Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Euthanasia Death Panel's ...Snowjob's ... and the "REFORMation" of milking ....

Even though I was out of town last week... and havent been online for over a week, or even watched any tele(TV)for that matter ... I certainly was reading various daily newspaper's all week.And I was having some small chat last week with a couple fella's out of town who were just working class guy's,who pay a load on insurance premium's(family)...but hope they/family never get really ill/sick, because they question their policies.And these young men asked my opinion...so I gave it...which I will also point out here in this posting.

It sure as hell took me long enough to figure this one out...but gathering info here and there...enabled me to "make"this crap/bite we are being fed. One of the most incredible thing's I was reading in paper's last week...was about former Gov.Palin of Alaska,and other insurer pocket puppet's...talking about thing's like Euthanasia, and Death Panel's...who will determine when you die...or if they will grant you to live..all dictated by our government... and related garbage...that scared the hell out of many American's...and had them having nightmare's of fictional movie's like "Soylent Green".Have we lost our mind's? This is about the most ridiculous thing I heard since Satanic baby breeding cult's... or UFO's/Alien's that abduct women, play with their genital's,then steal their panties. We are so far from any mindset in our society of euthanasia...that to even remotely suspect this is absolutely nutty.Geeez...we cant even handle doctor assisted suicide for that matter, letting a person make their own choice!(with the exception of Oregon...who I believe still have doctor assisted suicide, unless they changed that).And even when a society were to ever even consider such a thing... it would be so commercialized...that they would have insurance company CEO's and doctor's standing with families in commercial's... all smiling...saying something like..."We do it cause we care" with mom,dad,sis and bro all with big smiles on their faces as well, as if they are helping grandma/grandpa...and doing them a favour...with even gramp's smiling to say all the choices and option's they were given...and how slap happy they are to die. We dont even have any mindset as a global society for that matter to even advocate this crap...we are too..."humanitarian".

This health care reform is just amounting to a reformation of how more we can get milked...with some extra protection right's is about it.Our "choices" and option's basically went out the door year's ago when they started this HMO crap,and even that was done for money making and to get people in for more visit's to put them on more prescription drug's ... beside's increased premium's.I am far more left on this than even most democrat's in this country...I just dont want public option's...but nationalized health care like what I experienced in England or Canada, so go ahead and call me a socialist,a commi or what have you...but I know when I'm getting a shaft in my ass.

So why is all this rubbish getting out to us? ... and why would insurer's not even want a "public option" at all...and are spending money like junkies on payday to get all this scary info in our brain's? After all...they are about free market and capitalism and all that other crap...arent they? Yes...when all the option's are offered by them and their affiliate's.What do they stand to gain by doing this? Here's the "catch" ... from what I calculated is 100's of billion's.They now are seeing a reform effort in government that is basically going to make everyone and employer buy insurance...for over 40+ million that are not insured now...making it LAW ... and believe me...the premium's/intake off figure's like that are enormous, making Halliburton's "no bid contract" deal over Iraq look like nickel and dime stuff! Why are pharmaceutical companies offering over $80 billion in donation's to this reform? Because many of those extra 40+ million will be given prescription's to buy monthly is why... which is another fortune...after all...it takes money to make money...heh? And also because all the money they invest in this...will be written off on taxes in some way...at least much of it.Sure were all gonna be covered... but milked to the max with coming inflation and other goodies that they will eventually slip in through legislation via their pocket puppet's on the Hill, while we are pre-occupied with some other crap they will create to keep us focused on other crap, while they do it.

I like our President...he has put out for this...and I knew he would get alot of static in Washington on this and many other thing's...as I wrote in the past...if he got elected...this guy think's alot like me too,is why I like him. But Mr.President, you simply got to push a little harder...this crap about backing away from the public option simply because of the pressure ... is NOT in your heart...and you know it. Look how far you have come Sir...and where it all started...that is what this is about Sir ...nothing else. .........this is nothing but a snowjob Sir...and you of all people know this too well. ........enough said................


concerned citizen said...

Frustrating, isn't it? I'm sick & tired of being bullshitted because of corporate interests, & that Palin woman, ARGH.

Fear mongers always predict the most dire future circumstances they can think of. Playing the Hitler card again & again.

I had good health insurance when I was married, but I still did my best to stay out the Doctors office.
I don't have health insurance anymore. So I have to take good care of myself & practice preventive medicine.
At this point it's just something I can't worry about. I don't have a "choice."

BTW, where are all the "death camps" in those other countries w/ nationalized health care?

Ranch Chimp said...

Um,um,um CC .... where you said about being sick and tired of being BS'd by corporate interest's, aint that the truth...and I'll tell you this ... alot of folk's are getting hip to this more than ever ... it's only a matter of time before some of these giant's get's their finger's chopped off from going in the cookie jar too much.I am all for profits,bonuses,and good pay for those who deserve it...but to be frank CC ... some of these folk's have really went overboard with our generosity and tolerance, and are abusing our system big time... yes .. for me it is frustrating.

Insurance? Yes ... no use in worrying about it...and good to take care of yourself,and just be optimistic...you have nothing to loose in doing so.

I remember once getting sick in London Town ... not sure if it was from the party the nite before...or just frequenting too many of them roadside Kabob truck's that park on the street and sell Kabob's out a side window...I used to stop off at them frequently in places like SOHO. It's a local London thing...kind of like taco stand's in Dallas, or Coney Island Dog stand's in NYC ... London was full of middle eastern immigrant's that sold kabob on stick's...really tasty with that vinegar sauce too! But my buddy John (a bassist for a local London punk band)told me to just walk into a hospital, I said I would just wait/tough it out maybe...because of cost and insurance etc. he laughed and said dont worry...it cost's nothing here,this isnt USA. I also lived in Canada...and currently have family who works as top nurses in Toronto, so yes they work for government ... and I know that no system is perfect, but it work's there. This is all hogwash CC ... a snowjob ... about how awful national health care is... trust me.

Palin? I cant believe her...she has a great personality...and know's how to move a crowd...and even has a chance of moving forward in a political career and she say's something like that? Is she masochistic? But no...nothing personal...I would never be able to vote for her knowing her idea's for government... as a person...sure I would sit down and enjoy a beer and some chat with her, but no way vote for her. I also think she is too religious and may have a problem with seperation of church and state,despite her denial of this, I simply dont trust it.

Thanx fer yer comment's CC :)

Infidel753 said...

The snow-jobs don't get any flakier than Investors Business Daily saying that Stephen Hawking would be dead by now if he lived in Britain -- when, in fact, he does live in Britain. These people really don't know what they're talking about.

"Death Panel" would be a great name for a rock band, though.

Ranch Chimp said...

I read something about that,about Stephen Hawkin.It is actually almost unbelievable some of the rumor that have spread around on this issue.What puzzles me...is much coming from the republican's,I mean...arent they in the hole enough? Is this a wise party choice to be spreading such exxagerated tales that can easily be checked? I would figure just the opposite that they would be doing all they can to try to actually do something or say something that could give them a snowball's chance in hell..of at least showing they can come up with some idea's that folk's may be interested in. They have been doing nothing but opposing anything the democrat's talk about. Have they became their own "Death Panel"?

I agree .... "Death Panel" excellent name for a band! :)