Friday, August 28, 2009

Dallas City Council new Attendance Rules: ... You get a paycheck if you work ....

Well ... since everyone loves honesty ... I am one who loves presenting it when I can. If it isnt bad enough that some of our former city government was on trial in Federal Court in the last couple week's for probably the largest corruption trial in our history, on allegation's of no bid contract's, pay- off's, illicit contract's and such ... now we have to deal with the slacker's who dont even attend work in City Hall!

And congratulation's to Mayor Tom Leppert for having the courage to speak up about this and propose a vote to make attendance rules for Council Member's ... if they want to continue to get a paycheck. Former Mayor Laura Miller done nothing to clean up this cesspool in Dallas City Hall.

First of all ... Council member's get a salary of $37,500 a year, to show up 2nd and 4th wednesday's of the month for "agenda meeting's" ... and 1st and 3rd wednesday's of the month for "city council briefing's". Now ... considering the modest cost of living in Dallas compared to the other top 10 US cities ... that is not something to whine about. But whining is all we are getting these day's out of some of our representatives!

The Mayor proposed this week to take a vote to require that a council member must show for at least half a meeting to get their paycheck. Why? Because several member's just show ... sign in ... and leave within the first hour ... you know the BS routine ... where you have someone ring your cell phone ... and politely say "excuse me" ... and you never come back that day. And this is an old familiar story in City Hall. If you recall ... several year's back ... dozen's of city worker's that were on the clock were found in strip joint's, pool/ game hall's (gambling), movies, and other recreational places ... even using the city vehicle's to take them around. Some were even using city charge account's to charge their recreation's! The vote passed in favour of the new attendance rule ... with 10 of the 14 council member's in favour, and 4 opposed ... voting against it.

The strongest opposition came from councilwoman Carolyn Davis ... followed by councilwoman Vonciel Jones Hill, Ann Margolin, and councilman Steve Salazar. Davis just said it is unfair ... and she feel's like she is being dictated to by a "strong Mayor" government (unlike many US big cities... Dallas does not have the strong Mayor city government ... where the Mayor has supreme voice ... even Texas Governor's dont have power here like most state's ... it is all the "body" of "all" here ... and not "one"). Other councilmember's who wish to remain anonymous told reporter's that Davis had reason to oppose because she is late most of the time ... and alway's leaving. Davis also said it can conflict with her schedule having to pick up her daughter from school. Really? ... if you come in at 9:00am ... and have to only stay 3 hour's minimum? Your daughter get's off school at noon? Stop the BS! You can get another family member to pick her up ... or pay someone a small amount to do so ... or like the majority of kid's do ... ride the goddamn school bus! Councilwoman Hill say's it's just "not fair" (no reason) ... councilman Salazar say's the vote is causing more friction ... "friction?". Councilwoman Margolin say's ... we need more time to figure out a workable solution ... "workable?" ... I'll tell ya'll what need's to be "workable" ... and that's ya'll!

Here's the bottom line ... you get voted in by the people of your district to do a job. And part of that job is attending agenda's and meeting's ... to ... well ... work. Everyone has schedule's to keep up with ... kid's to tend to, lover's to tend to, and families ... and other responsibilties. I realize how hard ya'll feel you may have it ... and how unfair and awful it may be ... for the Mayor to propose you come to work at least 3 hour's a week to get that $37,500 paycheck per year. But life is "tough" heh? Stop ya'll's goddamn whining! Especially you councilwoman Davis ... your alway's whining! If you cant handle the heat ... get out of the goddamn kitchen!!

Post Note: To those who oppose these "harsh" rules on the City Council ... do ya'll realize the work and effort and responsiblity it is for our tax paying citizen's to register to come before ya'll on a wednesday ... to voice their issue's and concern's? Many of who would be happy to get a bloody $37.5K a year salary to work 4, 6/8 hour day's a month,who also have responsibilties. How can you show example to those you govern, when you cant even be as efficient or responsible as those you govern? Many of us are up early ... and have plenty of responsibilities as well ... and if we dragged our slow asses in to work with that "I dont want to hear it today" attitude that some of ya'll have ... we would get a goddamn pink slip.Your not exempt ... you have a bloody job as well ... get on it, and get busy!



concerned citizen said...

City councilors & the Mayor here don't get paid anything.

Having had a lot of experience with my local city council I got a real chuckle out of that post, esp. the comments from the four whiners.

I hope you send that post in a letter form to city hall or a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

Ranch Chimp said...

In your town,you probably get more sincerity out of your Mayor and Council Member's for that matter! And I'm sure it's a lil more fun there. I dont have nothing against these folk's ... I'm just not very fond of "slacker's" on the job is all. I have worked with many slacker's over the year's. I knew one pressman(printing), he was union,good,straight out of the textbook, but no matter what job I assigned for his press...he alway's had an excuse (I assigned job's to printing presses)the laziest SOB in Hell, great guy for small chat and a beer ... but asking him to do anything was a challenge!

Send to the paper? ...No ... send to the Council? .... Yes.

Thanx for your imput CC ....