Saturday, August 22, 2009

"CHANGE & BIPARTISANSHIP" ... How it applies to the habitual nature of the Human Animal ....

What bring's me to this posting this morning ... is mostly the fuss and bickering that we have been seeing this last week over health care reform,and how our President been dealing with this. I also want this to show as a reinforcement to one of my earliest posting's called "Bipartisanship and Tolerance"... the time has come ..... which I posted Monday 30 June 2008ce. Which was a preview of what we are seeing now. And the reason for this posting is to explain the capability of the human animal. And please dont look at the term "human animal" if you are spiritual, as me trying to say we dont have a spiritual self ... or think that it mean's I am an atheist, I AM NOT an atheist ... but what I am and what I believe, I reserve the right to keep it to myself if I choose. But yes ... I do believe in evolution and nature ... I just have a deeper understanding of the spiritual psyche than most.

There is no doubt that we are capable of going much further than where we are, we alway's have ... and alway's will ....Why? Because that too ... is our nature. I wrote time and time again how this President if elected will turn some head's, fuel many anger's, and be difficult to understand. I also pointed out previously that over time ... even those of this cult type personality who praised the ground he walk's on ... like zombie's during his campaign for Presidency ... would later become confused and angry as well over him in many cases. This man ... is simply just a couple step's before his time is all ... and has walked into an arena that never did understand thing's like bipartisanship or change ... Hell ... most of these representative's really dont understand the fundamental's of the people and human nature ... not to mention themselves. But I know we are somewheres close to actual change ... I simply cant date it is all.

It is so difficult to change for many because of our mindset and abilities to reason. Now we think we are all this and that ... and look at ourselves as superior like I said before ... the pinnacle of universal knowledge and liberated beyond our wildest expectation's, etc, etc. But we dont realize yet ... how far we are capable of going from even here. How can we expect even our representative's to change thing's just in a fractional amount ... when they too are simply creature's of habit living in a reality that they created ... while we continue to keep them in power, because we havent yet psychologically broken the chain's that even enslave our mind's, and keep them in the position's they are in ... with the power to legislate whatever they want when they want ... without even asking us to weigh in on it ... and keeping their salaries and benefit's, lovely habitat's and work condition's etc, etc? Would you want to give all that up or a fraction of it if you had it? Of course not ... it's not natural. It is part of simply our habitual nature.

I hope that our President at least make's a little more effort to fight back what is being done on the Hill ... he is no dummy, and know's the score better than those even know themselves that are the villian's and the misled up there ... but backing down too much wont get thing's rolling either. He like myself ... are on a level psychologically to where we understand thing's like bipartisanship, and reaching out, communication's, etc. But you cant keep on reaching when your opposition does not want to negotiate, or compromise. I like him ... like to think we have arrived to the next step ... or at least are one foot on it by now .... Geeez ... it's been several thousand's of year's already! ... BUT ... if were not quite there yet ... were simply NOT. So we have to deal with this force ... with force unfortunately. One of our biggest obstacle's of course is money and what it is used for. One of the old biblical verses ... say's that the love of money is the root of all evil, (evil meaning problem's and hazzard's ... not demonic fictional monster's) I couldnt agree more.

Why do I say this is the human animal's nature? Look at other animal's and their habit's ... are we different by much in our fleshly nature than them? ... absolutely not. However ... because of our mind ... we are capable of going to places and level's that other animal's havent been selected for by mother nature at this point. Rest assured ... that true change will come soon ... just not tomorrow or not never ... it's just a matter of time is all. Change is as much a part of us as it is the universe and nature actually ... and ALL are truely bipartisan in a universal sense.


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