issue's and concern's? Many of who would be happy to get a bloody $37.5K a year salary to work 4, 6/8 hour day's a month,who also have responsibilties. How can you show example to those you govern, when you cant even be as efficient or responsible as those you govern? Many of us are up early ... and have plenty of responsibilities as well ... and if we dragged our slow asses in to work with that "I dont want to hear it today" attitude that some of ya'll have ... we would get a goddamn pink slip.Your not exempt ... you have a bloody job as well ... get on it, and get busy!


Monday, August 24, 2009

You cant Kill a King .... We DONT allow it!! .....

I just had to post this...since in my last post I was talking about believing over 90% of insured American's are in love with their insurance coverage,about as much as I believe that Elvis Presley is alive being protected by the CIA on some uncharted island. We live in a society...and have since recorded human history as it show's, to where you can convince a certain percentage of people that a plastic baggie of vomit is worth it's weight in platinum, and a beautiful thing to behold and cherish.

The subject here is Michael Jackson ... the "King of Pop" who recently died. Many folk's/fan's almost couldnt believe it.... it is these type's that will not let the man die. Elvis Presley is a perfect recent example...there was so many rumor's about him still being alive even to this day.One of the most popular I heard was that he was being hidden by the CIA on some uncharted island because he actually worked for the CIA as some kind of James Bond character ... it was even printed in some popular tabloid's year's ago. I seen on the cover of one once in the market a picture even on the front page of one of them zines...a picture of the biblical Satan character in some thunderstorm cloud's ... we have even seen picture's of the Mother Mary biblical mother of the Christ figure Jesus of Nazareth in everything from tree stump's to window's. And with the technology of the present...combined with those "Inquiry Mind's" ... I'm guessing it wont be long before we see Michael Jackson on video at WalMart wearing a platinum blonde full drag with large sunglasses.

You cant just Kill a King ... fictional or real ...some just wont allow it .........

Saturday, August 22, 2009

"CHANGE & BIPARTISANSHIP" ... How it applies to the habitual nature of the Human Animal ....

What bring's me to this posting this morning ... is mostly the fuss and bickering that we have been seeing this last week over health care reform,and how our President been dealing with this. I also want this to show as a reinforcement to one of my earliest posting's called "Bipartisanship and Tolerance"... the time has come ..... which I posted Monday 30 June 2008ce. Which was a preview of what we are seeing now. And the reason for this posting is to explain the capability of the human animal. And please dont look at the term "human animal" if you are spiritual, as me trying to say we dont have a spiritual self ... or think that it mean's I am an atheist, I AM NOT an atheist ... but what I am and what I believe, I reserve the right to keep it to myself if I choose. But yes ... I do believe in evolution and nature ... I just have a deeper understanding of the spiritual psyche than most.

There is no doubt that we are capable of going much further than where we are, we alway's have ... and alway's will ....Why? Because that too ... is our nature. I wrote time and time again how this President if elected will turn some head's, fuel many anger's, and be difficult to understand. I also pointed out previously that over time ... even those of this cult type personality who praised the ground he walk's on ... like zombie's during his campaign for Presidency ... would later become confused and angry as well over him in many cases. This man ... is simply just a couple step's before his time is all ... and has walked into an arena that never did understand thing's like bipartisanship or change ... Hell ... most of these representative's really dont understand the fundamental's of the people and human nature ... not to mention themselves. But I know we are somewheres close to actual change ... I simply cant date it is all.

It is so difficult to change for many because of our mindset and abilities to reason. Now we think we are all this and that ... and look at ourselves as superior like I said before ... the pinnacle of universal knowledge and liberated beyond our wildest expectation's, etc, etc. But we dont realize yet ... how far we are capable of going from even here. How can we expect even our representative's to change thing's just in a fractional amount ... when they too are simply creature's of habit living in a reality that they created ... while we continue to keep them in power, because we havent yet psychologically broken the chain's that even enslave our mind's, and keep them in the position's they are in ... with the power to legislate whatever they want when they want ... without even asking us to weigh in on it ... and keeping their salaries and benefit's, lovely habitat's and work condition's etc, etc? Would you want to give all that up or a fraction of it if you had it? Of course not ... it's not natural. It is part of simply our habitual nature.

I hope that our President at least make's a little more effort to fight back what is being done on the Hill ... he is no dummy, and know's the score better than those even know themselves that are the villian's and the misled up there ... but backing down too much wont get thing's rolling either. He like myself ... are on a level psychologically to where we understand thing's like bipartisanship, and reaching out, communication's, etc. But you cant keep on reaching when your opposition does not want to negotiate, or compromise. I like him ... like to think we have arrived to the next step ... or at least are one foot on it by now .... Geeez ... it's been several thousand's of year's already! ... BUT ... if were not quite there yet ... were simply NOT. So we have to deal with this force ... with force unfortunately. One of our biggest obstacle's of course is money and what it is used for. One of the old biblical verses ... say's that the love of money is the root of all evil, (evil meaning problem's and hazzard's ... not demonic fictional monster's) I couldnt agree more.

Why do I say this is the human animal's nature? Look at other animal's and their habit's ... are we different by much in our fleshly nature than them? ... absolutely not. However ... because of our mind ... we are capable of going to places and level's that other animal's havent been selected for by mother nature at this point. Rest assured ... that true change will come soon ... just not tomorrow or not never ... it's just a matter of time is all. Change is as much a part of us as it is the universe and nature actually ... and ALL are truely bipartisan in a universal sense.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Euthanasia Death Panel's ...Snowjob's ... and the "REFORMation" of milking ....

Even though I was out of town last week... and havent been online for over a week, or even watched any tele(TV)for that matter ... I certainly was reading various daily newspaper's all week.And I was having some small chat last week with a couple fella's out of town who were just working class guy's,who pay a load on insurance premium's(family)...but hope they/family never get really ill/sick, because they question their policies.And these young men asked my I gave it...which I will also point out here in this posting.

It sure as hell took me long enough to figure this one out...but gathering info here and there...enabled me to "make"this crap/bite we are being fed. One of the most incredible thing's I was reading in paper's last week...was about former Gov.Palin of Alaska,and other insurer pocket puppet's...talking about thing's like Euthanasia, and Death Panel's...who will determine when you die...or if they will grant you to live..all dictated by our government... and related garbage...that scared the hell out of many American's...and had them having nightmare's of fictional movie's like "Soylent Green".Have we lost our mind's? This is about the most ridiculous thing I heard since Satanic baby breeding cult's... or UFO's/Alien's that abduct women, play with their genital's,then steal their panties. We are so far from any mindset in our society of euthanasia...that to even remotely suspect this is absolutely nutty.Geeez...we cant even handle doctor assisted suicide for that matter, letting a person make their own choice!(with the exception of Oregon...who I believe still have doctor assisted suicide, unless they changed that).And even when a society were to ever even consider such a thing... it would be so commercialized...that they would have insurance company CEO's and doctor's standing with families in commercial's... all smiling...saying something like..."We do it cause we care" with mom,dad,sis and bro all with big smiles on their faces as well, as if they are helping grandma/grandpa...and doing them a favour...with even gramp's smiling to say all the choices and option's they were given...and how slap happy they are to die. We dont even have any mindset as a global society for that matter to even advocate this crap...we are too..."humanitarian".

This health care reform is just amounting to a reformation of how more we can get milked...with some extra protection right's is about it.Our "choices" and option's basically went out the door year's ago when they started this HMO crap,and even that was done for money making and to get people in for more visit's to put them on more prescription drug's ... beside's increased premium's.I am far more left on this than even most democrat's in this country...I just dont want public option's...but nationalized health care like what I experienced in England or Canada, so go ahead and call me a socialist,a commi or what have you...but I know when I'm getting a shaft in my ass.

So why is all this rubbish getting out to us? ... and why would insurer's not even want a "public option" at all...and are spending money like junkies on payday to get all this scary info in our brain's? After all...they are about free market and capitalism and all that other crap...arent they? Yes...when all the option's are offered by them and their affiliate's.What do they stand to gain by doing this? Here's the "catch" ... from what I calculated is 100's of billion's.They now are seeing a reform effort in government that is basically going to make everyone and employer buy insurance...for over 40+ million that are not insured now...making it LAW ... and believe me...the premium's/intake off figure's like that are enormous, making Halliburton's "no bid contract" deal over Iraq look like nickel and dime stuff! Why are pharmaceutical companies offering over $80 billion in donation's to this reform? Because many of those extra 40+ million will be given prescription's to buy monthly is why... which is another fortune...after takes money to make money...heh? And also because all the money they invest in this...will be written off on taxes in some least much of it.Sure were all gonna be covered... but milked to the max with coming inflation and other goodies that they will eventually slip in through legislation via their pocket puppet's on the Hill, while we are pre-occupied with some other crap they will create to keep us focused on other crap, while they do it.

I like our President...he has put out for this...and I knew he would get alot of static in Washington on this and many other thing' I wrote in the past...if he got elected...this guy think's alot like me too,is why I like him. But Mr.President, you simply got to push a little harder...this crap about backing away from the public option simply because of the pressure ... is NOT in your heart...and you know it. Look how far you have come Sir...and where it all started...that is what this is about Sir ...nothing else. .........this is nothing but a snowjob Sir...and you of all people know this too well. ........enough said................

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


One of the reason's for this post ... is not to raise more race issue's ... or even to condemn law enforcement ... but to add an issue that is domestic, since I gave my word that I would to a couple local folk's I know who suggested it ... but an issue that strike's every part of our nation ... and has recently came up again. I also want to thank our President for taking valuable time to invite Dr. Henry Gates of Harvard and the police officer who arrested him to the White House, just to sit down over a few beer's and lay the card's on the table ... and discuss a domestic concern ... instead of the constant attention to foreign concern's ... thank you Sir!

In the wee hours of this morning/ late night ... I had some chat with a young lady here in Dallas I visited, over her right's and racial profiling, excessive police force, and the likes ... it had to be these hours because of her occupation. I wasnt granted permission by her to mention her name or occupation or even where in Dallas she lives. She is black, born and raised in Central Dallas, and has some very strong opinion's on these issue's. I have had an opportunity in life to actually get a perspective from both side's of the law, as well as a view of some urban problem's that been going on for decade's, not just only in Dallas ... but across America.

I was explaining first to her about what I posted a couple posting's ago ... about not just rattling off your mouth to officer's when you are detained/ stopped/ pulled over. I mean everyone has their job to do ... and when an officer pull's a "trick" question out like ... "when is the last time you been arrested, and for what, and how many time's?, etc". I mean ... before you got stopped ... he/ she (officer) already ran your plate's for warrant's, okay? Hell ... they probably can tell you a few thing's you forgot about yourself for that matter. She told me she and many young black's even, have this question of trust ... and alot of time's are simply afraid to NOT answer, because some cop's are so quick to jack up a poor black person on the street, and you dont know if it's one of them cop's ... or a cop that's just straight up and not out to jack anyone. She told me that I know that especially ... but I told her ... sure ... I been out there alot ... however ... I CANT know how a young black man or woman may feel or think regardless of how long I been around the street's ... because I NEVER been "black". I can see and hear everything and read every book ... but unless I am the victim and black myself ... I can never clearly see what those must think and feel. All I can tell a person is to exercise their right's as politely as possible and hope for the best.

But this also applies to the officer ... and even many officer's are even of color themselves who may unfairly profile even another person of color, or use force even that is excessive. Across the nation officer's are given culture sensitivity classes as well, and classes on this racial profiling. But like I said ... about the difference of actually being there and experience ... verses just classes and reading book's, is important here.Interaction and communication is very important also, like I mentioned in earlier post's ... get to know those in your sector. Cop's are also in "fear" ... because they dont know if someone is going to pull out a weapon and jack them ... it work's on both side's of the fence. It is also difficult to take some new recruit(any race), just because they had good college scores and reviews, that is from another culture and perhap's grew up in middle class suburbia ... never smoked a joint, or never hung out in the urban enviroment much ... and expect them to just go into a neighborhood that is completely foreign to them ... and know from textbook's and classes how to react against what is their nature. Many part's of urban America are still culturally segregated ... despite how "worldly" and "liberated" and "integrated" we may think we are ... then you have "class" culture/ profiling as well ... which is just as big as an issue.

And class play's even negative to folk's of color ... as this young lady was pointing out ... that if a young black man is driving a top dollar vehicle late at night in a nice area ... he is quicker to be checked out by the cop's than a white person. Which is so true. The way alot of people are pulled over is racially uneven in this nation. And the idea that more people of color are more involved with crime ... I dont buy that. When one get's desperate, and is poverty stricken, or on dope, or a number of other reason's ... they may resort to crime ... because they are "human". Whether you are a cop ... or even a dope dealer on the urban street's ... you MUST profile to a degree ... or you wont make it ... period. The dealer has to be afraid of the thug's that are going to jack him/ her ... as well as the cop's who may ... and the cop has to pick up on thing's that the average person cant to make sure he/ she isnt jacked ... again, it boils down to getting out there and knowing your territory and WHAT to look for ... but you have to profile ... or else you'll get wasted or never any progress.

Career cop's or even career criminal's know how to make assessment's from being in the field ... and have a good idea of how each other think's. I recall being on Lower Sunset Blvd back around 2000 ... with my teenage daughter ... I stopped in a corner store to pick up a pack of smoke's and a couple cold soda's for us ... it was a hot one that day in LA, this is a part of Hollywood, that you must be on your toe's, or you can lose your ass, if you get my drift. My daughter pointed ... "hey ... check out that homeless guy" ... he stood out ... grubby as Hell rag's on his back, Aqualung looking beard ... had his shopping cart full of litter and all he had, etc ... you seen the type probably in your town. But I told her to not be so quick and take a closer look, she couldnt see anything else. I pointed out to her the trim on the upper lip of the mustache, yet the ragged growth and length of the beard, fingernails were too clean, he had a squinted but shifty and quick eye to everyone walking around him... I told her " just 'made' a cop ... "(similar word's) I told her to trust me ... this dude is a cop, he sure as hell was not a thug ... and not homeless ... or some dealer or running any game. This guy was not black or white, he was latino type ... if I was doing some illegal activity and didnt make that profile, he may have made me and busted my game, and looking at race wouldnt have enabled me to make him.

Profiling is simply our nature as human's ... or any animal ... all animal's in their known territories must be able to make a quick assessment of other's to survive ... human's are not much different. Until we learn to desegregate ourselves and thinking, we will not get a clear assessment as we should, and continue to isolate, cause conflict's, driving us to reaction's and force that may not be necessary ... if we just looked at the whole picture instead of part.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Pill Mill Peninsula's War" ... and .... "We cant blame the Mexicano's this time".....

The only reason for this posting is to take a more broader look at the drug use issue that has us spending and whining year after year. We have quite a few doper's in our country...and some stereotype view's on this issue. I never seen myself as one who "used" or "abused" drug's...because it was alway's the dope that used and abused me instead. But yes...I had problem's in the past with drug habit's. It is also coming to light it appear's that Michael Jackson may have been an addict himself...which I was touching on in the posting I did within the first 24 hour's of his death...and going after the dealer's that may have had a lending hand in it,which in this case, was not some street side dealer...but a white collar type PHD dealer out of Houston. BUT ...I want to stress...that no doctor's have been found guilty of anything...and this is like any formality in post death investigating to determine if there was any foul this nation you are innocent until proven guilty.

The peninsula I stated in the heading is the State of Florida..."Pill Mill" is a name that came about on the east coast and with Florida Law Enforcement as well as the DEA as a name for this area of dealing in Florida...which is heavily concentrated particularly in Broward County, which is primarily I believe in Fort Lauderdale...I lived in Dade County(City of Miami) which is right next to it...and I was a 30 minute walk from downtown Miami.But this area is the most popular dope fiend's paradise on the entire east coast these day's...all the way from New the NYC Tri-State area...Philly,Camden,DC/B-More...Norfolk,Savanna, you name's the word on the street period if your on the east coast.Just like Virginia is the the word for firearm's.

This part of South Florida is saturated with "pain clinic's"...and regulation is loose as a goose.Hell...even Rush Limbaugh was a dope fiend...I think he call's it a substance abuse problem or some crap.(Along with the low taxes and strong right wing's no wonder that Rush loved Florida)This is the place you go "doctor shopping" get discount coupon's on your next fix(script)...30% Off Sales..and the usual retailing tactic's.I mean even dealer's as far north as the above mentioned cities get supplied here...and business is BOOMING...despite the recession! The street dealer's buy the dope from the good guy's here(legal dealer's) then peddle it in the street's on the black market.I mean...the clinic's are like flea market's down there from what I hear on the can get script's wrote and filled in a flash...and no one's tracking jack...until now...inspired strongly not locally but by the DEA. Kentucky was the previous playground for this activity of the east coast, until a few year's back...Kentucky tightened some legislation to cap it. Florida is currently working on legislation...and if it get's too tight will just move to another ALWAYZ meet's demand.Oxycodone is one of the most popular drug's across the nation as well... at least according to demand on the street.

When many folk's think of drug dealer's they think of the Hollywood dealer's portrayed in movies like "Scarface"...about the Cubano immigrant turned drug lord of Miami(played by Al Pacino),or gun toting gangbanger's...with shotgun shack walk up window's in the hood with Five-O eyes keeping watch out(look-out's for cop's/narc's).The nation's top 50 doctor's who dispense these drug's like Oxycodone all practice in the State of Florida...33 of them in Broward County. Overdose fatalities of legal drug's in Florida outnumber illegal drug OD's such as from heroin/cocaine.And these day''s not just Florida anymore.BUT ... I just want to make clear that these are good drug's prescribed by good legal doctor's and manufactured by good legal pharmaceutical companies...and it's just a few bad apple's ...okay? I am a former drug addict(which I'm not going to get into here) and to me...dope is any other addict would addict look's to get their worx/fix...they could give a rat's ass less if it's good or bad or illegal.

This is a real big issue that isnt looked at enough in this country...and we cant blame this on the Mexicano's or the Cubano's or anyone but the good ole US of A and us. I realize that there is a drug war going on between the Mexicano cartel's on our border...hell...I live in Texas!But I also look at the broader picture of America's addiction...and not look only at good/evil,left/right,right/wrong or especially legal/illegal.We currently are burning opium crops for instance in Afghanistan... and also now not just paying million's to do that...but more 100's of million's to come to find crop's to replace with the people's dont starve...and the reason were doing not just to cut down production and cultivation of opium/heroin...but because those were fighting that are the islamic fundamentalist's are using the fund's to finance operation's.And those who we are fighting are the same folk's that both Pakistan and Afghanistan also want to include in the government.If this isnt pissing in the wind...I dont know what is! Half the money we funnel into Mexico for this drug war and arm's end up in the wrong hand's. And little do most American's know...that about half the opium that is exported from Afghanistan end's up confiscated by the Iranian Gvmnt, I have called Iran the Fort Knox of Dope for this reason, and they sure as hell aint burnin it all...or giving access to it to anyone outside of Iran...they got that crap stockpiled like bale's of hay.Do we not think any of that get's exported to the black market? Well, maybe so...maybe their just "good guy's" wanting to keep it off the street, heh?

Of coarse the doctor's and pharmaceutical companies shouldnt mind any of this, it's make's their legal businesses prosper...and their dope is clean...and FDA approved. Hell...this is probably the prescription capital of the world. It is as common now as taking a daily aspirin(I have no script's and never did,or want any if I can avoid them)....just drug's in general.Corner stores are lined with labourer's in the morning to buy these energy drinx, some that make you crash(come down) hard too.Just so they can give the boss that extra mile...and these guy's and gal's are young men and women...can you imagine the physical toll this will take on their bodies after several year's of usage? Some of that stuff has so much crap in's harder on you than a bump of cocaine! If a kid these day's isnt too interested in school or certain activities,speak's out,is restless because of their opinion and dislike's...they are deficient...mentally and have a "disorder" they are put on "drug's" to make them ...let's say acceptable...yet these dope dealer's who put your kid on this crap are considered "good".As a parent...I would question what the long term effect's on this would be on the mind/body.But...many parent's dont...because it's the good guy's telling them this is good.

I have no doubt that in the future drug's will become obsolete...and medicine will be practiced different because of new technologies without injecting,oral comsumption, or smoking a damn well as recreational psychological stimulation's. But until then...we have a crapload of doper's in every class of society...and the way we deal with all of this is a waste of time and money. So I reckon we will have to just learn...the hard way. Enough said.